You can't change a man, but you can always freshen up a furnace filter : : : Mag Ruffman

I first became acquainted with Mag through Sullivan Entertainment’s Road to Avonlea. For seven grand seasons Mag portrayed the modest, yet dynamic Olivia Dale. But before donning a corset, Mag was lured by the stage, beginning her career in musical theatre.

Following Road to Avonlea, Mag took her skills as a licensed contractor and developed A Repair to Remember. This is not your conventional fix-it show. Mag’s contagious laughter and knowledgeable demeanour takes the fear out of any home repair. After just one episode you too will be exuding her wit and tackling that clogged P-Trap or cracked sidewalk. Her light-hearted approach strips away the mystery and leaves you with an enforced sense of empowerment.

With a further desire to expose things for what they really are Mag conceived and created Men on Women, a half-hour call-in show. The series features the inside info of regular guys and a guest celebrity and has been billed as "the show for women who don't understand men."

Building on the foundation that a workshop can be fun, Mag is enveloped in her latest show, Anything I Can Do. With a focus on engendering self-sufficiency, Anything I Can Do explores triumphs and humour of crafty, functional project.

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