the problem with medicine is most doctors are in it for the money and they are not concerned with general good health and avoiding problems,  just mixed result repairs of things that have gone badly wrong

general discussion

sort of a position statement on medicine


gall bladder removal

biopsies metastasizing cancer

mri's are very damaging to the brain

excessive magnetic fields in infant incubators

fluoride a causation of pituitary adenomas (tumors)

the destructive effect of pain medication on new stroke damage

radioactive iodine  -  RAI

tablet excipients

vaccines (on another page)

osteopaths and chiropractors

x-rays & radiation affect neurohormonal mechanisms in the head  (also mSv)

ct  (computed tomography)  brain scans can cause mental retardation and eventual thyroid cancer in children.

personnel at the lower end of the medical system getting burnt


tb is infectious

anti inflammatories no answer for inflammatory bowel diseases, crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

sylvia plath's death


the problem with doctors is they are like lawyers, they just perpetuate their own business

they are preachers of the quick fix religion

if going to doctors worked i'd be running to a doctor too, but mostly there's a reduced quality of life doing things their way

if u have health problems its always a struggle to stay alive, there's no getting away from that and there are no quick fixes, only workarounds, tho new easier health maintenance perspectives can arise


medicine is naturally sacrifical, other areas of health are sacrificed in an attempt to remedy the most severe problem

you can't do that with kids, they have a whole life ahead of them, medicine is bascially designed for older people where the tradeoffs of permanent damage from side effects are in the context of declining health anyway

endocrinology and gastroenterology are appallingly incompetent branches of medicine, on the other hand surgery can be very well done.

medicine is pretty well up on joint issues, but not the autoimmune causes

most health problems are extremely difficult to solve, you have to take useful information where and when it occurs without prejudice or preconception

there is a problem with todays younger generation, medically politically correct beyond stupidity, they seem to have all creative and critical facilities lobotomised, i have never seen anything like it, a bankrupt generation

living in a "only what i want to hear" haze and get nasty if disturbed


the big thing is that it generally takes at least ten years for research that comes out today to make it to the medical schools so it's not that difficult to be ahead of 99.99% of doctors and endocrinologists in specific areas

researching on the web, if done in adequate depth and as part of an ongoing process has huge rewards, since reading recent research can make things very clear because in fact it is an attempt to address known current problems or insufficiencies in the state of knowledge

often the info you want has to be synthesised from reading a lot of different research, it's very rare for it all to be in one a paper

if you have a medical problem you have the time to read trying to understand the issues, the payback is so strong


doctors are not good with diets because the medical schools have dietary theory all wrong, too influenced by the grain producers and hospital food budgets !

also sophisticated diets are too complex to suit the medical systems need for a quick turnover of patients and the higher income from that

doctors are like plumbers or technicians, they often do not have a good understanding of the mechanisms behind what they do, and are sensibly if somewhat dishonestly very cautious of giving information about the cons that may expose them to being sued


one of the outstanding problems today with surgery is autoimmune excitation and rejection of implanted foreign material and also biofilm formation on implants

in english, the body reacts badly to foreign materials like titanium dental posts screwed through the gum into the bone

the media and medicine self censor about auto-immune and rejection issues, you never hear of the need to be on immune system suppression drugs for their rest of their lives with organ transplantees

the next wave of medicine is to replace all that with own grown materials, its starting to happen now


so called medical diseases are usually descriptions of symptoms rather than causes

do you understand that? its implications?


anti-hypertensives (betablockers, angiotension-converting enzyme inhibitors) impair memory

this is a double banger because high blood pressure has a similar effect

"Blood flow to the parts of the brain that support memory function differs between people with high blood pressure and those with normal blood pressure, and this difference seems to increase when high blood pressure is treated with medications.

It does not mean that those with high blood pressure were remembering significantly less; rather, the brain areas acting together during memory required more blood flow to remember the same things as people who did not have high blood pressure in the study,” said lead author J. Richard Jennings, Ph.D."   here


the basic problem with surgery is getting nerves sliced. surgeons are not really able to differentiate nerves which is why there can be incontinence and erection dysfunction from a prostate operation, the nerves controlling these things get sliced during the movement down to the target tissue and during the opertation on the tissue.

however i have to say that surgery is one of the few things medicine does well, the question is wether the need for surgery could have been avoided

ask around in determining a surgeon


mercury disinfectants like mercurochrome will put mercury into the body.


staph in public hospitals makes hospital stays perilous if you have a depressed immune system


see   dentistry  for dental iatrogens which really when you consider the damage to health amalgam fillings have done makes anything medical pale, though i have to say incompedent vaccination design and scheduling for children is having a fallout comparable or worse than world war 1.


liability issues alter a doctor's behavior to not giving the treatment most likely to be satisfactory but the one that best limits his liability exposure.

this is a major issue with a lot of iatrogenic unnecessary testing, the best treament passed over and a dangerous course of action persued.

it seems like alice through the looking glass, but thats the way liability law works, the only protection a doctor has against liability is to follow the peer and medical school consensus course of action which is usually destructive or pallative rather than remedial.

intelligent dietary eating and supplementation are so effective in preventing medical conditions i can only shake my head and wonder at the lack of attention people give to these issues.


an enzymesandautism post (21/5/04)

"i think the simple way to understand medicine is it is first and foremost a business.

its not done for love but money, 'selfless devotion' to health is just the publicity

remember that and you won't go wrong."


an pecanbread post (1/6/04)

the problem doctors have is they see too much coming from too many different directions and get too displaced by all this to ever get it together enough to be effective.

any mother can do much better with message boards and putting the work in supplements herself

the basic idea of medicine is to sacrifice other areas of health to fix specific area like say chemotherapy for cancer or medication for a contagious disease having side effects................

autism doesn't fit because the issues are so systemic and the condition so marginal so not as to be able to afford sacrifices of some areas for others.

just remember doctoring is a business, some of them are able to live very well including houses in haiwaii on this and if they weren't paid they wouldn't do it.

a slow and steady approach understanding issues like yeast and background mineralisation yields much higher levels of function long term but medicine has replaced religion as an unquestioned icon where people just do it because that is what they are brought up to respect without asking wether its effective or better results could be got by researching and doing the work yourself.


