Alex James Quotes

Graham and I soon discovered that we had loads in common - including a love of booze and guitars.

My sister lives a quiet life in Bournemouth. Like Damon's sister, she's also an artist. Having a younger sister is like having kids of your own. I remember when my mum sat down and said, 'You're having a little sister - what do you want to call her?' and I immediately said 'Deborah'. So Deborah it was. Good job I didn't say Myra. Or Adrian. That would have been silly. 1993

My music teacher has recently been sent to prison for being a buttock fondler, which may explain why I never took to music lessons. 1994

We'll always be friends. I like the idea of seeing each other being really old and doddery. 1994

I'm the George Harrison of the group. I don't do backing vocals because I prefer to look cool and smoke a fag. 1994

We are all white, middle class, and earning a living doing what we want to do. But we are aware how privileged we are, and that's why everything comes across as being so blank. It's pathetic really, all of us constantly shoving chemicals down our throat and saying how much we love each other. But that's the way we are. 1993

That's why I joined Blur. Damon was a bit of a wanker but he had the keys to a recording studio. 1995

You can't catch anything off girls sucking your dick. 1991

When my flat was burgled, I hadn't noticed. There was a keyboard missing and...some other stuff. But I couldn't bring myself to care. I mean, I never give beggars money in the street or anything so, y'know, fair's fair...1994

Everyone who's in a band thinks they're in the best band in the world. That's only natural. But when other people start telling you you're the best band in the world as well, you just go....super nova confident! 1991

Suede - borrowed money, borrowed talent, borrowed quotes, borrowed a good rate of interest. 1993

Remixes are like giving your dog to someone to take for a walk, and when they bring it back it's a different dog.

 The problem with offence or anything but they're all Damon - they all want to be in charge!

Touring's a dream. You don't have to pay for anything, you go to a different place every day, everywhere you go you get beer and drugs free, girls scream at you and you feel...shit actually most of the time. But it's good. 1990

America made us realise what a wonderfully quiet, undramatic place Britain is. We wrote virtually all the songs while we were out there. And when we came back we realised how much we like being British. The trouble is, when you start giving out those signals everyone thinks you're a fascist. You are not allowed to be British. You are not allowed to be German. But you are, of course, always allowed to be American.

You can't underestimate the importance of long legs and a good haircut in this business. 1991

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