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"I have to go off by myself to keep a balance. I canít always be, "Bill the actorí. I must stop and gain perspective so as not to confuse my role and my person."

"ÖYou must take the time to know yourself and decide what you have to offer. Then you must offer that so that you are accepted as yourselfójust yourself, with no illusions.

"You can take time by yourself even in a group. I have a passion against wasting time, and thatís just what youíre doing if you donít take time in a group to get to listen to others. Everybody has a quality worth finding if you only make the effort to discover it.

"I might do most of the talking but Iím looking for the other personís reaction. So, I work on instinct and start probing with remarks and I have an indication of what the person is like before they even open their mouth."

"ÖI admire someone says, ĎI tried and failedí, rather than not having the guts to try.

"A person has got to have the right to be wrong, to make mistakes. You must stick your neck out and try. There is no need to apologize if you try and fail. On the contrary, you can look anyone right in the eye." 


US MagazineÖ..July 11, 1978 (added 5/3/03)

 "I love architecture. I could look at blueprints for hours. I love structure and form. Itís the same thing I enjoy in being a director. I also have a deep love for classical music, especially Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. Once again, itís the structure and form." 


PM MAGAZINE (telecast Dec.1983)

"(Work) allowed me to put my energies some place and focus them some place and relieve myself for awhile of confronting the traumatic circumstances that were occurring in my life. So work has always been a friend to me."



"The Incredible Success of Bill Bixby" (Interview with Yvonne--Wyatt Rees circa 1980) source: Margaret Herrick Library, Los Angeles

"Iím a loner as a person, but then I always was, even as a child."

"As a matter of fact, I donít think Iíve been to a party for eight or nine years unless itís been for show business purposes, and then Iím there as an actor which is fine. But chit-chat is not my game and I donít confuse my working life with my real life. I never try to let the two mix."

"When I was growing up in San Francisco, it was a city to emphasise taste rather than money. Thatís one of the traditions of San Francisco. If you live in the cityóThe City, as they sayóthatís one of the privileges of life and with it thereís a certain dignity. Thereís a sense of gracious living and hopefully decent behaviour; and I come from that kind of background.

"The idea of having pride, the idea of manners, I think is very, very important. Thereís just too little of it in the world and I think there are certain dignities in life to which we should all aspire."

"Iím willing to make mistakes and Iím also willing to face them myself. I prefer that than having to answer for someone else. Iíve made a lot myself, but hopefully I wonít repeat them. If you go through life and you havenít made any, it simply means you havenít taken any chances, and your obligation to life is to live it and to go forward because life in a sense is a series of successes and failures.

"Itís the same with friendships. Friends are very important to me and itís very difficult to make a friendship. I donít take it lightly and I have great respect for it."

Honesty is obviously very important to Bill; another thing of equal importance to him is time.

"Definitely. Itís the only valuable commodity there is. Money doesnít mean anything because the value of it can be reduced instantly and itís gone. Possessions donít mean anything because they can be stolen. But timeóthereís nothing else of such value that I can see and thereís never enough of it."

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