an ambd post (10 jun 04) titled 'the oath of hippocrates'

andy cutler can flick off there is no such thing as the oath of hippocrates which is a sort of psuedo relativism very characteristic of anyone who has been through a teaching institution

but in fact there is an oath and its quite specific as in this literal translation

"And I will use regimens for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from [what is] to their harm or injustice I will keep [them]. "

doesn't get more black and white than that.

interesting to read the whole  oath

obviously getting doctors to part with hard won knowledge was a big issue and perhaps the core of todays problem is the teaching system where this knowledge is assumed to have been adequately covered by a teaching curriculum, but that is far from the case

indeed doctors never recover from their bout of being loaded with misinformation in medical school and won't ever open their brains a tiny peep again

the original hippocratic oath a profound document and highlights todays issues if you think about them, especially when you consider that doctors usually do not swear it anymore but use a sanitized, medically politically correct version that omits the bit about doing patients no harm


from an enzymesandautism post (12 june 04)

all medications cack out eventually with side effects except possibly ultra low dose but the body seems to get vectoring issues from anything given too consistently even food which may explain regressions in scd.

"side effects are effects"


the toxicity of bismuth i am not clear about. it is used in some stomach medications. i guess the issue is how long it hangs around in the system and how well it is absorbed. i think it inherently very toxic but poorly absorbed so may have some use as a stomach medication where presumably the majority of the effect is in the stomach and intestine and not the body. if the gut was leaky which you would expect to be the case in a lot of stomach disorders that might be medicated then absorbtion would be better. i have seen high bismuth in hair tests and am convinced it is a major toxic burden.

apprently some make-up preparations have bismuth in them

a comment by galen knight:

The solubility product constants available in the scientific literature indicate that bismuth is somewhere between mercury and plutonium in toxicity to vitaletheine and other sulfhydryl components in the body. This is a classical example of an allopathic approach to better health....poison the body. From what I know and the indications from the old toxicology texts that definitively establish bismuth as being a poison and as requiring the same antidote as mercury, I would have to say that the recommendation to take bismuth on a regular basis is one of the most dangerous misinformation campaigns I have ever seen, one without any reference to the supposed information alleging benefit of bismuth.

an opposing view by jc (yahoo healingcrow post #24184 28 june 04) who is using it successfully on her son with severe uc

The bismuth is rapidly excreted from the system once use is discontinued. IF continued indefinitely, it could cause problems. The protocol is intended to bind with hydrogen sulfide in the gut, which damages the butyrate making machinery. As butyrate and SCFAs are necessary for energy metabolism in the gut, and hydrogen sulfide is toxic to the goblet cells, it makes sense to give it a try on a short term basis.

another post by jc in the thread, i don't think the nanocolliodal form is safe and that the efficacy of what she was doing depended on it being the subsalicylate form as per this   study

I bought mine at a dollar store (ed. re the bismuth tablets). It has the same active ingredient as pepto bismol (ed. Bismuth Subsalicylate) , not sure about the other ingredients. same color and taste as pepto. He did have more urgency and bms the first five days -and his pee smelled like straight ammonia. He did not have any diarrhea or blood at all. There are other forms of bismuth-bismuth citrate, and there is pure elemental bismuth. Reality Health Research sells it in nanocolloidal form, which would be safer, because you would just pee out any excess, though I don't know how you would measure the dose. .( I wanted to copy the protocol of the study though, so I opted for the chewable, even with the junk and the food coloring.) I wonder if changing forms/building more slowly would work? He was eating goat milk yogurt faithfully every day during the first two weeks as well- as he has done for the past ten months. He has had to cut back on the yogurt over the past two weeks. He says that it and the bismuth seem to counteract each other somehow.

another post by jc in the same thread

M. doesn't really have behavioral issues, other than sleep deprivation., "Brain fog" from anemia/cortisone, and exhaustion. He has a lot more energy. He has been able to do a little jogging, which he has not been able to do in years. His bms are totally normal-but black lol because bismuth neutralizes the hydrogen sulfide, turning black in the process. He has gained weight-not sure how much-haven't dragged out a scale. He is getting up by 8 a.m. instead of dragging himself out of bed exhausted at noon. His sleep is no longer disturbed by muscle locks or trips to the bathroom. His memory and concentration are much, much better.

my comment :

i have been following this bismuth thing a while and none of the kids really get better long term they just get something else so its the wrong road.


titanium implants are not as unreactive or as safe is is thought. the issues are with wear oxides in moving implants e.g. hip joints, and very small particle corrosion from the embedded titanium itself. the effects are immune disruption and other issues.

some root canal sealers also have titanium

having read some research on these issues i am much more cautious about titanuim dioxide as a filler in pills


from an enzymesandautism post (29 june 04)

the trouble with sophisticated medical testing is you can't do anything with it. the origin of medical testing is end of life (middle age lol) medical failures and the remedies are too high in side effects for kids expecting to live 60-80 years.

only supplementing had the finesse to avoid medical casualties at 20.

its simple choice but the cult status of medicine seems to be a fatal attraction.

the whole medical system is designed around a life expectancy of twenty years which is the way it has evolved in response to its middle aged clientelle who basically are the ones with the money.


E's  doctor wants to do a DMSA urine test challenge. Can you tell me if this is worth it and/or safe for her?  C.

my reply:

the challenge test lifts heavy metals so you get damage from mobilisation

have seen kids on the web never really recover from challenge tests

and i don't think they are very accurate either, can vary a lot.


an enzymesandautism post (10th july 04) titled 'staph infection'

A friend of mine has a child who is starting to develop an external staff infection. She does realize this is potentially very serious, and last year this child also had a staff infection for which she was given a strong antibiotic. Wondering if maybe the bacteria was never really killed off, and now for some reason it's tripped up again? Since last year she has discovered another "problem" child has Asperger and through dietary and supplemental changes she has substantially reduced the problem for her entire famiy. Needless to say, all of this has really changed her outlook on the use of antibiotics. She is trying to see if she can prevent/reverse the staff infection from progressing. If anyone has any ideas of something that might help please let me know. Thanks,   K.

