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"After scoring 149 on my LSAT, I was disappointed, as I knew I was capable of doing much better. I found out about LSAT Perfection on the internet, and decided to try out their online tutoring option. I found it to be both very affordable and highly effective. My tutor showed me how to approach the exam, and how to address the questions I couldn't understand. I ended up with a much higher comfort level with the exam, significantly reducing my test anxiety. I ended up with a 158 on my second exam, increasing my percentile score by almost 40 points, and erasing my lower score in the eyes of many schools. I now look forward to being accepted by an entirely new class of schools, and I strongly recommend LSAT Perfection for those seeking to display their true potential."
Success Stories:
"Thanks to the help I received from LSAT Perfection, my score went up from 165 to 173. Some tutors only help those who are doing poorly. Mr. Lesko was able to fill in the little blanks I had so that I could achieve my maximum potential. The best thing about him was, he really cared. If I was about to make a big mistake, like not prep enough, he let me know it! You will never find a more honest, down to earth, sympathetic tutor than Mr. Lesko. And after I got my score we stayed friends. He even taught me how to teach others, and thanks to him I landed a great instructor position. You definitely want Mr. Lesko in your corner!"
"After scoring 161 on my first diagnostic, I contacted LSAT Perfection for help. My tutor set me up with a personalized study plan, and explained the questions I had trouble with. He also helped me with my timing issues. After working with him for six weeks, I eventually scored a 171 on my actual LSAT, above the 99th percentile. I was ecstatic! I eventually was accepted to Michigan, Columbia, NYU, and Stanford. I'm now at Stanford, and loving it."

"After taking Kaplan, I remained stuck in the 150's. However, I knew I could do better. My LSAT Perfection tutor set me up with a study plan, helped explain the concepts and questions, and helped me see how to attack the exam. I ended up with much stronger skills, and fewer concerns in terms of timing. I ended up scoring 164 on the test, above the 90th percentile, and was accepted to Fordham, one of my first choices. I strongly recommend LSAT Perfection over Kaplan -- I only wish I had started with them."
"After taking Kaplan, I scored a 149 and a 151 on my first two LSAT's, and was not accepted to any of my desired schools. However, I knew I could do better. My LSAT Perfection tutor guided me through the exams, and clearly explained the questions and concepts in a way I could understand. I ended up with a 157, significantly higher than either of my first two scores, and raised my average enough to get into several schools. I'm now looking forward to attending law school in the fall, and fulfilling my dream of becoming an attorney. My only problem is deciding which school to attend!"
-- Samantha K., Palo Alto, Ca.
-- Amanda P., Ann Arbor, Mi.
-- Daniel B., New York, NY.
-- Karyn A., Sacramento, Ca.
-- Shenesa W., Ypsilanti, Mi.
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