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my   warning   on health message boards !

i think the point of this page is message boards can be very rewarding but are a  trap  for human  intuitive  responses and need care and observation and some heartlessness to avoid being consumed by them in an unfruitful way.

a way to think about message boards is if the net closed down tomorrow, what do you take away from your time on them?

not  personal relationships  or some  debt of giving  whereby people will help you in real life in return

no, you only take that extended and better processed knowledge that comes from reading and writing message board posts as a form of thinking and memory, and of course the practical application in real life

posting as a self-educating  process   

it's not like real life, all that is taken from message boards is information, seeking emotional comfort on a message board is a trap

the truth upsets, lies and stupidity never do in my observation


the number one rule is  writing the post needs to help the writer


the point of message board posting is not to help people or change the world but improve ones processing of the subject in question

regardless of how my posting might appear, that is in fact what i am doing

just writing this i am understanding what i am doing when i am writing a post

it's that simple, it's a thinking and problem solving tool


the net is a trap if you are over-prone to volunteer, most people are not that way, they will bleed you to death, bottle your blood and try to sell you your own blood back

they can be so utterly unintelligent about their own best interest.

so many grasp at oversimple health solutions like high dose iodine, chelation, the nuttiness of the autism biomed circuit; that destroy them and their childrens health, it's a pathetic wasteland of stupidity, slackness and several generations of low thyroid function


volunteer effort in this area needs a return in improved health or you just drop away from life


all my experience of message boards over many years now is it is best to keep people relative strangers and just go for information processing which of course is not the female view at all, but it's the only one that works

one has to be very careful with message boards because they are so consuming, so that every post made or read has the potential to return a useful betterment of knowledge, problem solving or experience of life

of course judging this potential is difficult and entails a lot of reading to get useful information and sometimes where it comes from can be quite surprising, i have learnt not to prejudge or be fussy about where i look


most posters are caught in a trap of seeking emotional comfort and the pretence of salient information and problem solving

they are upset by truth and fawn on lies


i've learnt the hard way, people don't want to get healthy, they just want the illusion of quick fixes

it beggars the imagination to see people suffering great pain and disability rather than think a bit and be effectively experimental, but not only will they not help themselves, they will try and do as much damage as possible to anyone pointing out their errors

one thing i really got right on the who_knows message board is the  agreement,  it keeps the blood sucking ratbags out, they just gag on it

the number of applications where they pretend they don't need to read it is just unreal

all they want to do is suck blood, preferably not their own and don't regard wether it's toxic or helpful

quite an effective gate, impassable for some even tho i am telling them how to get through

their self-esteem chokes them, toxic, if you are desperate u are desperate

have the guts to see how things really are and admit your situation to yourself !


there's too many half baked men and women floating about on the net, unless you have a way of filtering these types they latch onto anything of quality and home in to destroy it with their inanity and stupidity

unless you have some way of filtering these out, and actually i have to say the obverse usually occurs, these people are encouraged to dominate most message boards

and what's more, once they have reduced a message board to their level, they get tired of the board and their own ongoing ill health and scout further afield for fresh pasture on which to spread their toxic manure

i really don't know of any message board that has successfuly filtered these types out except who_knows and it's agreement

you can see why the health message board scene is so destructive and toxic to owners and participants alike

the net enables an awful lot to be concealed, very sick, overweight, hubric and mentally retarded women ladeling out the advice like they knew better

moral: a message board has to be discriminately selective in who is admitted to be successful, the who_knows agreement is the way i prefer to do it, let the fools and arrogant exclude themselves


most people don't like to take personal responsibility for their health issues, just see the doctor or naturopath and get nailed to the medical or naturopathic crosses!

they will try to kill/silence/remove any messenger who confronts them with this, that with work and thought and a different approach they could be quite a bit better and not stuck in the hells of side effects, surgery and organ removal, limited abatement of the condition and new conditions generated

better dead with a diagnosis than alive in some ambiguous shades of grey land is their motto!


if i get banned or prevented from posting then the moderators/owner are only doing me a favour because i post too much anyway and censored boards get very distorted, carrying the board participants into a maelstrom of maladaptiveness

some message boards/owners/ moderators  will be always allergic to you and in that case, just use a false nick to just read the board if necessary. don't be tempted to post again if using a false nick after being banned

some people are way much more work than others with very little reward and should be avoided - schizophrenia is the norm for the net, a lot of very damaged, wrong minded and chronically fatigued people posting

i think i just take a pragmatic view now, posts are a dime a dozen and sink into the archives to be lost forever and who cares, you know, like the only thing i take is a better understanding of something or having thought a bit more about something by replying

message boards are very counter intuitive and don't fit the usual human exchanging favours system at all, though sometimes they do a bit.

seen all the games people play and been through a fair few of them myself and it's interesting how as i get less toxic i see more clearly though its a slow process.

