This is the official site of the Law School Admission Council, which creates the LSAT and otherwise oversees the admission process. Here, you can register for the LSAT and get information about all member schools.
LSAC GPA/LSAT Calculator
This calcuator, provided by the LSAC, allows you to estimate your chances of admission at all member schools based on a given G.P.A. and LSAT score. (Law School Discussion)
This site is an unofficial but informative discussion board covering many areas of the application process, including LSAT prep, rankings, and commentary on various schools. It therefore gives students a chance to interact with other current and former applicants.
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Below are links to sites that may be helpful as you go through the law school application process:
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This site is similar to the LSAC calculator, providing an additional view of admission odds based on your GPA and LSAT score.
Chiashu Admission Odds Calculator