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- World History -
The Protestant Reformation

England was now a weak nation because they were constantly at war - The Hundred Years War: Welsh, France, Scotland. The War of the Roses, a civil war in England, ended in 1485.

King Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou
Margaret of Anjou is presented a book of romances at her marriage to Henry VI.
Henry VI was a quiet and religious king, very different from his wife.
The Wars of the Roses were fought during his reign.

King Henry VI
King Henry VI

Henry VII took the throne by conquest. He was a great ruler and kept the nation at peace. When Henry VII died, the royal treasury was full because he was very tight with the money.

Bust of Henry VII
Bust of Henry VII - Attributed to Pietro Torrigiano, made of painted gesso on wood.

Henry VII got the English involved in America. He was a master diplomat, making many treaties. He arranged marriages to assure some treaties. Henry the VII died in 1509.

Henry VII
Gilt-bronze tomb effigies of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

The heir to the throne was Arthur, an arranged marriage with Spain. He dies. The next son in line marries the same princess. He dies. Next was Henry VIII who would continue to bring England into the modern world.

Reasons for Religious Upheaval
People were concerned with the extravagance of the church.
The Middle Class wanted more control.
Increasing clashes between Kings and the Church.
There were new beliefs about humans as a result of the Renaissance.

Ship of Fools
HIERONYMUS BOSCH: Detail from Ship of Fools - 1470s.

(The sin of lust is symbolized by a nun and a monk gamely trying to bite off pieces from a swinging ball of pastry. Many priests and monks had concubines and illegitimate offspring, and they attacted widespread contempt. Financial corruption further tarnished the Church opening the way for Martin Luther.)

Protestant view: Papacy a vehicle of the devil
The Protestant view of the papacy as a vehicle of the devil.

(Human souls, crammed into a barrel by a demon, are carted off to hell in a wagon fashioned from the body of the Pope. Bishops, cardinals, and monks make up the spokes of the wheels.)

1. What Was the Renaissance?

2. Personalities of the Italian Renaissance

3. Renaissance Art

4. The Protestant Reformation

5. Martin Luther, Lutheranism

6. John Calvin, Calvinism

7. Anglicanism and King Henry VIII

8. French Huguenots,
Summary of the Protestant Reformation

9. Renaissance and Reformation Quotes

10. Most Important Invention of the Renaissance

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