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Highlands Ranch High School
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Modern European History

Modern European History*

Modern European History at Highlands Ranch High School is a continuation of "The Dawn of Civilization" and is intended to complete the student's survey of European History. This course begins with the events of 1815 and the fall of Napoleon, and traces European social, political, and cultural developments through the 19th and 20th centuries to the present day.


"The death of one man is a tragedy;
the death of a million men is a statistic."


Special attention will be given to the impact of the Industrial Revolution and Imperialism; the 20th-century political ideologies: Socialism, Fascism, Communism; recent democratic movements; contemporary developments in the former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, and the European Community. Students will analyze historical documents and evaluate impact of various political philosophies.

A History of the World, by Marvin Perry

Other Sources
Newspapers and documents from European History

Possible Films
Germinal Gallipoli Animal Farm
Triumph of the Will
The Day the Universe Changed (PBS series)

Special Assignments
Students may participate in various simulations and historical recreations.

*Mr. Sedivy no longer teaches geography, or Modern European History (non AP), but we've decided to leave his web contribution to these classes up anyway. The AP classes cover the same material, but in more detail.

Advanced Placement Modern European History

The essay examples, research paper, sample book review, etc. below are all pertinent information, and make for some pretty good reading. Hopefully, this will aid other Highlands Ranch High School students, and other students around the world in their studies.

Mr. Sedivy's Excellent Information:

Sample Research Papers
Peace At Any Cost

Further Reading / Essay Examples
Habsburgs and French Overstretch
German WWI & WWII Overstretch
History of Hitler
Cost of the Cold War

Related Book Review Example

Guide For Organizing Debate Position

Research Activity
United States Entry Into WWI

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Anyone in any of my classes, who is history-savvy enough,
can earn 20 grade points by identifing the inaccuracy on this page!



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