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Advanced Placement
Modern European History

(Also see Modern European History, French Revolution, and the Enlightenment below; Post War Atomic Culture at bottom right.)

Voltaire Web Sites

Throughout History

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Web Gallery of Art

Renaissance, Baroque
and Rococo Art

Vatican Exibit Main Hall

Citta Del Vaticanol

The Holy See (Vatican Site)

William Blake Online
Poet, printmaker, visionary.

Modern European

WWI Document Archive

The Forgotten
First-hand accounts from the
first genocide of the 20th century

WWII: Collections
Based on the recollections of World War II veteran William Yenofsky, thi
s multimedia exhibit traces his four years of combat duty: "The year is 1941. I am a modest, unassuming individual, not overly aggressive, yet, I am drafted into this situation because the United States is at war and a 'man has to do what a man has to do.' I am issued a uniform, a rifle and I am taught to kill." You won't find any Hollywood sentimentality here: Sergeant Yenofsky offers candid accounts of his experiences as a young officer in North Africa, as a participant in the Anzio invasion of 1944 ("a fiasco"), and the liberation of Dachau in 1945.

WWII Historical Text Archive

Remembering Pearl Harbor
National Geographic goes beyond Ben Affleck.

WWII in European Timeline

Edward Ardizzone -
Diary of a War Artist

This exhibit, from the UK's Imperial
War Museum, features excerpts from the journals of commissioned war artist Edward Ardizzone. Presented in a clickable calendar format, the diary entries present an illustrated narrative of the British capture of Sicily and invasion of Italy.

War Stories
Combat correspondents share
postscripts from the edge

USDA Historical Photos
Portraying the everyday lives of war-era workers and their families

The Alger Hiss Story
Exhaustive multimedia archive from New York University Library examines the trial of Alger Hiss, a New Deal democrat and government official who was tried and convicted of espionage in 1950.

GI Photo Joe
Collection of World War II photographs that you've never seen before. Prankster has placed GI Joe into old photos using Photoshop.

• • •
Russian Revolution

The Empire That Was Russia
Adding some color to the Soviet past

The Russian Revolution

Texts on the Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution Resources

Mark Twain on
the Russian Revolution

The Path to the Revolution

Czar Nicholas II

Clicking Anastasia:
(Interactive Romanov Mystery)

Czar Nicholas II...

Leon Trotsky's History of
the Russian Revolution

Rise of
Nation State England

Early Modern Europe: England

British History

Tower of London
Though probably most renowned for its history of bloody executions and atrocious prison sentences, the Great Tower, as it was first called by William the Conqueror, was originally the residential palace of the Norman ruler. Over the centuries, the compound grew to accommodate the needs of the monarchy, while reflecting all its crowning achievements and love for pomp and ceremony. This site brings to life the colorful history of the Tower with numerous anecdotes and ghostly tales of prisoners long departed.

Tower of London: Virtual Tour

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth II

Tyburn Tree

Cultural Phenomenon of Henry V

Search for Scotland
Scotland's complicated history and complex character provide fodder for this web site. The Historical Oddities section provides some of the most interesting reading, none stranger than the story of the 200-foot woman who washed up on the shores of Scotland.

- World History -
The Enlightenment

The European Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

Creative Impulse: Enlightenment

Philosophy Since
The Enlightenment

Kant Resources

Jean Jacques Rosseau Association

16th- to 18th-Century

The Hume Archives

John Locke,
Philosopher of Freedom

Philosophers Throughout History

French Revolution /
Age of Napoleon

France History Resources

France History Guide

Marie Antoinette - Queen of France

Institute on Napoleon and the
French Revolution: Links


Napolean Bonaparte
Handwriting Sample


Waterloo 1815 - Visitor's Center

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia




Highlands Ranch High School
- Mr. Sedivy -

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

History Links
- Cool Clicks -

Colorado History

Alferd Packer's Grave
(Downtown Littleton)

Old Colorado City Historical Society
Historical documents and info,
maps, and photographs

Colorado State Government:
Colorful Colorado History Page

Provides a chronology describing the events of Colorado's prehistory, early history, and events up to WWII.

State of Colorado Home Page

Colorado Historical Society
History site about all of Colorado

The Photography Collection at
The Denver Public Library

The Denver Public Library collection of more than 500,000 photographs related to the history of the West

A Taste of Colorado History
Law & Disorder in Colo History, Chaffee County's only legal hanging, more

Prehistory of the Durango Area

Mesa Verde National Park

Anasazi Heritage Center

Colorado History Internet Guide
Pages that the staff of Colorado History Day have viewed and judged accurate and useful

The Rich History of Colorado's
Fourteener Country

Golden History - 1855 to 1959
Time line and historical overview from the Colorado School of Mines

Georgetown, Colorado - History

Nineteenth-Century Colorado

The Story of Colorado

Outline of Colorado History

History of the Centennial State

Colorado History Links Page

Artslynx Colorado - 19th Century
Colorado History Links

Alferd Packer Collection at Colorado State Archives; American Numismatic Association and Museum

History of Pearl Lake State Park
Cathy Hartt's personal project to help educate the public about the history behind Pearl Lake State Park in Routt County

Castle Rock, Colorado - History
Short history with pictures from
Castle Rock Historical Society

Colorado Attractions:
Roadside America

Colorado License Plate History
How and why the license plates
have changed over the years

American Government

A Biography of America
The New World to the New Economy

US Constituiton Resource Center
Great US Constitution site. Considerable on-site content, plus numerous links to sites related to the Constitution. Has a Windows 95/98-based Constitution study aid that you can download for free.

