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to find a word on a page, hold down the Ctrl and F keys, and a box comes up and you enter the word

try to deepen your understanding by using google to follow up words or concepts you don't understand or are new, i am always using google when i am reading

the biggest mistake is to pass over a word you don't understand.

investigating what a word means opens up your understanding of the context it is embedded in

the compendium and BCD are now some sort of diary where i try to keep track of my conclusions and investigations, the complexity is so overwhelming that you really need to keep text files of where you are at and what you have ordered and your thoughts etc, using the  who knows  message board helps considerably, but basically writing is very important because it extends problem solving and memory !


effective supplementation and dietary changes are a process of experimentation and developing understanding , not a set of rules (though rules have their place)

the bodies biochemical pathways are all interrelated and feedback to one another making a breakdown into discrete components fallacious

there are no quick fixes for health

it is a lifelong process requiring considerable attention and effort and not forgiving of attempted shortcuts

supplements are all about the cumulative addition of small positive effects from the synergies of many supplements and not chasing drug like single shot effects from high doses of one supplement

being on the compendium and the BCD is like a time warp, one keeps going ahead while others, especially in the same age group or older are starting to fall away

Eileen Prunster and other contributors also have helped greatly with the formulation of the BCD and COMPENDIUM


the problem the biofilm/microbiome carbohydrate diet solves is that what is eaten gets fermented by malign biofilm and a lot of toxins made, rather than a neat cleaving by pancreatic enzymes of food into forms that are absorbed rapidly

the malign biofilm thus supported also causes all sorts of immune dysfunction and malabsorbtion problems

the basic theory is that biofilm/yeast/candida overun the gut and you get a brewing vat and metabolic poisoning of the body from the fermentation toxins and systemic biofilm ingress

irritable bowel syndrome is a continuum which everybody is on

some simple rules for this diet are :

no sugar, honey, grains, potatoes  (sweet potatoes may be ok if well cooked and in limited quantity) ,  pasturize fruit as applicable, and take the digestive enzymes discussed in  ‘ other supplements, vitamins, timing ’  listed in the index below

permitted are milk  (preferably goats or 'A2' cows milk, or boiled ordinary cows milk ! )  with enzymes, and cultured cheese, a bit of trial and error here as to what is suitable  (the suitable ones will be more expensive)


there's degrees of health and wellness

the medical view is segmented, it aims to remedy a specific problem and bring you back from death's door and that's about it

the approach of the BCD and compendium is holistic and quantum, almost in the area of  "spiritual"  tho i don't like that word but it goes beyond the boundaries of what is possible since if we were only concerned with what is possible we would never get well

if you just try to fix specific things like glands you are never going to move fast enough

the BCD and compendium covers a multitude of pathways simultaneously and that's what makes it quantum and puts one in a different arena of health

after doing four or five years now of it the progress is steady and extraordinary


the reason it has to be so much work and complexity is that we are not designed to recover from these sorts of health problems

you have to beat the genetic programming which has DISCARD written all over it, but they don't get this on the health boards, wanting quick fixes

we are able to get somewhat past the genetic DISCARD programming because a lot of the biochemical pathways are not rate limited genetically but by nutrient shortfalls that have always naturally occurred

so between the BCD and the compendium you have a minimium of toxic burden and the synergies of an abundance or superabundance of some minerals and nutrients that rate limit the biochemical reactions and tissue building

this gives an amplification of these pathways that puts one outside the intended genetic programming for DISCARD

basically one is beating evolutionary design


there's no magic space of complete recovery which is the illusion that  chelation  sells, rather you are having to enter a new functional space with supplements and diet that really enables much better life function and body feeling

if you let go that illusion and accept the necessary burden of work that getting too, and staying in this new space involves, it will be a lot simpler

my experience to date is that most people are not prepared to let go of that illusion, and if you will forgive me, i'm going to be sceptical about you the reader


it's a long hard road and it really takes a while of putting pieces in place, you will be sick of it all soon enough

but the plus side is you will move to a much more robust resilient place with ongoing improvement which never seems to stop

as regards any prognosis for the future its sorta hard to explain

to date i have found that if i give a problem sufficient attention it resolves and thats about all i am prepared to say

basically i recommend the entire compendium and BCD and the necessary "finesse"

because i'm not on the spot there's a limit to how much effective advice i can give and its really up to you and your family to work out

eileen and myself are constantly working on it ourselves and views change and thats what i mean by "finesse"

its a lifetime process and what i can say is that over several years eileen and myself have moved by degrees into a space of constant improvement that builds and builds

biochemistry is so recursive and interrelated that its not possible to single out a particular area and "fix" it

thats why i approach this from the point of view of a full compendium/BCD approach

the net is full of health message boards of the mad where they limp forever trying to fix this and that and ban any sense posted, maybe you belong there, most seem to !

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