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when the feed is good, goats milk leaves cows milk for dead. just so much more digestiable and does not have the bioactive effect that cows milk has.

milk drunk warm is better to.

i do pay attention to feed condtions and weather now, both cows and goats but goats particularly are very responsive to good and bad feed conditions for milk quality.

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We are out to conquer yeast! We are going to get no-fenol. What about Candex? Is this an enzyme and is it the same as no-fenol?

Having just made it through another bad yeast battle, I'll tell you what I used: GSE 2 or 3 times a day (when it was really bad) always with No-Fenol, at bedtime (2 hrs after eating) 2 Candex +NF, wait 15 minutes, then either Candida Cleanse or Biocidin or oil of oregano. Upon waking, more Candex.

Yes, Candex is an enzyme mix that breaks down the cell walls of yeast, so giving a yeast-killer a bit later is very effective. If die-off is bad you can give activated charcoal 45 minutes after the yeast-killer.   Nell.

adult-metal-chelation #13038 youngjaem asked:

does taking digestive enzymes suppress your own stomach enzymes, or does the digestive enzymes work together with your stomach enzymes?

theres two types, pancreatic which are enteric coated and go to the small intestine to act which may intefere with the bodies own enzymes

pancreatic come from pigs pancreas's and may carry some disease risk imo since you can't really go over a temp of about 45 degrees in processing or you risk inactivating the enzymes.......

and plant and fungi derived enzymes which work in the stomach rather than the small intestine and augment the bodies own enzymes in the small intestine...........

i'd try pep and zyme from with the rice bran filler as these seem the most effective and best tolerated, then include no fenol at a later date.

enzymes mean you can use mineral displacement to remove heavy metals and chelation with its attendant hazards is not necessary.

i did see a post(s?) on enzymesandautism where a mother used both pancreatic and plant/fungi based and they seemed to destroy each other so i don't think they are compatiable. the plant/fungi ones proved superior and she dropped the pancreatic.


have a nephew with ADHD who will be starting high school next year. So of course they will want booster shots.

I have explained to my sister about my two boys being mercury poisoned from the vaccines. And I have been trying to explain that ADHD is also mercury poisoning from the vaccines. But I would like to send her some links on the relationship.

I am afraid if she gets my nephew boosters, he will regress. I sent her a religeous exemption form for our state, but she isn't convinced that his ADHD is from the shots.


its not just a mercury issue.

adhd is in part a blood sugar issue realted to vaccine damage of the pancreas insulin islets.

hep b is bad for this but more generally vaccine damage goes two ways, demyelination of the nerves and panceas damage.

adhd is switiching into the adrenalin metabolism to enable sugar processing for the brain that the insulin and other factors metabolism can't meet.

the pharms know this cause thats the way ritalin and other adhd meds work.

Re: Ketogenic diet and SCD /Yeast Diet

--- In, "greenbank2003" wrote:

Dear Susan,

I have always wandered if the SCD was effective in part because it was causing ketogenesis due to the significant removal of sugar (at least in some versions of the diet). My son was started on the ketogenenic diet two months ago for the treatment of some mild epilepsy - his behaviour, speech have improved markedly, and immediately, and I don't think it is directly related to seizure control.

my post commenting on the above :

ketosis is always an issue if you are on scd but since scd has to be modifyed to work by including dairy and whey esp cream it seems possible to keep out of ketosis though some element is always going to be there from dairy fat metabolism.

ketones are intrinsic energy metabolic by product and ketosis is just replacing bacterial metabolic ketones with the bodies own biochemistry ketones.

wether the ketogenic diet is a form of scd is an interesting question...............

"The focus of the KD improvement, therefore, is not the achievement of higher ketosis per se but rather designing a diet that provides steady ketosis, exploits advantages of certain fats for neurological development or seizure protection via a nonketogenic mechanism, and is nutritionally balanced."

Dietary fat, ketosis, and seizure resistance in rats on the ketogenic diet.

Likhodii SS, Musa K, Mendonca A, Dell C, Burnham WM, Cunnane SC.

Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacology and Bloorview Epilepsy Research Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. sergei.likhodi@u...

PURPOSE: Fat is the major component of the ketogenic diet (KD), yet no studies have examined whether the type of fat used in the diet can be optimized to provide additional benefits. The purpose of the present experiments was to compare the efficiency of different fats in inducing ketosis and affording seizure resistance. METHODS: The effects of KDs that incorporate lard, butter, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), or flaxseed oil or a mixture of the latter three fats were examined in rats fed KD for up to 98 days. The maximal electroshock (MES) or pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) threshold tests were used to assess seizure susceptibility in two separate experiments. RESULTS: The rank order of induced ketosis was MCT > mixture > or = flaxseed oil > or = lard = butter > or = control. MES failed to reveal anticonvulsant effects, but the PTZ test indicated that up to 50% of rats fed the KD were seizure protected (p < 0.05). The measures of seizure protection, seizure incidence and score, did not correlate, however, with the level of ketosis in the range of 0. 7-5.2 mmol/L for beta-hydroxybutyrate. In the long-term study, flaxseed oil KD maintained stable ketosis throughout 98 days, whereas ketones declined with lard and butter KD to the control level. CONCLUSIONS: Seizure protection with the versions of the KD did not improve with the higher level of ketosis. The focus of the KD improvement, therefore, is not the achievement of higher ketosis per se but rather designing a diet that provides steady ketosis, exploits advantages of certain fats for neurological development or seizure protection via a nonketogenic mechanism, and is nutritionally balanced.

