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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, ColoradoMr. Sedivy wants YOU to enjoy history!

American Government

This course focuses on the role of government in history, organization and operation of local, state, and national government. Students will study the U.S. Constitution with particular emphasis on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The course is intended to enable students to become active citizens in the democratic process.

Seal of the President
Seal of the President of the United States

Students will interpret key sections of the U.S. Constitution, and apply them to current situations; analyze the role and actions of their government and the media; examine critically their rights and responsibilities as citizens in democracy.

United States Government: Democracy in Action,
by Richard C. Remy

Other Sources
Newspapers and various court cases

Possible Films
The Candidate All the President's Men Bob Roberts
The Final Days Gideon's Trumpet
Other films dealing with early American history, Congress, the presidency, Supreme Court cases, and the political process

Special Assignments
Students may participate in various simulations and projects.
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt

US Government - Democracy
State Government / National Government
Why Did Government Originate?

American Constitution
What is a Constitution?
Powers Prohibited to Congress / Powers Prohibited to States

Other Types of Government
Autocracy, Totalitarian Dictatorship, Absolute Monarchy

Trial and Judicial System Information
Officers of the Court / Characteristics of a Trial
Courtroom Demeanor / How to Dress for Court
Testifying in Court - The DOs and DON'Ts

Trial Tactics and Tricks Used by Attorneys
Common Trial Objections During Testimony
Courtroom Definitions

Class Activities
Constitution Presentations
The Trial of Goldilocks

America's Entry into World War I

More Information
| The Declaration of Independence | The Bill of Rights |
| History of The Star-Spangled Banner - Flag Made by
Mary Young Pickersgill Inspired Francis Scott Key
| United States National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner |
| Excerpts from The Gettysburg Address |
| View WWI Uncle Sam Poster - 1917 |

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