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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, ColoradoRise of Nation State England

Rise of Nation State England

This course traces the development of England and the political, economic, social and cultural factors that contributed to its development as a nation-state. The focus is on English history and English institutions, such as Parliament and constitutional government, which have had an impact on American history.

Students will analyze historical documents; evaluate various interpretations of the same event, including some depictions in film; research and write a paper; read, review, and write a critical review on a historical text of the student's choice.

The Middle Ages, by RJ Cootes
The Early Modern Age, by Snellgrove

Other Sources
Documents from English history and interpretations by historians

Possible Films
Viking Becket Henry V A Man for All Seasons
Anne of the Thousand Days Cromwell

Queen Elizabeth I  

Queen Eliabeth I
1533 - 1603

Queen Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II
1953 - present

Born: April 21, 1926
Coronated: June 2, 1953
Photograph: 1998

Special Assignments
Students may participate in various simulations and projects.

Mr. Sedivy's Lecture Notes & Historical Info

The Celts
| Gallic He-Men | Celtic Culture, Trade, Religion, Women |
| Threat of the Celts - Celtic Battles and Conquests |

- Rise of Nation State England -
| Roman Conquest of Britain | Christianity in Britain |
| Customs: Thanes, Churls, Thralls, Wergeld, Folk-Moot |
| Dark Ages: Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, Athelstan |
| The Return of the Vikings |
| Kings of Britain: Aethelred, Cnut, Edward the Confessor |
| Bayeaux Tapestry, William the Conqueror,
Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson, Harold II
| The Crusades: Richard Lion Heart, Pope Urban |
| King John, Innocent III, Archbishop Stephen Langton |
| Magna Carta / First Parliament |

Wales and Scotland
| Wales: Edward I, Llewellyn, Snowdonia |
| Scotland: Alexander III, John Balliol,
William Wallace, Robert Bruce, King Edward II

The 100 Years War
| Edward III, Longbows at Crecy, Edward IV, Black Prince |
| Henry V, King Charles VI, Battle at Calais, Treaty of Troyes |

More Information
| Other Kings of the Dark and Middle Ages:
William II, Henry I, Henry II
| The British Monarchy's Peerage: Dukes, Viscounts,
Marquess, Earls, Baronets, and Barons

Class Activities
Roman Conquest Comparison
Battle of Agincourt

Related Information
Mr. Sedivy's World History - The Middle Ages
The Complete Bayeux Tapestry
Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages / Crusades
The Hundred Years War
King Henry VIII
The Interesting Life of Elizabeth I
The Stuarts - James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II
Oliver Cromwell

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British History
Queen Elizabeth I
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Cultural Phenomenon of Henry V

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