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censorship changes your thinking and damages you

you are unable to freely follow what you find interesting and get crimped as a consequence

i just find posting on my own subbreddit taking me in a different direction than posting on r|zen where moderators and the hive mind are always looking to knock you down for taking your own direction

the most boring videos on the web are schizophrenics talking about being schizophrenic, dreary self-absorbed idiots, its not just a mental disease but traits of character; unadventurous, timorous, blinkered

megan markle is different ,  she’s like diana, she has charisma which will always make her a power in the royal family since what they are about now is somewhat the icon game

two women with brains, but not enough to steer clear of the royal family ?

oddly i think the rift between the two couples is a healthy sign of the stability of the male-female relationships

a son is a son/brother until he gets him a wife

hookdump skewers wandering ronin again

as usual wandering ronin is  oblivious

oddly, i have worked out r|zen after all these years, there’s a lot of suicidals there, even if they don’t understand themselves as being suicidal and they use the subreddit to create a rather shoddy construct that gives them self esteem which is why they fight so hard when some-one like me intent on dismantling the constructs comes along

they are all a bit mad or schizophrenic as well because developing a better and more coherent construct is the way to go, but their cognitive structures don’t permit it

so they operate with very rigid interior conceptual/perceptual structures and rather than improve the structures to provide better real life accuracy they fall back on trying to change the world to better fit the structure, a futile quixotic task of course

if when you get water in electronics, you put the circuit board in an oven on low heat or maybe put a hair dryer on it so it dries quickly out, that should save it

if water damage has already occurred you could open the electronics up and see if there is any visible corrosion damage and try cleaning it off with rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud

hell hath no fury like the suicidal whose self-esteem has been disrupted

chef john  makes  an almond flour and egg  “ white bread ”

“ many are called, few are chosen ”  is absolute rot, a few are called, only one does the necessary work and is treated badly by the few and many

something exists or it doesn’t exist, what is meant by existing, what is the context ?

you’re a bit stupid, why don’t you go back to the  “ land of the stupid ”  aka r|zen where they worship piss poor translations from source records of mostly questionable veracity and in that absence of meaning dance some hubric dance to the tune of ”  i’m so wonderful and since you all can’t find meaning where i pretend to, you’re not wonderful ”

after leaving r|zen again, i notice ewk is doing a lot better just like last time

maybe because he feels less inhibited about plagiarizing my material ?

he’s the archtype  “ take from them then kick them ”

one learns about people like this i guess

is writing really a decompression ?

that’s all it is ?

is writing a decompression ?

that’s all it is ?

r|zen is one of those beauties of nature, a trap to mop up the most obnoxious stupid males on the interent and keep them out of circulation elsewhere

i think there’s a learned element in artistry, its not just inclination

isn’t there something inane about having a favourite

unbalanced ?

isn’t there something inane about having favourites

unbalanced ?

in the medical arena, specialists are a completely different level of competence

i love these americans on r|askdocs who are on five or more medications without the faintest idea of the side effects or interaction problems and they then complain about such and such a problem like butter wouldn’t melt in their lazy mouths

love is your own capacity, not the other person’s

love is your own capacity, not the other person

love is your capacity, not the other person’s

love is your capacity, not the other person

you know you’re old when you fall out of a higher than normal, but not quite bunk height bed and congratulate yourself on not having broken any ribs

its actually the strangest experience as your dream conjures an explanation for the pain, yet you are in the process of waking up dragging the dream into some twilight zone of the not yet fully real

you know you’re old when you fall out of bed and congratulate yourself on not having broken any ribs

a basic principle of repair is only one or two things are wrong, you only have to fix them for whatever it is to be working again

“ andrew, are travel vaccines absolutely necessary especially for a place like south korea ?

what about the states ? ”

i have only ever had a polio and flu vaccines in my life, maybe something else but i am not sure what ones i had in childhood, anyway the mmr wasn’t around when i was a child

i felt no need to get any vaccines when i went to the usa

i think you would have to research south korea, i doubt it is as safe as japan, but really you want to be well targeted with any  travel  vaccines, get what you think is essential and no more

it would really help to talk to experienced travellers i think and if you get any vaccines, make sure each is spaced, ideally as long as possible from each other, not the  “ all in one day ” ,  i know some-one who got a lot in one day and was damaged by it

the only vaccine i will get as soon as it is avaliable here is the new shingrix vaccine because i have been having a problem with shingles

basically you need to research the subject in depth for the countries you plan to visit and balance up the web palaver with talking to real life travellers

australia, new zealand and the uk don’t need any vaccines, australia does have some disease risks though and care is needed

religion in china ,  this guy and his wife are really good, among the best of youtube really, no wonder conventional entertainment media is being killed

the  shape nets  for people and reality exist but not in the way you think, its in sophisticated literature like the writers janet frame or virginia woolf’s  “ to the lighthouse ”

i made the connection of virginia woolf and janet frame with you because you and they have a back and forth  “ stream of consciousness ”  style of speaking with gives a degree of objectivity to navigate the world

if you have an artistic streak and you do, therapists are too  “ normative ”  and stupid really

you’ve got the north wind in  “ spades ”  but if you travel on its back, everything becomes very interesting

its what you see from the back of the north wind in your travels you have to trust as its very different

its not sane, its not insane, its just very different and marvellous

the  ‘ visionary ’  is like a glimpse, but its not a glimpse

its another more magnificent world

we step into and back out of

the  ‘ visionary ’  is like a glimpse, but its not a glimpse

its another more magnificent world

we step into and out back of

you know you’re a writer when you find it burdensome, because its actually work, not stuck in some fantasy about what a writer is and turning out trash

fascinating to male eyes, exceptional  dexterity

your children are only half you





your children are only half you

even evolution



theresa may is not margaret thatcher, a failed image

there is some mythologizing of vladimir lenin as  “ saintly ”  and it all went wrong after him, but he was not  a nice person

murder is the origin of socialism

honestly, the american public education system is just turning out a very low reading age, they are taught to dislike anything intelligent or  “ stretches ”  them

i don’t know why the japanese are so obsessed with  reliving  world war 2 in their entertainment and unfortunately with real life disasters like fukushima

a society in distinct need of catharsis

monoculture is a disease

hallmark seems to be the  formula   :  “ near wall ”  depressed woman meets handsome tokenly rebellious prince and  “ serendipitously ”  through a couple of plot twists and despite a serious rivalry ends up marrying him

aging actors and actresses too

they really need a management change

quality entertainment in terms of  ‘ the free energy theory ’  is a combination of prediction errors and enhanced prediction processing

why is brad warner such a cot case ?

because he’s stuck in imbibing poor quality entertainment and music which just accumulates massive predction errors with no redeming enhanced prediction processing

i think the essence of entertainment is to be free carried into something, somehow

i never realised the  battle of gaza  was so destructive to the british, the incompetent generalmanship was the background to lawrence of arabia’s efforts

you can see  the seeds  of disaster of two world wars here, a maelstrom gathering strength, militarism, an insane social hierarchy and the stupidity of crowds

is the public school system in the u.s.a. self destructing ?

a reddit  post

“ A few things to consider about public versus private schools

You cannot control for the parenting received by the other children.  Public school batches together peacefully-raised children with children who are physically and verbally abused.  This is the source of most bullying: abused children are  “ paying forward ”  their abuse onto more peaceful kids.  Even worse, if your kid defends him/herself, they are punished equally due to stupid SJW disciplinary policies.

Unless you get into a magnet school, the quality is pretty meh.  Class curriculum is calibrated to the mean of the IQ curve.  If your kid is smarter than average, then they are bored and miserable. This is even worse if your child is a boy, as boys don't do well with the dominant  “ sit still and shut up ”  model

Neo-Liberal/SJW/radical egalitarian ideas are baked into the curriculum at this point. Here is a quote taken directly from the AP English Language guidelines:

The assigned Reading facilitates informed citizenship and thus increases students' capacity to enter into consequential conversations with others about meaningful issues.

Rather than, say, training English skills, the education establishment sees it as their JOB to train the next generation of Social Justice Footsoldiers... oh, sorry  —   “ facilitate informed citizenship ”  according to their own definition of  “ informed ”

This all happened within the past 10 years; the neo-Marxist politicization of school is accelerating. If your child is young, like under 12, do you think this trend is going to magically reverse as they move towards high school ?

Please take this seriously :  I worked in education for six years, and quit in disgust over what I was seeing.  In America, unlike Europe, you still retain the freedom to opt-out... for now.  I highly, highly suggest you use that freedom ”

“ in both rats and humans, the cannabis affected many different sperm genes involved in two different pathways

ed.  think of pathways as another set of instructions, this time for regulating various bodily functions

one is important for organs to reach  full size , and one plays a role in cancer and suppressing tumors ”

leaving r|zen again

i don’t think you can leave something you are very involved in voluntarily unless you get burnt

theksepyro has gone further now and is not just deleting my OP’s but a comment as well

the moderation has and is totally messing the board so i’m stopping posting and reading

it just seems to get dumber and dumber, sillier and sillier

i think what is hurting me the most is not being able to write OP’s freely, its ingraining the distortion of the subreddit in me so i am going to have to stop reading as well

i don’t think you can leave something you are very involved in voluntarily unless you get burnt and sometimes it takes getting very burnt

i don’t think you can leave something you are very involved in voluntarily unless you get burnt

entertainment mustn’t threaten our boundaries, but be close enough to them to give some spice

i don’t think  ‘ schadenfreude ’  is quite right, its not a joy in another’s misfortune, but our own freedom from it and the self congratulation that goes with that

there’s no point in marrying to be divorced

you really need to be unaware to live life with any enjoyment

awareness is too heavy a burden

if you look at the great mystics over  50%  are women


more honest words by wittgenstein as he lay dying

fuck you, i've always been bitter

i think people vary hugely in their need for vitamin D depending on genetics and its not just skin colour but internal responsivity to the hormone

the body maintains  fixed levels  of vitamin C in blood plasma so there’s no point and possibly even harm in taking excessive vitamin C amounts

“ fluoride is widespread in the environment and it  easily crosses  the blood–brain barrier.

in the brain fluoride affects cellular energy metabolism, synthesis of inflammatory factors, neurotransmitter metabolism, microglial activation, and the expression of proteins involved in neuronal maturation ”

most vitamin doses are way too much, you can  “ divide ”  them down considerably

i had never thought of heavy metal music as a war chant, but it is

a lot of warriors psyching each other up before battle

how depressing

you write as though you think you mean something

you completely missed the point of what i was saying

negation condenses to recursion

take that !

that’s a bit of a buddhist trope if anything, both elements being strong themes there

recursion is negation, that doesn’t make it not ton not ton  .   .   .   .   trueeurt

the meaning is where infinity is and its accessed by indeterminancy

ed.  the above is my reply to an idiot who got obssessed with trying to diss with my phrase in bold

food and sleep quality are the highest priorities in staying at a center in my view

you are not making sense to me, you can’t really criticise what i wrote as it is  “ literary ” ,  you either take it or leave it and we know what you are doing, you don’t have to try to rationalise the leaving

it has hidden hooks into you though : o)

the trick to handling ewk is just not to read his spam

he’s quite a skilled narcissist and he’s using a basic trick, just repeat stuff until the victim starts to believe it

don’t read, no problem !

his  “ clones ”  are his victims too btw, sucked in by the steady repetition of fixed ideas


“ not many of us have the experience of actual mental illness under our belt ”

every human under the sun is mentally ill

“ don’t be so quick to diagnose his problems, you can’t know what they are ”

i can know

nothing beats a religious center or horse club for nasty internal politics

nothing beats a religious center for nasty internal politics

nothing beats a buddhist center for nasty internal politics

xyz is not being paid well at work, but compared to the other jobs some of his similarly unqualified peers have he is gaining good life and work experience so it is a good deal really

its amazes me how little help these young men get and how grasping and negative the world is towards them

a quote from zen master foyan

“ when you find peace and quiet in the midst of busyness and clamor, then towns and cities become mountain forests; afflictions are enlightenment, sentient beings realize true awakening

you have to actually experience stable peacefulness before you attain oneness; you cannot force understanding ”

for this bit of nonsense foyan is condemned to three hundred re-incarnations as a teller in a busy supermarket

he has appealed the conviction claiming a bad translation

what he really said was

“ you need to find stability in the clamour of the world, then the busy-ness of life can permit a disinterested observation and a better understanding will come with time ”

sentence dismissed

“ how do i lead a zazen session ? ”

you are just organising the mechanics of the zazen, mat positions, time keeper, fast or slow walking meditation or stretches  (5 minutes?)  between sits  (20 or 25 minutes)

a minimum  “ session ”  would be three 25 minute  “ sits ”  with silent group walking in a fluid line between

imo no advice at all should be given as to the actual meditation and really the group sitting is a   “ leaderless ”  democracy

“ what’s with this trend of people deleting their reddit accounts after having their image tarnished ? ”

i think its an admission they were writing crap in the first place

the weird thing is they can’t admit it to themselves

there’s more to  ‘ voynich ’  than meets the eye

there’s more to voynich than meets the eye

recursion is a negation of meaning

negation is a recursion of meaning

recursion is a negation of meaning

recursion begets infinite series begets negation

recursion is an infinite series is negation

recursion recurses, expansion expands and negation negates

its when recursion expands and negation recurses that you have to worry

i don’t think you can fully appreciate classical music by only listening to it, you have to see it  played

i’ve acquired more of a taste for opera as i have got older

i found i needed to do zazen and i could only do it in group sittings and the group aspect did improve very poor social skills

negation condenses to recursion

recursion expands to negation

“ can you explain how ?

in my mind identity implies negation and is needed in first order logic, while recursion is not definable without second order logic ”

well its a mix of first and second order logic, recursion is a negation of meaning

its semantically quantum, the actual meaning varies depending on the position you take

recursion expands to negation

negation condenses to recursion

trying to remedy the world will drive you insane

the soap opera of religion is only transcendent to morons

soap opera is only transcendent to morons

ewk, you are dead and buried and the osho and dogen lineage sex predators have won the war of the generations, what can you do ?




