How do I escape bullying


How do you feel when you are being bullied




Feel like running away



What do you want to do about it


Put up with it

Turn into a bully yourself

Find a solution where both of you feel good


If I put up with it, it might just get worse

If I get angry and turn into a bully then I might lose my friends. I will be no better than the bully that started the mess.

How could I find a solution.

You need to find someone who will be a mediator ( someone who will make sure that your meeting doesn't turn into something unpleasant). Your mediator needs to be someone responsible, possibly an adult or someone trained in a programme at your school.

The mediator needs to set up a meeting time and place.

Here are some example steps that may help to fix the problem.

Find out the root of the problem from the bully

Find out where you fit into the problem

Think of 3 options that may help to fix the problem

Discuss what solution may come from each option

See if you can agree on one option that may be a positive solution.

If the solution works then there is more chance of everyone being happy.

If it doesn't then another option may be the answer.

If all options fail then you will need to get support from someone that you can rely on.

See Where can I go for help