PMID: 11077453 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

an enzymesandautism post (14 april 04) titled 'skipping a couple of meals to help liver phase 2 backlog'

actually its interesting with the islamic posts recently is there is a strong fasting tradition in islam which like other religons is really a collection of stories about autistic spectrum and so the fasting thing relates.

i think i am fast phase one and slow phase 2 which means that the the intial toxins get half way processed into more toxic forms and backlog the liver where you need good sulphation and glucuronic/glycine/or glutathione conjugation.

i think phase two makes the fat soluble toxins water soluble and spills them out into bile.

anyway i relate migraine with me to a phase two backlog and is especially noticable as i overdo the phenols though no fenol and molybdenum improve the tolerance hugely but i tend to trip out on these things as i find them tasty.

so if i feel a migraine coming on stopping eating keeps me functional and must enable to liver to catch up i think. skipping two or three meals is about what it takes............. if i eat either i vomit eventually which may be the body knowing what it is doing or it drags on longer.

but the religious tie in is interesting because a lot of the dietary rules and customs are in fact responses to autisitic digestive issues. al queada are in fact aspergers syndrome/semantic pragmatic disorder without vaccines.

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I'm not sure if i posted this yet.... I read the post the other day about eating lemons for hydrochloric acid, as opposed to supplementation...and my GOSH I feel great!! My digestion has NEVER rocked like this. I eat one huge lemon during each meal, and it's great. , I may even need more lemons than that..i make quite a face when eating the lemon, but other than that it's not bad at all eating a lemon... I was taking hydrochloric acid on and off..but it didn't really work that good i believe in the whole "foods with enzymes" works best, but wanted to share my story and thank whoever posted the info!!
thanks blessings emily

reply: the integuments are full of bioflavinoids and anti yeast components.

but too much integument is a problem so you want to balance freshly squeezed juice by itself with the amount of integument eaten.

also watch the juice on the teeth, i just tip it down the back of the throat missing the teeth. maybe acid on the vocal cords is an issue?

i think no fenol can help digest the integuments as well.

below is from Biomedical Assessment Options for Children with Autism and Related Problems written by Sidney M.Baker, MD. pages 112-113

"Consuming the juice of one lemon or a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar accomplishes the same thing, by a somewhat more indirect method. The citric acid in the lemon juice and the acetic aid in the vinegar are each metabolized in the liver in ways that release bicarbonate and water as the end products of metabolism - as opposed to carbon dioxide and water for sugars and oils. The paradox of consuming obviously acid foods to produce a more alkaline state in the body is just one confusion among many for people seeking to sort out the mysteries of PH, the scale by which acidity is measured."

In, "Kari Trautman" wrote: When I joined the groups a few months back, I had just missed a huge discussion on the problems associated with teflon. With so much to learn, I ignored the subject matter just noting "teflon is bad for some reason". ............the best/safest route to go is stainless steel-right???


teflon is not bad per se but you need to respect its boundary conditions which are replace the pan when the surface starts to degrade or flake and don't overheat it which is about 180C?

that said teflon on an alumnium base is the best material overall since it transfers heat well and is relatively non toxic and non degrading of food value compared to other surfaces.

stainless steel has a very grippy surface and very bad heat transfer.
pressure cookers should be stainless steel though with a copper core.

the important thing with teflon is to get a heavy gauge aluminium because this prevents hotspots and makes the teflon last longer.

i have been taking a slow release melatonin(aprox 300 mcg) for about two years and have been stopped about four or five days and am feeling the old life come back a bit.

magnesium orotate before bed seems to be helping with sleep so perhaps that it but i am suspicous that the issues with long term melatonin use is in fact the same as tryptophan and 5 htp which is this problem with serotonin/tryptophan analogues that are not quite kosher........

melatonin is the least problematic because the doses are so much lower but bascially there is an issue there and may even relate to the melatonin itself not being in identity with body manufactured melatonin...........

the lithium aspartate/orotate as per my web page seems to be panning out quite well.

another good  post  by williss ;magnesium

interesting about b6 being necessary for the utilisation of magnesium

also i think that magensium glycinate is needed with magnesium taurate maybe in a one to one ratio to get the bile flowing.