inflating like ballons, those frog throats

the crazy hubricity



ed.  after  socrates

god gave to man the desire for knowledge for the sake of tormenting him

michael montiagne’s  paraphrase  of ecclesiastes 1.13

“ can you combine zen with stoicism ? ”

zen and buddhism are already combined with stoicism, in fact its part of the origins of both courtesy of the silk road and the greco-bactrian  kingdoms

you can see it clearly in some of the scriptures, lifted straight from the greek

bodihdarma, that blue eyed descendent of the greeks

bodhidharma needs to find his other shoe

that shit  (the usual spiel)  is the usual incredibly lazy philsophical negation

buddhism and zen are such a pile of shit that most can be reduced to the technique of negating everything and passing it off as something real

its simply endless negation by the retarded

negation condenses to recursion, you can say there is nothing which negates to there not being nothing, an endless regress that leaves you no better off since where do you go from there ?

fuck you no buddha

a one o’ed to

is from there to here

a two o’ed too

might as well be

as well too

a three o’ed tooo

ain’t quite yet

there you are, a koan for you

what  is  i n f i n i t y  ?

thomas merton is like eihei dogen, a writer in the wrong game

they did nothing but write

i think today’s world is very multicultural and you have to make a deliberate effort to walk past the stereotypes

a tung-shan poem

students as numerous as sands in the ganges but none are awakened

they err by searching for the path in another person’s mouth

if you wish to forget form and not leave any traces

wholeheartedly strive to walk in emptiness

my  reworking

seekers like waves on the sea 

crash on the shore, but are then forgotten

if you wish to depart this world

pay attention to what appears in solitude

you need to bicker sometimes to make things work for you

unless you engage something, you don’t really get it

you need to bicker sometimes to make things work for you

you need to bicker to make things work for you

yup, saddened and embittered by female rejection

freedom makes me weep

everyone is ordinary

i am extraordinary

it doesn’t make for an easy life

you can’t tell a schizophrenic not to be a pompous ass

“ three pounds of hemp ”

i see people quote this koan then indulge in some pompous bullshit to the effect they know the secret meaning and you don’t, you know, the usual pretentious r|zennist idiocy

you can be sure being a monk is the last thing on their minds, but in fact it means a monk’s robes

both quotes below are  from

“ according to mcrae, the reference to  ‘ three pounds of hemp ’  simply alludes to the standard allotment of cloth for a monk’s robe

thus what tung-shan responded when asked about  ‘ final causality ’  is that the weight of a monk’s robes is what it takes ”

bankei’s unborn mind is a passive version of an ideology of the hongzen school

“ the idea of the hongzhou school is that the arising of the mind, a movement of thought, a snapping of fingers, a tinkling of musical chimes, a spreading of a fan, all action and all doing are the function of the entire essence buddha nature ”

the notion of practice itself is western and not chinese or pre meiji japanese

in the same way zen is now being reconstructed in china from japanese zen since it was wiped out by the cultural revolution so meiji japan partially rewrote zen in the image of western cultural religious ideas

this has all be abetted by biased translators

fools the pompous idiots anyway, they are disgusting intellectual tards !

a r|zennist replies

i wish i had three pounds of hemp

my  reply

celibacy is  90%  of it

if there’s further to go, why aren’t i going any further

if there isn’t any further to go, why aren’t i going any further

colourized  nazi berlin, 1936

the interesting thing about beliefs is not their falsity or otherwise, but the way they are protected against reason

she may not believe  a word  of what she says or she may


schizophrenia is so boring

your opinion he’s not such and such doesn’t not make him such and such just like your subtext you are such and such doesn’t make you such and such

put on your dancing shoes and dance the nowhere circle

take off your dancing shoes and get somewhere

oh the frauds floating in the nothingness of their own stupidity

quoting nonsense and writing nonsense

i find watching car accident  videos  useful as to a sort of intellectual puzzle as to what actually happened  (need to look at the comments)  and i think it improves my road safety as you have graphic evidence as to how nasty things get when they go wrong

in all my years i have discovered you only need one reader, but you do need one

ronin’s back

a wandering he did go

though why and where

with such questions

who goes there ?

i have found the same dose once a day of vitamin D3 works best

people vary in what they need, find what works for you, in my case 4 to 500iu a day with 90mcg of MK-7

i’m older and find the anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin D good for my joints

also i think there’s benefit from having a higher blood level of vitamin D that comes from ingestion before it is locked away in the liver to be released as and when the body sees fit

its not actually a vitamin but a hormone and massively changes gene expression, its not some mild additive !

another thing is its quite fragile in terms of shelf life and really requires a preservative, the blackmores D here in australasia has a preservative, but just about all other vitamin D’s don’t so the potency degrades with time and has to be watched out for

IQ tests are way overrated imo

i couldn’t even do one now, my brain just freezes up at such a sterile use of energy

my view is that zazen teaches a certain mental skill which once gained obviates the necessity to do zazen

“ do nothing time ”  is still needed and often quite large chunks of it, but sitting in acutal zazen is not required or even useful

you should pick up this skill within three years, if you haven’t by then, please consider golf or breeding

women will form a very strong bond with one other woman, its protective to both, i think in part because two women can hold up physically against a male

“ just when some monk was about to ask, the master hit him with his staff full on the mouth

then he left his seat ”

the monk reeled, front teeth broken blood pouring from his cut lips

yunmen clearly enjoyed the spectacle and the congregation yelled, do it again, do it again

yunmen signalled for quiet and said, zen’s reputation for mindless sadism is secure

you’re a genetic apologist, why i don’t know and for what i don’t know

ed.  of keysersozen, what i mean is he does it naturally, its in his genes

the odd thing is ,  japan had the most advanced nuclear bomb program at the start of the war, if they had joined forces with the germans, together they could have well developed one at the same time as the americans, but instead, the opportunity was only minimally resourced and the navy instead built huge inappropriate warships and submarines

japan had and still has a deep cultural problem of seniority overriding competence at the highest levels

“ If rocks and rain can preach the dharma of no dharma, then does it really matter ? ”

if one can write something so meaningless pretending it is meaningful what does it really matter ?

“ How can you convey freedom and purpose at the same time ? ”

an undeniable talent

bankei yōtaku did an M.F.A. ,  became enlightened and went on to become a successful sculptor


so phoney with her

rolling r’s


to read

when all





blind prejudices

wrrdgrrl makes her usual distorting reply

oh, i only wish i saw them.  but to them i am blind !  tragic, really

my  reply

prejudices are the things that you think are right, but they are not

so you see them, but you just don’t recognise them

ask your husband

apart from no initial capital and ending full stop the function of which is effected by line spaces, my prose writing is very conventional

r|philosophy and r|meditation would have to be two of the most moronic subreddits

the inadequacy of the academics on r|philosophy is simply astounding, second rate to the hilt

“ why so much angst against bullshitting teachers ?

they make a great job at putting to the test people’s discernment ”

they always put you off your stride, i have better uses of my time

just repeating stuff makes you believe it, i even start to believe some of ewk’s bullshit

you really have to be quite knowledgeable to see through some of the sophistries crafted over the centuries and millennia

dahui, huang po and bankei while having a good understanding don’t reach all the way unlike joshu who does

its basically the difference between poetry and prose, good poetry transcends the limitations of language

deletions can be as potent as additions in crafting false world views

i find it easier to deal with specific examples  (ed. of bullshit zen masters)  that don’t come from me, otherwise i am just regurgitating my own views which i can do any day of the week !

one of the big problems with song and tang ch’an texts, is between transcription, translation between dialects, copying and modern translation is you are never quite sure what was actually said or written or even if the person existed historically, though the chinese are much better about actual people than christianity for instance

ewk is clearly upset by bernard faure so i have done a little digging to see why and yes it is  disconcerting  even to me

what i find a bit freaky being familiar with the blue cliff record and mumonkan is the degree to which one can recognise quite conventional theological ch’an doctrines and tropes presented as dialogue

the dialogues are obviously made up

its disturbing, chan/zen is a conventional religion with its own theology, but like other conventional religions has a mystical subset and these subsets are their saving graces

the record of joshu which is not theological at all is the best representation of this mystical branch, indeed zen’s debt to him is immense, the center of a revolving circle around his authenticity

so many clueless bullshit teachers though

anyway ewk’s view of zen as an abstract pseudo-philosophical nihilism is away with the fairies with no historical let alone philosophical validity at all

you are seeking to  “ understand ”  zen, but the old masters say you cannot understand

what will you do ?

is the internet inside or outside real life ?

is there life outside the internet ?

it can be hard to get for some that there is life outside the screen

he’s in the pot

he’ll cast a spell


he is


out of the well

i’m in the pot

i’ll cast a spell


i am

drawn from the well

what is writing ?

its something to do with time, it holds more time than we can

nga taiatea  singing  e noho tuheitia

small change we can manage

silently illumined



i was thinking you couldn’t really make sense of emily dickinson’s  poem ,  but in fact it inscribed some other space to the effect of my poem above, change for adults is only minutely possible

the  johnsonville line , wellington, new zealand

“ if zen  =  soto, why the difference in name ?  is it like marriage ? ”

i didn’t say zen = soto at all, its just that in the west that’s the main form of zen people will have had contact with, kwan um zen as well so they drive one of the public domain definitions

i really don’t understand how the notion of zen as a word with commonly understood meanings like in a dictionary is so difficult

what do most people understand by  “ zen ”   ?

1.   something cool and serene, alan wattsy

2.   people in robes at zen centers with chanting and ceremonies

3.   nice ornate old temples in japan and korea

its the real life experience people have of zen that drives the public domain definition, that’s what zen will mean in the foreseeable future

it is literally insane to make up your own definition in contradiction to what’s in the public domain

ewk defines zen in his own highly idiosyncratic way as not being japanese at all but restricted to the tang and song dynasty records assuming them to be literally historically true and treated like scripture as is christianity and islam

there’s one sysiphus and another sysiphus  “ the insane ”  and ewk is doing the latter

zen will mean strictly the undertaker/temple/inheritance system in japan because its so socially pervasive and that's the context people have with it, its a different language and culture with a different public domain meaning and associations

“ is delusion and fantasy outside of buddha nature ? ”

in my experience it is

wandering ronin, i really feel you have some  “ unreal ”  views of yourself

you are good natured, depressive and stuck in fantasies, both about life and yourself

wandering ronin replies

i lean towards being good natured, i am depressive, and i entertain perhaps a few fantasies, but who doesn’t ?

my  reply

i find even the slightest fantasy puts me off track and there’s a good theoretical reason for it in the  “ free energy principle" which basically says the the human brain is a prediction and active inference machine and works to maximise the stability that comes from accurate perception and to minimise the trauma or  “ free energy ”  that comes from inaccurate prediction

so any sort of fantasy necessarily increases free energy which is not wanted, though of course never entirely avoidable

what life is about will start come to you if you go for a walk by yourself and put in  “ contemplative time ”

or course you can natter forever like the rest of the idiots who seem blind to implementing what they actually read

“ how do you deal with difficult people ?

i find that certain personalities trigger emotions in me, making it difficult to respond in a way that is kind, composed and logical

i find it hard to set and maintain my boundaries as well

how do i interact with difficult people without succumbing to their emotional baiting, etc ? ”

i take a very practical view, are these people of any use to me and how can they be of use to me and try to steer things in that direction

one answer to that question is they are more trouble than they are worth so just avoid them

as i have got older i have learnt to be more careful of the hazard some people can be to you and to value friendly and helpful people more, they are rare

most people are 50% arsehole and some 90% is a rough guide

r|zen is full of people who would take what you give then smash you in the face as a reward, really extreme in that respect, but apart from them, most people respect help given and will favour you because of that

but avoid the entitled ungrateful, they have a learning curve to embark on that is penal for all involved

beware of people with charisma, they are unbalanced

another thing is not to feel singled out, if they behave a certain way with you, they will behave that way with others

some of what i write can appear to be targeted at people with learning and developmental disabilities, but actually i am that way myself and my point is really to look at the problems and learn to grow past them which is a lifetime’s work

the real zen is full of  “ literary verve ”  and rough edges, but somehow zen ends up as a haven for the simple minded

“ i desire to be a mirror, how do i achieve this ? ”

accept what you are, an idiot

i don’t say i’m not an idiot either

everybody is pursuing life through family, children, money, pleasure, status

the way of celibate mystical endeavour is certainly idiocy looked at in those terms

zen writings are mostly crap by unemployed scriptwriters since television was not in existance then

“ my favorite part is when zen masters say reality is made up bullshit ”

reality is not made up bullshit

why treat made up bullshit as real ?

zen, like buddhism is a soap opera of fantasy and stupidity

my comments on some lines by sepehr

“ one must eventually open the hand to let the glistening petals fly to the endless horizon ”

that’s good

“ zurvan has one mind that is empty of cognition and abstractions, which is identical to ours

i am zurvan, zurvan is i ”

i don’t think its a simple identity at all

there’s this whole thing about  “ insanity ”  making private definitions away from the   “ public domain ”  understanding of the meaning of a word

i don’t know why people have so much trouble understanding this

ewk excising soto and anything japanese from the word zen would be a most egregious example of this and more pointless than the labours of sysiphus

you cannot change the publicly understood meaning of a word, to try do so is to enter the subterranean labyrinths of insanity

all you have to do to stop being sysiphus is ceasing to push the rock uphill

it was useless anyway

fake stories are loved by fakes

exams are a form of idiocy

the world, chock full of minor purveyors of  “ never ending nonsense ”

the world, chock full of purveyors of  “ never ending nonsense ”

what does it mean to say  “ time ends ”   ?

