The newest Laura Leighton site!  Original pics from the land down under!  Added 9/19/1999. 
Definitive Laura Leighton
     Great Site. Lots of fun stuff on Laura Leighton.
        Another great Laura Leighton page. Probably the site with the most up to date information and news on Laura.
Laura Leighton Picture Palace
     A dozen or so pictures of Laura Leighton.


Melrose Place

Melrose Place: D&D
One of the best Melrose Place sites. This page has EVERYTHING. Check out the realvideo and realaudio stuff!  Be patient, the main page takes forever to load.
Official Melrose Place Site
Official Melrose Place page. Nicely formatted page. But content is lacking.


Official 90210 Site
Absolutely nothing on Laura Leighton. Just show summaries.  This show has become a rip-off of Melrose Place, with all the office foreplay and back stabbing going on.

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I hope this isn't the only Doug Savant gallery out there on the web. Does anyone know of others?