what follows below is content i put up on my yahoo who_knows message board, yahoo has now closed its   groups   ,  basically reddit does a way better job

i find it hard to believe i spent so much of my life on them, expensive experience for sure, but one does develop the necessary skills in handling them and getting a return for the time spent after a while, so   .   .   .

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 The "Bugor" by nikolai getman 

the man depicted in the painting, Sergei Ivanovich Bocharov was highly respected by the other camp prisoners for using his overseer status to make life liveable for the brigade

nikolai  getman

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the biofilm carbohydrate diet and compendium

Hi, you have elected to be real about health issues or perhaps you haven't ;o)

anyway, this board is different so we hope you will avail yourself of the opportunities for improving your health !

you do have to be proactive and accept there is alot of complexity and work involved !

lost you already lol ;o)

APPLICANTS, unless you read the  AGREEMENT  in detail, your application will be immediately rejected without  explanation

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the biofilm  creed

posting as a self-educating  process

No foreign sky protected me,

no stranger's wing shielded my face.

I stand as witness to the common lot,

survivor of that time, that place.

( the above poem is from   requiem   by anna arkmatova )

the sky is impartial,

yet it loved me,

though it has a funny way of showing it :o)

neither stranger or wing shielded me,

yet i was shielded

no claim is made

(my reply to anna)

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time-wasting schizophrenics will be booted after a warning

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