Held by a Giantess

Updated: 18 Dec 98

I made this collage to depict one of my favorite fantasies.

Welcome: This site is dedicated to Giant Women who enjoy holding little men. I've always enjoyed fantasizing about being picked up by a gigantic woman, and long to snuggle up safely in her palm as she smiles down at me. Let me share some images I've collected that are in the spirit of this idea. Many thanks to the folks who shared them with me.

New Stuff

Two collages by me:   Collage 1     Collage 2

Excerpts from Mars Attacks The Savage Dragon #2:

Dragon 1     Dragon 2     Dragon 3

Excerpt from Challengers of the Unknown #15:   chal15.jpg

Other assorted graphics of interest:

Ad 1     Ad 2     Ad 3    

Spirit     Kiss     Adam

Korak in color     Last Resort     A Ken Collage    

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