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The Renaissance

- World History -
The Renaissance and The Protestant Reformation

The Renaissance

The Renaissance is considered the start of Modern times because it is more like today. Medieval life was kind of a dark life. In the Middle Ages, life was just a short interlude until death, and poverty was respected. The clergy were next to God. In the Middle Ages people were seen basically as scum and God was vengeful. Their whole lives revolved around God.

By the time of the Renaissance, big changes had occurred: Barbarians, the Vikings, and Magyars were gone. Now there were strong central monarchies throughout most of Europe. Papacy and feudalism had declined. People were getting sick of the old attitudes.

What Was the Renaissance?
Circa 1300 - 1600. It is impossible to date precisely because it refers to a period, not an event. The Renaissance "began" in Florence, Italy. "Renaissance" means "rebirth" because it was believed that the human spirit had to be reawakened as it was in the classical (Greco-Roman) times.

The Tempest by Giorgione
The Tempest by Giorgione, 1508.
Click the painting for an enlargement.

A New World View
A new "world view" was created - the way one looked at and answered basic questions:
What are humans?
What is the purpose of life?
Why am I here?

Why the Renaissance Started in Italy
There was a revival in trade during the Middle Ages, and Italy was the trading center between Europe and the East. The Crusades brought people from all over and they shared ideas. This led to merchants and bankers buying libraries and works of art; this encouraged art, literature, and learning. Italians were surrounded by remnants of ancient Roman culture.

World View of the Renaissance
Raphael, Galatea
RAPHAEL, Galatea - 1543
Click art for an enlargement.

A New Conception of Human Beings

Individualism. People thought it right to be themselves - the great man can shape his own destiny

Humanism. Humans are the center of the universe and the "measure of all things."

Well-Roundness. Humans could do well at many things: "The Renaissance Man."

Classicism. People revived an interest in ancient Greece and Rome.

HOLBEIN: Georg Gisze
HOLBEIN: Georg Gisze, a German merchaNt in London - 1532
Click the painting for an enlargement.

A New Conception of the World

Skepticism. Humans began to have a questioning attitude and challenged tradition and authority.

Secularism. They believed life on earth was more important than the afterlife. There was greater emphasis on this life and less on the afterlife and on God - the world is to be enjoyed.

1. What Was the Renaissance?

2. Personalities of the Italian Renaissance

3. Renaissance Art

4. The Protestant Reformation

5. Martin Luther, Lutheranism

6. John Calvin, Calvinism

7. Anglicanism and King Henry VIII

8. French Huguenots,
Summary of the Protestant Reformation

9. Renaissance and Reformation Quotes

10. Most Important Invention of the Renaissance

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