my reply:

the trouble with staph is it forms spores when it stressed by poisons trying to kill it

an on deck immune system can handle it and thats really the way to go.


an enzymesandautism thread (23nd july 04) :

" nystatin is toxic if it crosses a leaky gut and gets into the blood which is sounding like what is happening"


I recall reading a post suggesting this about 1/2 a year ago, but when the doctor px'ed nystatin, all of my searches reassured me otherwise. Please explain the toxicity. I'm obviously not a big nystatin fan after our terrible results.  S.

my reply:

i don't know that you looked that hard, first entry on google under 'nystatin toxicity'


this is a lipsomal form of nystatin that most likely is still in development and not on the market, but it says about side-effects:

"In contrast to nystatin, serious toxic reactions due to systemic administration of liposomal nystatin appear less likely. The most commonly encountered side effect is hypokalemia. [2234]. Nephrotoxicity also occurs, although details on the frequency of this side-effect are as yet unavailable"

its disrupts the osmotic integrity of the fungal membrane so i bet it does that to some extent with some other body cells which which would make for a fairly nasty systemic reaction if it got into the blood.

lipsomes are a real innovation by the way enabling much more specfic delivery to target sites

but basically nystatin is toxic and is only considered non-toxic because it is supposedly very poorly absorbed from the gut but with a leaky gut or other injuries like colitis then it may well cross into the blood.


the enzyme candex in conjunction with the houstonni enzymes, north american herb and spice oreganol, and zinc methionine help with intestinal yeast but should be part of a larger picture of supplementing to right the gut innate immune system.


an ambd post (9th october 04) titled 'anyone get cold sores from diflucan?'

My son has had two episodes of cold sores in the last few weeks. I don't believe it is from the Diflucan, since he had one before we started. This is how he presented with celiac disease, so I am wondering if he accidentally ingested gluten. Just curious to know if anyone has ever had cold sores with Diflucan. nat

my reply:

you are the second mother to post on this.

if you look at the manufacturers data sheet the interesting thing is that diflucan accumulates in the skin at levels ten times to what it does in other parts of the body including the intestine.

so i think its a fair bet that diflucan modulates the anti viral immune system in a way that favours herpes outbreaks.



doctors can see up to 20 or 30 people a day, you would have to be blind to think they have your best interests at heart or are even capable of taking an informed view of them

the proof of the pudding is in the eating and my health is very good and i don't have that from going to doctors or naturopaths but sorting out issues myself

there's nothing more pathetic than people who take a passive, "doctor knows best" approach !

there is a modern waste land of the medically dependent and injured, maybe you are there, but i am not !

i let people make their own judgements but am the developer of the bioflm carbohydrate diet and  compendium  supplement program all of which is extremely well researched

it's volunteer, there's no agenda except i did get and am involved helping parents of children with autistic spectrum developmental disorders on the web

this area is not medical but premedical with the aim of avoiding ending up in the modern living crucifixion of medication, surgery and chemotherapy

i have learnt not to take any grief, there's such a wasteland of middle aged women (men to a lesser extent) with wrecked health now who have very little interest in improving their situation

having said all this i should make clear that in my experience and observation the natural health scene is also a disaster area









cataract operations should be delayed until absolutely necessary which in practical terms means when your driving  becomes unsafe , which actually is a difficult call to make and needs some thought

this is in part because the intial replacement operation is usually trouble-free, but once the prosthetic lens get fibrosed in, operations are much more difficult and problematic, so, if a replacement lens is needed at some point you are at a much higher risk of there being problems, espcially in eyes near our last years

eyes with prosthetic lenses are at a higher risk for some eye diseases, imo wearing sunglasses in bright sunlight is a good idea to protect the macula

glasses actually have an advantage, you get optical correction without physical interference in the eye, this idea of getting the operation despite minimal catract development to be  “ glasses free ”  is a toxic idea and in practical terms you might only expect five to ten years from this anyway

cataract is inevitably progressive, but the rate of progression varies considerably

the success of toric lenses depends on the long term stability of the cornea, remember, the cornea is a lens as well and stability is variable

the instability of the cornea is the hidden bogeyman of refractive surgery

mention it and they will just look blankly at you

hint: its a flexible dome

“ patient age was negatively correlated with the j0 of the total and anterior cornea but positively correlated with the j0 of the posterior cornea

the corneal astigmatism changed toward ATR astigmatism with age with a difference in corneal shape

there was a gradual progression of a  horizontal bowtie pattern , indicating an ATR shape change with age

this horizontal bowtie pattern became prominent in male eyes at 60 years of age and in female eyes at 70 years of age, and the change was more prominent in male eyes than in female eyes ”

younger people getting IOLs  (usually due to steriod use)  should get ones with a low glistening rate

operation and IOL quality are always improving, albeit slowly, so if you can wait several years you will benefit considerably from this

downgaze reading changes the corneal shape as per the visual tasks and corneal astigmatism   section

magazines in an ophthalmologist’s, optometrist’s or optician’s waiting room are not such a good idea

i recently had a new prescription done that was considerably better than the last, didn’t read while waiting and it was earlier in the day and i wasn’t tired like last time and i did close my eyes occasionally to rest them

i did think the optometrist was more careful, skilled and experienced than the first one and i can say a better prescription is a significant life help


short sightedness has been traditionally undercorrected with glass prescriptions as an attempt to stop elongation of the eyeball but research is showing that there is the opposite effect, under correction forces elongation

with prescriptions for myopia you should be careful to get full correction


gall bladder removal catastrophically messes bile flow which is the main excretion route for organic toxins and heavy metals.

in addition you get less breakdown of fats which has a lot of deficiency flow-on's like low vitamin A and D.

removal is not a remedy and the BCD and compendium are a much better resolution

low fat diets and malign biofilm are the causes of the gall bladder getting stuffed full of biofilm built gallstones

however higher fat diets which flush the gall baldder properly, need  iodine  supplementation, as fats blot up iodine

the problem is the gall bladder looks like a trival function to medicine and removal is not a huge deal, but the whole bodies detoxification pathways are built around adequate bile flow

fats and fat digestion are instrumental in maintaining a healthy gut biofilm with the right bacterial populations

without a gall baldder the stomach becomes an out of control toxic fementing vat

[Probiotic modulation of symbiotic gut microbial–host metabolic interactions in a humanized microbiome mouse model]   study

an enzymesandautism thread (21st july 04) titled 'bile'

H. writes:

bile is the substance that helps to break down fats and such made by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. I used to have gall stones from being on weight watchers and lowering my fat intake quite a bit and lost 36 pounds. The aftermath is that when I got pregnant with my third the bile that was becoming "crystals" in my gall bladder from eating so low fat they become gall stones. This caused when starting to eat some foods pregnant mothers crave...i.e. bbq burritos from exxon (heart attack food :o) severe pain as now I needed bile to break down that food in the duodenum (sp?) and rushing through brought some gall stones down through the tube to the duoedenum to be broken down better and felt pain so severe i thought i was having a heart attack. Does that help?

