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All companies were organized at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on the comers of Kinsman and Hudson Streets in the city of Cleveland, otherwise known as Camp Taylor. Between the 22nd and the 28th of April 1861 the citizens of northeast Ohio volunteered their services at an astonishing rate. Remembering, at this point in time, that service commitments were for only three months.

The companies comprising the Seventh were:

Filed & Staff Colonel Tyler
Company A Cleveland Zouave Light Guards Captain Creighton
Company B   Cleveland Zouave Cadets  Captain DeVillers
Company C Oberlin Monroe Rifles Captain Shurtleff
Company D Painesville Union Guards Captain Dyer
Company E Huron, Huron Infantry Captain Sprague
Company F Franklin Mills (Kent), Franklin Rifles Captain Morris
Company G Ravenna, Tyler Guards  Captain Seymour
Company H Warren, Company A Captain Asper
Company I Youngstown Union Guards Captain Sterling
Company K Cleveland National Guards  Captain Wiseman
Regimental Band Harry Coe

On May 6th, 1861 the Seventh would leave camp Taylor and travel to Cincinnati where they would train at Camp Dennison. On May 7th the Seventh was ordered to elect officers, which they did. Eramus B. Tyler of Ravenna was elected Colonel over James A. Garfield. William R. Creighton was named Lt. Colonel and John Casement, of Painesville, as Major. The remainder of the officers were as follows:

Surgeon   Henry B. Cushing
Asst. Surgeon   Francis Salter
Chaplain   Rev. Frederick T. Brown
Adjutant   Louis G. DeForest
Quartermaster   John Morris
Sergeant Major   Leicester King
Quartermaster   Marcus S. Hopkins
Drum Major   John L. Woodward
Fife Major   Harry Wood

In mid June the Regiment was asked to volunteer for three years service, which caused extreme difficulties for most families. The men, however, deemed it necessary and almost to a person they signed on for three years. Another election was held for officers and the same men were elected. On June 26th the Regiment departed Camp Dennison for Western Virginia and their journey began.

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