February 17, 2014
New review of Psychedelia
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Renowned underground scenemaker and scholar of Occulture Carl Abrahamsson recently published a favorable review of Psychedelia at his blog. No stranger to these domains, Carl smartly identifies the optimistic streak that runs through the book, a tone which is deliberate and hardly given when looking at Western society and its handling of psychedelic compounds and private spirituality. He describes the book being drawn into a colorful vortex of human experimentation, audacity and optimism. And of course it is just that. Lundborg's project more than anything shows how deeply integrated the psychedelic experience has been (and still is) in the development of human culture...this is not just a good book among others. It feels very much like a definite and invaluable piece of work that will help future psychonauts as well as scholars to grasp a phenomenon/experience that is, paradoxically, almost intangible yet crucially essential to the health and wellbeing of mankind.

As he says, so it is. 

Posted by Patrick at Lysergia at 20:45 CET

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