the main practical use of hair tests is to identify toxic metal sources that you don't know about, and really to do it properly you need the parents hair test as well as the child for comparison

uranium poisoning shows up well as a very high toxic element and can be surprisingly prevelant with fatigue as a characteristic symptom

  this study  says uranium toxicity may be causing high rates of obesity and diabetes in kuwait

vincent van gogh may have faced  exposure  to uranium and other heavy metals from coal gas lighting !

hair uranium may be surprisingly significant because it signals ingested or breathed in uranium which in the view of chris busby is much more damaging than is made out

chris busby  video  on uranium photoelectron enhancement inducting genotoxicity

audio  interview  april 2011

i think high hair uranium is usually a combination of dietary and drinking water uranium and disordered minerals transport

well california is the wrong place to have mineral transport problems as you may wind up with high hair uranium!

as and if the mineral transport improves the hair uranium will come down, but it won’t be zero !

china  prohibits  the export of its lowest radioactive grade of granite to retain it for its own home use, higher radioactive grades are exported !

i am not keen on mortar and pestles because of possible lead in porcelain ones and radioactive materials in granite ones, both chinese and usa granite can have high levels, the same applies for granite  countertops

a good page on various issues  with  mortars and pestles !

   general andrew  jackson

hair tests  for edgar allen and virginia poe on locks cut after their deaths !

very low mercury and lead figures may mean that the sulphur metabolism is so impaired that those elements are not being mobilised

for extremely low lead and mercury hair test levels,  as you improve i would expect to see the lead and mercury levels rise







hair test

and how disordered the metals transport is

to be convinced there's a problem

my hair test jpgs are aprox 280k each   front page     back page     

the jpg's on internet explorer can be flipped between low and high resolution modes by holding the mouse pointer over the document and a button should appear on the right hand corner of the jpg, left click that.

first off the pattern is basically an ordered minerals transport system with a moderate to high-ish mobilisation of mercury and lead

i was eating a moderate to largish amount of seafood  (small fish and scallops - sources of mercury and arsenic respectively, but small fish have much less mercury than large fish!)  and live in a house with a lot of lead paint in.

small fish have less mercury for weight of flesh than large fish, but in hindsight the amounts i was eating were too high, also, scallops have quite high amounts of arsenic, again the quantity being eaten was too high

this  (pay)  article  and  study  argue that 70% of urine excreted mercury is in fact from fish in the diet and not amalgams : o)

also that hair  (and i guess toenail)  mercury is in fact methyl mercury from fish

it may be that most of the damage from amalgam fillings comes in the first months of them being put in with the huge release of vapour from the fresh amalgam and from cleaning or any drilling of the amalgam

so really they are best left until loose enough to be pried out with a minimum of drilling : o)

the amount of heavy metals showing in a hair test is a mix of amount and mobility, like a large amount of a heavy metal and also high mobility say from taking a large amount of msm,  (the sulphur in msm is very mobilising) ,  will give a high reading of that heavy metal, but with poor mobility only a moderate or low reading will show

lead and mercury are like this, and possibly arsenic, very low hair levels are not necessarily indicative of low body levels so you have to go to questions of order and disorder in the hair test and levels of related minerals

i know my iron levels are too high, i was eating heaps of liver and have good colour and colour recovery in the fingernails and generally good oxygenation so i was able to use my iron level  (1.2mg% or 12ppm at slightly above average)  as an indication that anything a bit below average was probably ok.

also the reading made sense so i knew where i was with some of the other hair tests i have seen, especially the supplemented ones which tended to be high.

update may 2011  (many years later) ,  by donating  blood  and limiting my consumption of high iron foods like red meat i have reduced my haemoglobin down to 140g/l which seems to be ok  (down from 148/9 ?)

a surprise is low calcium which seems to fit with high vitamin A antagonising? vitamin D and a tendency to hyperthyroidism increasing the excretion of calcium. i'm not to worried because i think most people's calcium levels are too high.

also apparently with an ordered minerals transport calcium may be somewhat paradoxical, reading lower for higher body calcium levels. it seems to go high for lead toxicity but thats not invariable. that's the claims anyway

i think rubidium can be in the water and soil, tasmania possibly has higher than normal levels


i supplement chromium, germanium, boron, molybdenum, manganese, the dual seleniums and again surprisingly about 200 or 300 mcg once every five days or so of lithium.

will try about 300 mcg of lithium aspartate daily as it is water soluble and readily excretable by the kidneys. reading on the net the daily intake seems to vary from 10 mcg/micrograms for catered food in france to say 3 mg for areas of jordan, so thats quite a range.  [ later ]  have changed to small frequent daily doses of lithium aspartate of 50 - 100 mcg and that seems to be reducing my hyperthyroidal tendencies and stabilising mood...........