the shaolin version of the classic koan

the cat is tossed up in the air and is instantly cut longways by the sword wielding nanquan to the applause of the monks who then mimic the action in a choreographed routine

brad warner  disses  sotoshu which he says was a meiji creation to imitate the vatican

its actually interesting to consider the extent to which western zen is actually an adoption of its own influence on meiji japan

of course the western influence goes right back to the greek influence in pre tang dynasty china

its just a shuffling and echoing of the same ideas around around in their never ending nonsense

the real zen or mystical path is totally strange to everything, it does not look like the adoption of western philosophical ideas or any of the now current eastern pap

true enlightenment is the possession of   “ one truth ”   by an individual

the blue cliff record, book of serenity and mumonkan are in effect novels using earlier source material

people claim to be interested in zen, but in fact are reading for entertainment

the pretenders


always adverse



endless lameness







intellectual laziness makes victims of some

poor pang

the future holds

wife and a daughter

son and himself



by suicide

only the filthy idiots on r|zen






they don't






“ what is  ‘ zen mind  ’  versus  ‘ ordinary mind ’  ? ”

which is the better cliché ?

better no clichés !

by anybody’s standards i have made a lot of mistakes and taken many wrong turnings ,  but i have also got some things very right

by anybody’s standards i have made a lot of mistakes and taken many wrong turnings ,  but i have also got some things very very right

the open eye








 unseen ?

religious teachers are not even on the plane of understanding, rather, they are stupid monsters wallowing in their own filth as they pursue unfathomably stupid agendas of ignorance and ineptitude

in r|zen they are not even on the plane of understanding, rather, they are stupid monsters wallowing in their own filth as they pursue unfathomably stupid agendas of ignorance and ineptitude

imagine something  to reduce  your anxiety about it

you are not seeing or are in denial of your problems

aleister crowley is the usual mix of sincere and insincere that makes for a successful con man

can’t you take an honest look at yourself ?

some people seem to think its a necessity to devalue others

i’m so original its painful

“ if i will never change my ways, why get upset over them ? ”

i’m not

you punish yourself better than i could ever do

humans can only view things through the light of their narcissism

r|zen gives me an education about dumb narcissists

“ don’t be fooled ”

they can be beaten until they are crippled, but they will never change their ways

i don’t want to deal with women, they should all go home and have a hundred babies and die in childbirth like they were designed by nature to do

“ wu wei  is not about being direct, its about going in accordance with the grain and not to force anything ”

how do you tell what the grain is ?

some force or action is always necessary to discern

situations don’t exist independent of us, so sorting out is always needed

the fatalities are  too high  in tactical fighting

vegetarianism  “ debrains ”  people, its not just the lack of micronutrients, but amino acids like taurine

the law of life

the more stupid the flattering of the hubrics, the more popular it will be

the law of r|zen, the more stupid the copy pasta, the more upvotes by the masturbating stupids

you will have your own way of doing things, don’t copy mine or anybody else’s

han dynasty china conquered  alexandria eschate  and a large portion of the old  greco-bactrian  empire which also lead to the creation of the silk road

the beardless bodhidharma may well be a symbol of the indo-bactrian-greek influence on chinese culture

this is also an amazingly specific answer to the koan  “ why did bodhidharma have no beard ”

blue eyes ,  while not the dominant colour in greece, are not unknown there

zen is just socratic dialogue mixed in with buddhism

interestingly this greek influence also explains how greek humorism spread to traditional chinese medicine and why some principles are the same in greek, indian and chinese medicine eg the chinese classifying certain foods as hot, damp etc

sometimes i will write to make reading the sense a bit unwieldy, you have to switch things around in your mind

here i am in my daily grind, rolling the sysiphean pebble up the hill

i now take a more  “ philosophic ”  view of  “ lying ”  as deceit whether or not its a sincere belief

no real zen master would permit anyone to be a disciple of his

i’ve seen real life zen masters and their  “ discples ”  the tibetan teachers are even worse

its not a pretty sight

being sysiphus or don quixote can be a lonely business

“ how do you respond to religious visitors, like jehovah’s witnesses ? ”

i tell them  (jw’s)  they are liars and jesus never existed historically

i have made some cry, women admittedly

armaggedon is overdue, i am sure they got a foretaste

i am on their black list now and they visit my neighbour and not me

they are never going to make a convert of my neighbour, her ideas are as crazy as theirs

zen in the west is just something conscripted by drug users and schizophrenics to cover their mental deficiencies and bad attitudes

in japan its the businesses of tourism and undertaking

in china its the mask you put on over taoism if western tourists are visiting

not much hope is there ?

the trouble with knowledge is it is a wheel that spins and you have to follow each revolution forever

religion is psychosis pretending to sanity

a teacher is a schizophrenic moron who gives advice on how to be a schizophrenic moron

a priest is a schizophrenic moron who gives advice on how to be a schizophrenic moron

christians, with their problematic worship of text

mentally ill people, are in my experience extremely boring except for their nuisance level

how clever is it to have your children and wife commit suicide ?

layman pang is really about the chronic mismatch between a celibate religious tradition like zen and lay life, there is not a crossover without disaster

net message boards can be weird mirrors of incompetence

generation war  seems suprisingly realistic, worth a search on you tube

warning  :  gritty

“ so you don’t want to develop as a person ?

you don’t want to be healthier, have energy to do the things you love be active in general, have meaningful relationships with those around you, such and such ?

why is that so unrealistic ? ”

you are stuck in the crazy world of  “ meta ”  its a disease of the mind

results speak for themselves and systems of improvement don’t hence all the marketing

i do find in general the religious or anything to do with personal growth or the  “ spiritual ”  to be damaged and not fully compos mentis

trying to mesh  “ human betterment ”  with  “ mystical inquiry ”  doesn’t work and is often a sign of mental illness

the pathetic suburban material world deny final causality

you can put mankind out with the garbage imo

meditation is just being aware of the thoughts running through the mind, maybe a bit of problem solving as well

notions of  “ quieting or silencing the mind ”  are insane

“ what prevents falsehood ? ”

a level of internal trauma at inconsistency

the bar is set higher or lower depending on the person

“ what is enlightenment and is it related to what some people might refer to as ascension ? ” 

its not ascension, but a tangible robust understanding of this world in relation to god/ buddha/ final causality

you excel in dysfunctional distortions ?

enlightenment knows where there is to get to, so many aeons away from the suburban materialist stupids

enlightenment knows where there is to get to, so many aeons away from suburban materialist stupids like yourself

giovanni segantini, one really gets a sense of  a strange land  with his paintings, particularly the surreality of  living  in the swiss alps


for  “ spiritual work ”  you have to travel in the right direction and go fairly fast

r|zennists travel in the wrong direction at varying speeds

the further you go in the right direction the more ground ahead you have to cover

the further you go in the wrong direction, the further you have to backtrack and generally it proves impossible to turn around

“ wrong direction equals indulging in beliefs

 or ? ”

the opposite direction to that which leads to  “ understanding ”

there’s hope for anything except the opposite direction since that, to be so accurate must be guided by being repelled by the right direction

an r|zennist quotes

this mind is not buddha, ordinary mind is not buddha, this mind is buddha, ordinary mind is buddha

and then writes  :  maybe my memory has fuzzed this    .    .

my reply

yes we know, bud-hha screws the memory

it really went

mind is a dream

a dream is another dream

the ordinary is no escape

and neither is the exceptional

taken from

“ the 7th patriarch corrects another idiot ”

contemplation is that subtle untwisting and straightening of thought

you can’t explore reality by not taking part

‘ text only ’  necessarily ends up very wrong

without quality text however, you will never understand quick enough

humans are a species that barks and barks and barks  and barks

thinking it does something


memory is a limited commodity

it excludes other engravings

memory is a limited commodity

it excludes later engravings

so in the end i think r|zen, while always being censored, has become much more so recently especially with  “ report brigading ”  by certain people and i am leaving that sub as a protest

things may not change for a considerable period there, but one day even those people and  the mods  will get sick of what the sub has become and leave and the sub will recover

brad warner was  saying  that years ago travelling on a train in tokoyo he in effect had an auditory hallucination and clearly heard the song  “ kasmir ”  by led zeppelin

my  comment to him

its called an  “ ear worm ”  and is supposedly a response to some incomplete processing that brain has, which for you as a musician might be some technical, musical or semantic aspect of the song ?

in fact when i read  the lyrics ,  they are incredibly relevant to meditation and life experiences that can be uncovered by zen

now i think about it, i would say your response to this  “ ear worm ”  marks a wrong turning you took in zen, a rejection of the lyric side and going very  “ suburban materialist ”

your brain was trying to tell you something, but you rejected it

well we all make these chronic life mistakes

there is an infinite amount of information in  “ is ”  and  “ is not ”

“ woodrail ”  writes

i think that you ascribe too much intelligence to ewk, seigando and some others in the r|zen dance

i think its actually a compulsive dominance and aggression thing

like the growl and bark of a dog, it only arrives in the shape of seemingly intelligent words, sentences and zen-literature-relevant stuff because that’s the medium

its like a gloved hand, except the glove is hand-shaped here

inside the glove is something quite different and not at all hand-shaped

i’ve seen it before

and yes, i know that i too am guilty of talking to ewk like he’s a rational human

what can i say, i vacillate

but yeah, a glove fulla something weird

my  reply

i think the sub has definitely got more mentally ill, a literal  “ maison de santé ”  as per edgar allan poe’s  “ dr. tarr and professor fether ”

its more that the inmates are running the place now

that’s an interesting point about  “ the gloved hand ”

“ mind is buddha ”  is a classic buddhist trope that dissolves as soon as you ask  “ what is mind ”

taking part in something gives you a different perspective from not taking part

you need both

taking part in something gives you a different perspective from not taking part

you really need both

if you ever want to be disillusioned that there’s any hope for peace in the world read a woman’s magazine

they know their audience

if you ever want to be disillusioned that there’s any hope for peace in the world read a woman’s magazine

if you ever want to be disillusioned that there’s any hope for peace in the world look at the cover of a woman’s magazine

its better not to know what others think about you

i think ug krishnamurti is basically saying to people who expect to be taught that its self taught, they have to do it themselves and listening to him is almost irrelevant

“ what is the meaning of case thirty-nine of the blue cliff record ? ”

will you put the work in to find out ?

or blather like the rest endlessly ?

what is infinity ?

its an active process to find out

not passive

perception is not a passive process, but one of  ‘ active inference ’

you have to input into the environment to see correctly

its interesting to consider what addiction is in terms of the  “ free energy principle ”

what emerges as paramount is not the addiction itself which in the short term follows the principle of minimising surprises, but withdrawl which to the addict’s view violates the principle

so interestingly, addiction is the problem of the necessary withdrawal not happening, rather than the addiction itself

i think that’s a fresh look at it, withdrawl is treated as a necessary step and that’s all when in fact it is the crux of the problem because of the way it crosses free energy wires

the addiction itself is relatively stable, everything is stable compared to the withdrawl

even if you are an ex-addict the instability of the withdrawl and its high  “ surprise costs ”  are always with you

when something goes well you can’t see how it works, but when something goes wrong like mental illness, you can see how we work

there’s a skill in being asked

i don’t know why with zero real life zen experience you  (ed. the ksepyro)  can think you understand anything about it

that failure of experience is a brick wall you can’t get past and part of ewk’s  “ madness ”  actually

a minimum qualification for understanding what zen is about to do a weeks  “ sesshin ”

lacking that, you are not even in the ballpark which says something about how difficult that first sesshin is

i repeatedly say there’s no such thing as a teacher, learning is a process and i learn eg ewk teaches me and you do to

one of the big things r|zen has taught me is to dialogue peaceably with people you profoundly disagree with, like with you now, though it was rocky at first

i now understand where you are coming from even though i disagree with it

why not return the favour to yourself and be more open to a wider more mystical zen ?

hakuin spent his life trying to filch  “ parishioners ”  from  “ pure land ” 

but its not compatible with zen

if you are dealing with some-one who is   “ compos mentis ”  they will take the point, but if they’re not  “ compos mentis ”  they won’t take the point

i’m saying that as tactfully as i can

sympathy leads naturally to slack being being cut to  “ developmental issues ” ,  but mental illness is not dealable

the mentally ill will take you down if they can

[meta]   how has r|zen changed ?

there’s a definite change from what it used to be, especially since theksepyro became a mod and i have had a hard time thinking what it is

the answer was staring me in the face since i get 50% of my OP’s deleted, they were always on topic and that’s the difference, on topic OP’s will be deleted if a mod or enough users don’t like it

you will notice in the records, because the masters know what they are on about, they can handle disagreement and come out on top with dialogue

censorship is making r|zen dumb and a haven for the ignorant who don’t want to change

what zen master censored ?