This is how the gastro-enterologist explained it to me. :o)

my reply:

thats a good explanation.

organic toxins and heavy metals are excreted through bile so you can see the modern emphasis on low fat diets has some issues

i am eating about 200 ml of double cream a day now but you need adequate trace minerals to metabolise the fat.

low fat leads to heavy metals accumulation and then you get gall bladder problems, the gall baldder is removed and then since the bile flow is lower and fats are never digested properly the person just gets sicker and sicker. a reasonable amount of fat is needed in the diet to get enough bile throughput so that the gall bladder is self cleaning and doesn't form sludge or stones. a low fat diet is a sure recipe for gall baldder issues.

the gall badder is an essential organ since it provides bile in sufficient quantites on demand to ensure that fats and oils are emulsifyed and digested, removal should be a remedy of last resort.

without bile or sufficent on demand there will be gut flora dysbiosis.

if you have a dysfunctional gall bladder and it has been removed, mixing fish oil and cold pressed organic sunflower oil with white vinegar to emulsify it may add digestion.


steve jobs is a good example of what money can buy in health care and what it can't, and what it can't kills you    (december 2008)

he has had the wipple procedure for islet pancreatic cancer, but he only eats fish, shellfish and vegetables

if he had read the compendium, he would know that eating a lot of fish with him having no gall bladder is a disaster

whatever enzyme function he had will be slowly being locked up with mercury from the fish that can't be excreted because of no gall bladder

also arsenic from the excessive eating of shellfish and shrimps is a significant promoter of pancreatic cancer !


“ the whipple procedure, named for the american doctor who improved it in the 1930s, is a complex, rube goldberg-type operation in which surgeons remove the right-most section, or "head," of the pancreas - as well as the gallbladder, part of the stomach, the lower half of the bile duct, and part of the small intestine - and then reassemble the whole thing in a new configuration

the severed surfaces of the stomach, bile duct, and remaining pancreas are stitched to the small intestine so that what's left of the pancreas can continue to supply insulin and digestive enzymes ”


hes a gonna and will be suicidal, i wouldn't have bothered with an operation like that and i am sure there will have been better alternatives; a trap with being wealthy is being "over-operated" on



any puncture testing  (punch biopsies)  of skin cancer or skin diseases like staph can push cancerous or diseased cells deeper or into the blood and is to be completely avoided

stephanie  writes

there is some debate over biopsies that they may cause any abnormal cells to  leak  out into the body

if they happen to be cancer then they can spread to the adjoining lymph nodes

I had a thyroid biopsy and cancer was found in my lymph node

I will never know if this is how it happened

“ can biopsies  spread  cancer? ”

“ uses of power morcellators include being used to shred uterine fibroids into small pieces so they can be removed from the body through small incisions.

but in the event that a patient has an undiagnosed cancer, the device can fling cancer cells throughout the body, where they  can seed  new tumors ”



imaging techniques like current mri technology, cat scans and x-rays  only pay off for more accurate diagnosis, surgery or the avoidance of exploratory surgery

imaging for surgery is actually a fundamental advance of medicine in the 20 century, surgery used to be very problematic before marie curie's x-rays in world war 1

MRI's and CAT scans are very destructive to body tissue and DNA

CAT scans of the brain after a stroke makes the damage several times worse

the reduced intensities of very recent dental x ray equipment may be more acceptable than older machines, but avoid irridating the thyroid


Cardiac MRI's appear to be especially  unsafe 

The principle is the same as CT scans and chemotherapy, you take some damage for an improved overall benefit which in the case of scans is a more accurate diagnosis !

for instance surgery is be very problematic without accurate imaging, marie curie's bringing x-rays to surgery in france during WW1 made a big difference to the survival rate of French soldiers compared to the other allies and germans !

that said you don't want to be casual about getting either CT or MRI scans unnecessarily !


the earth's magnetic field is around 50 uT (static), that is more than 140 000 times lower than a 7 tesla MRI machine

i just can't believe these guys and the use of field strengths   (  I   II  )   that will polarise every ferric ion from here to moon as though it were a walk in the park

½  and 1 tesla static exposures are a  problem

“ Current MRI visualizes water molecules to track biochemical processes

by visualizing the sodium ions involved in those processes instead, the 9.4T permits researchers to directly follow one of the most important energy-consuming processes in the cellular machinery in the brain

The strength of magnetic resonance scanners has increased from less than 0.5T up to the first 8T in 1998

As human safety data became available, the FDA limits were revised upwards accordingly -- to the current level of 8T in 2003

In this safety trial, 25 healthy volunteers -- 12 men and 13 women -- were exposed, in random order, to the 9.4T scanner, in which they were exposed to a static magnetic field and to sodium imaging, and to a mock scanner with no magnetic field. an audio recording simulated the sound of a real scanner

vital signs and cognitive ability were measured in all volunteers before and after the sodium imaging at 9.4T and the mock scanning

tThere were no significant changes in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate or other vital signs when volunteers were exposed to either the magnetic field or the imaging. There were no significant differences in the cognitive testing of volunteers following mock vs. real scanning

the most frequently reported discomfort was lightheadedness or vertigo when being moved into the magnetic field. A few subjects reported a metallic taste, nausea, or a visual effect of seeing sparks. The sensations went away once they were stationary in the magnetic field ”

the  researchers  concluded that exposure to a 9.4T static magnetic field does not present a safety concern

the safety trials are laughable, what exactly is their definition of  no significant differences?

an mri too soon after a stroke with the brain so vulnerable, would be crucifying. even pain medications after a stroke can nix the brain in a very bad way

if you have to have an mri, melatonin and vitamin e help offset the damage

i would take the time release  “ MRM ”  brand melatonin before going into the machine and vit E before and after to help offset the free radical damage, see melatonin and vitamin E in  other supplements

an interesting google search term on the compendium

i had a chest mri with iodine it messed up my salivary glands

this  study  claims that the strongest MRI units approved for clinical use are 3T

gadolinium is  retained  by the brain !


there's a new nuclear ultra-low field magnetic field resonance  technology  that may well make these machines safer in say about 15 years  (2022?).

