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From the Seventh to the Fifth

The veterans and the recruits go separate ways - a truly bittersweet day!

The following was taken from Lawrence Wilson's Itinerary of The Seventh Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. From June 11th to October  31st, 1864 the recruits and veterans from the Seventh existed as a detachment of the Fifth O. V. I. On October 31st the men were merged into Companies B & G of the Fifth Regiment. (see table below for details)

"The recruits who enlisted in August, 1862, with the understanding that they were to be assigned to the Seventh to serve for the unexpired term of the regiment, and assured that they would be permitted to return home when the original members did, expected to be allowed to do so. Imagine their great disappointment, however, when informed that they were, under the terms of their muster, to be held another year, and that the original members were going home without them. Sergeant Major Hubbard states that the order to relieve the Seventh reached Colonel McClelland about 9 A. M., June 11th, 1864, with instructions that all recruits and veterans were to report to the Fifth Ohio. The Colonel, with tears in his eyes, told the Sergeant Major that he must rely on him to go down the line and make the announcement. This was almost if not quite as difficult a task for Sergeant Hubbard as for the Colonel, but he obeyed orders. At first there was a great shout, and caps went high in the air until the information concerning the recruits became known, when sadness and sorrow reigned supreme. However, the entire regiment fell in two lines facing each other, one consisting of the original members, the other of the recruits and veterans."

"The Colonel commanded, "Attention! Present arms! Shoulder arms! Original members, right face; forward, march!" and away they went, amid sobs and tears, the like of which is seldom heard or witnessed. Sergeant Hubbard says if tears ever fell from mortal eyes they did then."

"These Seventh Ohio recruits and veterans formed a detachment which was attached to the Fifth Ohio Infantry, and after passing through the rest of the Atlanta Campaign, fighting in the great battles at Pine Knob, Kenesaw Mountain, and Peach Tree Creek, as well as in many minor engagements where some of them were killed and wounded, those remaining were, on the 31st of October, 1864, regularly merged into that regiment, and after marching with Sherman from Atlanta to the sea, and up through the Carolinas to Washington, D. C., they there participated in May, 1865, in that Grand Review of the Armies of Grant and Sherman, the finest military pageant ever seen in this country. Here, at last, seemed to be some compensation for all the disappointment that had the year before, been theirs, and when the original members of the regiment really envied them because all this additional service and honor had so worthily come to them. Some effort has been made to obtain data concerning the deaths, wounds and promotions among these men, after June 11th, 1864, but with only partial success however, as indicated in our roster."

On October 31st the men detached to the 5th Ohio were merged into Companies B and G as follows:

Companies of the Seventh Regiment & Number of Men Transferred From Each

  A B C D E F G H I K Total
5th Oh 23 8 21 29 5 33 15 22 5 16 177

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