“ what zen master didn’t? ”

all of them !

can’t work around this one can you ?

you are pushing a religion with censorship basically because the stupidity of what you think it is needs any criticism squelched

real zen masters can handle dissent verbally

MK-7 K2  gives strong circulation benefits that standalone vitamin D3 doesn’t

narcissists always think the butter would melt in their mouths

narcissists always think that butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths

samatha meditation has a delusive aim, zazen has no aim

the thing about mysticism is you are permitting a larger heft of free  (uncontrolled)  energy, which is dangerous, to gain better predictive ability

what illusion about yourself are you chasing ?

a monk asked  :  how does one cultivate the way ?

the 7th patriarch replied  :  one doesn’t

the monk also asked  :  by what understanding can one attain the way ?

the 7th patriarch replied

it walks into you

when linji and the 7th patriarch were leaving huang po, huang po asked  :  where are you going ?

linji replied  :  south along the river, north along the river

the 7th patriarch looked at linji and asked  :  why not go across the river ?

linji and huang po were dumbfounded

the 7th patriarch shook out his sleeves and left

why is r|zen so attractive to the mentally ill ?

what would make them mentally ill?

substituting a voynichy dogma  (to massage their pathetic self-esteem)  for real intellectual exploration in a way that is clearly maladaptive

is what you are saying any more than confused nonsense ?

doesn’t it bother you to be known as some-one who tries to con all the time ?

why would anyone quote meaningless rubbish and pretend there is something profound there when there’s not ?

the priests of voynich ?

its interesting how pam ayres  says  quite a bit more than she actually says

its a multicultural world

“ i’m not interested in your suggestions ”

why be a narcissist though they say the condition is incurable

you  (ed. siegando)  are locked into a paradigm of browbeating and devaluing people who disagree with you rather than working on improving your model of how the world works

you are stuck in a returning circle

like ewk

censorship is just part of your strategy of  “ browbeating ”  because what you actually have to say is so pathetic it needs any competition eliminated

i’ve done tai chi which does teach basic self defence without getting joint injuries, my brother did taekwondo and damaged his knees

i had to drop the tai chi because the time demands just increase

in hindsight i might have just done a basic self defence course

i do some hunting which gives a totally different perspective on the whole business

young men seem to have no regard for joint injuries these days, but post 35 they really start to pay

censorship is just part of your strategy of  “ browbeating ”  because what you actually have to say is so pathetic it needs any competition eliminated

you are locked into a paradigm of browbeating and devaluing people who disagree with you rather than working on improving your models of how the world works

you are stuck in a returning circle

the reality of zen is its very intellectual, no two ways about it

“ very intellectual ”  means very involved with the thought processes and reasoning

the hyperlexic dogen is an extreme example, but its there in spades in the rest of the   “ records ”

its not unexpected since buddhism and zen in china filled the gap philosophy does in the west

my interest in this topic comes from my real life experience of zen

i say intellectual in contrast to  “ grunt zen ”  which is supposedly anti-intellectual, but actually is a philosophy itself designed to keep the  “ proles ”  working and pissing their lives away uselessly in the centers

i noticed that the teachers themselves were heavily philosophical, toni packer and jon loori for instance and in fact because the buddhist east didn’t have philosophy as a separate discipline, the religion itself picked up the role and because philosophy is an intellectual activity then, zen and buddhism are  “ very intellectual ”

at its best like with joshu, there is something that transcends philosophy

the reality of zen is its very intellectual, no two ways about it

connoisseurship to too high a degree is symptomatic of mental illness

there are subtle aspects to nutrition like amino acid profiles and micronutrients which means you have to be very careful about excluding food groups, like i would suggest you eat fish (small to reduce mercury) or shellfish occasionally

women really need to eat liver on a regular basis

a question is born out of an answer

answers are born out of questions

everybody is sinking except my bloody self

the insane always take take umbrage at the sane

the insane always take extreme umbrage at the sane

“ a leopard never loses its spots ”

unless it goes in a mud bath

“ a leopard never changes its spots ”

unless it goes in a mud bath

everyone is trying to minimise the degree of surprise in their life, its hardly surprising we never learn anything

i’ve seen people die rather than do anything sensible about their health

“ why would anyone want to spend thirty years of thought to get to where you are ? ”

well, presumably you are going to get to fifty plus, so you will have thought about some things for 30+ years

who is to say where the patriarch’s child is ?

you really don’t understand, you can’t approach it from a conventional perspective

inconsistent babble






an incredible feat of engineering,   “ insight’s ”  three stage  landing  on mars

“ what is the meaning of the great holy truth ? ”

it has no meaning, it just is

i was obviously unhappy with the bullshit at the mount tremper monastery, had had enough of that sort of idiocy with church boarding schools

“ what was the bullshit, may I ask ? ”

well i had  “ dai kensho ”  at a sesshin run by  “ mt. tremper ”  about six months before in new zealand and zen ceased to make any sense to me, just pretenders without any clues as to what it is about

i have stayed at kwan-um centers which have as much nonsense, but there was something open about them and i liked staying there, whereas  “ mt. tremper ”  was closed in bad way, oppressive

i have heard others make a similar criticism

the voynich manuscript still giving  mileage

two studies

zinc  deficiency  in head and neck cancer patients

zinc in cancer  prevention

why not think before you write ?

‘ vice versa ’  does make a difference if you are not living in a schizophrenic fantasy

oic, you never read what i wrote, but projected your view of things in place of actually reading

one day the world honoured one ascended the seat and had a shit

he scooped it up and said

future kalpas will waste their lives discussing this

what can i say ?

you are intellectually lazy is your problem

“ speaking of teachers not knowing  —  how do i escape the trap of thinking that i know because i’m smart enough to say  “ i don’t know ? ”  ? ”

know what ?  don’t know what ?

just more bullshit i am afraid

there’s a lot on the net about what the voynich manuscript might be, you really need to put in the research before forming opinions

anders breivik was seeking to impose his view of how the world should be rather than change his thinking

this is such a human thing

the reason for our constantly trying to impose on the world is that the minimal degree it can be imposed upon still has an orders of magnitude better energy benefit than structural change in ourselves

mental illness and international politics can be defined by their total inability to garner any energy benefit from structural neurological change

i wonder if the  “ free energy principle ”  can be simply stated as the brain trying to avoid the necessity of structural change in the way it models the world because of the exhorbitant and impossibly high energy costs necessiated by that structural change

the attractive pliability and energy of children is of course because those structures are still in the process of being formed, still a flexible and spendthrift world

this would explain the tenacious resistance to new and more accurate ways of looking at the world, a seemingly costly process of resistance, but seen in the light of free energy problems of structural adaptation, is many orders of magnitudes less costly than the adaptation of neural structures

the best that can be hoped for from life is small workaround adaptations and even this may not be preferred in still having a higher energy cost than  “ tenacious resistance ”

the highly friction filled nature of existance is really the optimal low energy path of averting the impossible to trying to get some functional balance out of the impossibly high energy costs of structural neural change

“ does anybody have any stories about escaping a zen cult ? ”

you have to literally escape scientology but for the rest all you have to do is express a dissident opinion and you will asked or told to leave

what i find interesting about cults is there are some quite crazy ideas you have to accept as true and if you do that, you are  “ in ”  and if you don’t ,  you are   “ out ”  and that’s about all there is to it

all religions are cults, the only groups i know of that are not cults are those which permit examination of what might be considered group beliefs, that being the groups associated with both krishnamurtis and toni packer

there are a few others but in the wide world of religious or similar what is actually authentic is a drop in the bucket compared to what is out there

i haven’t come across a zen group which doesn’t have dogma, the principle ones being that the teachers know what they are on about when of course they don’t and that the liturgies serve some useful purpose

on a personal note i was asked to leave a zen monastery, an escape of sorts !

“ what had you said to be asked to leave ? ”

i was obviously unhappy with the bullshit, had had enough of that sort of idiocy with church boarding schools

it was john loori’s monastery at mount tremper

they treated me well, but i was  “ searching ”  at that stage and the place was a waste of time

because this was a while ago and a lot of the people i met travelling through different centers in the usa later became  “ zen masters ” ,  i knew or had an aquaintance with a surprisingly high number of today’s  “ zen masters ”

i think i was searching for some-one with the same sort of understanding as myself which i couldn’t get out of the zen centers, but did with toni packer

your expression is following your  “ schizophrenic ”  understanding

what can i do about a heath robinson cloned conceptual superstructure ?

take up golf or something useful

when the pretender can’t see he is pretending, there is an unresolvable problem

you write and think so badly there’s something else beyond your own slack stupidity

when your posts start to get deleted you will know you are closer the nail, the morons reject sense if you haven’t noticed

“ tested subjective reality is not viewable directly by  (the)  objective view of others ”

totally failed voynich

its so bad you have to have been taught to do it

on the web you often see totally failed voynich so bad the writer must to have been taught to do it

what i mean by  “ schizophrenia ”  is an  “ inability ”  to test theses with reality

its such a hot topic on r|zen that my seemingly harmless  OP  on what was essentially the same subject was deleted

clarity of vision when the biological basis doesn’t remove the mist has to be done semi-manually, this is what the true  “ spiritual path ”  is about

you are lacking sensitivity to what is clear, i am not  “ touched by god ” ,  but know god directly, its not a great mystery but still the approach has to be hewn out of granite, painstaking chipping away over a lifetime just to keep the identification when it occurs

you and everybody else reject this chipping and just concoct fantasies about the real meaning

noam chomsky’s argument is that our understanding of the world comes via evolutionarily designed  theories of mind ,  but also as unavoidable artifacts of these theories there is the possibility of a deeper intrinsic understanding of the world and meaning

he’s not simply depressed, but narcissistic

you were the fish he hooked for  sixteen years

if you attempted deception there would be some point to what you are doing

as it is, your wandering around in complete bullshit for what end marks you as schizophrenic

there is nothing to attain because there is nobody to attain it

there is something to attain because there is somebody to attain it

how do you reconcile the two different perspectives

zen ?

fugue states of infinity ?

the bridge of memory ?

does brad warner ever realise he’s on the edge of an abyss from which, when he looks down, he can see a neon sign flashing  “ buddhism is meaningless nonsense ”  at the bottom ?

poetry is difficult to explicate but i think its an inherent property of prose to be able to explain it further

otherwise language would just degenerate into endless declamatory nonsense

“ if we keep going are we getting closer or further away ? ”

i guess the going itself is moving closer or further away


joshu reprimanded the cook

“ undercooked vegetables for lunch again ? ”

the cook gave him the finger with a vegetable leaf

joshu replied  :   you are just the usual arsehole

where you get the real problem in translating historical documents is what  “ philology ”  tries to solve

joshu’s dialogues were basically the 2nd half of the ninth century, totally medieval, you have a bunch of characters on the source document  (assuming it is 9th century) but what did they mean then ?

well you have to read a lot of contemporary documents to that period which hardly anyone does

ex-addicts and ex-alcoholics are bunch of cranky obnoxious arseholes in my experience

i’m talking about aggressive, abusive repliers stuck in the own hubric worlds

i don’t know why but people with substance abuse problems always make a beeline for trying to invalidate me

i deliberately don’t capitalise because i don’t like the  “ rendering ”  heft it gives with a few exceptions and don’t use full stops because the sentences are already demarked by blank lines

apart from that the punctuation is within the limits of  “ normality ”

basically i just go for readability and some sort of melding of the sense with the appearance, you can’t control spacing very well on reddit, but on my web page i use it a lot

the other thing is i am writing to be spoken aloud

the principal meta-cognitive problem of r|zen

is the hubric assumption that saying something makes it so

at the very least you should be prepared to defend it in a rational manner

ie discussing the pros and cons openly and not deflecting or being evasive, or, as is often done   “ showing a clean pair of heels ”

its so so narcissist to have the only basis for saying anything as  “ i am right ”  or  “ its my opinion therefore its so ” 

since drug use seems to make people very narcissistic, i wonder if that is the real undercurrent of r|zen, druggy and ex druggy narcissism ?

explanations are endless

pretenders always show themselves up

pretenders always show themselves

i spend my life growing down




low reading age

of zennists

the idiots applaud meaningless


matvei petrovich bronstein, an einstein level  genius , shot for nothing in the great purge of 1937

the longer the drive to work, the more chance of an accident

a good translation of joshu has about three or four layers of meaning, its the way he thought, if its missing that then the translation has  “ philological ”  problems

often the translations are ok, but there’s another layer or two missing from recursions that is typical of joshu

sorta like you get these echoes bouncing back

meditation with low quality reading makes for greater stupidity which is what you usually get

a basic conflict in life is what our aptitudes and interests are versus what necessity requires us to do and this is a very unstable mix

why we are tired when injured or ill is glucose is switched from supplying energy to being converted into new molecules that carry out  cell repair  instead

this is reversed when we become well again and regain our old energy levels

we should take fatigue as telling us that the repair process is still going on and we still need to rest

we used to chant the heart sutra in english in our local zen group and for several years i never paid attention to the words, just the usual mumbo jumbo i thought, then i started to read it and thought, this shit is insane, it was very dissonant to be chanting something belonging in a psych ward

some drugs have utility with PTSD and other psychiatric conditions, but i have never seen even one person doing psychedelics come to anything but mistaken views in terms of the mystical

not one !

“ psychedelics can drastically change one’s life ”

in the way brain damage does, for the worse

how is the use of psychedelics viewed in zen thought ?

the problem with psychedelics compared to zen is that of throwing a screw driver in the gear box compared to cognitively driven mystical endeavour, a careful as possible deconstructive and reconstructive process

the trouble is, in my view psychedelics must cause some degree of brain damage because i have never seen anyone who did psychedelics be anything but very mistaken

no vision, no enlightenment

no vision

no enlightenment

shaolin is gay ballet

i think where meditation differs from other activities is you are simply not doing anything

not writing, not reading, not repairing something, not doing an income related or household chore

so in a sense its a temporary freedom and you quickly discover why we spend our time occupied as preferable

a 7th patriarch koan

is there a  “ final cause ”  or is life a meangingless muddle ?

do we ever perceive it as more than half and half ?

