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The 2004 2A District III, Region II Mens and Womens A.S.A.A. High School Basketball Tournaments will be hosted by Lumen Christi High School in the brand new gym. The seating capacity is estimated at just over 550 with a full length (94 foot) court and top of the line facilities to boot. The tournament plays host to these teams: Bristol Bay Angels, Homer Christian Knights (men only), Cook Inlet Academy Eagles, Lumen Christi Archangels, Nikolaevsk Warriors, Ninilchik Wolverines,  Seldovia Sea Otters and the Unalaska Raiders.

Photo taken October 2002
Ground Broken!

Before and After: The Gym

At long last, the construction of the gymnasium is complete. It took over a year, with ground having been broken in the fall of 2002. The first official games ever played in the building, versus Su Valley on December 16, were preceded by a dedication ceremony, and a blessing by Archbishop Schweitz. The girls fell behind late in their first game and lost, but the boys inagurated the gym in style with a thourough 52-20 thumping of the Rams. This was the school's second ever victoy against a 3A varsity or better (The only other coming vs. Su Valley in fall 2002.), and the largest margin of victory to that date that the men have ever won a game by (The newer current record is 51, at Su Valley on 1/9/03).
The facility has drawn much attention, and for good reason, it is the envy of many programs, including just about every 2A school in Alaska. All of this would not be possible without the financial support of the parishoners of St. Benedicts Parish. On behalf of the entire school, we would all like to thank Fr. Giebel, Archbishop Schweitz, the parents and parishoners, and everyone else who made this possible.
To find a journal of the gym in progress, check out the gym page on the site, or the archives.

2/14/04 - (Photo by Roni Withington)

In The Fall of 2002 we began the next building project for St. Benedict Parish. We began construction of a two million dollar multi purpose building which will house a full size gymnasium (the future home court of the Archangels). This will benefit our parish youth programs and archdiocesan retreat programs. It will also give the students of Lumen Christi the professional gym needed to contnue their great sports program. Over one million dollars has been pledged over the next three years. Construction will be completed during the Fall of 2003.

Gymnasium Construction and Updates:

12/3: Delayed. Thats the word; there is only one thing holding up the school from being able move in to the building. An permit of occupancy that the city has to give is being held up on account of insufficient handicaped parking, and the bleachers not being completed. The bleechers are now complete though, and a second inspection is scheduled for next wednesday, with any luck, the team will be able to use the new gym for a scrimmage game slated for that friday against Su Valley.

11/10 - Finishing Touches - The only items of note that are yet to be completed are the finish on the hardwood floor and the instalation of the bleachers. The hoops are up, and the lines will be painted this week, followed by the finishing coats, which will take at least a week to cure to the floor. It is expected that Monday, November 24 will be the first day that students and players can test out the new gym floor for themselves officially. The Archbishop will be on hand the Sunday prior to assist with the dedication of the building. Father Giebel gave the the school tours of the building to date, and insists that he is going to be the first to slam-dunk in the new building (with the aid of a hydrolic man-lift of course).
   There was some vandalism to note, a pair of windows in the upstairs were blown out in the last month. On a positive note, heres a list of what IS done: the tile floors, locker rooms (minus the lockers), kitchen/concession stand, upstairs rooms, six basketball hoops each complete with a clear glass backboard, plumbing/showers. In other words, Lumen Christi is by all means, a bonafide high school, complete with the works.

8/14: Going Up  -  It actually resembles what it is, a gymnasium. The red and grey brick has been laid and the walls are all comple with insulation. Interior walls are in place and electrical work is underway. The second floor is off limits for visitors (actually the whole building is, but there is little risk if you just want to browse through). Air vents to be hung from the ceiling, window and door frames, as well as sheetrock are whats on tap for construction for the next week. Completion is still scheduled for some time in November. (pictures soon)

7/30: The roof is complete, the back wall is done, and the other three are being finished. The second floor is going in nicely, the stairs are in and the concrete for it will be poured tomorrow. The parking lot was paved on monday. The completion date is still set for early to mid November, so work is on schedule since the last update.

7/2: The foundation is set, the skeleton is in place, and the walls are being completed. The giant skeleton of the gym dwarfs the school building at this point already.

5/29: Disappointment is the story around the school. A surprise to everyone as they came to school, this past thursday. No giant Tonka toy concrete trucks. The concrete pouring date that had been moved up to thrusday from friday, didn't go through. Appearantly the inspector of the re-bar (reinforcement bars that are inside the concrete) didn't like what he saw, and told the workers to hold off until the problems could be corrected. The pouring is now scheduled for all of tuesday, 6/3. The entire project completion date has been moved back as well, from October to November. The administration is pushing for an earlier completion and will meet this week to discuss the possibility of speeding up work, maybe even finishing just after school begins, if that's not impossible.

5/26: After much delay, the concrete has a concrete date now. The slab will be poured by three crews working around the clock on this friday, May 30th. Pray for good weather!

Excerpt from the St. Benedict's parish bulletin 5/11:
This week they finished the install of the sewer line. Notice the lack of a public swimming pool or fish pond! They also placed sub gravel for the cement pad that will be installed in the near future. The miles of cable for the pad arrived this week and will begin to take form shortly.

5/9: The moat has reappeared. This time it's back with a vengance. The holes that needed to be dug, required the basketball hoop to be removed. This came as a shock to many students. (This is the hoop that appeared in the ADN article) Fortunately, the workers put the hoop back up again once they were done. Concrete pouring is scheduled to begin next week.

4/26: The moat is gone, and the holes are filled. Pipes have been laid, and the ground has been steamrolled flat. The parking lot has also been scraped and flattened, it is in the process of being paved.

Progress: Heavy machinery scattered throughout the parking lot and across the back lot, as well as a blue fiberglass outhouse are among the many items that indicate that something in going on. Building is full time now, and plumbing is currently being laid. A giant "moat" has been dug around the perimiter of the plot, and pipes have been laid there, waiting for school to end, so that they can be hooked up to the water main connection, located under the hallway in the school. The spring melt is over, and the ground is dry and covered in topsoil, delivered by dumptrucks in seemingly never ending waves. Once the plumbing and other utilities have been laid, the foundation can be poured, and walls can be started.

Gym Update:
Updated plans for the gym, just determined last night, are: There WILL be a hardwood floor (maple probably), and there will be tile in the bathrooms, as well as various other improvements. This new development is courtesy of the Archbishop, who agreed to the reccommended additions. The additions will cost about 200 thousand more though, bringing the total to 2.15 million. On another positive note: construction on the gym is up and going two weeks earler than expected. Trucks and heavy machinery deliver their loads constantly while school is in session, and it's not hard to miss. Even teachers are caught every now and then looking out the windows admiring the progress.

No name has been chosen for the gym/youth center yet. No sponsorship has been made public to this point either, corporate sponsorship is being looked into. If you are interested in sponsoring a portion of the gym, please contact the school at 245-9231. Items that might end up being sponsored, such as the scoreboard or sound/video systems are a little way off, but none the less an issue.
(Update 4/26 - Coke, Pepsi, or A.C. are the probable sponosors for the scoreboards.)


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