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Blinded by the Darkness
Three neglected stories of the post Sept. 11 world 
by Glen Gersmehl

Blowback, by Chalmers Johnson. (Holt, 2000).  “Blowback” is the CIA's own term for covert operations that harm more than help.  Johnson all but predicted a 9-11-type attack a year earlier because of a US foreign policy of "imperial overreach." Makes a compelling case for military dominance of our foreign policy with minimal attention to the real costs and benefits.  Available from Amazon.   Articles on 9-11 can also be found at by putting “9-11” into their Search Box.

“Christians and Nonviolence” and “Christians and a Moral Response to Terrorism” are PDF discussion guides available for download from the Sojourners store for $9.95 each.

"Life and Debt"  (2001) is an award-winning documentary film by Stephanie Black about how global debt affects poor people. The film tells how Jamaican farmers and business people are affected by global economic policies imposed on their country as conditions for obtaining loans and servicing debts. The reggae soundtrack and entertaining storytelling brings a heartwarming spirit to the film as well.

9-11 by Noam Chomsky (Seven Stories Press, 2001). connects you to an essay with a link on how to get the book.

Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of Nonviolence in Religious Traditions Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, ed. (Orbis Press, 1998).  Nine writers share their deep understanding of both nonviolence and their religious tradition. The essay on Islam, for example, by the coordinator of the Muslim Peace Fellowship, is a model of careful scholarship, wide acquaintance with the literature, and a focus on the key issues.  Available on Amazon.

We are called to be peacemakers Prophetic statement of the Lutheran Peace Fellowship board, 2/02.

What Is Christian Peacemaking explores the biblical vision of Shalom: peace, justice, community, wholeness…
With handouts, activities and leader tips and discussions to engage youth or adults with the biblical vision of peacemaking and what that means for conflicts in our church and world. For 1 to 6 sessions. (pdf)
español¿Qué significa pacificación cristiana?
Version en español

Where Was God on Sept. 11: Seeds of Faith and Hope, Donald B. Kraybill and Linda Gehman Peachey, editors (Herald Press, 2002). More than 50 Christian leaders share insights about finding peace and hope in a world of terror.  You can download a PDF study guide and get copies of the book for $1.00 each at:

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