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   ala increases pancreatic beta cell mass ?

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it's just amazing















a bull went into a china shop,  smashed  a lot of the merchandise going through, and lay down

the owner came out from the back and freaked out and woke the bull up and chased it out through the shop destroying the remaining half of the china and eventually the shop as well, as it went around and around in the shop

the owner was called  chelation


chelation is the false theory that heavy metals can be cherry picked out and removed

it is the nature of most heavy metals that they cannot be cherry picked

that doesn't stop people from trying so they take a substance like ala or dmsa which binds to the mercury in the hope that some of the “ lifted ” mercury will leave their bodies and all will live happily ever after

unfortunately what happens is the bull in the china shop analogy

the number of people i have seen half kill themselves or their children over the years is incredible and they basically don't recover

rigidity, arrogance and  know it allness  are very characteristic footprints of chelation in adults, in short, personality change characteristic of brain damage

everything looks smooth until you apply the litmus paper of contradiction and then all   hell   breaks lose


chelation is just an idea, there's no real process that corresponds, what is called chelation just mobilises the heavy metals in a way that does more damage

it is an  oversimple solution  to a complicated problem !

the only way to reduce the heavy metals is intelligent supplementation and diet and let the heavy metals come out over three or four years which they will do if you get it right


effective chelation requires an active agent intelligence that cannot be approximated by inorganic or organic molecules

the safe removal of toxic metals will require nano-robots that i think will be too diffcult to ever design and develop


the large scale neural structures in the brain are like a top heavy tree with lots of branches and a very thin trunk

and the brain is essentially a forest of these trees and they all add up up to personality, all sorts of function and memory

mercury is like a manic chainsaw cuttting these structures off at the trunk and chelation moves the mercury chainsaw around the forest real quick


NAC  (N-acetylcysteine)  and ALA  (alpha lipoic acid)  are sulphur compounds and highly mobilising of mercury and most likely arsenic and other heavy metals

you would think this is a good thing, but it's not, because the newly mobile mercury moves into and around the brain where it does a lot of damage

there is no better way to kill your brain than single large daily doses of  ALA  with amalgam fillings in.

you lose half your brain  and wander about a zombie  and there's no recovery

NAC is not really a chelator since it doesn't bind very strongly to mercury but it sure can lift it  ( also a glutathione promoter/precursor/regenerator which in excess is very problematic )  and i have seen it do a lot of damage especially if taken by people with amalgam fillings in, and methyl B-12 injections with NAC is an immediate killer

the trouble is that the NAC mobilised mercury damages the brain, thyroid and kidneys, yet in the short term NAC can appear to be beneficial, but long term imposes a very low recovery ceiling with severe developmental curtailments in children

one valid use of NAC might be a before hand dose  (moderate amount, not excessive)  to help protect kidneys from damage  (nephropathy)  caused by iodine-containing dyes/contrast agents used during CT scans, angiograms and other imaging scans. dunno what the story is if you have amalgams in.

another  study  says that the damage from iodinated contrast material is over-estimated

interestingly nac is an  antidote  for acetaminophen  (tylenol)  poisoning, the effect of the poisoning is to dramatically lower GSH  (glutathione)  blood levels, so nac must be able to regenerate glutathione  (along with sam-e and osr and probably ala)

taking  taurine  is a much better and safer way to promote the sulphur metabolism and ease out heavy metals


andy cutler who i don't agree with at all because of the frequent dose chelation protocol he promotes, also says large single daily dose ala is extremely destructive

loss of reading age and comprehension, and personality change are the signs of brain damage from ala mercury mobilisation

if you have ever had amalgams in, there's a lot of permanent mercury in the brain that gets moved destructively around by chelation

and in fact eating fish and shellfish provides enough mercury and arsenic to be an issue, or possibly even just living accumulates sufficient heavy metals if you have the wrong genetics for susceptibility !


"TK",  the owner of the suicidal   "frequent dose chelation"  message  board ,  juiced some cilantro/coriander and drank it and i think just one or two doses did him in and he has never really recovered

some interesting  research  indicating that cilantro/coriander binds to heavy metals

if it can bind to them, it can mobilise them and also if grown in an enviroment with heavy metals in the soil, will be a source of them

it has its uses as a cooking herb, but attempting to use it as chelator will be disastrous ! :o()

so  natural  chelators versus  synthetic  is beside the point

chelators lift the heavy metals and its the damage they do in the mobile state that is the problem

where i differ with andy cutler, is, he claims frequent dosing of a chelator passivates the lifted metals enough to keep the damage to an acceptable level

millie writes: “yes, i tried andy cutler's protocol (what didn't i try? sigh) and on his forum also. my son got very bad on his protocol also. it's still chemical chelation even if more frequent, smaller doses of the chelator.”

all my observations of chelation, and this is following parents and children over many years now on the boards, is that substantial damage still occurs, particularly to the thyroid, brain and kidneys

proportionately the thyroid and kidneys end up with huge amounts of mercury; this  japanese  study  of inorganic and organic mercury levels is very good

this recent  (october 2015)  study  shows that inorganic mercury is actually more toxic than organic, how disgusting that medical authorities should have claimed for years it was the other way around !

"organic mercury exposure is associated with neurological disease, whereas inorganic mercury is known to cause neurological, kidney and autoimmune diseases"

since bromine oxidises mercury, i think its reasonable to assume that iodine would do the same so the combination of mercury and iodine in the thyroid is particularly fatal to cells there  study

long term chelators all seem to go low thyroid, its almost the most consistent form of damage

you can see it in the adults in the chelation boards, having destroyed their internal organs they are dependent on taking hormones to get by

very young children do recover better than adults because they can regrow damaged organs a bit, but it is all still too substantial


in my experience 90% of the health advice on the net borders on schizophrenia, anybody can write anything and they do

you would think that since there's usually no real life come back on the net they would be honest and self disclosing but mostly people seem to think they are selling 'pre-loved' cars, i don't know why

when i first got onto the net health scene about six years ago after a while the chelation thing popped up and i considered it

fortunately the chelators were their own worst advertisment and i could see there was something wrong

since then i have closely followed specific progress's and often advised people personally against it (but usually they ignore it)

my view comes from this six years and more of close observation of specific cases and if i say its a disaster that's because it it is

our progress in supplementation and diet is full of mistakes, its important that anything we do wrong doesn't do so much permanent damage we get knobbled for life, that's what chelation and extreme mercury mobilising compounds like nac do


i have seen so many people ruin their already poor health with chelators, all because they were too slack to look at a dietary and supplement program that works aka the BCD™ and  compendium™

i know what i say won’t make any difference, its been so weird over the years to see these people i advise to not chelate or remove amalgams too quickly, limp about the message boards as half dead zombies after the bomb has blown up

amalgam filling removal does seem to be one of the major "out of the frying pan into the fire" pitfalls, and actually most people would be advised to leave them in until they are loose enough to be pried out with a minimium of drilling

this  article  and  study  argue that 70% of urine excreted mercury is in fact from fish in the diet and not amalgams : o)

also that hair  (and i guess toenail)  mercury is in fact methyl mercury from fish

it may be that most of the damage from amalgam fillings comes in the first months of them being put in with the huge release of vapour from the fresh amalgam and from cleaning or any drilling of the amalgam

so really they are best left until loose enough to be pried out with a minimum of drilling : o)


the general theory of heavy metals is that the body can't distinguish them from good metals at the atomic level so you cannot work around them

its also why chelation doesn't work

they are toxic because the body can't tell the difference and if it can't tell the difference then you can't isolate them to remove them

the basic problem with chelation is the way it differentially affects body compartments and induces DNA damage from heavy metal mobilisation, like ALA may promote pancreas repair, but is very destructive of the brain, thyroid and kidneys and the DNA generally, but especially the thyroid cells and their DNA

i have been watching the chelation message boards for five years or more now and its all a disaster area

a lot of lying about results too

basically the health scene is so thick with lies you can cut it

lying, delusion, misinformation, schizophrenia and stupidity seem to be the normal run for these boards

the first lie is that dmsa etc. are chelators, they are not, they are heavy metal mobilisers, the sulphur claw geometery is too narrow to hold the heavy metals well, so they pick them up then drop them again, and the kidneys are one of the organs in the firing line for permanent damage

study  showing that dmps and dmsa are poor mercury chelators

it doesn't seem to matter what it is, nac, ala or whatever, if you mobilise heavy metals in an uncontrolled way the neurons go

the combined chelators dmsa and ala on the andy cutler frequent dosing protocol can cause nerve damage to the eyes or connecting nerves to the brain as characterised by a loss of central vision and also induce fine tremors in the body

this combination may also induce pancreas and glucose metabolism damage (W's daughter)

unfortunately there's some people on the health message boards who have gone from bad to worse doing things like NAC, ALA and chelation and they don't seem to be able to think straight or do anything like full disclosure of the way they have gone downhill or the the degree of illness they now face and still promote what has made them so ill


beware of americans, they are without sense, have no idea of truth versus pretending and have unbelievably bad health, and if the herd rushes over a cliff, they rush with it


years ago there was woman on the autism-mercury message board who was slowly going blind on dmps chelation, i was the only person to advise her to stop ! : o(

i wonder if the combined toxicity of mobilised heavy metals, and dmps stripping the protective zinc out of the photoreceptive region of the retina  (zinc offsets glutamine toxicity in this region) ,  is a mechanism for this happening.