From: "rathimanan" Date: Mon Apr 19, 2004 5:01 pm Subject: Dana and others---Yeast or wheat

Hi We tried to introduce Wheat after nearly 2 years with HNI enzeme(only AFP), but seems to be getting into trouble.Earlier 6 months back introduced milk without any issue. It has been two week , we have been giving our son (5 years) wheat . Now it seems that either he is not able to tolerate it or having yeast problems. Saw some hand flapping which i have never seen, some babbling which is rather unusal as he is verbal, increased erritation, lesser eye contact. Many other things seems to be progressing as usual or even better. Tells no screaming as soon as screams. Yesterday when i told him i will be angry if you will not behave properly , said "Manan is sad" and papa is angry. Donot know whether it is because of wheat or yeast. Also saw increased scrathing of body parts.Some type of skin reaction after introduction of wheat(confused whether it is wheat or weather,it is really getting hot in India). Looking forward for your help on these issues. Thanks and Regards Anshuj


wheat is immunologically quite active and if you haven't been eating it for a while the immune system has to learn to adapt to it.

it stresses the digestive systems of immunologically and digestively compedent adults...................

i really think it would be to his advantage to leave off his eating wheat for the forseeable future.

afp pep could be effective in denaturing milk, but probably you might need ordinary pep and zyme for wheat.

In, Carol Frilegh wrote: Not wanting to sound like poor Martha here this morning but I tried something a little different or breakfast, a puffed souffle omelet. it was very easy. Kids might like it because of it's appearance.

Separate 2 eggs. beat the whites with an electric hand beater until stiff. This seemed almost instantaneous! Beat the yolks until thick and very yellow. Fold them gently into the whites and if using dairy grate in an ounce of cheese. Pour into a heated buttered skillet and cook until the bottom set. Finish in a 350 oven for 20 minutes.

reply: the choline and lecithin in eggs is sensitive to oxidative destruction by anything that expose them to air (beating, wipping, frying). both these help build nerves and nerve sheathing.

boiled is best.

99% of the eegs on the market are inferior nutritively and often the flat end will rise too high by the water test indicating they are old already at the time of purchase. this includes organic.

fancy cooking methods are just to disguise the crappy nature of the egg quality as far as i can see.

taste a good boiled egg with a touch of salt and its fun to eat. it just takes work to find a good brand.

i wish i could convey how severe this problem is of foods having empty nutrition values regardless of wether its scd legal or not and that effort is needed to think about the real nutrition of what you buy. buying organic is no garantee, just as something non organic may have good nutritive value.

In, "parent616" wrote:

I know that all fruit can contribute to yeast, but does this include lemons? My son will actually eat lemons (with cute facial expressions) or I could give fresh lemon juice in his water. He would like it and it would make him drink more. Also, does anyone know if lemons have any healing effects, other than vitamin C? Hope


neat freshly squeezed lemon juice swallowed so it misses the teeth and goes down the back of the throat seems to greatly help with yeast in the stomach and stomach digestion generally.

From: "merrywbee" Date: Fri Apr 23, 2004 11:28 am Subject: Re: LEMONS and yeast

I don't know in terms of yeast but I will say that I was buying some all natural organic lemonade and drinking it daily when I started to notice that I had a very hard time falling asleep, and was also waking up in the night. I had been drinking it daily for probably about a month at that point. Then I put two and two together and stopped the lemonade and then things went back to normal for me in terms of my sleep. So I just want to mention it in case you do start giving it daily, just watch out for that -- I have no idea what the lemonade was "doing" but it was obviously "doing something" to my system. (I love it though! Just not every day now!) MaryW


i am finding bought fruit juices so suspect i have stopped drinking any.

theres a basic problem with fruit juice that is not freshly squeezed.................

bascially you are destroying the preservative structure of the fruit and creating an extremley perishable product that degrades by the minute.

i wouldnt mind betting that the 'all natural organic lemon juice' had a wack of undeclared preservative in, and guess what, if it didn't have the preservative it would have lost a lot of its food value and devloped toxic analogues.

so you can't win and i have dropped bought fruit juices.

one of the last juices i bought is sitting on a bench opened with some juice in the bottom and wondefully given the 'no preservative' on the label appears to be totally unchanged despite sitting there for about six days now, no mould, smells the same and the same wonderful colour(no colour additive listed).

on quinoa:

it also has saponnin which is diffcult to remove satisfactorally.

the whole issue with grains is not simply complex carbs but the fact they are designed for dry storage and pest resistance when growing and are full of immune modulators and poisons to give bugs fungses and viruses a hard time.

its not appreciated that plant foods used by earLy humans were bred from the wild not just or yield but reduced toxcity which has been reversed in the last two hundred yeaRS AS INCREASED TOXCICTY HAS BEEN BRED BACK with the increasing dislocation between growers and crop eaters who are not the growers.

I'm still wondering about probiotic foods that are eaten with the meal (e.g. SCD nut yogurts, BED coconut kefir, and cultured veggies). WOuld enzymes interfere with those? Lauren

In, Mum231ASD@a... wrote: You have to remeber that there are enzymes in the gut anyways, there was always supposed to be when probiotic foods were eaten. I think the foods are somewhat different to probiotic supplements. I give them both together now and do not notice a decreas ein effectiveness of either although we have been on enzymes nearly 3 years now.


what you say is interesting because i read some new research saying the action of probiotics is not really that other bacteria get displaced by the new bacteria but that probiotic strains elicit a response by the innate immune system making defensins(defensive enzymes) to start digesting bacteria in the biofilm

these defensins or whatever seem to be elicited by broken down components of the probiotics in this research..........

so its quite possible that partly digested probiotics are as effective as undigested probiotics. it would depend on the denaturing a bit.

you can see how destructive heavy metals are if the gut immune system is dependent on these defensive enzymes to digest bacteria, viruses and yeast................ and fluoride.................

i would imagine that part of the effectiveness of pep is augmenting defensin function.

glutamine can have issues i think, i would be cautious of large amounts.

i find its better in the form of collegen jelly like the water oxtail is casseroled or stewed in.

let it cool and put in the fridge where it firms and warm for a drink as needed. has heaps of good bone minerals as well.

ketone bodies spare glucose:

Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2004 Mar;70(3):265-75. Related Articles, Links

interesting piece of research uncovered by linda carlton of autism- challenge

"Brain uptake and metabolism of ketone bodies in animal models.

