Below are articles taken from magazines or websites, some of which I have typed up myself. If you wish to use any of these, please credit me on your homepage.

'Alex James is unwell...' archive - Alex contributes a column every month to Q magazine and I have included one of these except the very first one. My apologies.

Q 1991 - a very rare article from the early Blur days. Thanks to unbornchikken for that ;)

Select July 1999 - long article in Select on Blur c. Great Escape days. Also available in 3862 days.

'The Curse of Blur'; an article about Blur and their public feuds with their fellow peers.

Flipside February 2000 - Very nice article on singles night in Flipside.

If you are desperate for old Blur news, visit the news section for latest and archived news.

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