interestingly blindness is a symptom of acute lead poisoning and lead displaces zinc forming three cornered instead of four cornered bonds with sulphur           study

methylmercury   accumulates   in the outer segments of the retinal photoreceptors !          study

it also accumulates in the optic nerve, pineal gland and lens !

so actually this is the most significant section on this page, you get mercury or lead binding to sulphur in a way that causes proteins to misfold, if you pull the lead or mercury out then it's only going to be formed into new dysfunctional proteins and preferentially accumulating in critical areas like the thyroid, kidneys, liver and brain, or, like that poor woman chelating with dmps, the outer segments of the retinal photoreceptors !


ladybluehawk  writes

I have some liver damage from DMSA 7 yrs ago and still have elevated liver enzymes. DMSA is  supposed  to be super binding. I don't think the so called binding agents are as good as reported or people would not get sick from using them.They may bind some of the metals but the ones that become unbound make people sick.

I never had thyroid antibodies or elevated liver enzymes till after taking DMSA


if mercury could be dumped then it wouldn't be a poison

the body biochemistry can't distinguish it, so the only way it gets removed is as part of the body turnover of minerals

elevated heavy metals in urine with chelation or challenges, are fact are part of a cluster of elevated minerals like zinc

any downturn from a month or so on from amalgam removal is actually symptomatic of a bolus input/mobilisation of mercury from a poor and too rapid removal and/or some mercury mobilising/chelation protocol after or during the removal

a woman posting as urbanpinetrees who was on the who_knows message board a while several years back did something like that and wiped half her brain out, very few actually take on board what i am saying, they all think they know better and get killed, the internet health message boards are littered with half dead women who have rejected what i am saying or been too tardy on the uptake

most of the people posting on the who_knows message board reject some essential feature of what they are being told and as a consequence limp, the natural arrogance of the female brain is just not designed to work in ways that are safe in this area, their husbands take no interest or are discouraged from doing so, so its just a disaster which is the case across all the internet health message boards


another organ that gets damaged permanently is the brain and the kids get locked into low developmental improvement ceilings and adults chelating get their brains wiped, plenty of these wrecked people on the chelation message boards

chelators move heavy metals into the brain

IV glutathione and oral NAC are also very destructively mobilising of heavy metals

NAC and GSH promote mercury uptake by the brain and kidneys and you can see the issues with ALA too

"experiments have also shown that both NAC and GSH are involved in the biochemical uptake mechanism of Hg by the brain and kidneys"

the above quote is from "The role of thiols, dithiols, nutritional factors and interacting ligands in the toxicology of mercury" by james rooney and is in the w_k files section

since this issue is not just confined to iv glutathione but is a characteristic of glutathione promotion in general, you can see why you have to be SO CAREFUL with supplements

IV combinations of several chelator/mercury moblisers e.g. glutathione, DMPS, EDTA and NAC will be creating some strange and ghastly toxicity/benefit spaces

an interesting and possibly successful case of disodium edta chelation

one of the problems with edta is disodium edta is the more powerful, but it strips calcium out of the heart, but if calcium is added to foil that, the combined calcium - disodium edta loses its potency !

      EDTA  and  AMD   !

large doses of  msm  are very mobilising of heavy metals and destructive and even small doses need caution, though it is a very useful supplement

my view is that the amounts of metals in urine tests are not significant in terms of reducing body burden but are a reflection of the degree of mobilisation of heavy metals

so all the moms on the boards are chasing these high urine dumps which are not significantly alleviating body burden but are highly mobilising of the metals which of course leads to the ongoing disaster you see

the hippocampus may be very susceptible to chelation damage, directly and indirectly through permanent damage to the adrenals and other hormone making organs :

“ steroid hormones are regulators of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and are central to hypotheses regarding adult neurogenesis in age-related and psychiatric disturbances associated with altered hippocampal plasticity  -  most notably dementias ”

eileen's comment :

“ estrogens and progestagens are 2 of these of which there are 5 types and vit D comes in at a close 6th altho technically a sterol so i guess this is why the uv lamp use again and the oral iodine have helped me so much lately ”

you have to remember when you read these chelation boards that people with experience offering the truth about about chelation get banned or their opinion suppressed

i think my writing demands hippocampal growth and they get caught between a demand for new hippocampal growth but being physiologically unable to provide it, so ban me

people take their experience of life from music, movies and tv and don't have a sense of the ol  'out of the frying pan into the fire'

my approach is to do a lot of different things in small doses to get the right synergies

it's complex and too much for most people but it's the only way that works so they all rush to the quick fix of chelation and i have seen so much tragedy from this over the years .........

it's like pinball, the faster and harder they move the more bumpers they hit and the bumpers are sulphur based enzymes which get knackered

  chelators   move the pinballs  (heavy metals)  hard and fast

basically you are giving more energy to the heavy metals increasing their destructive velocity in the body and in fact getting very little extra removal of them

most of the benefical effect of chelators is likely as an antioxidant and in the case of ala, some encouragement of regrowth of the pancreas islets and anti-viral action

but on balance the extra damage from the mobilised heavy metals considerably outweights the benefits

cilantro/coriander really moves heavy metals around dangerously

'tk' of the 'frequent-dose-chelation' message board juiced a large amount of fresh cilantro and permanently fried his brain

however, used judiciously and occasionally as a herb for cooking, it seems to have a benefical effect if there are no heavy metal issues

ALA moves mercury back into the brain, it's extraordinarily dangerous to take with amalgams in, and single daily doses of ALA of about 300mg are a common and permanently disabling mistake

no doubt we will see a large single daily dose pushed as a  remedy  for  circadian  rhythm and liver function in the aged and not so old ! :o)


"NAC can form a red blood cell-derived molecule that makes blood vessels think they are not getting enough oxygen. This leads to pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a serious condition characterized by high blood pressure in the arteries that carry blood to the lungs."   study


J. writes:

So Andrew when people who are "treating people for heavy metal toxicity" (DANS, Chiropractors, etc) tell me that to get rid of the yeast you have to chelate/remove the mercury is that just falsity? Are they mistaken? I have been told that by people (well intentioned I suppose) but from what I am learning through you and Open Blooms this is not the way to go about it

my reply:

i think the trouble with doctors, dan docs, chiropracters and naturopaths is their clients are so viral now that these docs etc. brains are just viral soup

they could be seeing ten or twelve or more highly viral people a day with the viruses coming from many different directions, five days a week

mortal man cannot survive this

it's like the  schizophrenic, large daily ALA dose  carol on the yahoo iodine message board, when they can't pick up the basics theres something really WRONG

chelating mercury is just an idea that doesn't bear out in practice because there's no substance that can cherry pick mercury like that and deliver it outside the body in sufficient quantity and selectivity to be useful

the best you can do is the full  compendium  and BCD™

selenium helps with the passivation of heavy metals as selenium has a very strong bond with mercury, but even that is not perfect and too much selenium can be mobilising or cause other problems since effectively it interferes with sulphur biochemistry

some areas of the usa already have high levels of selenium in food from the soil

selenium does need co-factors  (taurine ?)  and is not a stand-alone treatment, especially as it does deprecate thyroid function without  iodine  which if supplemented, in its turn needs cofactors!

the BCD™ and my supps and some selective stuff against yeast like candex will slowly get you there without destroying the brain like chelation does

btw buttar's transdermal dmps is not really chelation, he has put some growth factors in that can go across the skin and that's whats doing the work, the dmps may not even go across the skin

don't think people are well intentioned, mostly their desire is to see you go to  hell  with them in my experience

nothing is more upsetting to them than others improving by an intelligent , reasoned , non-medical , non-naturopathic approach that they could do themselves if they were more realistic !