“ what happens if you say mantras ? ”

the mantra god takes you to mantra hell where after ten thousand years of torture singing  plainsong  you get repackaged and sent back to life as a hare krishna devotee

any of that very repetitive stuff seriously fucks the brain’s neurology in my view

its actually a brain washing technique used by some cults

from a  “ zen ”  or shikantanza point of view it stops you noticing yourself, if you did that, you would leave the cult as they are never life rational

what is the difference between the rational adoption of an idea versus imposition /overwriting ?

what is the difference between rational adoption of an idea and imposition /overwriting ?

you may be infatuated with a woman, but she is doing some pretty rational calculations about you

the insurmountable barrier that most can’t get past on r|zen is constraining themselves to zen when in reality, if you think about it, obviously what zen is about has plenty of coverage in western culture which is does in the form of christian, islamic/sufi, indigenous and literary mysticism

you need to read quality widely and get solitary time

for some meditation may be the only way to get solitary time ,  i don’t know, but walks by yourself on the beach or whatever are the best form of solitary time

its a life-long work

the thing is we are too far apart in viewpoints to have any meaningful discussion

that actually is a very r|zen problem, viewpoints too wildly diverging so its just endless arguments

one just gets sick of the useless arguments

when you are too far apart in viewpoint there can’t be any meaningful discussion

easy peasy zen meditation

most people are clueless as to what meditation is so sitting in my chair last night after spraying the weeds on the drive under a red led headlamp in the still air i thought well here’s the easy peasy way

sit in a straight backed chair comfortably

let you hands rest palms up on the top of the thighs near the crotch

maybe the eyelids should be a bit lowered

stay there with minimal movement for half an hour

if you want to continue, get up, do some stretches and move a bit then go back as to before

do not count the breath, do crazy visualisations or mumble mantras

there, you are now a deeply sophisticated  “ spiritual person ”  who can  “ talk the talk ”  with the schizophrenic best of them

a respondent asked about listening to music  (and  “ guidance ” tapes)  and my answer is definitely don’t, you are overwriting your thoughts with some-one else’s

what you are doing is work, it mightn’t seem like it, but it is

all the romantic crap in zen about how wonderful it is to live as a hermit is in reality written by administrative  “ literati ”  in large comfy houses with plenty of food and servants

obviously what zen is about is not limited to zen

u.g. krishnamurti is sick of being questioned

“ stop  talking  about your ideas, your goals, your value system ”

does audio come across as capitalised ?

some quotes are such rubbish, its demeaning to go through a sentence by sentence deconstructive  (ed. method of denial)  analysis

translations are never satisfactory because you cannot successfully re-express somebody else’s words

i gave up being bothered by the dissonance of my own attempts years ago

well, not quite  “ gave up ”

drug addled script writers beat all buddhist teachers

zen and buddhism are philosophical double talk by the unenlightened


real emptiness does not differ from materiality

7th patriarch

real emptiness differs from materiality

joshu is an actual enlightened person.

the mumonkan and blue cliff records are literary constructs

what is called zen is primarily an illusion

“yeah, the blue cliff record and mumonkan are collections of encounters with zen masters, ie enlightened people ”

i mean they are literary in the sense they could be made up, distorted, recorded and translated very inaccurately and convey a story with plot and characters which they do

“ radical zen, the sayings of joshu ”  translated by yoel hoffman is much better than the mummonkan imo

you get a feeling for the way joshu guts all the questions and turns them inside out

“ schadenfreude ” ,  i love that one because i’m really into it

if you are repeating pseudo profundities at the same level  as this , then television will beat you

men are designed to throw themselves under the female  “ bus ”

its a bit more than sex drive and to do with the necessity of the male providing for the female or their children don’t survive

from an evolutionary point of view it makes sense the female is optimised to maximise that providence and not provide for herself

“ do you ever like to take a little nip ? ”

i did experiment a while with alcohol in cooking but i find that i do better without even small  amounts

i am of the view that beer and wine supply significant amounts of chromium the diet and that if you don’t drink you need to supplement  chromium

i get along well with women in rl, but being male and  “ the natural female prey ”  i am cautious

two translations of a poem by li po followed by my  “ re-working ”

the birds have vanished down the sky.  now the last cloud drains away

we sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains

all the birds have flown up and gone

a lonely cloud floats leisurely by

we never tire of looking at each other  —

only the mountain and i

my  reworking

the evening fire drains from the last clouds and the birds are gone

myself, the darkening sky and the hills



the problem people have with zen and mysticism is they won’t go beyond the boundaries of their existing way of looking at things

so what they imagine it all to be about is nicely contained within their existing boundaries and so its plain wrong

alexander the great was actually tutored by the philosopher aristotle, the greeks had a social reverence for philosophers and they carried this with them in their conquests and after the death of alexander his empire fragmented into smaller empires especially along  the silk road

the buddha statue itself with its flowing robes is in fact taken from greek satutes

its important to understand that dynasty china was not isolated from the west and actually had christianity before the final state suppression of it towards the end of the eight century

buddhism and zen are the result of some sort of collision with greek philosophy

“ why is zen against philosophy ? ”

in fact buddhism and the common implementation of zen are philosophical systems, buddhism being a sort of general ethical utilitarian type and zen some sort of pseudological nonsense which a lot of modern philosophy is, ie post-modern in the tang and song dynasties

the  “ authentic zen ”  is some sort of hopeless stand for   “ final causality ”  in the face of all this which usually is interpreted as some sort of nihilism, but in fact its not

i think the bottom line with philosophy and its failure in mysticism is its   “ dimensionally ”  inadequate and doesn’t escape recursion problems

“ socratic ”  buddhism is another way of looking at zen ?

zen is unusual is being a permissioned deconstruction of buddhism, so its a lot more directly contradictory and mystical than what we are used to in the west

usually mysticism in the religious context has to be way more careful and subtle, for example john of the cross and theresa of avila have to use  “ double speak ”  to avoid the wrath of the inquisition

this  “ double speak ”  is rife through sufi and islam as well

“ zen ”  is a word with widely diverging  “ public domain ”  meanings, divergent enough to be a bit unusual

r|zen is just the clash of the public domain and various attempts at private conscription

a lacklustre ironical scepticism is your  “ mental illness ”  ?

its really interesting what crazy or  “ mentally ill ”  is ,  since everyone has crazy ideas that don’t seem to impact their lives too adversely

its seems to me that an important part of being mentally ill is social dysfunction, that is you become alienated from social functioning in a way that is self-destructive

i think that broadens the way of looking at it and also ropes in everybody who passes as  “ normal ”  since by my definition you can see areas where everyone is borderline

generally accepted social ideas can be  “ mentally ill ”  like nazism in its time and the whole society goes off the rails or the christianity that gave rise to the crusades

again  “ mental illness ”  is a flux that people and societies are constantly moving in and out of

i think the web with its alienation from real life social function can exacerbate  “ mental illness ” ,  i mention no names

what is strange and why ?

unfamiliarity points out our lack of experience ?

i was thinking eihei dogen died of TB because he didn’t eat any sun dried mushrooms, of course he didn’t know about vitamin D but the diet at eiheiji was and still is nutritionally deficient

no wonder he was reluctant to return after his sojourn in kyoto

more on the problems of  “ screen time ”  too close to bedtime

“ compared to other light-sensing cells in the eye ,  melanopsin cells  respond as long as the light lasts, or even a few seconds longer

that’s critical, because our circadian clocks are designed to respond only to prolonged illumination ”

men would understand women better and women would understand their own situations better if they really thought about the fact that women spend one third of their lives raising children who are half their fathers

eiehi dogen’s  “ enlightenment experience ”  is surprisingly not so far off the mark in  this movie

horcruxes  looks to be a new introduction to the english language

its also looks a difficult business  to destroy them

in the beginning was ewk

in the end was ewk

there is only ewk

the 7th patriarch doesn’t teach, he gave up before he started

the  “ new wave ”  intellectuals don’t read

they just have opinions or expect others to read for them

is there further to go or is there no further to go

from where to where ?

is there further to go


is there no further to go

from where to where ?

“ there is no god ”

aren’t you brave

 what is it there isn’t ?

“ i’m musically gifted.  i can pick up an instrument, learn it, and play songs quickly, but the thing is i’ve never written my own music before.  whenever i’ve tried i blank.  i have zero genuine creativity, but when it comes to reproducing other’s creativity i excel

i also can’t imagine characters and places from fiction books  (if i haven’t seen a corresponding movie or tv show)  and many forms of poetry/prose, and i think its all connected to my being on the autistic spectrum ”

it’s vanishingly rare to come across completely original ideas in music, its mostly a re-working and an eclectic synthesis of of the ideas of others

all art is like that really

you should give composition more of a go

it’s vanishingly rare to come across completely original ideas in music, its mostly a re-working and an eclectic synthesis of of the ideas of others

all art is like that really

hitler wasn’t personally cruel, gentle even, he just had these ideas others implemented for him

adverse to leading by example ?

good for you, hypocrite

posted on r|zen

 is mental illness real ?

my  reply

shouldn’t the question be  “ why is zen so attractive to the mentally ill ? ”

the whole thing is  “ mentally ill ”  from treating the bad soap opera character buddha and his sanctimonious bullshit as real to a scientology like belief in the   “ novels ”  or so called records of the literature

the hundreds of millions of man hours of stupid people just making themselves more stupid on cushions

since it has always been this way, you no longer ask why but simply observe the world is crazy

so the sixth patriarch told me

aeons are endless

and emptiness is full

though we wade in the bottomless ocean

what’s the point ?

 the matrydom of st. julia by heironymous bosch

part of the power of heironymous bosch is his attention to detail


you are folding the wrong way under pressure

“ some people get completely lost in an image of themselves they are cultivating

an image that pleases them because it involves qualities held in high regard

their cultivated images often have nothing to do with, and are at odds with their actual behaviors, feelings, and thoughts

this dichotomy is something they are often completely unaware of

when they are confronted with such dichotomies these people are dumbfounded, shocked, and even incredulous

they had been smoking what they were selling ”

depressives fold under pressure, but they usually fold the wrong way

you know black tattoo ink is very high in nanoparticles ?

there has been recent research saying there are health problems with tattoos

nanoparticles are bad because they go throughout the body damaging cells

however other inks can be toxic but you can’t actually tell what’s in the ink because there’s no health regulations governing them

so you have nanopartlcles in the inks, unknown toxicity and carcinogenity of the inks and the mechanism of retention of the inks which is basically an immune response passing the inks relay style through macrophages

it has always been an open question with me that heavily tattooed prisoners have added behavior problems from the tattoos

your mind doesn’t decay, doesn’t not decay

 doesn’t doesn’t decay or not decay    .    .

where will you go ?

your mind doesn’t decay, doesn’t not decay

 doesn’t decay or not decay    .    .

where will you go ?

the fuss  about joseph mallord william turner

so online she  finds out  her father is not her biological father, DNA ancestry tests must be wreaking a hurricane in certain quarters

alcoholic or ex-alcoholic women can develop dementia on entering menopause

the elephant in the room is the reformation of zen into a political nationalist construct during the meiji era in japan abolishing celibacy and forcing priests to marry

most of the western zen lineages are descended through people who can only be called war criminals with their active propagandising of ultra-nationalism in the imperial period

zen is, or rather was a celibate medieval religion and doesn’t translate into modern western life, so you have this huge degenerate pretense called soto now in the west and in japan it is in fact training for the undertakers businesses which go father to son

you can’t hold dogen accountable for anything after his death

the beef the  “ buji ”  faction on r|zen have with dogen is he is unabashedly   “ visionary ”  and this doesn’t jell with their suburban materialist stupidity

the  “ buji ”  faction use the reputation problems of present day zen to smear dogen, but there are historical disconnects that you can’t hold dogen accountable for

the reputation problems of present day zen are, incompetent teachers, the adoption of post-modern neo marxist idealism and in the previous generation many many sex scandals, also the failure to distance zen from the japanese liturgical forms

alcohol causes brain damage

when you are dealing with an alcoholic over time, you are dealing with continually diminishing capacities

with women you can have a dramatic catch-up with the damage as the hormones start to drop off

“ i’ve got a weeks worth of taurine to try

any guess on effects that might be noticed in that time ?

my eyes seem a bit less slow in focusing but that might be a placebo effect ”

well actually you might expect it to soften the lenses

i take it to prevent migraine, but it has made my eyes  “ wetter ”

blinking spreads the tear film so an adequate rate, especially in front of screens is important

what does it mean to be close ?

actually you are never so close to anyone as yourself

we used to sail   around here   (ed. turn the stupid sound off)

no shame, no brain

i notice that oprah despite her show and mega-wealth is reticent about giving life advice

jason  writes

one of the more ridiculous things said at work was the assistant manager’s girlfriend saying i have a crush on the assistant manager  (ed.  who is lesbian, vet practices have a high degree of gender blurring)

she’d say that to cover herself, since she was hitting on me when i started working there, she even begged me to respond to her text messages and to text her !

a larger percentage of people at work text each other, i don’t really have the energy for that, or the interest

i did get a text message the other day from a female coworker saying  “ happy thanksgiving ”  with an emoji, nineteen year old girl, i’m not sure what kind of black mixed with mexican, she’s a nice girl

she’s been telling the gay-guy at work how she wants to break up with her boyfriend, and he’s been telling me

my  reply

the power of celibacy is being a bit involved but having enough distance not to get snarled into the whole male-female nightmare

jason, you are going to have to watch being gullible

really wealthy people don’t do a youtube  personna  giving life advice

i bet he doesn’t own that stuff at all, be lots of debt or its just pretence or some sneaky arrangement for the videos

the actual advice is platitudinous bullshit, the usual for the usual market of morons

you say the owner at work is wealthy ?

he’s the reality

you have to be able to give a good sermon if you are going to be a successful  “ guru ”

you have to also be able to answer questions and be able to debate successfully

apart from jordan peterson, who is up to that ?

the field is just full of pretending morons that need censorship to look good

jason  writes

i had a really good moment at the beach today

the sun was shining through some clouds with rays, the waves were crashing in a different direction, the birds were circling above the water like there was prey they were after, there weren’t that many people so i could speak aloud to myself as much as i wanted

and yeah there was this flash seeing through it all

“ curious, hope you don’t mind my asking  —  did you ever practice hesychasm ? ”

what is hesychasm except a contemplative mode ?

strip jesus out and how does it differ from shikantaza ?