  99.910 %  of message boards kill their owners by sucking them into the  queen bee  trap, so their energies go to controlling and building their hive and losing sight of the only return which is the extension and processing of knowledge


people are used to spouting bullshit irl and getting knocked back on it, this guides them

however  910%  of message boards suppress this knocking back and as a result the bullshit takes over because people have no idea when they are getting into fairy land

autisminfo, pecanbread, autism mercury, abmd, biomed europe, yahoo iodine, the vitamin k board......... the bullshit has just taken over and they spiral down unrecoverably into malfunction

biochemistry is very unforgiving of ignorance and following mistakes

seen it so many times over the years, people half die, theres no old person u knew there anymore and one has to adjust

usually they chelated their brains out coupled with bad biofilm


i notice that people when perceiving some valid criticism clam up or don't reply to a post

this is the worst problem solving mistake you can make because you need some dealing with the issue to unentrain yourself from a self-destructive line of thinking

google has 133 million entries for 'criticism', one of the larger hit numbers ;o)

valid criticism is an opportunity to straighten yourself out and i am thankful when i get one, though it happens very rarely, not because i am perfect but because people can be such ratbags and are always trying to put one over


one of the attractions of a health message board is people going through the same thing as you

but they have the same unresolved problems so don't give the right bead on solving the issues

it's a big trap of health message boards


message boards by a combination of  censorship  and slackness literally impair the participants and owners, hard to understand but it's true

ideas that are not 100% correct steer us onto the rocks

“ what is that grinding sound i hear ? ”  “DETOX”  the stupid health message boards resound as the waves crash over the ship !

one can say any nonsense on the net, believe it's true and have others believe it and you will necessarily get moderation and censorship in your favour to maintain the illusion


my views on the impossibility of effective   censorship


wikipedia is really a message board and rather than moderators you are on equal terms with other editors, but in the end you can't win because it takes too much time and energy, i have got away with slight alterations and outrageous flattery  ; o )

there's a whole array of techniques that some people have for spoiling the work of others

my wikipedia motto is :

  “ if you have anything of quality some mongrel will come along and piss all over it ”

you have to stand your ground and fight for what you believe in

to be fair some wikipedia stuff is quite good

the best method of kneecapping recalcitrant editors is to do some net research on them and feed back some of the less salubrious aspects to them in the on board discussions, works like a charm :o)


tar pit  is an accurate description for most message boards,  rereading  uncle remus's tar baby can be quite instructive !

it's to do with the balance of reward and penalty for involvement

for example, the  autadvo  board is usually penalty even just reading and not taking part, let alone posting


it has occurred to me that so much of posting is seeking to persuade

but is the person persuadable or likely to return some measure of useful information or processing or otherwise?


the purpose of a message board is to extend your own knowledge

because that's all it delivers

it will never make you money only cost

when you post you are asking, telling and listening

the last is way the most important


Re: was non-egg breakfast ideas now INSANITY

In openblooms@yahoogroups.com, Gertrude Snicklegrove wrote:

I don't really feel good about the direction of this thread. This has been a perfect example of communication between people just barely whizzing by the ears. My only point in referencing restrictive food is that it is not restrictive. (snip ed.)

    my reply:

                        right wrong

                        not even a song



                        who r u trying to persuade?

                        don't burn up trying to persuade dull and thwartive natures

                        actually u have to laugh a bit when you look at the title of this post.


      isha wagner

                        When You Meet A Woman

                        Don't believe when you see a woman

                        That she is alone, this is your illusion.

                        She is always accompanied by her image,

                        Surveying herself without cease.

                        How she walks, talks,

                        Her gestures, her opinions,

                        Expressions, shall I smile or frown,

                        Perhaps a little sad?

                        On this occasion she mentally inquires

                        Of herself.

                        Lip gloss, mascara and streaks

                        Of gold in her hair.

                        Must convey,

                        The picture in her mind of a real woman,

                        Not a fake.

                        Unceasingly busy,

                        Busy to create the other.

                        Fearful always, you will perceive the real her.

                        So if you want to get on

                        and you are a man liking what you see,

                        Relate to the image she projects.

                        She will turn away quickly, if she

                        suspects you have glimpsed

                        her own inner self and can see

                        what she thinks to be her ugliness.

