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About Me

27th feb 2011.

HI everyone. my mum says.. now I'm old enough, I can have my own page.
 Today was an exciting day. I knew something different was gonna happen, coz fifi n dallas were very excited this morning and they sed the 'show bag' was out, I really wasnt sure what that meant, usually Milan got to go out with mum.. but not today.. oh no.. today was MY turn woop wooop. I got to go out by myself with mum n Mark.. yeah just me.. no Milan.
we went out in the lab cab, mum sed it would be just like at training.. but cmonnn even I know it was sunday.
 I jumped out of the car to an assortment of wonderful smells.. this had gotta mean more dogs than at ringcraft.. ooooo I was soooo excited. It was a DOG SHOW. Granny Dallas tells me stories about these things.
 I sed hello to lots of different dogs, but my fav place had got to be with all the other labradors.
I got chicken.. and sausages, and all I had to do was look pretty, well  I can do THAT with my eyes shut!
we had to go in front of everyone, then a very happy fella came over to us and I couldnt help myself, I just had to waggle my butt at him, he smiled at me, then gave me a big tickle.. ooooo that was nice, then eh sed something to mum, she sed to me "cmonnnn mate, lets show em what you got" and off we went, I got to strut about with my mum, I felt so happy. Then the smiling man sed I was first, and gave my mum one of those red things that great granny Mads has on her portrait on the wall.
 and that wasnt all.. nooo THEN  the man handed mum a bigger pink one, everyone clapped, and Mark took lots of pics. Mark sed I am the bestest puppy.
we stayed there all day, I even got to watch one of my buddies from ringcraft do the same thing as me.. that was funny.. coz Bronte has spots and she's such a drama queen. She's doolally or summat like that.
 Anyway, we got home and mum gave me a big bowl of yummy dinner and let me curl up like forever coz I am soooo tired now.


This is me just before the dog show.
 I'll get mum to put some show pics up 2morro

2nd March 2011
 well my show pics are up on the next page. Have a look and feel free to email my mum with any comments. I was so tired the day after I didnt really wanna do much, but we went training anyways, well we had to tell ppl how well I did at my first show. I strutted in like it IS my ringcraft LOL.. and I have a new handler. Mum is allowing Mark to accompany me in the ring next time.. that should be fun, Mark's a soft touch tee heehee
ohhh and Bronte is a DALMATION.. not doolally.. tho I rather think doolally suits her better


3rd March
   Spring has sprung and we're all out in the sun today.. tho ask my mum and she'll say it's coooold out there. The water bowl was icy this morning, I dont mind at all, I dont feel a thing thru my jacket. Me n Ralf are not allowed to play with Milan right now, which is sad, coz I loves Milan. soon be Crufts.. maybe THAT'S why Milan isnt allowed to play, in case she breaks a nail or summat LOL.
 Granny Dallas has a story about breakin nails.. infact she has a few, but the funniest one was when she jumped out over the 'fence' and refused to come back in case she broke a nail! well really. I got new name tag today.. if you look real close at the pic below.. you can see it.


6th March.

My mate Ralph went and left me yesterday, well it was in the wee hours, mum got us all up and absurd AM then carted Ralph off to the funny farm.. Devonelite Labradors lol. Ralph has a g/f there mum says, mum says too. that if I was a bit older, I would have gone too. but I have to have some tests done first before I can start dating. Anyways, they got home at about sleepy oclock (2.30 am). Ralph had a stupid grin on his face and he's been too tired to play much today, in fact.. I have won all the fetch games coz\ I am bigger and stronger than him today OH YESSSSSS

7th May
  ooooh it's been a while since I was here. I have just been bizi having a good time. mum takes me swimming everyday coz Missy Milan likes to swim, yep.. I have to endure  Milan all the time, ahh she's not that bad. I did another show with mum at Rochdale. ohhh I had a WONDERFUL time. Milan came too (of course), but I won I won lol. I got a nice new red rosette and one that say best puppy. mum was sooo thrilled, Bronte was there too, and shew wont two classes I think, and Shelly n Gavin came, Shelly was nice to me and gave snuggles whilst mum was bizi in the ring with Milan. I only hope I can carry on winning. that would be awesome.
  I have another show on 14th may.. oh that's NEXT WEEK.

5th July 2011
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY wooop woooopp lets partayyyyyy. it's also my 'mums' birthday too how cool is that!!!? I got taken out for a new big boy collar with alead to match in manly blue. one of those ROGZ things.. I love it and I got a WHOLE roast chicken all to myself. boy am I stuffed, and coz I am so sweet, I let everyone else have a piece of chicken from the stash too (I have my great granny Mads for this tradition).
 I have  been doing well at shows to, at NWLRC I got two loverly rosettes, my wall is gettin pretty now, beat that Milansiwan.
the at LRC.. I got two more rosettes. that makes me feel soooooo good

4th August 2011
well today was interesting. aunty Shelly came over with Bear, the Chessie, but we didnt go  swimming. nope.. we all piled into the lab cab.. me, Milan, Fifi, Mum , Mark and aunty Shelly.. yeah it was a car full.
 we went to a hall thing, mummy fifi was first to get out fo the car, but omggodness the fuss. this strange man had hold of her and I culd see she wasnt happy, but no one esle was worried so I watched as 'mum' put drops in her eyes.. then she was put back in the car.. I did giggle.. but nooo then it was MY turn. oh dear, it stung a bit but wasnt as bad as 'mum' made out teehee.
 it felt funny tho and the light hurt my eyes, so when we went inside I was quite glad. mum went first again.. coz she is the oldest after all. she went over to a drak corner where another strange man shone a torch thing in her eyes. oooh mum didnt like that one bit.
 then Bear went, he was like "derrr dunno what the fuss is all about" but then he is comatose, bit like Mark lol.
 then Milansiwan had a go.. then was my turn. honestly mum does make things hard, all he did was shine a light and have a good look.
anyways, we ALL passed. I'm chillin now coz the light still makes my eyes sore.

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