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Mr. Lesko is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School.  He was awarded Class Honors as an undergraduate at Michigan, and achieved a perfect score on his Law School Admissions Test, an extremely rare accomplishment. 
Mr. Lesko earned admission to most top law schools, including Harvard and Stanford.  He attended Michigan Law, consistently ranked among the top law schools by lawyers, judges, and academics.  At Michigan, he recieved one of the highest grades awarded in his Constitutional Law Course, recieving the very highest score on a major section.  His class briefs were also used as models for fellow students by the law school.
After law school, Mr. Lesko worked in Washington, D.C. at a number of major law firms, including some of the world's largest.  He worked in areas of employment law, contracts law, insurance defense, and general litigation, often dealing with multi-million dollar cases. 
Mr. Lesko now manages his own general practice in Ann Arbor and greater Southeastern Michigan, addressing issues of criminal defense, employment law, property law, civil liberties, civil rights, contracts, and other areas.  He has secured favorable resolutions in cases involving property disputes against municipalities, felony drug cases, wrongful terminations, insurance claims, illegal telemarketing, and DUI's.  It is his goal to make top-notch legal representation accessible to all, and fees therefore generally reflect the client's ability to pay.

Firm History

Since our inception, our firm has enjoyed great success and has continued to grow. We have represented a large number of clients in the area, while meeting a wide range of legal needs. In this area, we may discuss how our firm was founded and by whom, and perhaps mention some high-profile cases we have worked on.

Our Firm's Mission

The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service for their legal needs. Please contact us to discuss any specific situation to see how we may be able to assist in reaching a resolution.

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