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10 November 2013
Name That Tune contest finished !
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Topic: Minor change or comment

Things have been more strange than usual around these parts, as I fractured my hipbone last week and was taken to hospital, where they shot me full of morphine & then, between nodding-off, I checked my surf pad (gotta love Wi-Fi equipped hospitals) only to find that Lou Reed had moved on to, well, wherever a Lou Reed goes when it dies. Reclining in a hospital bed with industrial strength opiates running through my system while thinking of Lou Reed seemed like an unusually memorable event among the dead days of Nordic autumn. They allowed me home after a few days and sent me off with some interesting pharmaceuticals which are currently being evaluated. I'm not really a big narcotics fan, but it if it's clean and nearly free, why not enjoy it while it lasts... and now I really don't care anymore... you can aalll go take a waallk...

Actually, that's not true. What I really came to tell you about is the final results of the massive Name That Tune contest that we kicked off 5-6 months ago. The NTT website has been updated with all the results and winners ('Crazy Juan' in Spain won by a thin margin after having named 15 of the 23 tracks: a very impressive feat in view of the level of difficulty). Of these 23 tracks, only two remained unidentified after the dust had settled.


So, winners, track lists and comments can be found here:

Posted by Patrick at Lysergia at 21:33 CET
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5 December 2013 - 03:34 CET

Name: "Scott Blackerby"
Home Page:

Not sure why it took me so long to contribute - busy work and family life ?   Anyhow, I've started trolling through the material found here and it is pretty amazing.   Most important, hope you are well on your way to a full recuperation !

6 December 2013 - 16:44 CET

Name: "Patrick L Lysergia"
Home Page:

Ah Scott, you should have entered the contest! Good to hear from you, I'm happy to report that I'm fully recovered from the injury... busted hipbones heal reasonably fast, unless you need one of those prosthetic things.

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