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1969 Chevelle Super Sport 396
Purchased in August of 1997 from "Hooked On Classics" in Watertown Minnesota. The body was very straight with no detectable bondo.  The paint was already done but the rest of the car needed some TLC. The interior was about 2/3 done. Front and rear suspension both needed to be rebuilt. The 396 was very tired and the rear end had been replaced with a 10 bolt non-posi. The wiring harness was a fire waiting to happen. To date, all of theses problems have been addressed. This has been a fun project and the learning curve wasn't too steep. There are a few things that still require attention but this one is almost done. This page is still under construction and will be for a while. Most of the Chevelle photos are not digital and have to be scanned in. This takes time. I will add photos of the engine swap, rear end swap, suspension rebuild and misc other pics.
About a year and a half ago I had the chance to get a photo of my Chevelle in a new publication. It' called "Chevelle SS 1964-1972 A Muscle Car Source Book". I'm on the bottom of page 90. There are a couple of new photos on this page showing the book, the original photo in my front yard and the photo in the book.

New Chevelle Publication

Here's the Photo I took in my front yard and sent to the publisher


July 4th "Show N Go" at BIR

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12 Bolt Posi Ready to go in. Spring of 2000
12 Bolt Posi with 3:36 Gears and Mosier axles

Rebuilt 396 was installed in June 0f 2002.
Pulling Motor in March 2003 to change leaking oil pan. Leaks where dipstick stamp is welded to pan.

396 going back in
New pan and One piece gasket in place.

Here's the same photo in the book

2002 Brainerd International Raceway "Show n Go"
F/PS (Pure Stock) Class Champion Plaque on Windshield

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Front end rebuild Winter 1997
Digital photo of a polaroid. Quality poor but better than scanned version.

Motor on hoist
Old pan off. Ready for new pan and one piece gasket.

396 bolted back in place
No Leaks!!! Ready for the Hood

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