                        Remember, she is always accompanied by

                        the other.

more of her  poems


karen,  (owner of the yahoo autisminfo message board)   writes

andrew, i've been booted off a list or two myself. i suppose this is the time to say you are an adult on the spectrum treating yourself, not an irate parent having a bad day. i would be the pot calling the kettle black if i got on to you for having an opinion. just be civil...as I point the finger at myself.

my  reply

in the end what matters?

it's getting substantial lasting improvements

it's not pretending, weltering in the gore or enriching others with a demand for services that don't work

real world problem solving requires a robustness and willingness to look at what we don't want to see

all the message boards that censor and remove different opinions like abmd, autism mercury, enzymesandautism, pecanbread, condemn their participants to being ineffective which actually i have come to realise is the way most parents want to be rather than accept personal reponsibility for thinking and doing supplements and diet in an intensive detailed way, which is what is required

when the death trains pulled up at auschwitz some of the jewish deportees would run up to the nazi officers on the platform saying  there must be some mistake,  like they still hadn't got they were going to be killed and   all the social niceties were just delusion

a note about K., she has become completely delusional as result of of chelation and censoring opinions on her message board, to the extent of forcing her children to have iv glutathione against their wishes, the sadness of intelligent children permanently damaged by foolish parents, a prime example of a message board killing the owner and her family

she didn't understand that health interventions can permanently cripple you if they are wrong and because she censored out opinions that she and the majority her readership disagreed with, she became entrained on the road to disaster, a sycophantic adulation of the false gods of medicine, naturopathy and DAN  (a doctors group called  defeat autism now)


i think the major mistake people make with the web is  they think they can make money out of it one day,  or at least it's worth something

but it's all volunteer effort so the only benefit is improved knowledge,  hopefully flowing through to improved health

having seen the nature of thyroid issues and low iodine problems i am quite confident of these people (who ban or moderate or dislike me!) being taken under and that's actually what happens

it all gets back, the only justice   is outlasting them


any notions of helping people are very misguided, because of the huge cost of personal fragmentation in dealing with the issues of others

sick people behave like leeches

i don't want to come across as cranky or unsympathetic, it's just a very hard school


in a letter published in oprah winfrey's magazine  o  (may 2006),   harper lee wrote

“ now, 95 years later in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, ipods and  minds like empty rooms,  i still plod along with books. ”

harper lee  (author of  to kill a mockingbird )  was born in 1926 and she has noticed it

that's what they hate, being shown their rooms are empty, my fullness appalls them and they always react against it


i think people maintain their own opinion to surprising extent, but tend to follow the line of the least effort and exertion  (my comment on the study in the section below)

the interesting phenomena of the lemmings following the lead lemmings over the cliff that is so prevalent on message boards, is more a phemomena of not researching or thinking in depth, and just a flicky ADHD thing of mostly working from accessible message board content or being spoon fed from whatever particularly toxic homeopath or doctor they are suffering under

not following the line of least resistance is what sorts the survivors from the zombies, but it's hard


your brain may be wired to go along with popular opinion in social situations, a new study suggests. (jan 2009)

scans done with functional magnetic resonance imaging showed that people whose opinion differed with that of a group of people experienced a neuronal response in the brain's rostral cingulate zone and nucleus accumbens -- areas that seem to help monitor behavioral outcomes and anticipate and process rewards as well as social learning, respectively.

this signal appears to tell the brain a "prediction error" has occurred, which seems to cause an adjustment in the long-term to an individual's own opinion. the magnitude of the signal appears to correlate with differences in conforming behavior across subjects, the study said.

"the present study explains why we often automatically adjust our opinion in line with the majority opinion," study author vasily klucharev, from the f.c. donders center for cognitive neuroimaging in the netherlands, said. "our results also show that social conformity is based on mechanisms that comply with reinforcement learning and is reinforced by the neural error-monitoring activity which signals what is probably the most fundamental social mistake -- that of being too different from others."



actually when i look at most of the boards

they are anti-rational, u get banned if you are rational

totally divorced from the idea u have to get things right to see improvements

what they think is all you have to do is intend to get better and u will

knowledge is power, the more you understand the pros and cons of your options the better the outcome

there's so much anti-rationalism in medicine and general attitudes that you need to be armed against it



kayla writes:

but calling me an  “ honest to god schizophrenic ”  in front of God and everybody, that's a bit much, that hurts my feelings

my reply:

well you are sensitive to your feelings but don't seem to give a shit about burdening these message boards in an unproductive way

the highest premium is on RIGHT, TESTED INFORMATION IN A THEORETICAL BASE THAT EXTENDS INTO PRODUCTIVE FUTURE CHANGES and you are just posting half done swill

the number of people on these boards who show any sensitivity to anyone else's real life problems and not their own feelings is so low i am not going to mention a figure

supps and diet is a doing thing and YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF AS WELL all the message boards except who_knows and open blooms, at the risk of being a bit crude, they are mastabatory, stupid adults just going around in the same circle cause they don't want to get real and try things themselves and test and observe and get improvements

like for the anti diarrhea diet raw eggs are an issue imo, in fact you have to be careful to cook eggs enough that the yoke gets hard enough to be sure it is pasturised

i have worked this out over a while by eating soft and hard eggs

i do the work and tell you and all i get is silence or a grabbing of the info and then setting up some pyscho queen beeism

nutritionally soft eggs are definitely better, maybe there is benefit in the choline not being denatured by heat

but you are seeking this balance point of pasturisation versus avoiding excess denaturing, similar to raw milk see?????????????????????????