last night i was sitting on the well or woodpile for several hours

what was i doing

i couldn’t say

there is another truer more intense world and you have to walk in it to believe it

sitting on the woodpile or well can be walking in that world

thought twice about posting  this ,  but its nice to see some hilarity

an african american woman teases her grandmother about her DNA heritage results

there’s no question that  “ sitting ”  is staggeringly unhealthy from recent research

if you do a lot of sitting during the day then mixing sitting down with a bit of walking would be better for meditation

i was never able to do  “ zazen ”  except in a group setting where it was compelled, sitting high on an upright cushion and basically just slouched

i am light framed and i don’t think zazen suits people with heavy frames at all

don’t put more close reading into the text than the translator does which can be fairly minimal

i think we form views on very limited information

that being the case

how are we going to ever get anything right ?

did you see those men on mgtow doxing female streamers to the irs ?

its unbelievable how malicious people can be

chef john really knows  how to cook

an exceptional  interview  carried well by both louis theroux and russell howard

topsy turvey

spinning like a hurley

a voice in that space

is whimpering with displace

the tide goes in

and the tide goes out

canute  couldn’t

stop it



expect to




wise one

to my mind, the raw fish in sushi has the potential for parasites

just reading  “ the work of this moment ”  by toni packer hugely improved my understanding

i was in boston at the time staying at the cambridge kwan um zen center waiting to go up to the springwater center and brought it from the harvard bookstore, then i got the flu and read it while ill over several days

greek and roman statues  were coloured

my writing is in strict time sequence, that’s to simplify it, if you get too many possibiites you can’t handle it

my writing has structure, but the semantics are the structure, the words weave around the meaning

yoda was modelled on taizan maezumi, a sexual predator who drowned drunk in bath tub

the physical resemblance is startling

an r|zen poster    asked for advice after a failed suicide attempt with sleeping pills ed.  he’s a university student, has a girlfriend, is on two antidepressants and been in a psych ward twice in the past two years

you never scratched the surface of what zen is really about so you are missing out on the real interest of a lifelong exploration of reality

in the context of celibacy and that interest, suicide is not likely imo

the one zen text on suicide is layman pang if you think about it which highlights the problems of trying to match a celibate vocation with a family

your actions belie your words, what can i say ?

the currents of insanity run deeper than anyone can impact, i am under no illusions about any effect i might have

its schizophrenic to get too involved with something you have no real life experience of, that is the real schizophrenia

i am a great fan of vitamin D, vitamin MK-7 (K2), polynicotinate chromium,   the biofilm carbohydrate diet  and krill oil which gives me the astounding blood pressure of 95/61

Heyo ,  ’Sup ?

hey you ,  what’s up  ?

“ is nihilism is a system of value ? ”

i would say nihilism is a denial of value, its not a system of value

“ is  nihilism  just an easy term to describe every kind of anti-belief  ? ”

it has a number of meanings, basically its an open discussion that is endless

i think you have described one meaning quite well

“ letting go ”  is just another faux idea

“ what difference is there between zen and nihilism ? ”

zen and other forms of mysticism are interested in  “ final causality ”  and nihilism which is really the modern scientific material world view denies  “ final causality ”

i guess you can say  “ atheism ”  is nilhistic

interestingly a final cause can be a cause of itself

ie  causeless

a respondent replies

‘ a final cause ’

there’s no such thing  just as there’s no  “ first cause ”

my  reply

yeah, that’s the  “ unenlightened position ”

that would be a good koan like

“ what is the final cause ”

from the 7th patriarch’s workbook

some people are way too delicate on what the world thinks of them

attention is an interface between the brain and the world

attention is the interface between the brain and the world

i can never learn unless i am doing something

a full moon

two cats and their shadows

move up the path

i was in town today  (ed. friday)  and found the energy young mothers put into their children fascinating

there was a distinctly different dynamic between 2 or 3 and more ,  more seemed to be semicontrolled chaos while one mother with two was having a ball

continue to be wrong, i don’t mind, no research, remain ignorant

its crazy to say buddha said something when he clearly is just a character in a badly written story

my real life experience of zen is they are cults, you criticise the doctrine and you are out

the preface verse to the mumonkan

the great way is gateless

approached in a thousand ways

once past this checkpoint

you stride through the universe

my  reworking

there is no  “ great way ”

a thousand ways circle one point

 the check point  “ checks ”

useless to get past

only an idiot strides

the defeated win

pretending not to pretend, how zen

words to a woman are like clay to a potter

to be shaped for utility

some are better at doing it than others

words to a woman are like clay to a potter

to be shaped for utility

people insist on doing what suits me to their detriment

some renderings of a line by mazu on an r|zen OP, the first supposedly literal

what fake is there to add fixing ?

is there any point in trying to make it complete ?

which falsehood increases mending ?

so i wrote  “ is there any point in fixing the fake ”  as a reworking of the above

and then i thought, that doesn’t quite cover it so i wrote another line, generalizing it a bit to capture what the intended sense might be

“ life is the fake fixing the fake ”

is there any point in fixing the fake ?

life is the fake fixing the fake

stupidity is what happens in part when we fall for our own mind games

there’s the conners and the conned

the number of people who insist on being both

the stupidity of these bottom of the scheme pyramiders doing the selling but not getting a cut

ed.  religious, spiritual, new age etc

a potted  history  of the greco-bactrian kingdom

you need to try and test your ideas about yourself and how things are more against reality and adjust them

most on r|zen are insane, just the boring ultra ignorant type

what is our own experience verus that of others ?

why are we so slow to pick up on the life experience of others

why ?

great master yunmen said  “ anes de intetrogen x only zblema ”

10,000 monks over millenia 100,000 exegetical books epxlaining what that meant

why don’t you start now ?

what if the quote was just nonsense in the first place

people are sooo stupid, playing dice with the corrupt dealer called translator’s bullshit

throughout history there have been women rulers, they were really good at the mechanisms of power, rulers don’t rule for your benefit but their own

that they stay in power is due to some compromises made for the general public benefit

“ in chile i realise  i’m a foreigner ,  even though i understand the codes and can speak with my own accent, and it's very sad for me to confront that, i’m a foreigner in the usa, too, and always will be

but my roots are more in my books now than in a place; my home will be in my writing ”

i was thinking, i don’t have a home anywhere, everything is a temporary sojorn, it really is

death goes on

after death








death goes on

after death







death goes on

after death







media these days is of such high quality and so immersive that you are faced with the choice of getting old in some-one else’s world or making your own

“ would an energy drink a day be enough to take taurine in your opinion ? ”

energy drinks are loaded with caffeine is the problem

just take it as a powder and mix with a bit of a pure cream  (no fillers or thickeners)  or maybe a vegtable oil would be ok to buffer it

start slowly, say 1/4 a teaspoon, i take about 3/4 now

be careful

once you start to observe the mind, everything is interesting

i am always disturbed when people benefit by my advice

like i have given away free something that has cost me

“ what do you do when you are sick and tired of your own mind ?  (no more) ”

infinity is always stretched before you, get enlightened, see the interest

the mouse that thinks he is a cat

a mouse who claims to be a cat

“ people who  ‘ practice ’  are fools ”


“ not open to own idiocy, not open to what zen is about ”

neo yunmen

i really like this morecambe and wise  sketch  with andre previn, a pastiche of narcissism and dunning-kruger

here’s  a full length video  (1995)  of jane austen’s last novel  “ persuasion" ”

documentary  on her

r|zen is heavily influenced by the dishonesty of drug culture, people cannot say anything without twisting it

ie  postmodern on steroids

the use of language to clarify is an alien idea

louis rossmann  explains  electronics

if some-one continually spams or  “ tags  “  you with the same copypasta on a subreddit i find the secret is not to read it, otherwise you brainwash yourself, its quite an effective  “ narcissist ”  technique, don’t underestimate it or the spammer

what i have noticed with ewk and it makes it impossible to deal with him, is he  always  distorts what’s said or said to him, its constitutional, he may not even be aware of it

he’s a failed narcissist or natural post-modernist, whatever way you want to look at it

jason ,  in true MGTOW style avoids  “ suffering ”

last night i was at the mall buying some pants, i figured it was a good night considering it had snowed almost a foot through the afternoon and most people wouldn’t drive

well i went to a store i don’t usually shop at because it’s a bit pricier, but i’ve been in the store a dozen times because my brother used to shop there, so i was familiar with it

the store is a bit odd since when you first walk in it’s the female section, and in the back is male, walking through the female section there is a young woman there with blue highlights and a very pretty face, she has some acne, i didn’t gather this until she looked at me, she had the unique model looks, if it wasn’t for her height she most likely could’ve been a model

when she looks at me in the eye her shoulders, neck and head jolt back a bit, she must’ve found me attractive and i found her attractive too

not too long after i find her in the male section wandering, we make eye contact again, her head jolting

i got some socks, a winter hat, and a t-shirt, i go to the register and get my things paid through, i chat a bit with the cashier, there to my left i see the young woman again, again we make eye contact and her head jolts back

as i’m leaving she steps almost in front of me and stops, it would’ve been easy to stop myself and do some introductions

i keep walking though and don’t even glance to my side, i’m walking out of the mall and realize i’ve avoided a lot of suffering once again

maybe she thought ,  “ he shops here, he can shop for me here too ! ”

butch lesbians can have a ton of aggression, its just the way they are

some lesbians really feel competitive with men

why does the world have to be the way i think it should be ?

as if it is asking

“ buji-ists ”  don’t believe in this  “ essential ”  enlightenment experience or experiences

from the translator’s introduction of  “ the zen teaching of huang po on the transmission of mind ”  translated by john blofeld

“ zen alone preserves the very highest teachings of all  —  teachings based on a mysterious transmission of mind which took place between gautama buddha and mahakasyapa, the only one of his disciples capable of receiving this transmission

opinions as to the truth of this story naturally vary, but masters like huang po obviously speak from some deep inner experience.  he and his followers were concerned solely with a direct perception of truth and cannot have been even faintly interested in arguments about the historical orthodoxy of their beliefs

the great mystics of the world, such as plotinus and eckhart, who have plumbed the depths of consciousness and come face to face with the inner light, the all pervading silence, are so close to being unanimous concerning their experience of reality that i, personally, am left in no doubt as to the truth of their accounts

huang po, in his more nearly everyday language, is clearly describing the same experience as theirs, and i assume that gautama buddha’s mystical enlightenment beneath the bo tree did not differ from theirs.  unless perhaps in intensity and in its utter completeness.  could one suppose otherwise, one would have to accept several forms of absolute truth

as i have been enlightened i can tell you what the rules are

1.   the content of the  “ experience ”  varies hugely, but its  “ nature ”  doesn’t

2.   until it happens to you, you won’t believe it

3.   99.999% of people who claim such an experience, while not quite faking it have constructed a simulation which is not authentic

4.   when it happens you become your own patriarch and the world and its people become strange

5.   you would be lucky to find one other truly enlightened person in your lifetime

6.   you can tell if some-one else is enlightened by what they say and do, that can’t be faked, they look at reality in a very different way

7.   people ask  “ how do i get enlightened ” ,  well its as simple as they won’t do the work and argue forever with the advice given

go figure

the trouble with the crazy is you cannot speak to them in terms of their own betterment

there’s nothing you can do, since in that sense they are free of the demands reality makes on them, though of course they are as bound into consequences just like the rest of us

everyone looks for more meaning from life than there is

conceptual systems of thought don’t cut the ice

your pathetic dream world of  “ feel good ”  clichés has been punctured ?

your pathetic dream world of clichés has been punctured ?

your pathetic dream world of pretentious clichés has been punctured ?

your pathetic dream world of new age clichés has been punctured ?

your pathetic dream world of religious clichés has been punctured ?

where the web is really helpful is giving new vision for handyman projects

i had a 44 gallon drum i wanted to convert into an incinerator and on looking on the web, if you cut angled slots into the bottom of the cyclinder you get a vortex effect that gives a very intense heat

so i  cut out  the long diagonally slashed slots with a grinder, but left the half circles out and it works well

man  (ed.  an r|zennist)  you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for stupidity

buddhists and zen buddhists, the notion of  “ dharma ”  is an insane delusion you are in the grip of

a statement about  “ anything ”  implies  “ other things ”

my blood pressure for my age is unusally low at  95/61 ,  the nearest thing to it are the yanomami indians in northern brazil who also average  95/61

the yekwana with a more western diet  are developing  the same rising blood pressure with age as the west

its weird but somewhat typical of medicine today that very healthy can now be classified as possibly a disease state

if you know something for real you can explain it for real and at least some people will accept it as real

so, a r|zen mod deleted this  OP  of mine and didn’t seem forthcoming on an explanation as to why, but i suspect the high reading age he found offensive as some do

my reply to him

increasing verbal intelligence is a skill that comes with extending one’s horizons

zen masters are verbally sophisticated, i can’t think of one who wasn’t

its not some you versus them paradigm, its the development of a necessary skill, since there’s not much you can convey except by talking and writing

if you delete stuff that extends those horizons then what will happen ?

stasis !

basically the OP was saying that  “ attitudinally ”  a lot of r|zen posting/op’s are driven by western philosophical ideas projected onto  “ the records ”  and in fact though i didn’t say this, the translations themselves are filtered though western perceptions

if you had just left it up and asked for an explanation ,  i would have done so

ed. actually i think the bit about  “ drug culture ”  stung him

a wumen quote

xiangyan is really sloppy

his wicked poison hasn’t exhausted its limit

it still mutes patch-robed monks mouths

and smooth young flesh

breaks out with demon’s eyes

my  reply

demon eyes




my reworking of a gatha by dongshan liangjie

as many students as sands in the ganges

but none are awakened.

they err by walking on the mouths of others

to be afloat on eternity

walk on nothing

to me brad warner seems incredibly nostalgic

i think being a supposed  “ zen teacher ”  you have have to move on and not hang back

it takes hubricity to want to breed and impose oneself on the world, so its a precondition of existing

its also blinding

brad warner is hated by the buddhist community because he’s  “ unconventional" in their terms, but he does nothing but try to sell buddhism and himself as  “ buddhist ”

i’ve mentioned it to him, but he doesn’t see the disconnect

i strongly suspect brad warner has never seen  this ,  he really avoids certain uncomfortable things

i think humour and entertainment is sought as a relief from life

my birth is like that of the stone monkey, i was born of the mist and dew and stars and starlit night

my birth is like that of the stone monkey.

