Who ?

I have abandoned my homepage due to Tripod's crazy ways of intimidating their users. First, they installed pop up adds that would frustrate my visitors. Fine. I can live with that. Second, they put up even more pop up ads to my site and this deters even more of my visitors. Fine, I can still live with that.
And recently, they put up big fucking banners all over my page and screws up all my script. I tell myself that's it ... I'm not gonna continue my site in tripod no more. I do my work with pride and practice my art professionally. There's no way I could continue to stay in such a fucked-up web hosting environment. Fuck tripod. They could have just terminated all the free accounts if they wanted more money. This is like an insult to all our wonderful works. Even if i'm gonna pay for my own domain, I won't be paying tripod to do it. To the tripod fuckers that thought of the banner idea -- why don't you put up the banners on your momma's ass you stupid fuck ?? U think someone's gonna appreciate or read all those banners ?? U think someone's gonna upgrade to your paid service just to get rid of your lowlife bitchass motherfucking banner ??? People will just get more n more pissed off with your braindead ingenious idea and going boycott tripod u mongoloid son u'va bitch. U are just making it worst .. Eat shit & die.