L. writes:

My 9 year old autistic daughter has been doing Andy Cutler style chelation for a little over a year. Her hair tests have been showing increasing lead:

7/15/05 1.1 (just started chelation with DMSA)
9/23/05 2.0 (1st round of ALA on 8/18)
11/15/05 1.6
1/17/06 1.6
5/15/06 2.2
8/12/06 4.5

my reply:

niether dmsa dmps or ala are chelators

the claw geometery is not wide enough to hold the lifted heavy metal for any length of time so they are in effect destructive 'mobilisers'

autism mercury are one of the biggest bunches of no hopers on the web

people get sucked in because they don't see any dissenters on the board and that's because any one disagreeing is banned

andy cutler also has this issue of inducting removal of anybody consistently posting contrary experience or opinion by refusing to post again unless the offender is removed

i don't know how to put strongly enough this problem of health messageboards and i have been certainly been burnt enough by it myself, all the boards have biases and if you read the board you never quite escape them and it taints your thinking to your detriment, sometimes quite massively


i think a general metallothionein approach is suitable but i differ from pfeiffer in some important respects, really using houston enzymes to provide amino acids and providing minerals as per  'minerals i take'  and  'copper and zinc'  in the compendium  index  and an emphasis on foods like gippsland double cream etc. which are another item in the index  'high nutrient foods'

zinc is the same column of the periodic table as, and might be inferred to displace, cadmium and mercury

lead is a known displacer and general fucker upper of zinc in the body !

there is an explanation of how the metallothionein approach works on the copper and zinc  page

this approach is vastly superior to chelation and my pages have the kinks worked out unlike pfeiffer imo.


sulphur based compounds and zinc and selenium may promote toxic metals removal.

selenium aka the compendium  “  dual  seleniums ”  is one of the simplest and most effective all round supplements to take;  promoting enzyme function, chelation and is an antioxidant working similar to vitamin C


a post i made on the yahoo enzymesandautism board  (june 2002) :

  “ i was walking along the railway tracks last night back from antioch and you get a nice view of fields and trees in parts and i was noticing that my depth perception seemed better, somehow difficult to describe but the trees with their leaves seemed to show in better detail.

also that day i had looked at a monet print, a field of poppy flowers with trees and a hill(s) in the distance, no people, his greater paintings are more autistic...

anyway i saw the picture in 3d perception for the first time, i have seen this painting before but never before seen the spatial depth in it

so i got thinking, depth perception is the most sensitive indicator of mercury i think, so maybe i was eliminating mercury from my brain?

i had been taking selenium and boron recently, no change there, i had been taking msm before going on this overseas trip, some change but not as pronounced as this, but recently i restarted taking the msm when i was drinking water including when i drink during sleep ”

i prefer the selenomethionine to selenium yeast because intestinal yeast does very well on selenium yeast, it does well on selenium anyway but the addition of raw materials from the yeast in the selenium yeast is like putting mulch on plants i think. also there can be digestion difficulites with selenium yeasts because of the cellulose wall.(later i read that something in yeast inhibits the dpp-iv enzyme)

[since this was written i have discovered that selenium yeast can have unreacted selenium in, that is inorganic selenium not taken up by the yeast when it was growing or even some manufactuerers just add inorganic selenium to the killed yeast with no possibilty of uptake by the yeast at all.]

selenium combines with mercury to form an inactive organic compound. doesn't sound like it gets past the blood brain barrier but if it inactivates the mercury in the brain?

  “ A pilot experiment carried out on three pigs have confirmed that interaction between inorganic mercury (203HgCl2) and selenium (Na275SeO3) after single intraperitoneal injections are qualitatively uniform in mice and pigs

The detoxifying effect of selenium on mercury toxicity seems to be due to a formation of a biologically inactive complex containing the elements in an equimolar ratio

The complex is unable to pass biological barriers, placenta and choroid plexus and is stored in the liver and the spleen ”


From:   andrew   (march 2004);

Subject:  [enzymes]  had an apple danish pastry in town yesterday

there was a woman posting on a-m-c who claimed good results with undenatured whey. you could tell that even though mercury toxic she had not chelated cause she wrote reasonably and could look at issues like problems with chelation.

on the yahoo enzymesandautism message board,  Hope  asks

Do you think Chelation hurts the brain and thought processes in some way? Have you tried chelation yourself at all?

What about products like PCA-Rx that say they do not cross into the brain  -  what do you think of them?

my reply:

the basic problem is the damage the mobilised metals, wether lead, mercury or bismuth do to the large scale neural structures on their way out of the brain.

this problem is most pronounced for adults because they do not regrow neurons

my experience is that the BCD and a broad based supplement approach done in fine detail will flush heavy metals in a slow and protective fashion from the brain and permit restoration of the gut

its not expensive, but takes time and may need the child at home for six months since you really need to be giving supplements through the day but its the only way to do it that will remove the heavy metals and preserve large scale neural structures.

chelation is a bit of a misnomer, it would better described as ala or dmsa etc dosed to try and maintain a somewhat constant blood level to get the sense of many complex effects of these supplements

there's very little in the way of studies in this area which is why i go on my observations of the long term effects on people

a year or so ago  (2002/3 ?)  i really thought about doing chelation but reasoning it through there is no way it was suitable for adults because of the loss of large scale neural structures and chelated adults on the net all show this problem so i had to look at dietary changes and the compendium supplements which have worked well

i did take 20mg of racemic ala but it gave me a major buzz followed by a major crash, so i never took it any further !

possibly useful in occasional small doses for some with viral or brain blood sugar issues that respond to it ?

i have also taken the non-racemic ala and didn't find it much different ?

pca-rx is just expensive and besides the point compared to getting to the nitty gritty of fine detail broad based supplementation.

with heavy metals there are issues with blood brain barrier permeability which means you cannot garantee that supplements you are not expected to cross don't cross. this permeablity may also give rise to viruses crossing into the brain i think.


from an email (12 july 04)

ala is complex in effect and especially may help salvage vaccine wrecked pancreas's by encouraging stem cell migration and differentiation into insulin islet cells in the pancreas.


an adult mercury chelation post

Over the last few weeks I've been mining the Net on the subject of detoxification, and have come to the conclusion that it's a pretty dangerous and inexact science. You can imagine my shock when, having read the stuff on DMPSbackfire, my doctor, on my first consultation (June 14), told me he intended to use it (after a low dosage tolerance test) to detoxify me!

On my second visit (June 25), after testing me on a rather hocus-pocusy device which emitted little beeps when an assistant touched the tip of one of my fingers with a pencil-like wand (anyone know about these contraptions?), I was told that my liver and kidneys were sub-par and that, yes ineed, I had mercury in my system. I was prescribed some Homeopathic medications as well as Whey powder. I was also prescribed Cilantro (it says Cilantrogen on the container) to be taken before the dental proceedures. This also troubled me because I've read that Cilantro has the habit of pulling mercury from relatively peripheral tissues and depositing it in such delicate areas as the lymphatic system. Shouldn't it at least be taken with Chlorella, in order to mop up the freed murcury for excretion? L.

my reply:

the problem with remobilising heavy metals to remove them is they do a *lot* of damage on the way out.

cilantro is dangerous and should only be used as a cooking herb and then in moderation.

from professor boyd haleys comments about testing chorella being taken by a man showing high urine mercury and finding that the chorella had mercury in i would be cautious.

the only fail safe detoxification is to augement the bodies natural excretion of heavy metals which requires a broad based supplementation, selenium and other minerals.

you should take seleniums (as per minerlals i take in teh compnedium index) for a while before geting the amalgams removed

all the so called detox specialists are just as crazy as the one you are seeing


an autism-mercury post (17th july 04) titled 'cilantro/coriander and chlorella'

I had a terrible time on Cilantro and would not recommend it . It is a potent mover of Hg however it is difficult to control dosages.