contribute by doing and improving your neural and other health and bury the queen bee

YOU not natasha mcbride

"god" is like a disney conception of absolute reality btw

course they all spout religious waffle but the real things of "god", like accepting you don't know everything and it takes work to sort things out and be responsible for for your child and not pass the buck to doctors seems to escape them


women message board owners, the messageboard participants are not your children, they return nothing to you but false flattery and deep seated ingratitude

they intentionally suck you dry for what they perceive as their own benefit

keep your focus on minimising the work involved in running the board, and maximising the problem-solving return to yourself

be very careful of making the board a mirror to your own thoughts, that's not how life works

small boards work best!





















rabble !


men don't write or think the same as women and applying the female yardstick of politeness only has the effect of removing any effective male posters

exclusively male or female health boards are unbalanced, the female mind needs male insights to be effective in health matters

the extreme american partitioning of childrearing as an exclusively female job has been ruinous to the raising of kids, had men been more involved the vaccination holocast would not have occurred



a thread from the yahoo helpfultidbits message board titled  “ an alternative iodine protocol to brownstein”

andrew writes:

theres fairly good research around now on problems of high iodine interfering with liver function and also promoting malign biofilm in the skin hence all the acne and liver issues you see when people start the high dose protocol

the annoying trish replies:

Could you share any links on this research please. Thanks

my reply:

please learn to use google and contribute to the discussion rather than unduly burden another

i don't know whats wrong with the american education system but it seems to produce nothing but helpless clones

please understand this as friendly helpful advice from one whose has been around these boards a LONG time

search engines and messages boards work well together

the bitch pack swings into action

Woah! Your post was neither friendly nor helpful. If you don't have the links asked for nicely then say so. No wonder there aren't many people here if that is the response they get. ~ Claudia

my reply to the bitch pack :

i have been though this so many times on these boards

everyone to do the work for you and you not contribute a second of your own time

thats basically why i don't do much now

you can go jump in the lake

please don't reply to me and i won't reply to you

in fact it didn't work and i sensibly left them to wallow in their own effluent


i had

been really sensible










i further wrote:

there's those that talk about things

and there's those that do things

i pasted into google the search terms

iodine liver kidneys

and then scanned the page looking for something likely which i  found

“ The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of Se supplementation on the depression of type 1 deiodinase (D1) and glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx) activities caused by excessive iodine. D1 activity was assayed by the method with 125I-rT3 as a substrate. Compared to the effect of iodine alone, iodine in combination with selenium increased the activities of D1 and GSHPx. The addition of selenium alleviated the toxic effects of iodine excess on the activities of D1 and GSHPx.”

thats tells me that too much iodine depresses the deiodinases which means t4 won't convert to t3

and depresses gluthathione

which selenium (ime the dual seleniums as per my  protocol ) helps remedy

if you search further you will find other metabolic pathways affected which are not fixable


why waffle when you can help yourself in a real way?

free yourself of the usual very bad advice given on boards by being more informed

why have i posted this?

it has made me think a bit and i am not posting only for your benefit

theres no money in this, why not take what it has to offer, improved health through being more informed and not sucked into the trap of the usual messageboard deadhead advice?

searching is a skill which develops and basically it usually pays to start reading the research and trying to figure out what it means

basically i think i am saying that by aggressive searching you can convert the trap of health messageboards to a very useful synergy

there is no fixed point of rightness, but an ongoing flow of discovery



Re: [who_knows] stopping posting on autism info, for my records

Andrew, this a coincidence. Just this morning I was trying to catch up on my emails and after trying to look through a couple of autisminfo digests I was asking myself what I was doing subscribing to a list of the very people I have sequestered myself away from. Everywhere I turn here these are the moms (and a few dads) that I see, running from pillar to post from snakeoil to therapist. They are like banshees and are so self righteous and self congratulatory for so bravely and aggressively treating their 'damaged' children. They go around sounding intelligent to the vastly undeducated masses because they spew a laundry list of chemical names that the DAN establishment has fed them. All that matters is that they are doing, no matter if useful or worse, harmful. That is the bottom line in their eyes and the eyes of the world.

Every so often I will be asked to talk to one of these types of parents, most of them, as you can see from their lists are real basket cases, or asked to join some group, and a few years ago I used to try, but I stopped because they damage me, these people. I was spending endless hours talking to people who could not think independently and all they wanted was one more venting avenue. They thought I was the crazy one to think so highly of my child and admire her and respect her so very much. They could not accept that I would not put her in regular school, I would not let therapists near her, that every person who had to come in contact with her was given a primer on who she was and lessons on how to be with her.

