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The Protestant Reformatio
John Calvin, Calvinism

John Calvin
John Calvin

John Calvin (1509 - 1564)
"May little chickens dig out your eyes 100,000 times," Calvin said to Servatus, another reformer. Calvin's theology was anti-Catholic, influenced by Luther. He emphasized salvation through predestination, chosen at birth to be saved. Since God knows everything, he knows at conception if someone will go to heaven or hell. This will show up in the way a person lives and prospers. Calvin emphasized a "puritanical" approach to life: no drinking, swearing, card playing, gambling, etc.

Calvin thought materialism and wealth were good. To Calvin, material wealth on earth meant salvation. Calvin stressed work: work is good for you, work builds character, and work equals success. So, the middle class was the easiest to convert to Calvinism because Calvin justified their lifestyles. He ended monasteries and celibacy practices for ministers. John Calvin simplified worship: prayers, singing of psalms, scripture readings, and a sermon. The church was governed by elected elders. Calvinism, people choosing their leaders, is democracy. John Calvin made a huge contribution to what we know as the United States.

Calvinist preacher in Lyons
A congregation in Lyons listens to the sermon of a Calvinist preacher - 1546

Spread of Calvinism
Calvinism spread throughout Switzerland. They even wanted to make Geneva the new Holy Land. Calvinism had a different name in different parts of the world - there was no central church. In England, Puritans wanted to "purify" the church of its remaining Catholic elements. Scotland had Presbyterians, Dutch had the Dutch Reform, France had Huguenots, and Germany had the Reform Church.

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