Balancepoint Pilates


The Professional Pilates Teacher- 
Get Fired UP -instead of Burnt Out!

This is a workshop designed for the beginner through the most advanced teacher. The workshop focuses on skills to keep your own body healthy, your mind and emotions clear, maintaining appropriate professional boundaries while dealing with others' most intimate relationship with themselves-their bodies.


Outline and define the physical, mental, emotional and energetic paradigms of our bodies.

Develop action plans and strategies to take care of our bodies and enhance abilities to teach without burnout.

Understand why professional boundaries and scope of practice adherence can make you a more effective teacher and support not just the student but the teacher as well.

Other Workshops Available: (2 hour approx.) PMA & AFAA & NASM cecs for most

Feel Good Pilates (Pilates as a tool for depression and anxiety)
Mat -Intensity X Precision
Reformer Transitions
Barre I & II

PMA Exam Review

The Awesome Anatomy Review Workshop !
Fascial Fitness for Pilates

Laurette and Beth and other Master Trainers available for
 Master -Classes  and  Private Pilates Lesson Clinics

Laurette is available for book signings and master-classes as well as consulting for your program.