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Q: Where can I find The Land of Froud, The World of the Dark Crystal and other rare Froud books?
A: They are RARE. Out-of-print book searches may dig them up, but be prepared to pay highly inflated prices such as $75-$150 for The World of the Dark Crystal and $150-$300 for The Land of Froud. If you search used bookstores you may find them for a fairer (or lucky) price. (I got an email from a person who actually found The World of the Dark Crystal for $5). Or you might just content yourself with Interlibrary Loan.

Q: Where did you get your copy of The Land of Froud?
A: I don't have one. I had a library copy for two weeks and started the Froud site so I would still have a copy of my favorite pictures when I returned the book. (I don't generally like to pay $300 for a book, even for a Froud one).

Q: I REALLY need to get in contact with Froud. Do you know his mailing or email address?
A: Has he got email?

Q: I REALLY need to find out Froud's birthday, or other personal information about Froud.
A: Sorry, I can't help you there either.

Q: How did you get permission to use the images on your site?
A: As I said in the introduction, an email friend told Brian about this site at a book signing. Brian is happy for these pages to exist as long as they encourage people to buy his books. (So be sure to stop by the Books section!).

Q: What is the difference between The Goblins of Labyrinth and The Goblin Companion?
A: The Goblins of Labyrinth is the original 1986 (out-of-print) book of conceptual design illustrations (with writing by Terry Jones) that was associated with the film Labyrinth. The Goblin Companion includes the same illustrations and the same text, but not the beautiful full-page paintings Froud did of Sarah, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and other major characters of the film. (That is why some of them are on this site).

Q: Oh you horrible person! You have squashed (dead?) fairy pictures on your site! How could you be so cruel?
A: Please see here for The Pressed Fairy Controversy.

Q: Can I use your images on my site?
A: Come on guys! Who wants a bunch of Froud sites with the same images on them? Be interesting. Make your site something unique.

Q: Can I put a link to your site on my page?
A: Sure. And if you have a site with interesting Froud stuff on it, (not just a re-hash of somebody else's scanned images), I would be happy to include a link to yours. (Honestly, I don't quite understand why people are always asking permission to put links on their pages!)

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