The reactions I had were:-

Extreme nerve ending excitement, loss of power in my muscles where I had great difficulty moving even out of bed, as well as eye sensitivity to light. I think that these symptoms were a consequence of moving mercury in an uncontrolled manner. Cilantro is a potent mover of mercury.

above posting by Fran.


a pecanbread thread (15th july 04) titled 'To Patricia re: chelation'

Our son is already 13 yrs old high functioning, and is just starting his road to recovery now with the SCD (3.5 months) - we are quite pleased with the progress he is already making, but still have a ways to go with nutrition levels, etc.

However, since he is already hitting his teen years, we feel we don't have time to "explore" with trying out different doctors. Once his gut is ready for chelation, we want to make sure we find a VERY experienced chelation doctor

my reply:

chelation is destructive of large scale neural structures in the brain and these don't regrow at all with teens and adults.

T's reply:

So, what, we just leave the mercury in?? My friend's have been doing chelation with their son for 4 years; he didn't start until 11. It has helped him.

my reply

theres no such thing as chelation.

there may be some role with ala to help insulin islet stem cell growth and differentiation. destruction of inslin cells in the pancreas is probably the major form of vaccine damage imo. however bone marrow, lithium as per my web page seem to do a better job.

what is meant by help? is there recovery in the on period? is there even an on period? what exactly is being given. i think four years speaks for itself.

the basic problem is that so called 'chelators' are not very specifc for mercuy. they pull a heap of other minerals out as well and leave a lot of mercury behind in a mobilised state.

people post this and that but read my web page on using minerals to displace heavy metals? read the web page on skin vitmain d?

no way

unless a doctor or phd says it its not true

well worship false gods and you take the consequence its just slack thinking to pin hopes on simple single solutions or expect money to buy insight or compedence from the paid.


a yahoo adult metal chelation thread () titled 'My Dentist Brother - Mercury' Hi everyone:

I'm posting this email for my dentist brother who practices overseas. He's been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. This Jan. he encountered some anxiety disorder problem and was treated with Paxil and Ativan. He's getting better, but no way near 100% of himself. He had his hair analized and found high mercury level (3 times over the normal range). I read about the mercury poison and the symptons are pretty much the same as his anxiety problems. My question is: Can he just take supplement and detox the mercury?

If so, any suggestions? Would these supplement be in confliect with the medication that he's taking? (Paxil, Ativan)?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. It kills my soul to see my once smart, loving, capable brother suffering.   P

my reply:

so called 'mercury detox' is a dangerous area and actually amalgam toxicity is a combination of mercury and ionic silver (the ionic silver is very sticky on nerves btw)

imo chelation is too dangerous and my approach is to use a broad based supplementation program with fine detail and using good mienrals to flush the heavy metals

selenium is very important to passivate mercury but you should take the right forms and not to much

anyway i have written all this up on my web page compendium

'minerals i take' in the index of that page has info on selenium and other minerals

paxil has a fluoride atom in which is very destructive for the brains of mercury toxic people, fluoride is a strong oxidant and he should elminate use in toothpaste and drinking water, might be a bit hard for a dentist to get to grips with given their training.

no vaccines either in his immune disordered state.


from an email/adult mercury chelation thread (30th july 04):

I am a 38 years old male from Israel with chronic progressive MS.
I am trying to figure out if I have mercury illness, using Andy Cutler's protocol. There are a few blood test results I can't figure out.  E.

my reply:

do you have amalgam fillings and if so how many?

E's reply:

Of course I do, 12 fillings, 3 root canal

my reply:

so you are mercury/ionic sliver toxic, any test is just going to reflect this basic toxicity

root canals as well!!!!!!!!!!

you most likely have a combination of mercury/silver induced demyelination and the epstein-barr virus (the mono, glandular fever virus).

the full  compendium  is needed

chelation is too destructive imo, basically mercury toxcity is a mobilisation velocity problem amd chelation greatly increases the velocity and damage


from a thread on pecanbread (25th august 04) titled why is chelation not acceptable for scd dr's

from Elaine Gottschall:

Today I heard that Dr. Kevin  Merigian,  a toxicologist practicing out of Cordova, TN and who has been called in as a consultant by the Government in cases of suspected metal toxicity, is recommending SCD for patients. The patient (who originally contacted Lucy Rosset) and I have just gotten off the phone. Her husband was stricken with what appeared to be a fatal case of heavy metal toxicity while on the job. They travelled from California to Tennessee to see Dr. Merigian. He told the patient that the only thing that could save his life was to go on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I spoke to the wife and she says they are enjoying the diet and it appears that her husband is finally coming around. Dr. Merigian said it would be slow but sure. This is very exciting especially for those children who show high mercury and/or lead levels. I have always felt that SCD would detoxify the liver given time and it has proven to avoid a liver transplant in one child with Crohn's disease (there may be others about which I have no knowledge). Needless to say, I am ecstatic.

Elaine forwarded a message posted here this week about Dr. Merigan in Tennesse who found that SCD detoxes better than chelation. Carol F.

my reply:

from elaines post above

" I spoke to the wife and she says they are enjoying the diet and it appears that her husband is finally coming around. Dr. Merigian said it would be slow but sure. "

this is the point about heavy metals, it HAS to be 'slow but sure' or you will leave the brain, and kidneys and most likely the liver as well, with large amounts of permanent damage from the moving heavy metals

mostly the heavy metals end up in tissue or bone in the case of lead and the body makes adaptations to reduce the toxicity

but when you start to lift the metals out of tissue with chelators you free the heavy metals up to do a lot more damage, its a like a pinball racking up the count on bumpers, they just richocet around......................

i have seen this so consistently on adult chelators..............most are struggling to get back to were they were before thay start chelation................

i have never seen such flippancy by parents and doctors about the health of children as with the casual attitudes about chelation which historically has always been an extremely ambiguous area

all the children being chelated i have followed on the web over the years may well see some improvement but they seem to plateau out and never get the the very high level of functioning that is just about always possible.

they seem to hit some developmental ceiling that they never get past which is what you would predict with the destruction of large scale neural structures in the brain

an adult who took a single daily dose of 100mg of ala for five years was totally unable to take any new ideas on board at all, schizophrenic really.

there may be some specific role for ala in helping to rebuild insulin islet cells in the pancreas from hep b and other vaccine damage which is a known therapy for diabetes but there are better ways to do this imo without the dangers of ala mobilised mercury.

specifically the most subtle form of chelation damage which is quite pronounced in well known chelated individuals like a-c of autism mercury is the loss of very large scale neural structures which creates a sort of tunnel vison in thinking to an extent that is not apparent in just striaght unchelated mercury or heavy metal toxic individuals.

that is, you can safely chelate by doing the BCD™ and  compendium

if you can get a much better result without the damage why would you go any other way? if you abandon the idea of instant fixes then you will be thinking much more sanely. i think there is a general lack of appreciation of the difficulty of these issues and a lack of caution about simple ideas like chelation which while easy to promote are deeply flawed.



experience has shown that the   compendium™  approach doesn't mix well with chelation, simply because the compendium is also a heavy metal mobiliser but is full of balances and checks to limit the moving metal toxicity and chelation unbalances this

selenium, while passivating heavy metals or forming mercury selenide (HgSe - a stable, benign nanoparticle compound), is mildly or more than mildly retentive of these insoluble selenium/mercury/heavy metal complexes and may downregulate their excretion through the kidneys

this is the fundamental difference in approach between the compendium™, the BCD™ and chelation, chelation loosens mercury so it moves freely in the body in the hope a little will leave, but the compendium prefers to let the mercury very slowly loosen and be bound to selenium, and because the amounts of mercury are so small, its better to sequester the mercury so it doesn't cause damage as it moves and not focus so much on removal from the body

selenium and protective sequestration of mercury in  swordfish

it's really the synergy with iodine that makes the compendium protocol work and heavy metal excretion promoted

an interesting  development  with selenium nanoparticles used to create mercury-absorbent container linings for broken compact fluorescent lamps at brown university



Janet writes:

I found out how to figure absolute values of the metals pulled on a Urine Toxic Metals test regardless of creatinine: multiply the numbers pulled by creatinine and then you can compare numbers from test to test (comparing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges). That's my understanding so far anyway. So therefore my absolute values would be:

Aluminum: 1,242
Antimony: 18.9
Arsenic: 6,480
Cadmium: 108
Lead: 135
Mercury: 432
Nickel: 486
Thallium: 27
Tin: 594
Tungsten: 81

In comparison, my daughter's Tungsten excretion was 1 (rr <1.5) but absolute value wise her number would be 62 compared to my absolute value of 81. So although my excretion looks lower, it's actually higher because of dilution of urine/ creatinine values. If I had had a lower creatinine, I'd have some metals into the yellow at least. Anyway, guess this is enough overanalyzing test data, but my point is that Andrew is correct, his compendium does indeed mobilize metals and I think the big kicker that really got things moving was in adding iodine. (PS - we've still been off metafolin for weeks and weeks.)