They do not recognize the brilliance in those side seeing eyes, the lovely heart, the unimaginable richness of their lives. Most of all, the vast, phenomenal intelligence that is the hope of this world, not its dismay.


All4mytwo's posts

My family and I have used the compendium for about a year and a half now. Not continuously though; for a while last winter, I tried to combine it with the Amy Yasko protocol based on my son's genetic testing. It was a disaster as we mobilized too many metals, especially mercury, too fast and that set us back a bit for a while. The compendium works best as it is, pure and simple.

I credit Andrew and his compendium and Eileen for totally changing the health of my family. Not only that, I have learned to THINK. To ask why. To take the time to figure out things for myself. Before, I was content going with the flow on the message boards. I finally realize that most people on the message boards are aimlessly following people who are in just as bad of health as they are. Why was I taking advice from people who would post their "helpful hint" in one message and then a few messages later post about some terrible health problem they were battling? If they knew what they were talking about, they wouldn't feel so bad.

At one time, I was told my son was on the autism spectrum. He most certainly was ADHD. I also feared he was bipolar; it runs in my mom's family. His genetic testing through enterolabs showed double DQ9 genes. DQ9 is a gene that indicates gluten intolerance. Double copies are even more bad news - research I did at the time linked that combo with bipolar. His moods would swing very widely. He was sad a lot. His digestive system was a mess and he had bad allergies & asthma. Using the SCD and the compendium has completely changed his life. He is now a sweet, calm, always happy little boy. Keeping him home and homeschooling him this year has been the icing on the cake. His obsessive behavior is almost gone (he is still a video game nut!), his fears of being more than two steps away from me are gone, he's a joy to be around. His asthma is gone, his allergies are about 90% gone.

My daughter and I are more how you describe yourself - we tend towards ADD, low energy, very shy, socially uncomfortable. I had and still have a mouth full of amalgams, plus many of my baby teeth were filled before being pulled. My dentist used nitrous oxide (laughing gas) every visit. I guess I was a toxic mess and passed it all on to my kids. On the compendium, our energy is so much better. I wish I could say our ADD, highly scattered ways are better, but so far no change there. I do think however, that I am a bit more organized and rational thinking than before.

Our health is way improved. I have so many people tell me that I look great, the kids look great. My husband tells me to keep doing exactly what I am doing. He noticed improvement in me within weeks of our start of the compendium and is a big Andrew fan too. I have had skeptic relatives tell me that whatever I am doing must be working. Everyone who knew my son as he was and sees how he is now thinks I am a super genius or something for turning his life around. It was the compendium and his diet that did it.

I don't know if my daughter & I will get rid of our ADD ways the way my son's ADHD disappeared. I do know that my OCD traits (patterns I would do with number 9, stuff like that) has improved hugely. I kind of want to keep some of those ways though. I think me being the way I am helps me recognize the genius in Andrew's approach. My OCD allows me to place excrutiating attention on what I am putting in our bodies and that actually benefits us.

I have always, always hated social gatherings, school was a nightmare. Now though, I feel confident and happy and just have an overall feeling of wellness. When I was in my mid twenties and people were telling me that this was the best time of my life, I was so depressed about how much worse I would feel in the future. Now, I am 34 yrs old and feel better than I did when I was 19.

I don't want to cast the impression that by following the compendium, all your dreams will come true and you will live happily ever after. But, it darn sure is as close to that fantasy as we will ever get I think. The hard part is that most people will not stick with the level of attention to detail needed to continue to improve. I still struggle. But, as I watch all my friends and family in their 20's and 30's coming down in droves with autoimmune issues and just generally feeling crappy, I can't help but feel encouraged that we are on the right road.

jan 2010

Hey guys, It's been forever since I've been able to be on here and was happy to see my yahoo account was still active in spite of 1800 spam messages and over 900 emails (all junk hopefully since I just deleted the whole mess). :)

But, just wanted to say hi while I had the chance and let you know that while times have been very financially tight for our family and I am unable to do any supplements beyond Houston zymeprime, we are all still doing quite well. The compendium was able to reset what was off in our bodies and by eating home raised chickens, eggs, garden veggies and deer from our woods, we are able to get by nicely with just the enzymes. I know the supplements would be ideal but unfortunately not affordable for us right now. We're still gluten free, but eat organic dairy products freely.

