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This home page is a repository of information being gathered on the history of the 7th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. It is meant to provide a better understanding of the participation of the Regiment in the Civil War, particularly the ten companies which comprised it.  It is not an all encompassing history of the Regiment but more of a chronology of events and the comprehensive roster of those men who made up the ten companies of the Seventh. I have included a brief biography of each soldier and his service record and a limited history on some. It should help genealogists or individuals searching for information on ancestors who may have served in the Regiment.

I hope that people will see this web site and follow the regiment on its adventure through the great battles as well as the hardships and misery that they were exposed. The chronological history will take the reader on a nearly day by day account of their travel through history. The roster enclosed will let the reader determine if they had an ancestor that served in the regiment and will give them a short, but important, summary of their service. It will be a starting point for possible further investigations. I have tried to comprise a comprehensive account of all those people who were wounded, killed, captured, or were lucky enough to have made through the entire enlistment and return home. These statistics were compiled using many different resources including existing works, letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, and others. Because there are many incomplete accounts of the companies the statistics will often not add up but it does give a close rendering of the facts. In any case it will be interesting to those who are intrigued with numbers. It is interesting to note that my numbers do not match any others that have been previously compiled. I only included those which I could verify in the sources stated above and we know that they are not 100 percent accurate to begin with.

I have used the works of Lawrence Wilson and George L. Wood for a major part of the member biographies. Also their accounts of the rebel prisons and the creation of the Seventh Regiment Association which was the controlling body of the Regiments reunions during the years following the war. Visit these areas for more information.

This web site is a living document and will be updated as I gather more pertinent data or changes to existing data. I have made every attempt to make this a dedication to those men who served this area so gallantly. It is an extensive work and I am sure there are omissions and errors within the text. Please feel free to point those out to me so that I my correct my errors.

I am in the process of writing a detailed history of the Seventh but the completion of that work is many years away but I am continually gathering new information towards that goal. 



Table of Contents

The Rooster Regiment

Alphabetical Roster- Find any soldier who served in the Seventh

Associated Regiments- Regiments which served within the same Brigades as the Seventh

Brief History - Brief summary of their history

Brief Battle History- Listing of all major engagements in which the Regiment participated

Chronology- A complete tour with the Seventh Regiment from creation to muster out includes links to important activities throughout their service.

Companies- Rosters & Brief Biographies

Prison Life- Stories relating to life in Confederate Prisons

Reunions- Activities relating to the organization to establish periodic reunions of the Regiment

Regimental Statistics- These numbers illustrate the history of the three year service in terms of killed, wounded, etc.

Search this Site- Find a Soldier who served in this Regiment.

Transfers to The 5th Ohio- Recruits which transferred to the 5th Ohio to complete their service obligation

Links to Civil War and Genealogical Web Sites

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