HgSe passivation in marine mammals and sea birds livers :

Marine mammals and seabirds tend to exhibit high accumulations of mercury, cadmium, and selenium in their livers and kidneys. In this study, chemical forms of mercury, cadmium, and selenium accumulated in the livers and kidneys of northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus), Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus),and black- footed albatross (Diomedea nigripes) were studied by extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy to reveal the detoxification mechanisms of these metals. It was found that mercury and selenium exist in the form of HgSe in the liver of northern fur seal.

Mercury levels were found to be higher than those of Se, based on their molar ratio, in black-footed albatross. XAFS analysis disclosed an existence of chalcogenide containing both Hg-Se and the Hg-S bonds, suggesting the existence of a solid solution Hg(Se, S) as granules in black-footed albatross. In contrast, Cd concentrations in the kidney were higher than those in the liver for northern fur seal, black-footed albatross, and Risso's dolphin. It was found that Cd was bound to sulfur, which was probably derived from the metallothionein, The Cd-O bond was observed in the tissues of northern fur seal.

Arai, T. et al (2004). Chemical forms of mercury and cadmium accumulated in marine mammals and seabirds as determined by XAFS analysis.


its interesting that lead raises blood and renal calcium which would be another predisposing factor to forming oxalate crystals

"Role of vitamins in treatment of lead intoxication" Sushil K. Tandon, Surendra Singh

Chemical Toxicology, Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow, India 2003

"The efficacy of thiamine, ascorbic acid, and becozinc (a pharmacological preparation containing vitamins of the B-complex group, vitamin C, and zinc) in enhancing excretion and reducing tissue burden of lead and reversing lead-sensitive biochemical alterations was investigated in lead pre-exposed rat.

These vitamins were effective in mobilizing lead from blood, liver, and kidney into urine and/or feces and in restoring partially blood zinc protoporphyrin level.

All the vitamins were effective in reversing completely the lead-induced increase in blood and renal calcium levels, and becozinc was particularly effective in restoring the decreased hepatic and tibia zinc content.

However, the inhibition of blood -aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity and increase in urinary aminolevulinic acid excretion due to lead remained uninfluenced, which may require more time for recovery.

The results suggest the use of becozinc as a safe alternate to treatment of lead poisoning with the chelating agents."



theres always been quite high levels of aluminium in food because its in the soil and the body can process organic aluminium and remove it naturally quite well if working properly, high aluminium levels are a sign of impaired biochemical pathways

bare aluminium internal cooking surfaces in pots are a problem though



4 grams per kg body weight is a huge amount of vit c, i can't believe theres no side effects but all the same it looks useful and cancer patients are used to suffering :o)

the pro-oxidant effect and elicitation of hydrogen peroxide also indicates why these iv vitamin c's after amalgam removal are so destructive


An article published in the August 5, 2008, issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that injections of ascorbate (vitamin C) reduce the weight and growth rate of tumors by half in mouse models of ovarian, pancreatic and brain cancer, while leaving normal cells unharmed.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health tested ascorbate in 43 tumor and 5 normal cell lines to determine a concentration that decreases cell survival in cancerous cells without resulting in toxicity to healthy cells. They subsequently injected a dose of 4 grams ascorbate (neutralized with sodium hydroxide) per kilogram body weight once or twice per day into immune-deficient mice with implanted ovarian, pancreatic and glioblastoma (brain) tumors. "At these high injected doses, we hoped to see drug-like activity that might be useful in cancer," explained lead author Mark Levine, MD, who is the chief of the Molecular and Clinical Nutrition Section of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the NIH.

Dr Levine's team found that injecting the animals with ascorbate decreased tumor growth and weight by 41 to 53 percent. While metastases occurred in 30 percent of the mice with brain tumors, none appeared in animals injected with vitamin C. No adverse effects of vitamin C treatment were noted.

Interestingly, vitamin C, which is known for its antioxidant effect, achieved the current study's results via a pro-oxidant effect that can occur at high levels. This effect causes the formation of hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular fluid surrounding the tumors (but not in the blood), resulting in the death of cancerous cells. The vitamin was administered by injection in the current study in order to achieve high concentrations in the body that cannot be reached using an oral route.

Blood levels of ascorbate similar to those measured in the mice have been readily achieved in human subjects who received intravenous vitamin C. The authors suggest that the failure of double-blind placebo-controlled trials of vitamin C in cancer patients, which were conducted following initial encouraging case series results, could be due to the oral route of administration used in the trials.

"Clinical and pharmacokinetic studies conducted in the past 12 years showed that oral ascorbate levels in plasma and tissue are tightly controlled," Dr Levine observed. "In the case series, ascorbate was given orally and intravenously, but in the trials ascorbate was just given orally. It was not realized at the time that only injected ascorbate might deliver the concentrations needed to see an anti-tumor effect."

"These preclinical data provide a firm basis for advancing pharmacologic ascorbate in cancer treatment in humans," the authors write. "As modalities in cancer are often combined, these data suggest that pharmacologic ascorbate in combination with other therapies deserves further exploration for treatment of cancers that otherwise have poor outcomes, such as pancreatic and ovarian carcinomas and glioblastoma."



the notion of the body farming candida to absorb the mercury is ridiculous

candida overgrowth occurs as an immune system failure

candida doesn't like mercury any more than the body

Susceptibility of different yeast species to environmental toxic metals. (1998)

Berdicevsky I, Duek L, Merzbach D, Yannai S. Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 31096, Israel.

The purpose of the study reported here was to investigate the relative resistance of yeast species to various metallic and metalloid ions, with a view to gaining more knowledge on this subject, as resistant species may become dominant in habitats contaminated with the relevant metals. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis were grown in media containing different concentrations of mercury (as HgCl(2)), cadmium (as CdCl(2)), lead (as Pb(CH(3)COO)(2)), arsenic (as Na(2)HAsO(4)) and selenium (as Na(2)SeO(3)) for various intervals. The metal showing the highest toxicity for these species was mercury, with cadmium being the second, lead, the third and arsenic and selenium being the least toxic elements.



'mom on paxil' writes:

Interesting we are doing Cutler with dmsa and my son is recovering from his lead poisoning

david replies: long have you been dosing him and are his Pb/Hg levels coming down sufficiently ? I'm inclined to try a higher dose after going low dose w/ ALA for one year. Still too much lead in him, still too much room for clinical improvement...

my reply:

chelation recovery stories are so untrustworthy you have to have some real life meeting of the children involved over a while

i have seen a lot of these women on the net over five years now and their claims of 'recovery'

you can lie for six months but it sure is difficult to lie over five years

germanium may act to displace lead lead a bit

check out selenium as well for lead passivation

you need to start looking at how your son is actually doing and forget the testing and 'clinical' side, measurements ain't the reality

the problem with lead chelation is you can clear the blood and tissue but it simply rebounds from bone as more bone is released to replace the calcium that lead chelation necessarily removes

lead chelation may have a place with an intial acute poisoning event at the time or within a month or two

traditionally since lead has been such a chronic problem since about 1800, the western diet has placed a strong emphasis on dairy products and its concomitant high calcium intake to help displace lead



its so simple, biofilm scd, indirect chelation with iodine and supplements, but its like the pilgrims progress

chelation is the short route over the wall but they get denied entry to the king's palace at the end

biofilm scd and detailed attention to supplements is christians journey

not sure what amy yasko's protocol is, as its difficult, useless, and very expensive, its something to do with putting faith in false gods

no-one will have read  the pilgrim's progress  from this world to that which is to come  ,  but message boards are full of the characters from it

the main problem with chelation is not that it doesn't work to some extent, because it does, but that the permanent damage in the long term out weights the benefit and the damage is serious and irreversible

chelation moves mercury destructively into the brain and iv chelation or glutathione is worst for this

amy yasko's  "complete vitamin and ultra-antioxidant"  multi   has NAC and taurine in which in combination with the fermentation promotion of the formula seems to cause chelation-like brain damage

more  on the problem with heavy metal mobilizers and chelators in  multivitamins

NAC  (n-acetylcysteine)  is an outstandingly brain damaging heavy metal mobiliser