  “  magnetic resonance imaging at ultra-low fields  (ed.  ULF MRI - very new technology, 15 years yet to go from the lab to hopsital use? )  uses SQUIDs  (superconducting quantum interference devices)  to measure spin precession at a microtesla-range field after sample magnetization is enhanced by a stronger pre-polarizing field

here, the first ULF images of the human head acquired at 46 microtesla  (460 mG)  measurement field with pre-polarization at 30 mT are reported ”   ( november 2007  ‑   study )

460 mG is right on the limit of penal, so for todays mri's with a thousand fold alternating imposed field - 460,000 mg or 460 gauss = 46 milli tesla, the damage to the brain DNA must be crippling

some  progress   on reducing the integrated dose and a good explanation of how different  mri  technologies work


i look forward to some studies showing brain cancer induced by mri but somehow i doubt i will see it.

mri after surgery for brain tumour's can trigger new tumours, there was uk journalist working for the bbc (now dead) who this happened to

an interesting  development  by rongjia tao using a magnetic field of 1.3 tesla to crosslink the red blood cells so they form chains that go down the center of the veins and arteries reducing viscosity !

an mri if you have MS can be dangerous

thanks very much for all of the input on hemochromatosis. my ferritin level was only 66, but we did not test beyond that, and i understand that in some cases, ferritin will be fairly normal, it will be the transferrin level that will be over 45 or 55%... maybe this is all a shot in the dark for me, but i am of irish background. so many of the symptoms seem to overlap, but the observation that not everyone with hemochromatosis develops ms is insightful.

one of the things i wonder about in my case is that i had hundreds of pinpoint lesions, not just a couple of larger lesions. i did not react well to the one and only mri that i had in 1992, and have not had subsequent pictures taken. after my mri in 1992, i found my walking coordination never recovered... my gait remained wonky afterward and never corrected. what do these magnetic fields do to all that iron in the brain?


an autism mercury post (25th july 2004) titled “ Supps to prevent grey hair; MRI experience (bad!) ”

Okay, yes I worry too much, especially about my son. I know that B vitamins are supposed to help prevent grey hair, but does anyone know of other supplements?

Is their anything (a breastfeeding mom can take) to reverse grey hair? I've gotten so much grayer suddenly.

Also, I know MRIs are supposedly benign, but I had one on my head last April because I was having right-sided numbness. The MRI was clean, and of course my numbness went away shortly thereafter. But, I had terrible aftereffects. I got horrible headaches for a few days and my eyes felt like they had needles in them.

Then, I became electromagnetically sensitive. I was already chemically sensitive, but this is pretty horrible because I can't really avoid electricity. It hurts my head to sit at this computer. I now have to sleep with the electricity turned off at the breaker box. I've heard this could suggest that I have metals in my brain...which makes me wonder if my son may have gotten metal poisoning when in utero. He was never vaccinated.

ANd this sort of ties into the grey hair issue...because it was after the MRI that my hair started to turn...but could be a coincidence.  J.

my reply:

Did you have the contrast injection?

-Sara. also MCS but thankfully not EMF

No! I would never have done the contrast since I'm MCS, and I'm also still breastfeeding.

Thanks, J.

my reply:

 note :  i lost the reply but another post i made on mri's titled  bbc censorship  (1st december 2004) is below

this journo with a brain tumour has an online dairy on the bbc site and has, it looks like a return of his brain tumour and i posted on their page about the mri causing the resurgence of the tumour becuse of the genetic damage from the intense magnetic fields of the mri and guess what

post not approved, the bbc have always been scoundrels though, toady purveyors of medical sanctity and left wing mediocracy !

you can post all sort of sentimental sap but anything real and helpful like  mri's are dangerous

you can't post

disturb the masses in their doctor worship i guess

and far better for the  journo  to die than get useful information which will teach him for being such a pro medical patsy

well he died 3 months later!

killed by an mri and his widow embarked on some stupid trust fund raising !

the british taxpayer is now funding an ivan noble bursary to turn out more of these medically sychopantic patsies !


a openblooms thread (august 06)

i wrote:

low frequency magnetic fields resonate with ferric irons in the cell which generates free radicals which bust up the dna

mris have super intense low frequency magnetic fields

(ed. note: i have since discovered that the main magnetic field is static for mri's, so the damage picture is more a depends thing, type of machine, length of time under the fields, iron and oxidative status, wether it's the brain - the organ most sensitive to damage from free radicals - that's being done or other organs)

it's a known problem because there's some very good researchers working on new generation mri's that use 1/100th of the field intensity

all these studies with human rats being mri'd for some stupid study makes me laugh...............

S. writes

I was at the dr's yesterday - 3rd time complaining of exhaustion. My blood sugar is all over the place - the salt and sugar cravings are unbelievable - if I go for a walk I need to take a nap. I asked to have my adrenals checked. After further discussion, she decided to send me to an edocrinologist, to have everything checked out. When she mentioned a possible pituitary tumor, I realized that that's a possiblity. One of my daughters had one removed a few years ago, and we were told it was hereditary. We've got a few ancestors who were really tall - 7 1/2 feet.