I'm still homeschooling and we just don't go out during the late fall/winter/early spring; my husband goes to the grocery store and runs errands and brings home library books for us. Both children are growing and thriving and happy and yes, they've been sheltered from peers their own age, besides occasional cousin visits (non-flu season ones), but honestly, the idiotic way people are these days, I'm not seeing that as an issue. We completely stopped going to church, it was a guilt issue pushed on me by my parents growing up and I can see Andrew's view now on the viralness of such people. I realize some people will read that and not understand what I am saying and think I am a horrible mother to cloister my children in such a way. But I say it unapologetically and think that I am a damn good mother for doing so. We also stopped seeing the DAN doctor and the naturopath for I guess at least two well child visits (?), I haven't really kept count lol. By avoiding most viral contagion, none of us have been sick for as far back as I can remember, besides a couple colds my husband picked up and was able to quickly fight off with olive leaf tea and sambucol. Why go to a well child visit when the children are already well? To pick up a new illness to spend weeks dealing with? No, thank you. Viral exposure is one of the hugest issues I think. I daresay propose it to be THE issue, at least for us. Oh! And I finally managed to stop eating chocolate completely last summer or spring. Two times I tried it again, got severe migraines so don't miss it one bit anymore. And, I'm convinced it made me foggier thinking.

Anyway, I felt that I had had to leave the internet rather abrubtly and wasn't able to fully express my thanks to Andrew for this board and all of his hard work and research and his kindness to share it. Andrew, you truly truly turned the life around of my little boy and my whole family and best of all made me THINK for myself again. I was about to blindly chelate and do whatever the heck the DAN doctor said without question until your posts piqued my interest and stirred what little bit of mental capacity I had left at the time. What a priceless gift you've given and from every fiber in my being, I thank you and also Eileen and Laura for your help and guidance. You made a difference and that's pretty cool in my book. I have to go and this is rather rushed, but hopefully was able to say what I wanted to.


northstar writes

Your advice and keen information and amazing self-awareness have taught me very much. I recall coming across your posts on the SCD boards years ago and knew there was something very different and sharp about your posts the others lacked.

Their's was by repeating rote information fed to them by one mantra, but your posts challenged them to evolve and I could see there was something about you that was way ahead of the curve.

Their loss, truly.

Especially when I start seeing things come into popular language that I saw you use first such as biofilm and viral shedders, etc.




i seem to be banned or moderated on way more message boards, blogs and facebook pages than i can post on   - -  a ratio about 8 to 1  i'd say  : o )

yet it is useful to read to these boards

what i do, is on my bookmark/favorites description, is modify the description like  yahoo iodine  becomes   yahoo iodine banned  and using the bookmark i have to read that and it reminds me that i am banned (actually i have to use a fake id to read that board !)

or the unpleasant   yahoo autism lead   liz unfriendly moderator

you can also make a helpfully named folder to put a board in with a more detailed description, or just an empty folder with an explanation

otherwise you forget and with the altered titles you are now armed with your previous experience of that board and don't get bogged down with street fighting each time

the winners in street fights are the people who live there and if you don't live there ..............

horses for courses

it's important to be able to move through boards freely without having to relearn the hazards of each board

on the other hand it's also important to post if you read a board because just reading gives rise to a certain unrealness, since  unconciously  we take on board what we read and hear to some extent unless there is an overt criticism, but if they ban you, you always have a sense of it's unreality and unhealthiness simply because they have banned you because you are talking sense and puncture their schizophrenic and pyschotic delusions !

message boards, blogs and possibly facebook are actually forms of warfare and best approached in that light, i don't think there are many rules, but one might be you want to sleep at night and not worry about some nut driving across country to eliminate the source of criticism, another is always be aware of the legal aspects of liability and libel, paradoxically it is more problematic to post in your country than outside the country where you live !

a good page on how to  handle  libel action threathened against you, tho i don't agree with rhys morgan's attack on dr. burzynski, there are at least a few instances where his therapy has been very successful !

of course the best defence is not to libel, so i stick to researching and stating the facts and often write satirically rather than directly  : o )



i notice some of the yahoo id's have what are obvious surnames in

the problem with these boards is absolutely anybody can be reading them

government services, ex's, and there will be software robots sweeping the board for who knows what info

they can't see your email addy and first names are not very indicative but a first name and surname with a bit of context absolutely identify you

i would be particularly cautious of goverment data gathering techniques now

the beauty of these boards is you can be honest about real life issues for discussion

very difficult to find you if they don't know the surname or street address



message boards get less effective as more people post on them, so as the traffic grows, its better for it to split over several 'like minded" (dislike minded lol) message boards, each with its different flavour

there is an optimium amount of traffic on a board and it tends to less rather than more, but with an inner coherence

to run a successful message board, just don't worry about wether people post or not, w_k has been six months without a single post except me putting one on to stop yahoo taking it down

don't remove posts except spam because people hate their posts being deleted or edited

and don't ban people, if they are a hassle, then return the favour via replies on the board, do a search on the people on other boards and look for the inevitable lies and inconsistencies and repost them on your board and that shuts people up

each message board has the different style of its owner

decent female message board owners are rare, mostly because women get their noses too easily put out of joint and start permanent banning of constructive people



i think the benefit of the web is not that you can make money off it, but it makes a lot of your costs cheaper and what you do more effective

once you accept that theres no money in these volunteer activites on the web, then, like any volunteer activity you have to ask what's in it for you?