i was born of the mist and dew and stars and starlit night

the problem with memes is whether they are erroneous or not

i have never seen a meme that is not erroneous

i think the distortion is part of their attraction

too hubric to not have  ‘ the last word ’


spams endlessly

too hubric to not have the last word


spams endlessly

“ why do you keep responding on r|zen ? ”

i use the dialogues as writing material, if they want to give their time free, that’s their business

too lazy to make a real reply

he spams endlessly

too lazy to make a real reply

he spams


too lazy to make a real reply, he



your comments are vacant, you need more  “ meat ”

i post the following poem in to and in criticism of zaoping

why the competitiveness ?

empty of real understanding



on spilling



on the ground




zaoping replies with a yawn

my  reply

feigning disinterest




overwhelms him

you don’t listen do you ?

rigid and stiff






how so ?

a granite satute is death

women always have a much better sense of what is socially appropriate than men

so listen when they give advice

two quotes that really add if read together

kuei-shan asked yang-shan  :  how do you understand origin, abiding, change, and extinction ?

yang-shan replied  :  before thought, i did not see that there is origin, abiding, change, or extinction

kuei-shan retorted  :  how can you dismiss phenomena ?

yang-shan rejoined  :  what did you just ask about ?

kuei-shan replied  :  origin, abiding, change, and extinction

yang-shan concluded  :  then what do you call dismissing phenomena ?

kuei-shan asked yang-shan  :  how do you understand infinity ?

yang-shan replied  :  mountains, rivers, and plains; sun, moon, and stars

kuei-shan said  :  you only get phenomena

yang-shan rejoined  :  what did you just ask about ?

kuei-shan replied  :  infinity

yang-shan asked  :  is it appropriate to call it phenomena ?

kuei-shan replied  :  you’re right

animal cruelty as a child is a signature for some nasty criminals in adult life

a quote by huai-hai that is effectively the celibate manifesto

with no emotional succor, free from love, he can equally accept pain and pleasure

simple clothes to protect from the cold, adequate food to support the body; letting go, like a fool, like a deaf, like a dumb person  —   it is only then that one gains some understanding

ed.  from  “ sun-face buddha  :  the teachings of ma-tsu and the hung-chou school of ch’an ”  by cheng chien bhikshu

the point of fasting is to  “ starve ”  and so induct an invigoration of the stem cells, vegetable soups could be providing too much nutrition

how is your not answering a question not  a lie  by omission ?

apparently theft was endemic at those old chinese monasteries, i love the story about a group of monks from the same place who left early in the morning and took all the furniture that wasn’t nailed down

hakuin has plenty to say about the behaviour of monks in his autobiography, refreshing honesty about what really happens

congratulations for the way you throw out decoys, such a  “ druggie ”  technique, honesty if met with on a fine day is thrashed to within an inch of its life

when women who have abused drugs and alcohol hit perimenopause, the shit hits the fan

to be fair, being  “ ravaged ”  can have other causes, environmental pollution, shoddy genetics, disease and each pregnancy ages a woman by years

jeanne calment  had one daughter, one child might be optimal for female longevity

“ you talk about drugs  .  .  .  .   a lot

why is that ? ”

i include alcohol

modern life is just a waste land of drug induced brain damage

hedonists only understand pleasure, they don’t understand its failure

i think the point of the  myth of sisyphus  is he wants to roll the boulder back up

my writing is nsfw ?

nsf products of american education ?

my writing is nsfw lol ?

nsf products of american education ?

nsf drug and alcohol induced brain damage ?

arrogance comes from self-blinkering

your arrogance comes from self-blinkering

is r|zen memetic ?

a confluence of several strands of western philosophical thought that particularly suits drug culture and promiscuity, both strands of which have been heavily present in western zen for seventy years

nihilistic consent which is passive acceptance of what life throws at us

presentism/momentism which has an anti-historical bias

obscurationism which is the validation of impressive  (at least to the quoter and writer)  sounding nonsense

it increasingly seems that raw salads have to be pasturized/lightly cooked  to eat safely

the mechanism is horizontal gene transfers of virulence factors between bacteria

neither buddha nor jesus nor muhammad existed historically

“ presentism ”  is the mark of a drug culture

ask alan watts, he knows

when i fast i will take a teaspoon or more of jam in hot water once a day to keep the  “ right microbiome ”  in the stomach fed with some sugar and not let the  “ protein eating ”  microbiome dominate

fucked in the head is fucked in the head

what good is seated meditation if you believe in a soap opera character like  “ buddha ” ?

the problem is not reading, but reading and believing stupidity

if you do the  “ spiritual work ”  for real, you won’t get tangled up in personalities and waste of time conflict

you may even be able to stop the endless stupid quoting for an imagined verification

“ druggies ”  dribble

calling it


usual  “ druggie ”  meaningless waste of time reply

usual misapplied druggie persistence

i had forgotten i had  this monologue  by anaïs nin up on my vimeo channel

i can't find it anywhere else on the web

you’re the usual addict posting meaningless crap

“ you are a sad human being my friend ”

you’re a totally sick stupid weirdo who eats his own farts

the child subsumes the man

and the man subsumes the child



child wins

there’s no-one more confused than a person who passes off meaningless tripe as having a coherent meaning

well, that and the audience that takes him seriously

the best way to take taurine seems to be mixed with cream

i find  “ takeaway ”  chips quite a digestible way of eating potato, but the moment you use a tomato sauce with sugar in, you get into trouble

“ meaning ”  is a sphere within which we are all bound, escape is possible, however its not through no-meaning

300 oils and 30,000 watercolours and sketches unsold at his death, j.m.w. turner’s  genius  was the product of work

basically hitler and the nazis rose to power because they forcibly took a license to rob then destroy the most productive part of the population, they had always lost the war before they even started

diction, contradiction, hiccupiction

fabulation, confabulation

i think most people on r|zen are under the delusion that the more often they repeat something the more true it becomes

then one day the bodhisattva of compassion steps out in front of them, kisses them on the brow, they see the light and leave the subreddit

i think most people are under the delusion that the more often they repeat something the more true it becomes

tar babies weep tears of tar

“ what’s enlightened mean ?

from my understanding its when you go with the flow and don’t associate with your body and thoughts

anyone care to comment ? ”

there’s something to  “ going with the flow ”  but that's more a skill that comes and is built

enlightenment is a definite discovery and the clarification of that discovery over a lifetime which is why you need to live a long time, though as long as joshu might be pushing it a bit : o)

“ how do you know if somebody is enlightened ? ”

you can tell by what they say

if you are enlightened you are quite aware of what it is

surprisingly almost all present day  “ zen teachers ”  are not enlightened

language is a type of thought

what is thought

 what is speaking ?

renoir and monet used  to paint  the same scene together

“ Ugh. ”

a frog swallows its own breath

“ Ugh. ”

the frog swallows its own breath

a 7th patriarch koan

does reality have a  ‘ final cause  ‘  and if so, what is it ?

ed.  final causality is a term with a long philosophical history

tattoos themselves are retained by what is essentially an  “ allergic response ”

black inks are very high in nanoparticles

patriarchs have to occur, its just happens to be me ! : o)

“ a question  :   do you think zen masters went around actually saying that they were enlightened ? ”

i’m a patriarch and not a zen master, the world starts and stops with me and what i do and say

i actually have a contempt for zen masters, puling idiots not yet off their mother’s milk

you are going backwards as much as forwards

you are trying to pretend that the quote is valid

i am saying is its such nonsense you can’t say anything sensible about it

you just write crazy shit about crazy shit

you are chronically depressed posting on a subreddit of manic crazies

its like a lamb walking into a pride of lions

“ of the thousand and ten thousand people pursuing this mystical matter, only three or five attain ”

more like one in a billion from my experience

an interesting  account  of the way things were for german soldiers towards the last days of world war 2

master baofeng jun pontificates

yunmen only sees the sharpness of the awl

he does not see the squareness of the chisel

my retort

an idiot takes a sledge hammer pretending to sew

mat-su said to the assembly

when one knows all forms to be empty,‭ then birth is identical with no-birth

the assembly bickered quietly amongst themselves

the 7th patriarch said to the fawning minions

when one knows all forms to be full,‭ then no-birth is identical with rebirth

the minons swooned with admiration

he knew too young




a mouldering corpse





he knew too young




a mouldering corpse




the  “ tar baby ”  throws out some tar

“ what do you think a  ‘ tar baby ’  is ? ”

the  “ tar baby ”  is caught by some tar

cypis  asks

can anyone say something that is neither true nor not true ?

my  reply

this statement is false

insanemembranezz replies to me

this statement is both true and false

my  reply

its  “ neither true nor not true ”  since it cannot be what it is

the  “ tar baby ”  throws out more tar

“ what happens if i don’t do the work ?   (ed. of zen)

what will happen to me throughout eternity ? ”

will you marry and have children ?

“ i probably will marry but probably won’t have children ”

some women don’t want children, but most do

its just a different life, that’s where the focus goes

“ gesshin ”  greenwood’s brain is a wreck from drug taking in her younger days

there’s an explanation for everything

one of the big advantages of youtube and video is it takes you out of your culture and different cultures have different permissions of what it is socially and legally acceptable to post, or show in real life, for example, russian car cams and this  documentary  of debt collection in indonesia

hitler was more of  a mixed bag  than the way he is painted today

a childless man, he was riven with contradictions

zen/mysticism requires work :   extensive quality reading and solitary contemplation neither of which you do

philological research is such a basic requirement for translating old documents yet it is almost entirely ignored and as a result many translations bear no resemblance to the source document

why such laziness ?

the famous poem that dajian huineng wrote in competition with yuquan shenxiu is saying is that any ideas about approaching  “ final causality ” ,  “ the absolute ”  god/buddha/whatever from our conventional way of looking at things; practice, being holy/good etc. are misguided

i’m not treating you like an idiot, but it does no good because you treat yourself like an idiot

it could be 500 years since anyone authentic has talked sensibly about  ‘ the visionary  ‘

i really don’t like to talk about  ‘ the visionary ’  because people wilfully misinterpret it

shinzen young is quoted from his book  “ the science of enlightenment ”  to me about hallucinations happening after five or six years of meditation

“ once it gets going its there all your waking hours often ”

recurrent hallucinations are a well known side effect of  LSD

as a depressive he may have been  on ssri’s

“ so that means when you’re just walking around or whatever you’re seeing stuff all day

 and in my case it was mostly, but not exclusively, giant insects ”

that’s not visionary, that’s hallucinatory and psychotic

he’s just another drug wreck? and certainly no franz kafka

the BBC working for free to help  sustain  the value of diamonds

just looks like coloured glass to me

more  interesting

bad writing is written to fit a schema when what you want is the other way around, a schema which is hard to elaborate on may emerge from good writing

‘ so me being the seventh  (or 2nd)  patriarch may be play, it may be reality, i’m just keeping an eye out for contradiction and so far i haven’t found anything ’

“ besides your vision, what other evidence do you have that you are the 7th Patriarch ? ”

what you are asking, is the vision entirely consonant with what is known as physical reality

does it have to be?,  like john of the cross’s vision of christ on a cross  (salvador dali made some famous paintings of it)  is not of an historical jesus on a cross since there was no historical jesus to start with, but actually i think it was john himself on the cross

i am leaving open the question of whether it has to be, but my research shows me that my own visionary experience was a real event

1.   huineng was an historical person, though much about him is legend

2.   information can travel across time according to astrophysics

3.   none of huineng’s supposed  “ dharma heirs ”  were enlightened, they were just part of the lineage fiction

4.   mazu was not given transmission by huineng, so in fact huineng never had any dharma heirs

5.   as a side note mazu was in fact the first patriarch of his own tradition

6.   huineng was celibate and in fact the sort of zen of huineng and joshu had is only attainable  (not quite black and white though)  by celibates, basically its a full-time lifetime job, and i am celibate

people don’t realise modern western zen is actually a political construct of the meiji era in japan to break the control the old zen had and forced monks to marry and it all got bound up in the disastrous  “ ultra nationalism ”  of the wars japan then embarked on

so basically its a fit and being called  “ the 7th patriarch ”  is simply some sort of accounting according to the bookkeeping real life zen uses

visionary experience itself cannot be justified to anyone else and frankly i never believed in it before it happened so i expect my reality as the 7th patriarch will be regarded sceptically

you see a lot of references to  “ doubt ”  in zen, i have no doubt about the seeing and being of  ‘ final causality ’

this can only come from total immersion in the question for decades

its easier to pretend, but the pretenders still doubt

i have just been down a very long road and the distance is so great from what the  “ conventional ”  view sees that i don’t expect any understanding by them

i don’t  “ have ”  to be the 7th patriarch, its the way real life zen views transmission however

but i have  “ effectively ”  been approved by the sixth patriarch and i really feel that’s the case after many years of looking

the other thing is you can actually see what the  “ masters ”  are talking about, the endless reproval of idiots thinking they know what its about is the same as now, that i am the only one who understands amidst a sea of the hubric grasping of unwashed pretenders is entirely how it has occurred historically

“ do you think all visions are true ?

if not, how do you know if a vision is true or not ? ”

i’m very reluctant to talk about what makes a true vision or not because people just plagiarize

its such a profound experience i can’t really explain it

it will not happen to most people because they do not want it to happen, the consequences are too life disrupting

“ can you try to explain it ?