" we found that the vast majority of the protein coding genes we studied utilised often in a tissue-specific manner previously unknown set of exons  (the regions of DNA within a gene that are transcribed to messenger RNA)  outside the current boundaries of the annotated genes "

the above quote by professor alexandre reymond  (university of geneva)

my comment :  in other words amy yasko's gene analysis is just smoke and mirrors for the gullible and misdirected

" the notion that mammalian transcriptomes  (the set of all messenger RNA molecules produced in a population of cells)  are made of a swarming mass of different overlapping transcripts, together with our findings that suggest we have only uncovered a portion of its complexity, has important implications for medicine, says professor reymond

they increase the size of the genomic regions that might harbour disease-causing mutations, and they could impair cloning strategies that try to find genes implicated in these pathologies "



antionette writes:

Chelation is known to take away giftedness. I asked if this was true....and Kucera a DAN! here in Colorado Springs Colorado, said it was. I was shocked. For this reason alone...we will never do Dan! protocol chelation. For we have a few gifts to protect in this house of ASD. We all have to make choices though. Just voicing my opinion and fears.

My six year old son is doing fourth grade math...I don't want to mess with it.


Does ALA chelation destroy giftedtness? an autism-mercury post by elizabeth:

I know it's several months later, but I am revisiting this topic. We have had an interesting experience with my older son. He used to be able to rattle off math facts and count the numbers on dice very quickly and now his cognition in this area has slowed down considerably. He can no longer add quickly. Last night we were playing Yahtzee and he commented, "My brain cells are destroyed. They're taking the yeast out of me. I'm not yeasty at all. My brain cells are growing back." I write down the things he says because he is so intuitive.

Despite of the mathematics decline, he has shown more creativity in his school work, art, and story writing.

The only thing that really concerns me is that there are still times where he cannot concentrate, he says his mind goes blank. At these times it is hard for him to follow directions and retain information. We have always found written instructions to be a good tool for keeping him on task. Now that he is playing football, these moments of "brain fog" are more noticeable because there are no written instructions for him to follow.

It is the times I see the brain fog and the struggle to find the right words to say that I question what I am doing. This is a difficult process and the slow change is about the most difficult part because it is very hard to see when you are standing so close. On top of that it is hard to distinguish healing symptoms from problematic symptoms.

andrews comment: the action of ALA is to raise glutathione which has a strong anti-oxidant effect and promotes the removal of toxins, but also it mobilises heavy metals so they damage the brain, hence a complex effect in the manner described above by elizabeth

her child unfortunately will have a limited developmental ceiling as a result of the effect of this heavy metal mobilisation, i have honestly given up explaining to them (somewhat compelled actually as i am banned from the chelation boards), they just don't want to know

for the extra effort of the compendium and the BCD™ you get safe and continually improving recovery but it takes work, reading and thinking and they just do not want to know



titled "CFS Help needed!" march 22nd, 2007 from the yahoo frequent dose chelation board


I removed my amalgams about June 04, 2 1/2 years ago, and I am supposed to be mostly cured and symptom free according to "Amalgam Illness", since I have done 82 rounds of ALA and DMSA or DMPS every 3 hours for 2,6 to 3 days and nights. My chronic fatigue is very bad, so bad I am unable to work and I am barely functional. I need help in deciding what other avenues I should look into. I take between 20 and 30 suplements Andy Cutler recomends. I am considering taking cortisol Rx.

Why I still have such a paralizing CF and what can I do about it?"



Wyndie writes on the autism mercury board (may 2007):

We have been chelating my son for several months with great gains. We started neurofeedback about 2 months ago; again with great gains. Today he told his therapist that when he does neurofeedback, his eyes "get black". Upon questioning, he says that his eyesight in the middle of his eye goes black but he can sorta see out of the edges; that it goes in and out and that this has happened every time he's ever done neurofeedback. I am planning to call an opthamologist Monday and have him checked out but he said this only happens during neurofeedback so I'm thinking it's probably not his eyes.

Neurofeedback is not supposed to be done on the same day as chelation so we always do it at least 2 days away. I have also heard that chelation can cause eye problems. Does anyone know about this? What kind of eye problems? I am using the Cutler protocol and he is currently on 25 mg DMSA and ALA 3on/11off (he weighs 53 lbs).

I am not sure if he's just describing "tunnel vision" from staring and concentrating at something so long or not. However, when he plays video games, reads books, etc he has the same type of concentration, but no weird eyesight deviations. Does anyone have any thoughts. I don't even know what questions to ask b/c this is so strange! His therapist and I have decided to stop sessions until we get this figured out.


my comment:

the neurofeed back may be aggravating the issue but the cause must be mobilised heavy metals by chelation, damaging the optic nerve and/or brain area involved in processing

it sounds like the optic nerve/fovea to me, but in fact the optic nerve is really brain tissue and given the way ala and dmsa affect the brain it must be both

even the temporary loss of the central vision area would worry me

the dmsa/ala combination that now seems to be the vogue on the andy cutler boards is really very dangerously mobilising and seems to be able to induce fine tremours in the hands and body which one would assume is the result of very serious brain damage on the road to parkinson's or similar

ala gets through the blood brain barrier and must really move things around, and the dmsa with the ala must give compounded damage

sad to see these intelligent kids being massacred by very dumb parents


the stupid Olif who i advised several times not to chelate, writes this about her ala/dmsa induced tremor's:

"I will try to describe them the best I can, because I know there are different types. I see them when I extend my arms/hands. It isn't isolated to my hands though- I feel it in my entire body. In my legs they almost feel like muscle spasms. It feels like my nerves are "on" all the time, like the "off switch" is broken. When I wear something dangling from my waist, like a loose belt, I can see the tremors in the belt. So it is definitely in my entire body.

I feel it when I awaken in the middle of the night too. I feel it more intensely then, but I think this is because I am more relaxed and sensitive, not because they are actually worse then.

I have no nervousness, insomnia, etc.

It might be worse after I drink my green tea (caffeine) in the morning, but I am not sure."



the following is a post on autism-mercury (december 26th 2006) by andy cutler phd., promoter of the frequent dosing chelation protocol

i don't agree with him at all but the following is an interesting insight into how badly chelation can go wrong, to change electrical brain activity adversely is like like changing a car by driving it into a wall at speed.

andy cutler's post:

"You may also want to have the regular doc do an EEG and make sure the improper chelation didn't mess up brain electrical activity regulation. If so, antiseizure/mood stabilizing medications may be in order. Make SURE SURE SURE not to let the doc just TELL you that it is "OK," but get the actual neurologist's interpretive report on the EEG. It can be quite abnormal but not have seizure activity, in which case most doctors say it is "OK." It isn't in that case and the meds can help a lot - and you don't need as much of them."


the post andy cutler was replying to is this:

I need some help deciphering what is going on with our 4 year old ASD son. We began DAN protocol in August, and I did one DMPS/EDTA challenge test(not knowing the dangers), then in October he had a DMPS/EDTA IV done. Basically the last month has been nothing but pure hell.

His speech, hyperactiving and social awareness has greatly improved since August, but his agression ( I can't leave him alone with my 21 month old daughter) is horrible! He will hardly allow me to change his clothes in the morning ( and this wasn't really much of a problem before). We tried taking Christmas pictures yesterday and he wouldn't sit where he was supposed to, yelled, cried, but then after we were done he went and sat there. It was almost as if he knew what he was doing.

Supplements since August -
GAba - 150 mg 3 x per day
acetyl l carnitine - 500 mg 2x daily
cod liver oil - 1 - 2 t daily
calcium/magnesium 1000/500mg daily
melatonin 1-3 mg daily

changes in October-
added nystatin 4 t daily (500,000 units per t)
zinc 20-30mg daily
vitamin c 850 mg daily
spectrum complete
taurine 325 mg 2 x daily
pro bio gold 3 x daily ( I have switched to culturelle seeing
people weren't found of pro bio gold)
pantothenic acid b5 - 125 mg daily
sugar free

He got rid of 5 times more lead and alot of mercury from the IV, but I am reading and learning from you all that this is not safe.

