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The Life, Art, Inventions and Anatomical Drawings of
Leonardo da Vinci
1452 - 1519

da Vinci Mona Lisa Cannon

Self Portrait 1512
Red chalk

Mona Lisa
1502 - 1503

Cannons 1485 - 1488
Pen and ink

Most art below can be clicked to view Leonardo's work at its actual size.*

Signature of
Leonardo da Vinci
The Valley of the Arno

Warrior Portrait

Profile of a Warrior*
Silverpoint, buff paper

Madonna Litta*
(The Head of the Virgin)
greenish paper

ideal city
An Ideal City
1488 - 1489
Plague outbreak inspired da Vinci to plan an advanced "ideal city" with communications, services, and sanitation -- not actually acheived until modern times.

human figure
Proportions of the
Human Figure
After Vitruvius

Pen and ink


Leonardo was born in April 1452 at Anchiano
near Vinci in Tuscany, the illegitimate son
of Ser Piero da Vinci, a young lawyer and
Caterina, a village girl.

Leonardo lived in Florence; apprenticed to
Andrea Verrocchio.

da Vinci completes Verrocchio's painting,
The Baptism of Christ, and is admitted to the
Guild of St. Luke as a painter.

Leonardo draws his first dated work on
August 5, a landscape of the Arno Valley.

Leonardo was an assistant and collaborator
in Verrocchio's studio.

Leonardo da Vinci's first independent
commission - an uncompleted altarpiece
for the government of Florence;
later began the Benois Madonna
and the Madonna Litta.

da Vinci gained the patronage of
Lorenzo de Medici, ruler of Florence.

Leonardo was commissioned to paint
Adoration of the Magi for the monastery of
S. Donato a Scopeto near Florence.
(Never completed, it is now in the Uffizi)

da Vinci went to Milan as painter
and engineer to Duke Ludovico Sforza,
and to sculpt an equestrian monument
of Francesco Sforza, the duke's father

Leonardo da Vinci contracted to paint
The Virgin of the Rocks;
painted portrait of Cecilia Gallerani,
known as The Lady with the Ermine.

Leonardo designed the pageant of
Il Paradiso with its revolving stage;
worked on designs of the central tower
for the cathedral of Milan until 1488.

Leonardo da Vinci worked on
anatomical research
and architectural design.

da Vinci resumed his work on the
equestrian monument; went to
Pavia with Francesco di Giorgio,
and stayed to study mathematics
and architecture.

Leonardo's full-scale model of the
equestrian monument was exhibited
at the time of the Bianca Maria Sforza
and Emperor Maximilian wedding.

1st dated work
1st dated work

Landscape of the Arno Valley. Inscription: "The Day of the Holy Virgin of the Snows"

Double Crane
Double Crane
1475 - 1480

Machine designed by
Leonardo for canal digging.
Pen, ink and wash

Giant Crossbow
on Wheels
1485 - 1488

Drawing of Skull

Pen and ink

Sforza Study 2
A Study from Nature
for Sforza Monument
Silverpoint on blue paper

Flexible wing
Study of Construction
of a Flexible Wing
Pen and ink

*Most (not all) of the art above can be clicked to view Leonardo's works in their actual sizes JPEG format.
Enlargements are not available of the art with an asterisk (*) following the name.
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The Life of Leonardo da Vinci - 1

da Vinci's Study of Flight

The Life of Leonardo da Vinci - 2

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