July 28, 2013
Ayahuasca vision journey: two excerpts
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My ayahuasca trip report turned out to be several pages long and contained several references to other vision experiences in the past, and so it will have to be published in a more suitable environment, possibly a future book. However, I'd like to post a few excerpts for those interested. Nothing earth-shaking but good clean weirdness and a bit of shamanic training, as it should be.

30 gram Chacruna, 4 grams Syrian Rue; 5 extraction cycles over 10 hours resulting in 2.5 cup of Chacruna tea; the Rue Harmala was swallowed as-is with a little water.


Excerpt #1--The Jaguar
Next up was the Jaguar! This development startled me, as I've never given this shamanic animal spirit much thought, concentrating instead mainly on the Serpent mythologies. I didn’t expect to encounter an animal spirit again after being swallowed by the Boa in journey #1, but here he was. At first the Jaguar was visible only as a head, as if peeking out from a dark jungle. As common with ayahuasca, the design was semi-cartoonish rather than naturalistic. He came closer, or the head grew bigger, and after curbing my surprise I tried to get a reading on the situation. Was this to be a shamanic ‘eat or be eaten’ type initiation as with the Serpent, or a more conventional power struggle?

The Jaguar looked straight at me, menacing and determined, and I interpreted it as an archetypal intimidation scene, or staring contest. It crouched on the ground about 5 or 6 metres in front of me, watching me intently. I sent it a thought-message, declaring that ‘I do not fear you. I respect you, but I do not fear you’. Which was true at that moment; I felt oddly secure. After a little while, the Jaguar got up and strode around in a circle while still watching me, before walking away with a sullen growl. The vision sequence was completed in 10 seconds or less, even if my description may sound like it lasted for minutes. In the tryptamine realm, each time-slice is loaded with information where no attributes are random or unimportant; paying utmost attention is essential. Gauging the vibe in Innerspace after this archetypal encounter, it seemed the moment had been properly handled.


Excerpt #2--Physical Healing with Mini-Me

I saw myself shrunk to maybe 1 inch (2.5 centimetres) height and able to move around inside my own body. I watched myself climb up the individual ribs of my ribcage as though it was a ladder, and while more amusing than unpleasant, there was a certain realism to the blood- covered bones and tissue around me. The scene was peculiar because I seemed to have two parallel perspectives; with my normal eyes I could see my 1-inch double inside the left part of my torso, climbing and jumping, but I was also being fed images of how it looked from the point-of-view of the 1-inch climber.

The brevity of earlier visions urged me to try and make this body expedition useful before it disappeared.  Continuing upwards the ribcage the 1-inch Me reached my heart, which (I realize today) most likely was his/its intention all along, since the body exploration began at the left-hand bottom part of my ribs. Reaching my heart, a memory of a preceding ayahuasca journey surfaced, wherein two angels had come gliding down to open a tiny double-door in my heart, out of which had streamed a puff of foul-smelling black smoke. This had seemed to mean that my heart had been cleaned of ‘bad air’, such as negativity or ugliness, and I had wondered ever since why I hadn’t noticed much improvement in my affairs of the heart after this presumed purification. It is not ayahuasca’s style to provide visions loaded with such significance randomly and without consequences.

The 1-inch Me was finally able to solve the riddle. After reaching my heart, I asked him if the double-door that the angels had opened two years before was still there. It was still there, in fact it stood wide open. And from this I now realized what had eluded me—the ayahuasca angels may assist in ridding my heart from some of the bad stuff, but they weren’t going to fill my heart with new content to replace the bad. This was my task; a most typical assignment from the Overseer of yagé Innerspace. I had failed to understand that after the angelic intervention, my heart contained empty space ready to be filled [...].


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August 31, 2013 - 18:46 MEST

Name: "Otto"

Beautiful. Keep sharing your experiences. You mention that there might be another book in the pipeline, which makes me very excited about it. Love Psychedelia. Havent actually finished it 100% but it feels like it works good as a "coffee table"-book aswell, where you can just pick it up and browse, read a few pages hear and there. Care to share what the topic/idea this new book will focus on?  

September 2, 2013 - 20:30 MEST

Name: "Patrick"
Home Page:

      Hello Otto, thanks for the kind words. I have 3-4 different ideas for upcoming books, all of which are more or less psychedelic. The one closest to Psychedelia would be a kind of Trip Journal, an attempt to expand the chart over Innerspace that I talk about towards the end of the Psychedelia book. I want to demonstrate that it's possible and meaningful to gather these reports from the higher trip states and in the future, extract an objective meaning or image from them. So that book would basically put into practice what I describe in theory in Psychedelia, in chapter 21 in particular.

The chapters are mostly self-contained and can be read by themselves, but there are a few exceptions where one chapter builds on the one before.

Thanks for the interest & stay high!

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