I got my dr. to prescribe him chemet. He prescribed 100mg 3 x daily and I did that a couple of weekends ago. Then I about DIED when I saw that Andy's dose is more like 10 - 12 mg every 3 hours for my son's weight 47.5 lbs.

Last week I counted beads like Andy said and started the DMSA and am going to follow Andy's protocol, I'm sick of the DAN stuff hurting and causing regression.

I am planning on adding ALA as soon as I get it from Kirkmans's.

Now, do you all think it is the DMPS IV or the high dose of DMSA that is causing the horrible agression? My husband is about to give up on me. I am really trying to be our son's advocate, but I am trying to overcome depression myself and am trying to not loathe in self-pity as that is a HORRIBLE problem I have. I feel horribly scatter brained right now and since there are soooo many things going in and out of his body, how can I possibly know what is causing the problems.

Thanks so much!   J.


my comment:

the supplementation is a yeast feeding disaster area, the aggressive behavior is probably frontal lobe damage from the iv chelation in combination with massive intestinal yeast



C. writes:

I have an aged neighbour who takes ALA in a pretty high dose for her diabetic neuropathy. Poor thing was on pain medication for years until she began treating with this

my reply:

yeah ala does seem to help with beta cell mass (insulin islets) in the pancreas

in fact one of the main benefits of ala chelation as per andy cutler's protocol may be this

the question is, is there any other way without the brain damage, thyroid and kidney damage that chelation causes and i would say the compendium and biofilm scd does appear to right blood sugar issues

large single daily dose ala (alpha lipoic acid) is one of the most brain and thyroid damaging chelation methods around



the   simulation   is done every atom by every atom in fempto seconds

thats a huge amount of computing

amazingly visual and mechanical the way these bio-molecules work, its not simply chemcial reactions, the molecules are ravelling, vibrating and unravelling

thats probably why andy cutler and the chelation types have it so messed, they just view it in terms of chemical reactions, but when you see this animation theres a whole other dimension and its primary

you need that three dimensional movement dynamic and its going to take a designed organism to remove a heavy metal atom without causing a lot of damage to the fragile surrounding molecules and braids

it also shows the issues of any mercury dump from amalgam removal

you need to fight very hard to keep any extra mercury absorption to a minimum


all this biochemistry stuff is just like meccano

the meccano level is what it is about, not the chemistry reaction level

the only point of the chemistry reaction is to build the meccano pieces

so chelation is a paradigm that focuses on the chemistry but ignores the meccano



its a literal physiological meme, their brains and minds get altered

they are under the control of a collective conciousness

its a religious conversion process, an extreme of magical thinking

their main weakness is the device to implant the borg cybernetics, the chelation agents, also messes their health and sanity so they drop away eventually

that's why that bitch R. is so dangerous, being a traitor of the first order, given herself to the borg without the physiological implant so retains her health (hypocrite would be another way of putting it, promoting chelation as working for her grandaughter when it has put an iron ceiling on her development, yet not chelating herself)

actually i have noticed that grandmothers can't bring grandchildren up to their full potential, their brains have been downsized by menopause and they are not quite interested enough in the child and seem to be more concerned with appearances

i have seen several instances of this with the grandmother stepping in for an incompetent mother and chelation chosen because it seems a quick way of ridding (not a good word, but that's the way these people think) the child of developmental difficulties

christine has been tainted by the borg, but is so odd an animal that she is rejected by the collective conciousness

but it's a literal physiological phenomenon

i know their brains get destroyed, but why do they pick up the collective conciousness aspect?

there must be something in the destruction of the brain that makes for neural imprinting

the chelator's motto seems to be 'promote chelation so everyone else can be as screwed up as me'

the message boards: chelatingkidsaustralia, autism-mercury, frequent-dose-chelation, adult metal chelation, abmd, autisminfo and autism-biomedical-europe are lamers boards where they pass the time trying to decoy others to be as fucked as them


i think the chelation becomes important to malign biofilm maintenance so chelators are addicted to acetyldehyde or a precursor from the malign bioflim, quasi-alcoholics in effect promoting their habit



Dear list owner and moderator,

As you can see I've been asked to comment on past trolling by Andrew Levin. He won the dubious distinction of being one of only about 3 people ever thrown off the autism-mercury list (on yahoo groups), which is an unmoderated list and if you look it over you will find many VERY heated and prolonged exchanges. People don't get moderated, and don't get thrown off except for very exceptional problems.

You will also find a 'troll alert' document in the files section of that list presenting much history of his being a troll on many other lists.

Mr. Levin devotes his considerable talents to convincing parents to hurt their children through inappropriate interventions, as well as to deny them potentially curative interventions. I don't know why he does this, but he is very persuasive, knows no ethical bounds on the form of argument he uses, and proved unbelievably disruptive on the autism mercury list.

He speaks as if he knows what he is talking about but he is in fact clueless, has no relevant background or understanding, and can provide no technical support or back-up information. You may find a search of the autism mercury list archives (most easily done using the search engine) illuminating.

I would strongly encourage you to throw him off your list in the interests of protecting the children it is supposed to be helping. In the midst of the necessarily high level of controversy and uncertainty that prevails at this point in time someone who is purposely sophistic and whose actions appear bent on obscuring the truth can cause a tremendous amount of harm.

If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE


andy cutler is an unfortunate illustration of the worthlessness of the american education system, up themselves, toxic to the brim, devoid of any real questing, and incompedent

the one doing harm is him with his promotion of the frequent dose chelation protocols

panders to the fools with their blind grasping of quick fixes that throw them out of the frying pan into the fire


i have followed andy cutler's autism mercury board for years and i have yet to see one instance that was not a disaster

people can lie in the short term but they can't lie in the long term

the real attraction of chelation is that of a short cut


“andy cutler fucked me”

a uk google search from manchester (26/7/11) that delivered this chelation page !

i don't think it was for a paternity suit !



this goes  back  to march 2003,  a lot of water under the bridge but both our views basically haven't changed

( ed.  the above link seems to respond to chrome but gives a 403/forbidden for ie10 for me ! it's well worth a read for an overall view ! )

in the above link andy cutler says :

the missing part here is the understanding that your body is a dynamic process - the damage isn't permanent unless it is so extreme that it is like cutting away a big chunk of tissue

my comment

this is where we differ, the permanent damage with chelation is so extreme that it is effectively cutting away large hunks of tissue and permanently decrementing organ function !

andy cutler really taught me the basics of chelation but our views differ on the fundamental point of the potential for recovery from the extra damage chelation causes

   basically chelation  irreversibly screws  the thyroid and brain and kidneys .............





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kathleen seidel's excellent  update  with some user feedback on "OSR" or “Oxidative Stress Relief”, the name under which the new chelator is being marketed.

my advice is if it raises glutathione levels four times, it is a mercury mobiliser with the issues of other chelators

the ratio of glutathione (GSH) to glutathione disulphide is very important as glutathione disulphide (oxidised glutathione - GSSG) is neurotoxic

it is quite possible that instabilities during chelation depending on different raised heavy metal profiles affecting the function of glutathione reductase and other enzymes induct (perhaps transiently?) very poor/low GSH/GSSG ratios (in combination with other factors like raised glutamate?) that damage neurons

a   study  on alpha tocotrienol preventing stroke that incidently deals with GSSG toxicity


the neural trees that constitute personality and memory in the brain don't grow back once cut down by mobilized mercury

to date from posts on the net (30th november 2008), it is certainly not a cure all and promotes yeast/biofilm, the usual chelation result mish-mash !

wether it's safer than the others i don't know, but from the effect on boyd haley i would say not.

looking at the the yahoo OSR  board  in an impartial way, it's not successful

just the usual chelators mix of vain hope, stupidity, willful ignorance and uneven results ultimately weighing heavily on  more damaged

OSR has been withdrawn (29/07/10) from the market pending clincial trials for approval as a drug, though no doubt it will be manufactured elsewhere

it certainly has potential drug uses as a chelator for recent mercury poisoning and possibly as a blood thinner or anti-leukemic !

basically it's a drug


OSR, while it has an extremely high binding affinity for mercury does not appear to be that selective as per the usual with chelators

