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This page honors the genius of Brian Froud, one of the top illustrative artists and conceptual designers of the century.

These images are from a selection of rare out-of-print sources, completely unavailable by official means. This is a collection of wonderful pictures that must not be lost from public view!

An email friend told Brian about this site at a book signing, and Brian is happy for these pages to exist as long as they encourage people to buy his books. So be sure to stop by the Books section!

The sources for this site include: The Land of Froud, (the very same book that inspired the collaboration between Brian Froud and Jim Henson on the film The Dark Crystal), The World of the Dark Crystal, and The Goblins of Labyrinth, (which includes conceptual design for Jim Henson's film Labyrinth). A special thanks goes to Greg Weir and Martin Schuler for emailing a large number of additional scans.


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