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August 20, 2006: Updated the Challenges section.  

March 21, 2006: Bet you thought I was never coming back, huh? Added a new author's page: Valerie Vancollie.

December 4, 2005: Updated Mina's and Deja Vu's author pages.

November 15, 2005: There's a new Challenge.  Check it out! 

November 5, 2005: Added a new fanfic archive to the links section:  Fictionised.net.  Added new author page and fic, Rynne's Walking the Sky.

July 5, 2005: Author pages and fics are being added every few days.  Check 'em out.  

July 2, 2005: Kellen's author page has been added, and I've started archiving Another Route.

July 1, 2005:  We're still under renovations here, please bear with me.  Thank you!

June 29, 2005: Complete Makeover.  Also working on archiving and new author pages.  

May 28, 2005: JediStryker has set up a message board for us! Check it out and join!

April 7, 2005: JediStryker's RPG site has moved!  Check out our new affiliate

March 11, 2005: A CHALLENGE is up!  Thank you Claire for suggesting it!  We have a new link too!  A new Star Wars message board called The Legends of Star Wars.

February 11, 2005: I apologize for not updating for so long.  Dark-Frontier has since been closed and I have removed those links.  I'm hoping to continue the task of archiving stories and creating new author pages, but I am so busy right now that my memory is shot-- If I told you that I would create a page for you and I have not yet done so, I'm so sorry!  I'll try to get it done as soon as I can!  


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The "MIA" Challenge is up!  To see current challenge and past challenges, go here.



"Death and Darkness" By Deja Vu

"Everyone Needs A Hero" By Deja Vu

"Perfect" By Moyima

"Come With Me" By Jedinemo

"Dynasty" By Valerie Vancollie and Rebecca Thomson

"Wedding Gift" By Mireille

"Duplicity" By Mina

"The Vader Chronicles" By jedinemo

"Final Awakening" By Cyranothe2nd

"Feet on the Ground" By Rynne

"One Heart" By Kenya Starflight

"Nova" By Mina

"The Truth" By MJ Mink

"Equally Cursed and Blessed" By Mina  

"Another Route" By Kellen 



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