not just an increasing calcification of already rigid attitudes?

or a move to more flexibility and increased real life function from dealing with the subject manner in a real way?

since the point is real life function, then you need to get to real life again


the net has shifted the income/work/volunteer paradigm

you have the problem of trying to earn income in a context of increasing generality which will likely include a substantial portion of volunteer work in areas unrelated to income

over the last 60-90 years there has been a movement to decreasing generalisation and increasing specialisation

the net moves to increasing the generalisation again while maintaining the degree of specialisation or even increasing it

how is this possible?

you have to use the computer very intensively to increase your effective memory and function by using the internet to explore new concepts and ways of doing things and also using files to write things down and develop thoughts in them and then be able to access them later which is an effective form of memory


it just amazes me how the extra complexity of scd and  bcd  is the insurmountable barrier, even before supplements and this is the fundamental divide on the health boards, those prepared to engage the correct theoretical dietary basis of scd/bcd and all the other flakes with their  dawn of the living dead  message boards and message board empires or medical arselicking

message boards of the living dead

where the zombies prowl

and were-wolves howl

all without a head


it just amazes me how the extra complexity of scd and  bcd  is the insurmountable barrier, even before supplements and this is the fundamental divide on the health boards, those prepared to engage the correct theoretical dietary basis of scd/bcd and all the other flakes with their  dawn of the living dead  message boards and message board empires or medical arselicking

                        message boards of the living dead

                        where the zombies prowl

                        and were-wolves howl

                        all without a head


  “ The horseman has stolen a cub and has been pursued by the tiger. The thief can stop the tiger by a trick: he throws down a glass sphere and the tiger, seeing its own reflection, stops to nurse the sphere like a cub. She ends by losing both her revenge and her child ”

  pic   about one third the way down the page                text   referring to the pic

i don't want to come across as judgemental as i sure spend time pursuing reflections and in fact what humans think of as real is also a reflection

there's no right or wrong in this or better or worse except from the point of view of self interest one is better pursuing some courses than others

but pecanbread is some sort of reflection that she is taking for her child so that explains the huge energy and perseveration

i think that's basically the queen bee instinct and explains these female message board owners and moderators


actually real world problem solving is always like this

its just a bog that sucks one down deeper and the single biggest issue is the parents who can't accept that this is reality and so pursue artificially constrained problem definitions and solutions

which just leads to the various holocasts you see on the chelation, dietary and biomed boards



this is a thread in response to the question “ Who recovered from mercury toxicity ? ”

michele asks:

“ Are there any people who got well ? ”

eileen replies:

I am what you might call recovered from mercury toxicity,  I had my amalgams removed and have been on the compendium suppliments for several years now, Since before Andrew formed this board,

I have had many really significant improvements over those years and am still in my opinion making more,

I'll just briefly list some,

Immune function, I dont get as felled by viral infection, intestinal yeast overgrowth or bacteria,

Thyroid is restored to working so well I came out of menopause. Regaining female cycle,

Depression and anxiety which used to dog me are now things of the past,

Heart health has improved which isnt soley down to a PFO op I had, This in turn restored my blood pressure which used to be very low,

Nail and hair condition is better with faster growth,

Skin is softer and less blemished,

Posture is more upright, Used to have a sort of slump/humped back, I no longer do,

Joints are improved, I have a bit of ostio arthritus which used to give me a lot of trouble, that improved a lot,

Sellf confidence is good, I used to be extremely shy, I can now go into a room full of strangers and hold a decent conversation without becoming almost in articulate with nerves,

I could go on and detail improvements gained but I think you can get the picture,

I must say tho that eating totally bcd legal food is a Huge part of this improvemt and can't stress enough how improtant this aspect of the compendium is and what turned me around from being anaemic which did damage my heart over the years,

andrew replies:

get an iodine alcohol tincture, put a drop on your wrist in the morning and tell us what you observed

its not simply the mercury, but the stupid education system that poisons our brains

we do not know how to be real about solving problems

one little step at a time and see what the effect is

michele asks again:

Are there people here who were able to recover from mercury poisoning using the recommended supplements?