Nehlig A.

INSERM U 405, Faculty of Medicine, 11, rue Humann, 67085 Strasbourg Cedex, France. nehlig@n...

As a consequence of the high fat content of maternal milk, the brain metabolism of the suckling rat represents a model of naturally occurring ketosis. During the period of lactation, the rate of uptake and metabolism of the two ketone bodies, beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate is high. The ketone bodies enter the brain via monocarboxylate transporters whose expression and activity is much higher in the brain of the suckling than the mature rat. beta-Hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate taken up by the brain are efficiently used as substrates for energy metabolism, and for amino acid and lipid biosynthesis, two pathways that are important for this period of active brain growth. Ketone bodies can represent about 30-70% of the total energy metabolism balance of the immature rat brain. The active metabolism of ketone bodies in the immature brain is related to the high activity of the enzymes of ketone body metabolism. Thus, the use of ketone bodies by the immature rodent brain serves to spare glucose for metabolic pathways that cannot be fulfilled by ketones such as the pentose phosphate pathway mainly. The latter pathway leads to the biosynthesis of ribose mandatory for DNA synthesis and NADPH which is not formed during ketone body metabolism and is a key cofactor in lipid biosynthesis. Finally, ketone bodies by serving mainly biosynthetic purposes spare glucose for the emergence of various functions such as audition, vision as well as more integrated and adapted behaviors whose appearance during brain maturation seems to critically relate upon active glucose supply and specific regional increased use.

PMID: 14769485 [PubMed - in process]"

i wonder if dairy fats are better suited for ketonic diets and seizures are caused in part by low brain glucose levels? sort of like pistons missing form a lack of iigniton of fuel for a car?

i am getting very interested in this question of simple sugars in food to keep the body up to scratch in requisite sugars and snacking during the day.

i have completely dropped fruit juices now as a cot case. its better to peel a grape or suck an orange or squeeze a grapefruit(only eating a portion of the integument) imo.

I can't believe how long this yeast/viral thing has gone on. I suppose after 4 years of being in her body it might take a while though.   Sandra P

I am tired of the anti-viral and yeast thing also. Four months now. But I have heard it takes over a year, and chelation took over two years, so I suppose I can stick it out. But I am very tired of all this LOL   Dana

my post:

the trouble is that at some point you need anabolics to make organs and functions regrow. ala might have some mild anabolic effect which is part of the limited efficacy it has but basically whey is needed. immunocal may be ok.

germanium say one 150 mcg nutricology capsule per week is of assistance with viruses. i know its not cheap.


nutricology is good quality i think which is important with germanium as the mineral form is highly toxic.

this approach has worked with an as young adult/teen severely affected by mmr. that is there has been very distinct viral recovery to the point he now has a job. thats with a king island cream as well with the cis a and vit d.

the gut immate immune system needs to be working and the gene expression governing its operation needs to be reset. diffcult but not impossible.

In, "maelynnarl" wrote: Listmates,

Isn't it funny how we can routinely deal with so many things that are completely out of the realm of understanding for most parents (IEPs, supplements, compounding prescriptions, checking ingredients, etc.), but situations that parents of typical kids take in stride throw us for a loop?

We just got home from Henry's dental check up. The good news: he did so great and was so compliant. The bad news: he needs a fair amount of dental work (fill a couple of cavities, thorough cleaning)and the dentist wants to do it under general anesthesia in the hospital. I already told him no mercury fillings, but there is so much more involved here (like what is in a "composite filling" and how do I know if that's what he will get, even if I ask for it? What about x- rays, which they do without hesitating?).

The "Information Packet" they gave me basically tells me where to park. Nothing about what he will be given and what the ingredients are is included. Can anyone who has been through this help me with what questions I should ask, or give me any insight into what they are proposing and whether it is safe?

I did not commit to anything.

I am upset because I have been working so hard to "clean him up" and do everything right and I have no intention of handing him over to them without questioning it all. That's how this whole thing got started...a mom trusting the doctors to do the right thing!

