September 16, 2002

Mr. Sedivy's Site Has Moved

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September 16, 2002

Mr. Sedivy's Site Has Moved

Please Use the NEW Site!

Mr. Sedivy Makes History Fun!

Mr. Sedivy's Highlands Ranch High School History Site offers over 400 web pages of historical information that you won't find in most high school textbooks. Check out lecture notes, period art, photos, engravings, old political cartoons, famous quotes, portraits, maps, trivia, shockwave tours, course descriptions / requirements, class activities and assignments. View sample essays, sample papers, or get tips for writing your own papers and critical book reviews. We've got fun links to related info, and much, much more. History really is fun!

Interesting History Personalities:

Tisenjoch Iceman
Augustus Caesar
da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
King Henry VIII

Martin Luther
Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I
B. Arnold
Benedict Arnold

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Important Highlands Ranch History Concepts and Skills
Chronology Historical research
Cause and effect relationships
Interpreting and evaluating historical evidence
New technology and its impact on societies
Development of political systems
The nature and role of religion in society
Significance of ethics, religion, and philosophy
The nature revolutions: agricultural, political, and scientific
The arts as a reflection of the values and beliefs of a society

Be sure to participate by suggesting appropriate and pertinent URLs for the "Cool Clicks" section on many of the pages. This is your website, too! Enjoy the site. Happy surfing.

And, as always... Happy Trails to You!

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Mr. Sedivy's
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History Highlights:

The Complete Bayeux Tapestry. Go Harold!


Ancient City of Pompeii

Mr. Sedivy's Tour of Rothenburg, a Walled
Medieval City

Medieval Penalties of
Shame and Honor

WWII Dachau
Concentration Camp

The Emperors of
The Roman Empire

Virtual Tour of Ancient
Rome - Past & Present

The Life, Inventions,
and Anatomical Studies,
of Leonardo da Vinci



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History of Littleton

1000s of Famous Quotes

Mr. Sedivy's Colorful Colorado History Lecture Notes

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