this  is an interesting study on the relativity of casein verus soy protein, i am not promoting the use of soy, but its an interesting illustration of the different protein provisions of different foods, i must admit i had overweighted milk products as a protein source.


a few peas with a meal (not too many) provide some of the more obscure amino acids which is helpful

peas have a good smattering of the less usual proteins, carrots and pumpkin are protein deficient, grains (not recommended!) are a bit better protein-wise than carrots and pumpkin, but not as good as peas, however i only eat a couple of desert spoon of peas with a meal to get those different proteins


i think sheeps cheese is much better than cows or goat milk/cheese from a protein point of view

we can get a bulgarian white sheeps milk cheese here in woolworths in tasmania, a bit salty and you have to watch the date codes, 8˝ months to go seems to be ok

getting a good range of proteins in a meal and not just the so called "essential proteins" is much more important than is made out

again i think a wide range and sufficient depth of proteins reduces metabolic burden


q&a from a post on yahoo enzymes and autism

question: "nevergiveup883" writes:

you seem very knowlegdable about these types of things

does taurine raise serotonin levels? My son had a very bad reaction to an ssri a couple years ago. I just started him on taurine and am seeing some of the same behaviours (although not as bad yet). I was just wondering if it was having the same effect on him.

If he has too much serotonin is there a supplement that he could take to reduce it?

my reply:

well a bad reaction on ssri's is not necessarily due to high serotonin imo. the amino acid glycine may inhibit serotonin.

the fluoride content of some ssri's can be a problem.

since taurine helps with sleep it could well be a serotonin promoter. taurine is also an anti oxidant.

it also stymies one of the bodies anti yeast toxins, that is if you are taking taurine then the bodies defenses against yeast are not so good. it may especially be an issue since the ingested taurine may go straight to the gut wall and de-oxidise the anti yeast chemicals there.

my whole experience of amino acids is they are plus and minus and obviously there are some very delicate balances involved that amino acids in food seem to naturally meet and amino acids in supplements don't.

i even found found that as little as 1/8th of teaspoon at night of pharmaceutical grade tryptophan may have enough impurities to have caused caused a subtle problem of motivation and am better without it.

glutamine which is good for healing and maintaining the intestine wall and building muscle can be got from the jelly/collagen when you roast chicken or beef. a trick is to put the juice in a jug and drink it with a straw when it has cooled to get below the fat. not too much, but a little is very helpful to helping heal the intestine.

oxtail has a lot of collagen in and the jelly from covering the oxtail in water in a casserole dish and low/medium temp cooking in the oven contains good levels of bone minerals and collagen. just pour off the fluid, let it cool and then put in the fridge and warm to drink as needed.

lungs are good for joints i think and broths that include the trachea have a form of chrondroitin sulfate in that is again useful for joints

there may be subtleties like broth really has a narrow window to be taken in, a certain distance after a meal (2 hours?), not too close and not too far, to minimise biofilm promotion, yet get the supporting nutrient effect of a meal


from a post on pecan bread about gelatine:

"i have just looked at gelatin on the web and its basically a cross linked form of collagen. and they can get real fancy modifying it to 'improve' clarity and firmness and temp charactersitics.

so there may be a question mark of legality in that its true legal status may have slipped over the fifty or sixty years that scd was first developed.

so i prefer the natural collagen (it goes jelly like when it cools) i get from broths and roast juices. the roast wants to be low temp cooked to preserve the b vits in the juices however."

   see  collagen and gelatine

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