“ BDTH2 is also effective in the aqueous precipitation of other soft, divalent metals, such as copper, cadmium, lead, and the main group elements, arsenic and selenium ”    study

zinc and cobalt can probably be added to that list as can magnesium and calcium  divalent metals

OSR lowers the platelet count , the increased menses & lowered platelet counts  section


the problem with chelation is subtle because it often gives good results to start with which you might expect from “oxidative stress release” which most chelators do to some extent.

however long term you have the problem of increasing cumulative damage to the brain, thyroid and kidneys and this can take six months or a a year to become very obvious which is apparently what is required for most parents to realise that all is not going well.

getting sustainable, minimally heavy metal mobilising and damaging, "oxidative stress relief" is what the  compendium™  and bcd™ are all about

however a complex dietary and supplement approach seems not be in favour even though its all that works and the slow erosion of certain doom from sought quick fixes and nutty medicalization holds its devotees in thrall..............


boyd haley writes:

“OSR is an antioxidant that has the ability to partition into the lipophilic (fatty) tissues of the body and to scavenge damaging free radicals. OSR seems to be of value for a safe process to help in a dietary way those who are suffering from inflammation and oxidative stress. Just being able to scavenge the free radicals (which are the damaging chemicals produced in inflammation) seems to allow the body to salvage much of its reduced glutathione (GSH) most likely causing the increase in body GSH levels. GSH is used for detoxing the body of many toxicants and to protect enzymes from oxidation. I personally have been taking the compound for about 1.5 years and my latest physical showed no abnormal blood chemistry and I have zero physical problems. My personal plasma glutathione levels (LabCorp) was 1,225 with the average index being 669.”

my comment is that is not what i would call an excessive glutathione level, but the safety all hinges on brain, thyroid and kidney damage so time will show

i think unfortunately that boyd is showing some signs of neural evisceration from his year and a half use of OSR


"Rats given a lethal dose of Hg2+ died within 3 days exhibiting head tremors and convulsions before death.

Rats similarly injected with Hg2+ but 20 minutes later given the new chelator (OSR) did not show any signs of toxicity except to drink more water and appear slightly less energetic for two days. They fully recovered and are now quite active after 3 months. No signs of tumors, etc. yet.

Last month, a commercial toxicology laboratory has confirmed that the new chelator is not toxic at 5grams/kg body weight, the highest testing level! Two thirds of the way through a 28 day trial giving 1.0g/kg body weight has yet to uncover any toxic effects on mice."

that's an extraordinary result

i think the question might be wether it does more than selenium in very much lower mercury toxicity contexts than the lethal dose experiment above

haley claims the bond formed is a million times stronger than that formed with dmsa or dmps

bascially chelators have sulphur atoms to attract and hold the mercury

they have like two sulphur atoms and the mercury fits between

presumably the geometery of haleys new chelator holds the mercury much much more firmly than dmsa, ala, and dmps

what would be interesting to know is how firmly the new chelator holds it compared to selenium, probably not as firmly

maybe its niche is for very recent mercury poisoning because you can give this new chelator in very large amounts which u can't do for selenium and the mercury has yet to become less accessible in the body


to properly test chelators you need to autopsy the brain and look for scythed large scale neural structures which actually may be a ten year research project in itself

also the thyroid would need biopsing as well, though i am not sure what the mechanism of damage there is, but certainly mobile mercury seems to do the thyroid in


interestingly higher glutathione levels compensating for oxidative stress problems is a natural mechanism in the animal kingdom

melanin production is constrained in the presence of high enough levels of glutathione

“traits produced by melanin may signal the bearer's capacity to combat free radicals”  study

raised glutathione would also be heavy metal mobilising so fairness is a strong autistic trait


lowering  iron  levels (really more applicable to men than women) will greatly reduce oxidative stress for some, best achieved by reducing high heme iron foods like red meat and donating blood

an Hb (hemoglobin reading) of 140 might be in this area, 150 is too high



durk pearson and sandy shaw:

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a potent nonphysiological (i.e., it is not found naturally in the body) precursor of GSH that increases GSH levels by donating cysteine. The problem with NAC is that, as reported in many papers, it is such a powerful antioxidant that it can inhibit reactive oxygen species (ROS) signaling that is a necessary part of many normal chemical pathways. Hence, we have been very reluctant to use it, at least as an everyday supplement.

For example, one recent paper reported that NAC interfered with the ROS (reactive oxygen species) signaling pathway by which erythropoietin stimulates the creation of red blood cells. This was in a study of erythropoietin-induced differentiation of erythroid progenitors derived from mouse fetal liver. Treatment with another potent antioxidant, pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate (PDTC), also caused the attenuation of expression of TER119 (an erythroid-specific antigen). The authors conclude, “The results suggest reactive oxygen species are involved in Epo [erythropoietin]-mediated erythroid differentiation.”

In fact, this may have happened to one of us (Sandy), who was taking N-acetylcysteine (but no longer does). Upon having her regular lab tests during her NAC supplementation period, she discovered that her red blood cell levels had declined to half of their previous amount.



i foolishly leant a 2 ft uvb tube up against a chair, then knocked the chair and KAPOW!

the tube fell and broke with bits of small glass going up to 3 meters like a small bomb !


i had read about this happening to people on the mercury boards and some said they were quite affected by it, tho this is going a while back when there was more mercury in the tubes.

this tube that broke was an old style high mercury tube !

i couldn't see any mercury, hopefully most of it was in the phosphor powder and less bioavailable than elemental mercury !

however mercury does  release  as a vapour from the powder

basically, i picked up the glass that was large enough to easily pick, wiped down the chair base with wetted paper towels and put those towels along with the remains of the glass tube which i had wrapped in paper in a rubbish bag, this was the bulk of the glass and tube and then put that bag outside so that any vapour was released outside the house

when the tube broke, i held my breath, gathered my thoughts and opened the windows and doors so that a breeze was going through the room and venting to the outside.

i also put on a good quality 3M 7500 half face mask i had with a particulate filter on and put disposable latex gloves on that i also had so that i wasn't touching any mercury or powder when i was picking up the remains of the tube.

i then vacuumed the room with the dust bag already at least half full so that acted as a filter to absorb any mercury or mercury dust, but i also had the mask on when hoovering.

the air was blowing through from outside all the time i was vacuuming

i feel this has been satisfactory , but time will show !

rugs i vacuumed (hoovered) first then shook outside and banged on a hard outside surface with the mask on !

the surface could be hosed onto the grass if necessary !

fortunately it was a breezy sort of day ! just right actually, raining (for damp) and not too stong but strong enough to put a consistent airflow through the rooms !


course i do the compendium with its daily dual selenium  protocol  so that will give protection too !

a good  study  on mercury vapour release from broken CFL's


old post by a mom 2004/5/6? :

Last fall my nephew accidentally broke a novelty neon lamp in my bedroom while he was unpacking it. At first I didn't know if it had mercury because it was called a "neon" lamp. Within a week I began to become terribly ill with acid reflux and developed another stomach ulcer, so I began to suspect it had mercury, but my doctor (who also does alternative health) had previously told me that florescent bulbs don't have as much mercury as they used to.

Then I happened to stumble across an episode of "How It's Made" on Discovery Channel (I think) that showed exactly how these novelty neon lamps were made. Because they have unique shapes (my nephew had one in the shape of a dollar sign), they are hand made. I almost cried when I saw the crafter injecting what looked to be about a quarter of a teaspoon of mercury into the bulb.

My options for dealing with mercury are limited because most treatments make me sicker. But I did what I could and within 4 months I started to recover. On March 26 I woke up feeling really good, jumped out of bed and began to think, "I finally recovered!" So I went to the kitchen to make breakfast only to find a broken florescent bulb on the kitchen counter.

It wasn't as bad as the neon bulb but I still haven't quite recovered from it. These things just don't belong in our houses!

andrew's comment:

the mercury goes into the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube and when you break it, it can become a dust. also chinese compact fluorescent lamps can have quite a bit of mercury and even the "green" ones from companies like philips still have significant amounts of mercury in, though greatly reduced compared to the chinese "no name" ones

if you break a fluorescent, be sure to open the windows and get a good airflow through as this will reduce the vapour concentration very considerably

don't vacuum the mercury up unless the dust bag is already half full to absorb the mercury and you have a breeze blowing though the areas being vacuumed !

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