That said, I'll be going for an MRI to rule this out. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for this?

my reply:

vit e and c, just as per normal with the compendium, nothing excessive for the mri, it's an oxidising event (the mri)

the dual selenium protocol and retinyl acetate and iodine etc. to retard tumours

chromium gtf really helps with blood sugar


i not as unequivocal on mri's being a super high degree of damage as i was before since i have discovered the main magnetic field is static

i would rate the degree of damage somewhere between mild/moderate to severe by the mechanisms and may vary from machine to machine

what is needed is an actual genetic assay from mri use to see the degree of damage that happens, but guess what, is it going to be funded? like doctors and the mri manufactueres are going to allow evidence to be provided against them for class lawsuits?

you can actually see it in the search's, a complete lack of research one way way or another and that means there is a strong degree of suspected damage since there is no research showing how safe and hygenic and ronald macdonald it is, and of course there would be no funding for anything likely to show there was damage

i have heard of some-one who was sick for weeks after an mri



the emf levels these studies show are cruel in the extreme, a form of torture.

the medical and standard setting authories are caught in a bind because they don't recognise ac magnetic fields as harmful. (2008)

“ infants who experienced early exposure to stress from being in neonatal units displayed decreased brain size, functional connectivity, and abnormal motor behavior. ”   study


Increasing the engine-mattress distance in neonatal incubators: a way to decrease exposure of infants to electromagnetic fields  study

In the babies tested with the incubator motors, there were significant differences in heart rate. However, this variability fell significantly during the periods when the incubator was running. The authors suggest that the differences in variability may be influenced by the powerful EMFs that are produced by these incubators.

Decreased heart rate variability is a strong predictor of a poor prognosis in adult patients with heart disease and the general population

"Electromagnetic fields produced by incubators influence heart rate variability in newborns"  study

Study of Magnetic Field Distribution in Infant Incubators  polish study



making an association here between the interference of fluoride with the G protiens which are instrumental for the function of the pituitary and endocrine glands


"We have found a profoundly altered Gs protein in a group of human growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas"


low vitamin d may be another risk factor for pituitary adenomas



a woman i know of had a very significant personality change, became much more aggressive and lost a certain attractive benign-ness ( yes i know, can a woman ever be benign?) after a lower back injury from exercising on roman rings

the back thing was really part of a larger parcel of neural damage that happened i think

i suspect she has a hole in the heart and the roman ring exercise must have moved the muscles so a clot went through the hole and ended up in the parts of her brain that govern the personality

also she must have moved too much immediately after the stroke and didn't take true niacin which helps dissolve the clot

what really compounded the damage was going on heavy duty pain medications for the back afterwards

significant personality change can only be caused by significant brain damage

it's interesting that the latest research shows that what we are is an ongoing process of different parts of the brain volunteering themselves for the various functions needed and when there is a stroke some parts of the brain can no longer go 'online', so other less suitable parts of the brain are used and this difference in use is what causes the personality change

that is, the people are actually different by virtue of a different mix of parts of the brain being used



particularly good accounts of taking radioactive iodine      [  I     II  ]

iodine is not just uptaken by the thyroid but also the choroid plexus (a fluid organ in the brain important for the removal of the beta amyloid protiens associated with alzheimers), pancreas, stomach, breasts, ovaries, the choroid in the eye, and the liver!

these organs will also be damaged by the radioactivity

it's a death sentence and should never be used to ablate the thyroid for hyperthyroidism or graves disease

one of the BIG problems with no thyroid is that even armour does not give blood flow through the small capillaries of the brain!

only a working thyroid does!


“ doctors overusing thyroid cancer treatment ”   study


recent research  2007   2008  shows that the NIS symporter is damaged at the molecular DNA level by radioactive iodine

this is swedish research and not american because it would never be funded in the usa

the NIS symporter is body wide and not just in the thyroid

this has implications even for dental x rays impinging on the thyroid and clarifies a mechanism for thryoid cancer from the nevada nuclear testing

the use of radioactive iodine is a chemotherapy with all the implications

the way things are going endocrinologists are condeming a fair portion of the american population to this with their anti-dietary and supplement attitude to iodine

the last thing they are going to be thinking of on the bahama holidays that the endless tide of people with thyroid problems gives them is their culpability


between  folaprolithium,   the dual seleniums, manganese, iodine and no fenol, and a high fat diet you can modulate the dopamine - thyroid hormone axis quite a bit - increase or decrease thyroid hormone and responsiveness

 manganese  can strongly depress serum tsh, t4 and t3 levels

these supplements and the biofilm carbohydrate diet are a far better way to approach hyperthyroidism and graves disease than RAI

a possible 'quick fix' for hyperthyroid and graves disease may be to supplement folapro manganese, lithium and selenium as per the compendium and increase consumption of animal fats

animal fats seem to reduce the iodine available to the thyroid, and a high animal fat diet needs compensatory iodine, though polyunsaturated fats and oils may be even more demanding of iodine since they have a a higher iodine number

the iodine number of a fat or oil (number of grams of iodine that will bind to 100 grams of the fat or oil) is the degree with with which it will bind to iodine (decolorizing the iodine = binding to the unsaturated double bonds) and is highest for polyunsaturated fats and lowest for saturated fats

this presumably has an evolutionary origin with the eating of thyroids as well as the fat from animal carcasses's

radioactive iodine for metastasized thyroid cancer might be a valid use of it, though from what i have seen it is not as successful as medicine makes out

daily high dose iodine (50mg?) is an alternative that seems to work, though continually being on a large enough dose to shut metastasized thyroid cells down is likely fairly brutal

scintigrams (scans using ingested radiation) should be done with 123-I rather than 131-I as the 123-I has only gamma and not beta radiation and is a lot less destructive than the 131-I  reference


for those who seem to find the notion that  radioactive iodine has side effects  is new, go to the following  link

then go to a link called  iodine, stomach cancer and evolution two thirds of the way down

its a 5 meg download but worth it (you will need adobe acrobat installed)

go to page 50

there is a picture showing the various intensities of radioactive iodine in the body, you can see that while eventually most of the retained radioactive iodine ends up in the thyroid, initally its in the gut, bladder, reproductive organs, brain and even bones

