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Brief Battle History of the 7th Ohio

The Seventh Ohio was one of Ohio's premier regiments during the War. The following list comprises the major recognized events in which it participated but by no means encompasses all of their activities during their tenure in the field.

Major Battles which The Seventh Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry Participated

Cross Lanes, Western Virginia,    August 26th, 1861
Cotton Hill, Western Virginia,    November 13th, 1861
Blue's Gap Affair, Virginia, Jan. 5th, 1862
Kernstown, Virginia (First Battle of Winchester),     March 23rd, 1862
Port Republic, Virginia,    June 9th, 1862
Cedar Mountain, Virginia,    August 9th, 1862
Snicker's Gap, Virginia,    August 21st, 1862
Second Bull Run Campaign, Virginia, August 21st- September 2nd, 1862
Antietam, Maryland,    September 17th, 1862
Dumfries, Virginia, December 27th, 1862   
Chancellorsville, Virginia,     May 1-3, 1863
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,     July 1-4, 1863
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee,    November 25th, 1863
Missionary Ridge, Tennessee,    November 25th, 1863
Ringgold, Georgia,     November 27th, 1863
Tunnel Hill & Buzzards Roost, Georgia, May 5th - 9th, 1864
Dug Gap, Georgia, May 8th, 1864
Resaca, Georgia,    May 15th, 1864
Cassville, Georgia, May 22nd - 24th, 1864
Pumpkin Vine Creek, Georgia, May 25th, 1864
New Hope Church, Georgia,    May 25th, 1864

There were many skirmishes which occurred during the troop movements of the armies that are not listed above.

After the termination of the 7th Ohio in June of 1864 the remainder of the men were transferred to the 5th Ohio and served in the Atlanta Campaign, Sherman's March to The Sea, the Carolina Campaign, and marched in the Grand Review in Washington D.C. at the conclusion of the War.

Home Cross Lanes, Va. Kernstown, Va. Cotton Hill, Va. Blue's Gap Affair Port Republic, Va. Cedar Mountain, Va. Antietam, Md Dumfries, Va. Chancellorsville, Va Gettysburg, Pa. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Missionary Ridge, Tenn. Ringgold, Ga. Dug Gap, Ga. Resaca, Ga. Cassville, Ga. New Hope Church, Ga. Page Visited:Hit Counter             This Page last Updated:  12/12/01


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