Mae Lynn Mom to Henry, 8, ASD


the teeth will self repair if they can

any fillings actually impair that repair process and are worse than leaving the cavity unfilled.

however some biting surfaces may need the filling surface to be effective mechanically.

but most fillings are counterproductive and it never hurts (ouch lol) to delay dental work or just leave things to see how it pans out

molybdenum will help the cavities remineralise

i have lost the entire back off one of my front teeth with a cavity but didn't get it filled and now it has a tough leathery film over it that is remineralisation. i think it was caused by neat fruit juice on the teeth(i squeeze my own) and i now use a straw to take the highly acid freshly squeezed grapefruit juice past the teeth.

x-rays cumulatively damage the thyroid and neck glands and use needs to be minimised. also his iodine levels need to be adequate.

enzymesandautism post:

I didn't check out your links, but my 2 cents worth... My neighbor told me that her Dentist recommended flouride free toothpaste for her because adults get too much flouride. When your water is flouridated AND the toothpaste is flouridated, that is too much. The neighbor said that colgate has a flouride free toothpaste. I haven't found it yet. She got hers from CVS Pharmacy


flouride in fluoridated water combines with trace amounts of aluminium from the water purification process to create a potent neurotoxin that transports easily into the brain

toothpaste has other issues like sls

i have several different type toothbrushes and don't use toothpaste at all

the safest form of fluoride is probably the calcium fluoride in green and black tea. minerals in pigments has long history of toxicity

enzymesandautism post:

queen elizabeth the first died from the white lead used in make up in those times.

bismuth is chemically similar to mercury and is only less toxic because it is solid at room temp and very poorly absorbed but its something i would be very wary of.

van gogh got poisoned by the pigments in his oil painting and probably died of lead, mercury and other heavy metal toxicity.

presumably 'bare minerals' (make up brand) would have overt toxic issues sorted out like lead but if they have a product with bismuth (toxic) in..........

vtiamin e, tocotrienols and efas will give very good skin without makeup

i would encourage readers to use less or no make up as whats in them gets into the body and theres just no way they are going to be completely untoxic.

make up is like a mask and is very off putting, you can't see the real person...................

i have been eating quite large quantities of fresh bone marrow at times and its not until you stop and feel the need for it that u understand its signifcance.

pregnant eskimo women were alsways given first access to any bone marrow from whale and seal kills.

it has cysteine and stem cells in.

new research is showing that stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to other body organs like the brain, liver and i assume pancreas and from there grow into new cells of that organ.

so they are an important part of organ recovery. these organs cannot regrow some of thier specialised cells without new stem cells. especially importnat for pancreas insulin islet cells and the oh so important brain blood sugar.

the stem cells will be dead form the cooking of course but i would assume that bone marrow provides the nutrients they need directly.

id almost go fifty:fifty on dairy creams/bone marrow if you can get that much bone marrow

the local abattior is boning a steer on wednesday so i will go down after lunch i think

bascially i ask the butcher just to cut the knuckles off the marrow bone and then axe it open at home and slice fry and eat and its fabulous eating. watch the bone fragments don't get in your eyes if you axe the bone open.

there are eight different forms of vitmain e and you have to be careful of geting one type out of balance by taking to much of it..............

10 to 20 iu a day of d alpha tocopherol is ok

the delta gold delta tocotrienol is a super anti oxidant, i take a capsule say once evry four days or so. the d alpha tocopherol is more for the brain

--- In, "Dan and Susan Ryan" wrote:

I was off-board for a long time due to computer problems, so I probably missed the details of this...I would appreciate being educated re: what your opinion is re: "normal" on the hair tests. I've been to your website and understand a lot of what you're doing, but would appreciate an overview of > your overall "philosophy."

Thank you, Andrew

Susan, mom to John and Michael

my reply:

andy cutlers reference points seem to be a drop dead toxicity and it skews his whole approach to the over severe so that his very coarse approach lacking fine tuning appears to work since the reference is so severe.

in fact it doesn't take much fine tuning to move away from the really severe anyway so i am not in sympathy with it.

modern motherhood has major issues with a lack of nutritional and other simple child raising knowledge that our grandparents had and just infilling this moves one ahead considerably...... well it really requires the mother at home.

but 'tests' paedriaticnas and doctors are the answer apprently.(sarcasm)

watching these boards is like seeing a ship lurching on a reef , occasionally lift off only to have the helmsman steer straight for the rocks again once the boat has lifted off.

there are other issues like food moving towards cardboard and escalating enviromental and viral toxicty and vaccines and fluoride etc.

my hair test on my web page is not normal but except for calcium and lithium close enough to functional to pass. its all i will ever get so i am not asking for more. bascially what a-c flicks off as ok is really in fact just having got to a point of functionality and theres a lot of work to go from there. i don't acceot the very low levels of function that seem to be acceptable and think strong roads can be made to independent living but of course you are looking for function in the abnormal rather than fitting the ship to 'normal' so to speak.

i think lead dissolved in water can be quite well absorbed through the skin

In, "Donna Callery" wrote:

I have noticed my 4 1/2 year old autistic son has been sweating alot in his sleep lately.

