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18 May 2014
Exciting news
Now Playing: Magi "Win Or Lose" LP

I'm working hard to keep my mouth shut until the time is right, but in the service of pre-release PR I can at least mention that we have a recent discovery coming up for release that is a MAJOR psychedelic discovery, a fukkin GAME-CHANGER both musically and historically. We're talking originator stuff here, baby. Watch for details to creep out as the project continues... shouldn't be too long, really.

On a less secretive note, we just printed a new run of Acid Archives 2nd Ed books. This is the third printing of the second that? Except for a few typos, the content is unchanged from the Second Edition books available earlier. The book briefly went out of print and that is no longer the case. Check with your distributor or retail hipster.

As for the Third Edition, you're looking at it! The Second Edition book has turned out to be fairly comprehensive, and that is the print version that will live on, not least since it seems it keeps finding new readers each month. The current blog, however, is where you can go for the really new data, reviews, gossip and occasional corrections.

There's even more Lysergia events on the horizon, including a brand new book later this year, and an LP reissue that will appear in conjunction with the mystery item described above. This LP is a mystery in its own right, but at least some people are familiar with it!

To celebrate the final arrival of agreeable Spring temperatures up here by the Arctic Circle, here are the Kaplan Bros!

Posted by Patrick at Lysergia at 22:16 MEST
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19 May 2014 - 05:14 MEST

Name: footsgrandson
Home Page:

Is there an estimate about the time of the news on the "game changer"? 

6 June 2014 - 09:12 MEST

Name: "Lars"

Before there was psychedelic music, there was 'LSD Underground 12'. Recorded under mysterious circumstances in Los Angeles in the Summer of 1966, this mind-blowing musical journey represents the earliest known case of musicians recording while under the effect of LSD. The result is a pioneering aural kaleidoscope of shifting moods and complex atmospheres unlike anything done before and hardly since. Recorded at a time when psychedelic music did not yet exist as a genre, it is not surprising that the music flows freely across genres, from eerie Middle Eastern desert moods and nocturnal west-coast jazz grooves into full-blown acid-rock guitar soloing, while the hallucinogenic tension is sustained and released through outbursts of piercing Avant Garde, Fluxic chaos and minimalist stasis. Sold briefly via mail-order, the 1966 record was only rumored to exist until Lysergias recent research verified its existence. In view of its pioneering historical status and outstanding musical quality, "LSD Underground 12" should rank as one of the greatest psychedelic music discoveries of the past 20 years. A pioneering acidhead sound unlike anything that came before it and hardly anything since... a musical riddle rising from the psychedelic catacombs. Presented by Patrick Lundborg and Lysergia, 'LSD UNDERGROUND 12' is available in an exclusive LP edition of strictly 500 copies, 180-gram virgin vinyl, housed in a deluxe case wrapped tip-on-sleeve, and including a insert with in-depth liner notes on Sublimal Sounds.

8 June 2014 - 18:53 MEST

Name: "Jim"

the Major psychedelic discovery Charly's barfing on about - a new 2 CD Live Elevators music doesn't impress me - much of which has been floating around on bootleg.  It really doesn't add much to the group's legacy. 

 Another recent purchase - The Red Day Album from Thomas Edison's Electric Light Bulb Band doesn't impress either....the reissues/discoveries well is really running dry... 

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