WWI Uncle Sam Poster

President Links

The Whitehouse Site

United States Senate

United States House
of Representatives

- World History -

Legacy of gold, God, greed, and glory

Age of Exploration

The Explorers

The Age of Exploration

Christopher Columbus Controversy

Columbus and Other Explorers

Mariners Museum
Ferdinand Magellan

Who Was John Cabot?

John Cabot

John Cabot's Landfall

Highlands Ranch
High School

Highlands Ranch
High School

Douglas County
School District
Highlands Ranch
High School

Highlands Ranch
High School Drumline

Highlands Ranch
High School
Soccer Booster Club

School-Related Links

Skewl Sites
Each and every one has a
teacher's seal of approval

American High
PBS gives kids a second chance to shine

High School Hub

Television Links

The Archaeology Channel -
Videos of indigenous cultures.

National Geographic Channel

Miscellaneous Links

NPR - Prison Diaries
NPR puts you behind bars

American Family
Immigration History Center

Explore your roots

Biography of America -
New World to the New Economy

Within These Walls
The National Museum of American History presents the history of a 250-year-old house and 5 of the families that have occupied it over the past 200 years.

Our list of history links
will grow with
student participation!

Please submit links or
e-mail pertinent URLs
to Mr. Sedivy at:

Links last updated
June 1, 2001


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- World History -
Dawn of Civilization


Becoming Human
It all revolves around evolving

Ultimate Index of
All Things Ancient

Seven Wonders of
the Ancient World

Prehistory of the Durango Area

Creative Impulse: Prehistory

Prehistory Internet Links

Links to WWW Prehistory

Paleolithic Art Gallery Online

Paleolithic (Paleolitico)

Exploritorium - Paleolithic Art


Earth Mysteries:
Stonehenge Recreations

The Complete Stonehenge Links

Ancient Iceman Got Acupuncture

Phoenicia and

Regional Index: Mesopotamia

Argos Search: Sumeria
& Mesopotamia

Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna

Archaeology and the
Early Old Testament

Time Machine: 3000 Years Ago

Phoenician Alphabet

Creative Impulse: Mesopotamia


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt: The Mythology

Ancient Egypt

Tome of Egyptian Mythology

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Resources

The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Exhibit

King Tut's Tomb

Guardian's King Tut

Tut Page

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Greek Art and Architecture

Greek and Roman History

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Imperial Roman Portraits

Ancient Rome Links

Augustus Caesar -
First Roman Emperor

- World History -
The Middle Age

Leaves of Gold: Treasures of
Manuscript Illlumination

The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents this beautiful exhibit of illuminated manuscripts "hand-produced books that include drawn, painted, and gilded decoration on pages made of vellum, a specially prepared and polished animal skin."

Medieval Technology

Medieval Music

Training for a Squire

Sir Cisto Seversword's
Tome of Adventure

Medieval Armour

Medieval Armour,
Weapons and Warfare

Reconstructed Medieval
Mechanical Artillery

Byzantine and Medieval Links

Medieval Society Official Links

Links of Medieval Interest

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The Late Middle Ages

Medievalist: Medieval and
Renaissance History

The Medieval Inquisition

The Inquisition

The Roman Inquisition

Inquisition Regions

Adam to Zion: The Inquisition

Inquisition Record of
Jacques Fournier

The Inquisition and Destruction
of Women Shaman Healers

From the Inquisition to Descartes

The Crusades from the
Perspective of World History

Charlemagne - King of the Franks


Renaissance Texts

Shakespeare and Renaissance Home

Virtual Renaissance

Renaissance, Baroque and
Rococo Art

Works of Shakespeare

Postwar Atomic Culture

In 1951, President Truman established the CONELRAD [CONtrol of ELectronic RADiation] broadcast system in case of an atomic emergency. These days, CONELRAD is something completely different - a site "devoted to ATOMIC CULTURE past and present but without all the distracting and pedantic polemics." This fascinating look at a sobering subject includes dozens of Real Audio clips with advice on what to do when bombs fall; the CONELRAD 100, a list for the atomic-film connoisseurs that features titles like "Atom Age Vampire" and "Day the Earth Stood Still"; and Atomic Platters, a sampling of music that celebrates, satirizes, or laments the atomic age. It's an eerie and electrifying slice of postwar atomic culture.



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