“ Sequence of I-123 total-body scintiscans of a woman after intravenous injection of I-123 (half-life: 13 hours); (from left) respectively at 30 minutes, and at 6, 20 and 48 hours. It is evident the highest and rapid concentration of radio-iodide (in white) in gastric mucosa of the stomach, salivary glands and oral mucosa. In gastric mucosa of the stomach, 131-I (half-life: 8 days) persists in scintiscans for more than 72 hours. In the thyroid I-concentration is more progressive, as in a reservoir [from 1% (after 30 minutes) to 5.8 % (after 48 hours) of the total injected dose]. (Dr. Venturi, 2000) ”

the top 22 reasons to not have RAI  here


yahoo iodine message  board  rai thread from Message #23960, may 14th 2008

w. asks:

I'm scheduled for RAI at the end of the month. Is there anything Ineed to know because my doctor is very vague when I ask questions. My concern right now is the rapid heartbeat, hairloss, heat intolerance, tremors associated with Grave's disease.

tracy replies:

had RAI last June. I am still screwed up from it. My adrenals are messed up, my hormones are wacked, and I have major salivary gland dysfunction still. You can check out Steph's website and I also wrote an article on RAI  here

steph replies:

Please don't do RAI. I did it 3 times and it almost killed me. Granted it was for thyroid cancer and higher doses but the long and the short of it is that this radioactive form goes to all the places that inorganic non-radioactive forms do which is every gland and mucosal lining. You can also check out the atomic women   website  -  they had RAI done for graves.

comdyne2002 replies:

You should do your homework before you subject yourself to this treatment which I consider barbaric. I'm not a Dr. but I have researched this after a friend had undergone the procedure. It has ruined her life. There are a large number of doctors that agree with my position. Caveat Emptor!

kathy replies:

Hi I had RAI jan,2005, I was left with double vision within 2 weeks of RAI, also damaged salivary gland,and dry eyes. The other big problem is to this day my levels do not stay regulated. I have the dose changed in my synthroid constantly. I havent worked in 4 years.I am starting with my 4th endo this friday, I will be starting on armour with him thank god..

laura replies:

I can't give advice on the RAI except to say that I wouldn't  (DIDN'T)  do it. I have had graves for over 5 years and with these same symptoms, along with insomnia (except for hair loss - I had chemo to get that!)

Anyway today I have minimal incidences with symptoms because I use herbs to manage the graves while I am trying to saturate with iodine. I'm up to 75mgs daily and as long as I take my herb tea concoction in the morning I am fine all day.

I use Motherwort, bugleweed and lemonbalm. I buy it dried and make a tincture. Then I make a tea and spike it with the tincture. - I have used the essiac tea "Floressence" just once for cancer/detox. I haven't used teas for energy - I'm getting that with the iodine. I used the herbal tea mix to manage the hyper symptoms.

karen replies:

Whatever you do, if at all possible, don't do the RAI. I had the RAI done 3 years ago. It's the biggest regret in my life. THE BIGGEST!! Get the facts. Do the iodine. I was diagnosed with Graves, also, and my TSH come to find out was NORMAL. The only effect I was having from the graves was heart palpitations. That's it. Had I known then what I know now, I would have gone the other route, but I trusted my stupid endo. We're here for you!!


diane (may 2009) writes:

Hello I am so sorry about the thyroid cancer. My brother got the most common type and had his thyroid removed along with lymph glands and para thyroid. Sometime after surgery he had radiation therapy. He said if he had it to do over he would not ever get radiation. It ruined his voice gives him chronic sore throats and irritation. He does not regret the surgery only the radiation.


Christine asks (october 10th 2010)

It's been mentioned that 90% of those who have chosen to have their cancerous thyroids removed have regretted it makes me wonder why?

What are the problems inherent in taking it out, readjusting, and balancing thyroid supplementation?

Stephanie replies:

1)  Supplementing will never replace what the thyroid did on its own. As the body requires more hormone it doesn't get more because you are supplying only a flat amount. If you need less you still get the same amount. It has been speculated that the thyroid works as a form of a filtration system  Ryan Drum

( ed.  :  i do not agree with drum's promotion of the dietary use of seaweed and his herbal approach is quite different from that recommended in the  compendium )

2)  Most doctors don't know how to treat thyroidless people properly. Not enough hormone is given so the adrenals are taxed and you fall into adrenal fatigue.

3)  Creates a hormone imbalance in the system because the thyroid-pituitary axis is messed up.

4)  If you do RAI then you can be put into early menopause.

5)  It is very difficult to find / afford a doctor who will treat you with desiccated thyroid not synthetic thyroid hormone like Synthroid or Levoxyl. They believe that it is the Cadillac of thyroid hormones and and products like Armour & Nature-throid are old medicines no longer needed.

6)  There is concern that natural thyroid medications will be eliminated by the FDA and other powerful drug companies causing us to have to either go to black market products or travel over seas for medication.

7)  You never feel right. You have to find a new normal. Most of us suffer from continued aching that never quite goes away. We are forever dependant on a pill TO KEEP US ALIVE and that is scary.



A Synthroid 0.1mg tablet contains: 100ug levothyroxine sodium, acacia, confectioner’s sugar, D&C Yellow No.10, FD&C Yellow No.6, lactose, magnesium stearate, povidone and talc.

An Eltroxin 0.1mg tablet contains: 100ug levothyroxine sodium, acacia, Colorcon yellow, cornstarch, lactose and magnesium stearate.

plenty of bad stomach flora feeders and toxic additives there

The Armour® Thyroid product manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals contains:

1. Thyroid Powder, USP
2. Dextrose, Anhydrous
3. Microcrystalline Cellulose, NF
4. Sodium Starch Glycolate, NF
5. Calcium Stearate, NF
6. Opadry White (titanium dioxide used as a whitening agent)

the dextrose and sodium starch glycolate have digestion issues and new research is showing titanium is a problem

tapazole excipients: lactose, magnesium stearate, starch and talc

"I developed pretty wicked heartburn after starting on Tapazole, and I was told it's pretty common with thyroid meds"

check out my iodine  page  for coverage on the whole ghastly mess of medical interventions for thyroid issues



as far as i can see oestopaths and chiropractors induce a complex cycle of temporary symptomatic relief co-joined with more injury from the manipulation

thinking about it has given me a much stronger notion of avoiding that sort of dangerous activity

if bones can be manipulated to give relief then they and the cartilage are eroded

these are the root issues and need to be addressed via diet, uvb, supplements and movement restrictions - see  joints in the compendium index



Research conducted at the University of Washington School of Dentistry shows that women who have dental X-rays during pregnancy are three times as likely to have a low-birth-weight, full-term baby as women who did not have diagnostic X-rays during pregnancy.

