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World History

- World History -
Dawn of Civilization to Napoleon

This course is intended to give students an overview of western history. The course starts with the earliest civilizations of the Middle East and Africa and traces history through the end of the Napoleonic Age in 1815. This course provides a broad background in history, which prepares students for further study of history and the social studies.

Dawn of Civilization focuses on the following units of study. Other units may supplement those listed here. The architecture, art, literature, music, philosophy, science, religion and political history of these eras will be included whenever possible.

Units of Study
Prehistory - The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages
Mesopotamia, Sumeria, the Phoenicians, & Hebrews
Ancient Egypt Classical Greece Roman Empire
Medieval History - The Dark and Middle Ages
The Renaissance and Protestant Reformation
The Age of Exploration National Monarchies
The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
Colonial America and the American Revolution
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era

Mr. Sedivy's site has over 130 web pages of World History information that you won't find in most high school textbooks. Check out: lecture notes, art, photos, engravings, old political cartoons, quotations, portraits, maps, trivia, shockwave tours, class activities and assignments, and more. Click the units of study above for some really fun history!

Old World Map
Click the Old Word Map for an enlargement

A History of the World, Marvin Perry

Possible Films
PBS series by David MacCaulay
(Pyra mid-Castle, Cathedral)
Lost Civilizations The Day the Universe Changed
Footsoldiers (Arts and Entertainment Series)
Connections The Iceman
A Man For All Seasons Spartacus

Important Concepts and Skills

Chronology Historical research
Cause and effect relationships
The nature revolutions (agricultural, political, scientific)
Interpreting and evaluating historical evidence
The development of new technology and its impact on societies
The development of political systems
(monarchy, democracy, constitutional monarchy, etc.)
The nature and role of religion in society
Significance of ethics, religion and philosophy
The arts as a reflection of the values and beliefs of a society

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Mr. Sedivy's Lecture Notes,
Class Activities, and Related Information:

Historical Periods of
World History Class Study

| Prehistory | Mesopotamia & Phoenicians |
| Ancient Egypt | Greece | Rome |
| Medieval History | Renaissance and Reformation |
| Exploration | National Monarchies |
| The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment |
| Colonial America and American Revolution |
| The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era |
| 1000s of Great Quotes from Western History |



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