i’ve met many, many, many people who have had visions and I’ve had my share as well ”

in terms of  “ zen ”  or  “ god ”  its the entry into a mystical truer world, i don’t know it necessarily need be entirely true, you may not actually remember a lot of it, there’s quite a bit more going on than you can see

its a fugue space and can happen differently

presumably there is a continuum of experience, some of which is more valid than others and i think this is where the difficulty arises, you have to sort out what is more valid and feed back the validity in your life to amplify your tracking of  “ true reality ”

there is absolutely no stasis or  “ resting position ”  as claimed by various religious and mystical texts over the ages except some  “ visionary experiences ”  can be but certainly not all

i stand by what i write, you are welcome to repeat it, just credit the source

“ why would i bother ? ”

well well, the  story  of the two wells

well you have a general of enquiry, don’t expect any quick resolution

just ask around and research and the pieces will either come together or they won’t

“ who is it that’s enlightened  (besides  ‘ you ’  )  by your standards? ”

no-one alive that i know of ,  toni packer  in the recent past

one of the teachers at springwater, susan schepp looks sorta ok, but i don’t know her

george bowman possibly as well

i guess it gets sorta grey

the vast majority are pretending idiots

“ what do your thoughts tend to be ? ”

mostly trying to fix unreal problems, while ignoring  “ real ”  problems

net message boards

so many pretenders to authenticity and honesty

why not concern yourself with what’s true rather than what you want to be true ?

reading  “ dumb ”  is going to make you  “ dumb ”

reading  “ dumb ”  is going to make you dumb

reading dumb is going to make you dumb

i can’t help your  “ schizophrenia ”

i have never studied zen because  “ zen ”  itself is a literary construct and fiction

despite endless quotes from  “ the masters ”  zennists really don’t seem to get the message

i tell the ignorant what they don’t want to hear

buddha was initially a  merchant banker  and not slow to speil financial advice

the buddhist notion of  “ practice ”  is absolute bullshit promulgated by the retarded to the retarded

some people have more defenses than the maginot line

more defenses than the maginot line

to a pea brain like yourself with a limited perception of what needs to be said your surmise might appear to be true

to anyone of intellectual and literary sophistication its not

the problem with psychedelics is because they change brain function so drastically, that permanent damage is on the cards

if reddit is anything to go by, there is a massive amount of damage out there and camille paglia says that LSD wrecked the brains of academics of her generation

to seek  “ truth ”  is a mistake

to have truth seek you is not

i have never yet come across anyone who has done psychedelics have any insight at all

what can you say of people who willingly damage their brains ?

just nasty aggressive stupids

on the spiritual circuit only the frauds  “ make bank ”  i am afraid

since when is what religion about being closed and stupid ?


let me put it a different way

since when should religion be about being closed and stupid ?

people get offended when their limited horizons are stretched

saying  “ southern finland ”  is like saying  “ the northern south pole ”

emotional regulation skills as  taught  by dialectical behavior therapy

“ i’m thinking i might be strange ”

there’s strange  “ incoherent ”  and strange  “ coherent ”

plumb for the latter

“ language is communication and dependent on relationship ”

language is not communication and independent   on   of relationship

edit :   coincidently soon after writing this i came across noam chomsky  saying  that language was primarily a system for the modulation of thought and communication is an artifact

yeah, you need to simplify what you say and make it more readable

why does eckhart tolle look and sound like something bad out of  “ the hobbit :   an unexpected journey ”   ?

smaug  with bilbos’s face ?

took a while to grow on me, but i quite like this  photo  of a tree during a snowfall in ireland

interesting vitalik buterin  interview  with informative links

rowan atkinson, a wife, ex and children, new partner and son, the usual  circus  of fame and deep seated breeding imperatives

alcohol and pot are quite a destructive combination

seen the wreckage in real life i am afraid

if only  “ druggies ”  weren’t so creepy and manipulative, but they are

religion, where confusion meets hypocrisy

r|zen, where confusion meets hypocrisy

anti-mysticism  at a catholic university ?

where is the inquisition when you need them ?

noam chomsky gives an interesting  response  to what is going on before language ie before thought

the many layers of neural processing that happen before we are conscious of what we see are something that we don’t think about, but certainly occurs, yet if it is studied can be thought about in an abstract mechanistic way so in that sense is not beyond thought

to be honest, i am not sure what language is and what it means to say that something can or cannot be expressed in language

out on a warm night

no moon, the landscape bathed in eternity

if you ask what to do

you are already sunk

nothing impresses me like people’s ability to take some nonsense and imagine it means something

“ got to keep the looneys  on the path ”

“ you raise the blade, you make the change

you re-arrange me ’til i’m sane

you lock the door

and throw away the key

 there’s someone in my head but its not me ”

king david’s  lyre

post-modern is the use of language to manipulate rather than represent truly

there’s a huge amount of  “ interpretations ”  claiming to be translations of  “ sufi ”  work

so what you actually get is highly sentimentalised western  “ pop ”  philosophy

the earliest ingress of this eastern mystical thought was in the  ‘ romantic poets ’ ,  john keats being among them

why does eckhart tolle’s  voice  make me want to kill ?

“ scholarship ”

from the man who thinks reading a book title is the same as reading a book ?

marsha lineham  interviewing  a suicidal patient

“ inerrant scripture ”  is the borg speaking

“ inerrant scripture ”  is  “ borgspeak ”

nutrition has a lot to do with  “ brain state ”

happy and unhappy is all brain biology with interludes of circumstantial change

post-modernist to the core ?

deflection and confusion are not admirable personal traits

one who is truely  “ enlightened ”  has no question as to his actually being enlightened and has no dependence on others’ opinions for validation

that said, a person you think is enlightened should also approve you

the approval of some-one you respect is important

ewk self-approves, that’s what makes him insane

a translation is a claim, usually unfounded

in the case of zen

that a person actually said what was translated

what is the philology ?

was the person historically real

how do you know that that person said it and not someone else

how do you know the transcription was accurate

how do you know the copies were accurate

how do you know its not a  “ literati ”  hack

how do you know the translator was not biased ?

incidentally the koran makes anything look accurate, its such nightmare of the above problems

the tar baby narcissist strikes again

“ why do you call everyone names ? ”

why do you match what you are called so well ?

“ why do you insist on being insulting ? ”

why do you insist on providing material for insults ?

mazu was alive in the mid eight century, you have to do  “ philological ”  work to establish what the characters meant then and what the validity of the source document is to claim it was mazu’s words

lacking real research you are just writing hubric bullshit

smaug, the dragon of  reality in the sea of unreality

“ how is the one mind of zen not just the brahman of advaita vedanta renamed ? ”

how are both just bullshit carried over thousands of years ?

garbage carried by idiots, earlier garbage followed by later garbage ?

“ how is the one mind of zen not just the brahman of advaita vedanta renamed ? ”

how are both just bullshit carried over thousands of years ?

garbage carried by idiots, later garbage followed by earlier garbage ?

there is nothing more pathetic than voynich by a failed expert

without meditation or meditative work, you are just a stupid train running along the rails of a dead end infinfity

smaug, the dragon of  unreality

you empower  “ gaslighters ”  by giving them attention and taking them seriously

you empower yourself by removing yourself from their prescence

i’ve never been on the winning side of anything

which just shows how right i am

i’ve never been on the winning side of anything

which just shows how right i can be

“ zen is a practice of deep respect which i have for all beings, even if they attempt to elicit a negative response from me.  may all beings find enlightenment.   ~ namaste ~ ”

you are stuck in  “ gaslighting hell ”

who believes that  schmegegge  except you ?

“ where can i find linji’s shout or deshan’s staff? ”

in truthfulness, not being evasive and not dissing people who are informed by experience and effort

couples should be not too distant from each other, but not too close either

too close will always spring a reaction

couples should be not too distant from each other, but not too close either

somewhat  strange ,  but it has a point

sepehr  asks

what do you think of this woman’s art ?

my  reply

the art and writing doesn’t grab me

2.08 in the  video  at the bottom of the page does

i have never been into philip k. dick, though i have read some of his books, never  “ the man in a high castle ” ,  but looking  at this  there’s something to it

CGI is impressive, but the  yamato  was a dog

of course there are real life  alternate  realities

its just so glaring, what bankei and other masters say without dispute is if you sort it our yourself you won’t need to quote but can talk about it yourself in a way that is not obscure and makes sense

so what does everyone do ?

quote and puzzle over nonsense unable to even work out that it is nonsense coupled with aggressive attacks on those who question them

r|zen is truly a looney bin

the talentless drug taking

so keen on imposing their impoverised interior life on the world

philological problems  +  transcription errors  +  copying errors  +  literary license  +  translation  +  post-modern bias  =  the difference between what we read and what was intended

its insane to  “ profess ”  a religion or similar without any real life experience of it

an emotional disconnect that extreme is diagnostic of schizophrenia

in my view you are making  a mistake ,  every additional language learnt crimps your proficiency in other areas of life,  “ in english ”  there is only so much brain power to go around and you are  “ spending ”  it all on learning languages

what you have really learnt is what is shown in the video, the ability to switch between languages which actually isolates you from true proficiency in any language that really matters ie english

well, its a good party trick, silencing really : o)

i’m not speaking abstractly, i know another language polymath, maybe 9? languages and you can see the deep deficits in other cognitive skills

you are obviously very intelligent and make salient points about culture and language, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a problem

more than anything else ewk, you are are a failed narcissist, gaslighting that wouldn’t cut any ice in a kindergarten

you are utterly unable to address being wrong, when you can’t reply, you resort to spam

zen is the art of dialoguing between parties with very different views of the world, why not upgrade your game ?

neo-marxism, identity politics and post-modernism are university liberal arts memes

i haven’t included post-structuralism because i think its ok and a necessary correction of structuralism

you are like ewk and think extensive gaming and zen are compatible ?

well, we all look forward to a  “ zen ”  role playing game

shaolin martial calisthenics combined with particularly atrocious daoist clichés and paternal homilies

the notion of  “ beginner ”  is mistaken in  “ spiritual matters ”

this is because  “ the work ”  involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of  “ self ”  and that which would be a beginner is itself subject to this process and in actual fact has always been occurring over the life anyway

ice poseidon  earns  his donations

with experience you learn to handle disagreement in a productive way

if you  “ practice ”  you are making a big mistake, the word is the clue, you are not doing something for real, but pretending

no wonder the old zen masters rubbished the term

being open to being wrong is far more to the point, but who does that on r|zen

a truck load of phoneys that get aggressive rather than address being wrong

r|zen, like any religion is just an endless and totally insane defence of bad ideas

i suddenly thought of  sappho

the barbitos  lyre

saying something is so, doesn’t make it so

rosie talks about  the problems  of being an expat

“ only a child of the dreamtime may leverage the fount of coherence ”

a child of the dreamtime wanders through the dreamtime  incoherently

a reader quotes me and asks why

traveller, look within, but it is dangerous to dwell there too long

my  answer

entrainment of the default circuit

or  “ living in a ghost cave ”  as the old zen masters used to say

“ we reflect, we reflect, we are reborn

this life is nothing short of an evolving explosion of amazing presence ”

we deflect, we effect, we are unborn

this life is nothing short of an devolving implosion of a mazing presence

“ nothing is impossible.  we exist as chaos-driven reactions.  the goal of expanding wave functions is to plant the seeds of curiosity rather than ego ”

something is impossible

we don’t exist as chaos driven detractions

expanding wave functions have no goal and the ego is planted by seeds of curiosity

“ it can be difficult to know where to begin.  the biosphere is calling to you via meridians.  can you hear it ?  traveller, look within and empower yourself ”

it is not difficult to know where to begin

if you think the biosphere is calling you by meridians you are a lunatic

traveller, look within, but it is dangerous to dwell there too long

a deepak chopra quote

the body is a physcial reflection of the choices you make over a lifetime

my  reworking

health as you get older is a combination of genetics, luck, diet, various medical interventions, life style, observation of cause and effect and plenty of unknowns

doesn’t sound so fancy when it gets more accurate does it ?

its just a stupid story

ed.  case 22 of the mumonkan

why does it have to mean anything

bad soap opera scripts abound

christopher reeve

“ while serious injuries among competitive riders are rare, USCTA statistics show that cross-country events like this one generate 72 percent of all riding injuries because they involve jumping over fixed obstacles  with speed  ”

high and fast, not so much an accident as disaster waiting to happen

“ What is Zen ? ”

neZ backwards

well the whole subreddit  (ed. r|zen)  is a tar baby, make sure you get value for time and have other interests

people are just terrified to be left alone with their own thoughts

jason  replies

some of the women here at work turn on music on the comp, they really can’t handle their own thoughts

when they leave the room i turn it off

i find it distracting

world war two was fought on meth

“ we have to draw the line somewhere ”

where would that be ?

zen masters say  “ nowhere ” 

addendum :  hmm

jacobus sinapius is an  interesting  person, the 2nd owner of the voynich manuscript

everything is a reflection of myself

but actually its not

everything is a reflection of myself

but its not

my correction of a bankei quote

unless the eye opens that sees into   men   yourself, you’re a blind man and won’t be able to see into others

“ why are you here ? ”

sexual reproduction

“ why are you here ? ”


the way to use tarot is not to be fooled by it, its just some junk to distract people while effectively providing therapeutic advice

paganism and kabbalah are bullshit for schizophrenics

emily dickinson and charles bukowski are the real deals, why would you waste your time with total crap like paganism ?

everything meditative is a waste of time unless you read quality poetry and literature

the mentally lazy  (most)  just plum for lunacy like aleister crowley

pot smoking youth, shameless and toxic promoters of its claimed  harmlessness

“ adolescence is a crucial time for fine-tuning the balance of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the brain, which combine to control precise patterns of brain activity

substance use as a teenager thus has the potential to disrupt the normal developmental trajectory of the pre frontal cortex, with potentially long-term consequences for decision-making ”

colour does do something

the weirdest thing about war is the   slavish obedience  to rank idiots like hitler

stupid repulsivity, the last days of idiocy

the effect  of genetics on life span is less than 7 percent

just as well for me as one set of grandparents died relatively young

i think the dominant effect today are medications and operations, of more concern and possibly much higher in terms of heritability is retaining a sound mind