My 27 month old also has a very sweaty head when he sleeps and I was just discussing this with my husband today.......if anyone has any other information on this I would be very interested!

my reply:

high sodium levels from heavy metals interference with adrenal function leading to sodium being wasted?

i know its often considered a sign of mercury toxicity, however its a better sign than no sweating at all apparently.

whey(not scd legal) also encourges sweating and is high sodium

i don't think its a good idea to restrict sodium.

on a hair test you would probably see abnormal magensium sodium calcium and pottasium, i think calcium and sodium pair and magnesium and pottasium

an enzymesandautism post (27/5/04) titled 'ASPERGER'S AND ENZYMES FOR DUMMIES'

WOW, I have to say you guys are amazing and unfortunately way over my head. My eight year old son was dx MILD ASPERGER'S 2 yrs. ago. My husband and I always considered him our bright, creative, quirky little guy, and then he started school. The kindergarten teacher was very interested in everything he did (good and bad) and suggested we have him tested for autism. We were shocked and confused and unfortunately after 2 years still are. We've been to so many different Drs., while some acknowledge he has characteristics of Asperger's others aren't familiar w/ it. They all say we just need to get him involved in more social activities. We are sick about this because his school reports have gone from "EAGER TO LEARN" "CURIOUS" "HAPPY" "LOVABLE" to "INATTENTIVE" "OFF-TASK."

Last week I took my son to our family chiropractor (trampoline accident) and he asked me about sleep problems. The conversation lead to Asperger's and within an hour I was making arrangements to have my sons urine sent in for a Metabolic Analysis. The Doc started talking about Enzymes, Supplements, NIDS, Allergies. The results should be in this week and I have to say I'm more confused then ever. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Beth

my reply:

the only worthwhile test is a hair test.

don't chelate.

all the medical testing is just a waste of time, aspergers and autism is just a mew game to fleece whoever wants to pay

no more vaccines until his immune system can handle it which may be many years.

does he have any digestive issues? you really have to look at stools i am afraid.

hes probably entering a period of neural pruning which is always regressive and a sign that there could be major regression on adolesence.

you really want to minimise stress in the form of schooling and any other activites while this is going on.

NOW summer is fleeting, you really need to understand about skin vitamin d and the 'right sun' because the public health advice is just wrong minded

check out skin vitamin d in the index of compendium

flouride is no good esp toothpaste

all the stuff you can do doesn't need doctors, they only mess it anyway ...........

In, "jornmatt" wrote:

The combination of No-Fenol (or Candex or Candidase) enzymes along with the Grapefruit seed extract or oil of oregano has the synergistic effect.

The thing with yeast and bacteria is that it seems like you almost need to treat for both at the same time to some extent. Otherwise you concentrate so hard on one that the other one gets out of control.

It does seem like bacteria is much easier to get rid of than yeast. Maybe that is because yeast can spread more systemically.  Karen.

my reply:

some fruits like grapes are just loaded with yeast spores.

i bet fruit juices have a lot to.

so you are getting a constant stream into the gut.

the most amazing thing about bacteria and yeast is there ability to adapt to different hosts like bacteria from a ruminant gut infecting human skin or yeast from fruit adapting to the human gut.

i wonder if there are several generations of adaptation and evolution involved, the life cycles are so quick so yeast spores swallowed may take quite a bit of breeding in the gut until a form that does really well takes hold then the population explodes.

email (29/5/04):

the big weakness of message boards is they can be dominated by very anti-sense posters who really don't get results themselves and rather than work through to the level of detail need prefer to put everybody else wrong.

email (29/5/04):

well i am locked into taking zinc becuse it really enables me to eat freely with fruit and other yeast encouragers but the effect of copper sebacate has been unreal.

its not just me but another family doing supplements here have shot away on it as well.

copper is antiviral, part of the nerve cell myelination pathway and essential for atp metabolism

i actually think that the generally lackluster result of supplements with autism is due to zinc without the right form of copper supplementation...............demyelination with autism is just going to suck.

ala is unsual in having a very large array of systemic effects.................. kids that respond during the on period probably have pancreas and sugar metabolism issues. its really like speed(! not that i have taken speed) when you take ala, burn and crash actually, the come down is pretty dramatic so brain blood sugar metabolism must be a major effect with it. also it does mobilise brain mercury a large single dose can do this destructively, andy cutlers emphasis on sustained blood levels is not wrong.

i think (name withheld)'s reasoning might be what has a permanent effect (what is the difference between chelation and detox)

in fact words like chelation are being used very loosely.

a-c is regressing i think and really the most telling statement against chelation is the adults on the net who have chelated.

that really what put me off it and you can construct why from the theory.

plenty of metal toxic adults a lot saner,

i think that the brain is just the wrong combination of stickyness and looseness for mercury, that is its not a sticky as fat where it just tends to stay but not as loose as blood so mercury moves through the brain at optimium velocity for damage, so when mobilised by chelation it is still shooting through, kids will recover brain structures somewhat but adults do not. x's kids seem healthier physically but developmentally delayed with a slow rate of developmental progress which would seem to bear this out.

In, "noaholiviaian" wrote:

For all of you that say 'yeast': I have an old Nystatin prescription (topical). If I put this around the anus and the redness doesn't disappear, does that mean it is not yeast?

The reason I am stumped is this: he had the redness for so many months pre-gfcf. Within 48 hours of going gfcf the redness disappeared. Nothing done to treat yeast. And it stayed away. I am wondering how it could disappear like that just by going gfcf if it was simply yeast.