“ We don't know whether radiation affects neurohormonal mechanisms in the head and neck region, such as thyroid function, or whether factors unrelated to the X-rays are to blame, ” Dr. Philip Hujoel said. “ We were surprised by the finding, but it does bear out previous studies that found that other types of diagnostic radiation, such as diagnostic radiation for spine problems, also were associated with low birth weight. ”

Hujoel points out that the move toward digital radiography will drastically reduce the radiation doses needed for current techniques. (2004)


from the above, it's a  fair inference  that CT (1 - 10 mSv) and PET (5 - 8 mSv) scans are considerably more  neuro-destructive


mSv  is milliSiervert which is basically the biologically destructive effect of the amount of radiation received

“   our study  found that CT scans are associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer and leukemia in adults in all ages and with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in young adults, the risk is stronger in patients who have higher cumulative doses from multiple scans. The increased numbers of people undergoing CT scans have become a public health issue ”

interestingly humans compared to other organisms are quite fragile and more easily damaged from a radiation point of view

gastrointestinal problems would be another consequence  study

a chest x ray is 0.02 mSv, a year's average radiation that we receive is 2.2 mSv and a PET scan is about 6 mSv

CT scans can be from 1 to 10 mSv depending on how much of the body is exposed

8 mSv for a helical scan !

a whole body CT scan radiation dose = 10mSV, times 10 = 100 mSv which is the dose the average hiroshima survior experienced who stood several thousand yards from ground zero

you can check the figures out yourself, there's a bevy out there

this  study  only looked at survival rates not quality of life like gastrointestinal issues which are an early casualty from radiation damage, plus their so called low dose is in fact 8 mSv !

children of course are much more fragile to radiation than adults and actually for both adults and children genetics play  a huge role  in susceptibility ! :o)

it is important to remember that the 6 mSv for a PET scan is over a couple of hours and the 2.2 mSv is over a year












  hours !










doctors in australia and new zealand are much more cautious about recommending these high dose scans, it's really hard to get to grips with how much advice is driven by the dollar in the usa !

especially california !



it actually gets back to the very high pulse dose of x rays not being safe even though in terms of an integrated dose you are not getting an exceptional amounts, say equivalent to several days background radiation. the problem is that this dose is compressed into fractions of a second.

this  study  completely upends the medical view that acute doses are equivalent to continuous low doses

also high radiation doses from cancer treatement or ct scans create an  elevated  risk for thyroid cancer in children over the remainder of their lives

it's interesting they are relating rising thyroid cancer rates to increased medical radiation exposure and not just for children

i have to say that the usa seems to be in a class of its own except for chernobyl when it comes to thyroid problems and thyroid cancer !

  spect scans  appear to be much safer,  tho the scanners do still include a CT scanner at 1/4 the usual dose which is still too high imo !

supposedly the radioctive tracer used in spect scans stays in the blood and doesn't go into tissue,  hence its use for monitoring blood flow and activity patterns only !

dr. daniel amen and brain spect  scans

CT scans  significantly  raise cancer risk !



ambulance personnel, nurses etc. get over glamourised with medicine and as consequence over-reliant on it to remedy their own illness's to a very destructive effect

paradoxcially doctors are not so caught knowing too well the flakeyness of a lot of what they do and perhaps on balance having sensible fulltime wives who feed and look after them properly is a major help!

the lower classes can't afford that luxury and pay for it

holidays in the sun help to

i think doctors are the biggest group of parents who are vaccine abstainers for their children in the uk

physchiatric wards are full of low contagion stealth type viruses and the nurses get murdered with their constant exposure, i am sure this is a contributing factor for all the penal behavior issues that occur with pyschiatric staff

alzheimers being potentially a transmissable prion disease is an example of the sort of issues health personnel face

obviously more work to be done, but if it's so, that will put a cat amongst the pigeons !   study



4 out of 5 people on warfarin/coumadin eventually die from blood clots (figure given by a monash university researcher 2009)

the reason for this is that the newly discovered mechanism of clots forming on injured tissue is not addressed by warfarin  study

“Lead author Dr Nesbitt explains that this new clotting mechanism is not sensitive to anti-clotting drugs, such as aspirin, clopidogrel or warfarin, defining an important new mechanism responsible for anti-clotting drug resistance.”

warfarin is far too freely prescribed as a sort of cure-all for various heart and blood conditions, when in reality it is a "kill-all" which it seems to do quite effectively, tho it takes a while

dr. william davis on warfarin  blog


i had a friend of about 52 on warfarin die recently (2009) from what was likely a brain haemorrhage, which again, if you search the literature is a side effect of it, there's always some degree of brain haemorrhaging when you are on warfarin



i think you'd have to be a nut to work in medicine or dentistry

look at the  risk  of gettign TB in samara, russia!

50% for tb specialist doctors!

(even tho it's latent)

christine got severely damaged (not tb) by the patient contact in her nursing course

nurses generally are very very damaged in my observation

60% for tb laboratory workers!



mms (chlorine dioxide) may act as an immune signalling compound like hydrogen peroxide

i am not saying it's that effective at all or doesn't have side effects but in term of crohns it may attempt to address the immune stimulating aspect that medicine doesn't

i have no experience of chlorine dioxide and am not recommending it but i am familar with the immune system and hormone stimulating effect of  hydrogen peroxide

you have to understand that medicine and science are different things, like research showing that crohns is not just an inflammatory condition but a failure of the anti-microbial immune system

medicine currently prescribes anti-inflammatories for crohns which are broad spectrum immune suppressors but this scientific  study  says

"the discovery that a special antibiotic-activating protein (defensin) of the human body is diminished in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis"

the upshot is that if you have crohns and are on medically prescribed immune system suppressing steriods then because the real issue is immune system incompetence and misdirection the outlook is not good

inflammation is the activation of the immune system, the problem is the failure and misdirection of the immune system to defeat whatever pathogens that are inducting the response

























would have had rapidly











hemorrhaging !

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