January 24, 2013
New York radio and Jungle television
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A radio station in upstate New York have begun reading the entire Psychedelia book over the air, in 10-minute instalments each week! One of the more unusual and thrilling forms of feedback we have received so far.

Earlier this month saw a brief mention of the book (+photo) in The Wire, who hopefully will come back with a complete review later on.

While waiting for that, I took the time to scan and re-format an old brochure on ayahusaca preparation which I picked up several years ago. It's professionally produced and obviously knowledgable, and has served me well. I shortened it a bit, but all the vital data needed to cook your own 'spirit elixir' is there. You can spot some of my handwritten comments, I left these in for a personal touch.

I had intended to included this recipe in the Psychedelia book, but the text was simply too long to fit into a footnote, so here it is instead. Turn on the stove, stir up the brew and kick back with what Jeremy Narby calls 'jungle television'.

Posted by Patrick at Lysergia at 00:35 CET
Updated: January 28, 2013 23:01 CET

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