I have grapefruit seed extract. I use it as a household cleaner. I guess I can take the step and try it on my son but I think I'll take Andrew up on the oregano oil method first.

I am intrigued by the constipation from yeast. This constipation is a new thing for us. I'll be doing some reading over the weekend for sure. What I also failed to mention was that he has 'wet toots' for a day before he finally poops. These little smears in his diaper could be awfully irritating to the skin if not cleaned off immediately. I've heard theories about some raw foods passing through the gut too quickly and actually having their naturally occurring enzymes still active enough to eat away at the skin. I hope I said that correctly.

Thamk you for all the advice

my repy:

gee posting a lot today.

nystatin only kills some forms of yeast and not others

thats why the broader spectrum things like OoO are better

actuaslly dana did a good post somewhere on whats best for what form of yeast, ursa versi(sp?) was something that got some forms of yeast that the others might miss i think.

it may not be simply yeast but an immune reaction to it. i think one of the dan doctors has somethign somehwere on why the body reacts to yeast even though the markers are low.

'wet toots' sounds a bit like what happens when there is an impacted feacl mass in the gut and the loose stool has to move around it.

but fermenting grains in the gut are a growth matrix for yeast.

if the stool was full of yeast and bacteria metabolites that could be quite irritating to the skin.

email (29/5/04):

ala in the brainchild mineral formula appeared to work synergistically with the other minerals in the formula esp. selenium i would imagine

that is, these other minerals helped minimise the toxicity of the mobilised mercury

without an adequate mineral background its too dangerous to use imo

one 100 mg dose of ala is all it takes to shoot a mercury toxic brain west.............

i have seen ala's ability to moblise mercury practically, a heap of cilantro/coriander can do the same thing

far better to let mercury leak out and do background minerals like selenium.

a pecan bread post

its legal but i find any juice except that freshly squeezed yourself is a problem.

grapes seem to have yeast spore issues.

when a juice is squeezed you are destroying the natural protective preservative package and releasing digestive type enzymes so its all downhill from there.

a pecan bread post (5 june 04) asking about the scd illegality of melatonin

there is an issue with impurties in melatonin similar to tryptophan

but since the amount is so much less melatoinin is unregulated.

howver sleep is essential and its one of the least toxic remedies.

i wouldn't mind betting that the amount elaine took was quite large, as little as 300 mcg can be enough for some.

lithium is an alternative for sleep but somewhat time consuming in that very small frequent doses work best

a pecan bread post (8 june 04) titled 'retention of metals versus incoming toxicity'

i think its important to understand the difference between getting say toxic amounts of a metal eg lead from the enviroment and accumulating the metals, that is the amounts coming in are not exceptional but still the body levels are high.

the problem with vaccines and thimerasol is they impair the metals transport system and any metals coming in after that get retained.

mercury, tin antimony arsenic and nickel (tin antimony arsenic lock down the release of mercury?) seem to be metals that are characteristically retained with aluminium characteristically high as a product of this disrutption.

as more are accumulated it gets worse and each retained metal reinforces the retenion of the others so it gets to be a nasty snarl with mercury sitting there at the bottom exersising its malign influence.

an abmd post (11 june 04) titled 'Detection of Measles Virus mRNA from Autopsied Human Tissues'


sort of explains a lot from cfs to autism

if the virus is only supressed or latent which appears to be the case, then the immune skew from vaccines or heavy metals just opens up a pandoras box of modulatory resurgence from this virus.

interesting its so hard to track down the traces of the virus in tissue

i have to say some japanese medical research can be very good, of ocurse such research would never have been permitted in the usa. japan had a lot of fallout form the first mmr's so they are quite interested in this area

i notice that the article was rejected at first, i wonder if something daming had to be removed aka mmr.

makes me wonder a bit about mega A doses to, i am not keen on mega doses preferring a nmore broad based approach that will keep on top of the infection in a more balanced way.

from an enzymesand autism post (12 june 04) titled 'migraines'

molybdenum (detoxes yeast by products that cause migraine), zinc and copper sebacate (which is anti viral) and selenium as per my minerals on my web page

an enzymesandautism post (15 june 04) titled 'all adults are as'

i was just thinking and seeing this with my own relatives that if you ask an adult to take five minutes out of their time like reading my skin vitamin d page that will have a huge long term benefit on their and thier childrens health is you straight away get the message you are asking to much

they have half an hour for their own recreation.books etc tv movies with the kids...................

the rigidity is quite autistic

they will take half the message, what can be conveyed easily by phone in a minute and get it wrong...............

basically adults are machines that run on tracks such that every minute of the day is accounted for by habit and five minutes with anything new is so traumatic as is best dealt with by being ignored.

by new i mean real stuff that you think about and work through and not the junky pap that seems to be picked up with alacrity.

from an email (24 june 04) discussing a 4 yr old girlds ddi hair test:

there must be quite a bit more bismuth and titanium in the clay (ed. high bismuth and very high titanium in the hair test and the correspondent was wondering why the high levels of these elements compared to lead and arsenic which are also in ll's magentic clay in trace amounts).