How are things going for you?

eileen replies:

I had my amalgams removed about 9? years ago,

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by persisting symptoms, I still get yeast overgrowth if I stray from eating bcd legal foods or take the wrong forms of suppliments,

I still have arthritis but in a very muted way that only bothers me if I overwork the joint concerned whereas before it bothered me without overworking it,

Heart health will never be as it should due to damage done and the implant I have,

If I don't use iodine and some of the othe suppliments I do become worse off healthwise but due mainly to deficiency in the soils/vegetables that are grown today as research proves they have 60% less nutritional value than what they used to in the 1950's

andrew replies:

eileen's fillings were already loose and could be pried out with a minimium of drilling

she is really the only person i know who has had an unequivocally successful amalgam removal, but she is an intelligent woman and worked it out with the dentist beforehand

eileen and myself are really the only ones i know of doing the full compendium, bcd and lamp and we are both doing really well, but there's a lot to it and the approach is not the received wisdom from medicine or the bullshit naturopath scene so people don't seem to engage it fully and also are overconfident in their judgement compared to mine and i have seen a lot of people over the years on this board and others take half of my advice and then permanently damage themselves with their ideas and that of nutty doctors or naturopaths or dentists that i have warned them against

so all in all i have got very pessimistic about the possibility for recovery because people are too schizophrenic, stupid or slack to do the necessary work

or even too poor, enzymes are expensive, tho that can be a question of priorities

its all been a bit depressing so i don't push it and keep a low profile and just work it out for myself with those few interested now



what i figured in the end with the health message boards

is a person could be dying and if they had to lift a finger to save themselves

they wouldn't

if they could ask someone to save them they would

if they could take someone else with them on the way out

they would

just be careful


they read my web page

steal my information and then ban me

thats about what i have come to expect

from the net health scene

just roll with it

they have been only helping me


just about all the health messageboard owners are women

they are big time queen bees and don't like losing control of hive

if you outclass them

you are going to be



the whole point of message boards is to improve ones health



the time

give bad advice for others

and oneself

appear a genius




a position


in my case




of words



i have always noticed that the moment one starts posting sense the schizophrenics with their concealed lives and chronic ill health flock in

the worse they are the more advice they give

before i stared posting this board had no posters

i post, then then the wrong minded return

i'm not intimidated and if i am moderated at all i stop posting

i have learnt that the schizophrenia is so thick on the ground on the health boards it just smothers one

people want comfy feeling and no realism

'support'  for those who don't know is the same as what works in life, that is, helpful contention and correct information

steph's iodine board shows how things go wrong when contention about basic ideas is eliminated, steph is giving harmful advice that could be construed as practicing medicine without a license which is why the owner previous to her got out

i don't think i am interested in fighting and if i go, the usual happens, this board will drift on for six months and sink back to no posts again

seen it all before

i am really healthy and well and have plenty to do and the health scene is so toxic and broke there can never be any money in it except for doctors so i should look to my real interests i suppose

let the sick kill each other as usual

if you really have trouble understanding what i am saying look at from the point of view of the boards being too friendly to women and unfriendly to more direct male expression

if female indirectness was sufficient to get through life, there would be no need for men

comprend?  no as usual

90%  of the health issues i have seen on these boards are about 5 times worse than they might be because of bad problem solving habits

if you have a problem, do the work and it gets solved well enough eventually, that's what i have always found

i am not joking when i say people prefer to be ill cause they are just so stupid about what they do and the way they approach things

i guess when i read what i am writing i shouldn't be posting here, the negativity and disrespect for real knowledge is too harmful to me

so this is my swan song post

and as usual i thank you toxic posters for being so extreme, even i get the message and i am ceasing to post

i have a message board, but again as usual i suspect you will gag on my agreement which is good

there's no money and just a lot of bad stupid behavior

when i was posting on the autism boards there was the saving grace of helping parents with children in difficult circumstances but helping obstructive stupid adults just has no grace at all

happy chronic illness!


i think











i had








are its











































who_knows is a health board and we are not interested in arguing the need for improving ones health or even how effective the BCD and compendium are

We the owners do it in its entirety and know how effective it is is so don't need to discuss that aspect, especially as no-one else does it fully

criticism and discussion of any aspect is welcome and encouraged, but general waste of time obstructionism just wastes everyones time

running and reading the messageboard is just like everything else, you expect a return for time put in so we will pare what doesn't yield


you are disenchanted or feel its wrong minded or a waste of time, just go, no big deal, its a wide world of error out there :o)























to problem



eileen writes:

as a w_k's owner i got a really loopy email from a woman with a link to her  website  and an ask to pray for metals to b removed from everyone on the planet, like the loopiest ive ever heard of, she claims invisible beings r launching energy attacks against her prayer system that removes aliens from the planet

my reply:









are so boring

tv and movies basically








a dash

its classic schizophrenia

   ideas without any reality testing

       what she says is no nuttier than any religion


i do find that for ones own sanity that removal of some (blogs, messageboards etc) posts and posters is necessary tho in a religious sense one is supposed to  “ accept all ”   but there's too much aggression and schizophrenia out there

i write























































it's clear, cogent, real

that's enough to ensure it doesn't get approved

they cope with  “ anti”   better than that

it's not the disagreement they can't cope with



clarity of


































better !




empty !




there ?
























shits !




norm !























insanity !

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