calcium potassium sodium magnesium are adrenal driven, can't say much more without knowing what you are supplementing, my calcium is extrodinarily low (adrenal thing) but my bones are solid enough. still i need a reasoanable amount og calcium from dairy and bone broths in my diet. (ed. high calcium and magnesium and low sodium and pottasium in the hair test)

is she ingesting clay? i would not continue to ingest it on a regular basis. (ed. ll's magnetic clay)

re the antimony, i tested my mattress by getting a bit out of it and trying to set fire to it. there is a very distinct difference between flame retarded material and stuff that is not. with flame retarded material you can get the material to flame by holding it directly in a flame but when you remove the source flame the flame in the material snuffs out. (ed. antimony level .15ug/g ref level .066)

since there is so much aluminuim in food naturally the body has quite good mechanisms for its removal provided you are not using uncoated aluminium cookware. (ed. aluminium level 10 ug/g ref level 8)

so the aluminuim will come down when things are basically right overall.

an email 29th june 04:

Hi Andrew.

We've seen the doctor last week. Good news is that D.'s immune system seems to work now.Doctor recons that bacteria (Enterococcus) is not a biggie anymore....We are going to do the stool test again.

And the hair test plus the gut permeability test. I am convinced that modified SCD + Immunocal + houstonni's enzymes + raw goat's milk yoghourt+suplements did the trick.


We've started vitamin C + lecithin. (vitamin C from  rose-hip vital  2 times per day, 3 capsules) and D. has been a bit more cranky. Plus she has again dark circle under her eyes.I know that Vit C has an strong antiviral effect. What's your opinion ?

Can it be an accumulated intolerance from Immunocal ? I don't give her the Pep with Immunocal. Should I ?

Thanks mate. M.

my reply:

a big mistake with vitamin c is to give to much, the problem is that you get interference with various metabolic pathways if you take to much. it is anti viral in mega doses but you lose a lot in other areas.

i would be using 1/20th of a capsule four times a day. (aprox 25 mg each time), maybe 1/10th of a cpasule would be ok seeing as how its rosehips and balanced. looks an interesting product.

wow, its avaliable here so will have to try some.

the lectihin here is always rancid so i gave up and just get it from the eggs i eat.

lecthin should never burn or irritate the back of the throat at all, you have to take it yourself to get the hang of what rancidity feels like, but as i say the supply is no good. its an oil basically.

i would keep the pep seperate from immunocal since you want the immunocal peptides intact.

an autism-mercury/enzymes and autism thread (8th and 10th july 04) titled 'dark pigmentation in eye-sign of metals, iridology'

a   photo page  by a parent on a-m of a thier childs partially pigmented iris

J's post:

Hi, By 8 weeks of age, my son had a dark brown spot, which takes up a third of one eye (in the iris ed.) I looked in an iridology book, and it said this indicates accumulation of heavy metals. I was concerned, but told by my pediatrician that her own daughter had "extra" pigmentation in one eye.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this in their kids. If so, did it vanish or lighten after chelation? Thanks,   J.

N's post:

Yes, my 3 yo blue-eyed daughter has one iris that's about half brown. She has no delays or problems other than yeast...and her hair test met the counting rules. Haven't chelated her. Yet.   N.

my reply:

just crossing over a thread from a-m i think it would be the other way around that the iris was un-naturally lightly pigmented as melanin(skin pigement) is embryologically derived from nerve cells and the darker pigment is what the eye might more naturally be if the pigment pathways were working better.

blue is actually almost unpigmented

you can see how the whole skin pigment nerve growth issues ties together.

you can say that there is low cu 2 + copper for a start, 'no fenol' and my mineral approach will help.

an enzymesandautism thread (13th july 04) titled 'Eye Contact improvement?' with my objecting to forced eye contact

the lack of eye contact is his brain getting the best function it can by shedding non-essential social stuff, as the nutrition improves so will the eye contact, don't force it.

slx2's reply isn't fair for anyone to be so verbally judgemental we are trying hard to help our kids...There are many families I have seen I I wish oh if they would try this...but the truth is we don't walk in their shoes and we don't really know what other people are dealing with...So positive support and praise are far more appropriate and helpful!

my reply:

walk in autistic shoes and you will see the difference

the reality of life is unintentional brutality

i just don't think people have any idea of how gruelling life on spectrum is.

you have to be very real to survive and positive support and praise is no more relevant than negativity, just froth on the river of objectivity which must be swum in to survive.

this simply means not to take things personally and look at the sense

its big jump to understand that autism is postive, that is, its the brain trying to make the best use of resources avaliable to it.

a who_knows reply (25th august 04) titled '6yr old with high bismuth'

bismuth is used in some stomach meds but with a leaky gut is too well absorbed.

its quite a bit more toxic than commonly allowed, being similar to mercury chemically

very high hair test levels probably indicate a real source but just highish maybe symptomatic of disordered minerals transport rather than ingesting it.

i don't think that the supplement approach differs for seizures, its not a seperate condtion, its important to understand that

the brain will try to rewire itself to avoid seizures if it is supported in growth and myelination etc.

efas, minerals, enzymes etc, hopefully you will be able to get off the med at some point as they can self perpetuate seizures. you will need the minerals to get the bismuth down anyway and selenium will be important here.

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