[many years later :o) ]   i am taking about 700 micrograms/.7 milligrams daily in one dose !

i never had any amalgams, although i strongly suspect mercury toxicity at birth from maternal amalgam

they have me down as a fast metaboliser type three which is sympathetic dominance with increased thyroid function and decreased adrenal function which is a pretty typical as profile and fits.

so bascially it's good value and better than doctors data from what i have seen, the weaknesses are that it didn't have iodine or antimony tested.

$130 australian from  interclinical laboratories  who send it off to  trace elements inc.  in texas. turnaround about two weeks which is excellent. since they don't wash the hair, their results are more true reading than doctors data imo.

other places for hair analysis are  doctors data  which has a more complete range of minerals but suspect washing procedure for the hair, and  anamol  which i am not familar with.

an autism mercury  post  comparing two hair tests from doctors data for the same child, the accuracy seems within what one might expect

interestingly despite taking 100 mcg of seleniums a day the result is only midrange so may increase that.  [later]  no the amount of selenium is about right.

molybdenum is only midrange too so i can see the need to take more of that, which i have been doing recently.

molybdenum and magnesium are a very good combination for migraine.

from a  post  on the enzymesandautism message baord

  “ copper can be anomalous if the child has been swimming in chlorinated water with a high level of copper. i think the chlorine helps the copper in water get into the hair

or perhaps even a bathing or showering in town supply water with chlorine in and copper being picked up in the water from copper piping in the house

i actually think its to high to be a true reading, but even if it was high that is not necessarily a lot of copper being drunk or eaten but high serum?  copper not getting into the cells

it's important to understand that  lead-mercury tandems are 100 times more toxic than either element alone  ”

my uranium was below the calibration limit but san diego and southern california and other areas have high levels of uranium in their soils and hair test uranium can be quite high in these areas

i did see an a-m post from a woman in texas that said her son had very high hair uranium that came right down in a year and a half with supplementation  (no chelation) 

i think high uranium comes down naturally as the minerals transport system becomes more ordered. uranyl acetate in hair care products may give a false reading.

with high aluminium the problem is the bodies aluminium filtering system is not working properly........... high aluminium is a symptom of disordered minerals transport.

high boron is another heavy metals/lead/mineral transport disorder indicator. my boron level seemed to reflect the boron supplementation i was doing rather than any overt heavy metals toxicty per se. with the amount of fruit i am eating on scd i feel that i no longer need boron.

aluminium and boron pairing as per their adjacent group position in the  periodic table

tin, nickel, arsenic, and antimony being accumulated with mercury toxcity?


a mash of posts from enzymes and autism (july 04)

cobalt comes from  B-12,  B-12  is really the only source of cobalt, andy cutler say cobalt levels in hair are an artifact, that is not meaningful but imo it's representative of  B-12  malabsorbtion and transport and utilisation problems.

a comment by sandra on the above

“ Vit C  (ed.the post being replied to was giving 250 mg of buffered c every other day to a child)  is antagonistic to  B12 ”

high element levels in hair tests can have a number of causes, simply high amounts of the metal or mineral from water, food or supplements or the body is unable to utilise or transport or excrete it adequately or some combination of the above. the adrenals can skew magensium sodium potassium and calcium.

low generally means malabsorbtion or dietary insufficency, mercury may be an exception where low may be very impaired sulphur metabolism not floating representative amounts out into the blood.

the limitation of hair tests is things like shampoos and dyes and possibly chlorinated water interacting with reference ranges. copper and lead may be affected here.


a post on williss (july 04)

Can't comment on the posts other than to post my experience of hair test analysis.

When I did my first test I got quite high readings for all areas but once my child got better and started growing again we did another test 6 mths later - the figures had dropped significantly e.g 1st test implied child didn't need magnesium - 2nd test showed he was severely deficient. We learnt that because he wasn't growing "typically" and hair didn't need cutting too often the levels were concentrating in his hair - once he started growing again and hair started needing cutting monthly we discovered that we were getting more realistic readings as the levels weren't getting time to buildup - hope that makes sense.  N.


an enzymes and autism post (july 04) titled 'Hair test results' and my reply with instructions on making a jpg for uploading to the files section of the yahoo

I just received results back for a hair test done on my son. Some of the metals are outside of the reference range and I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on the results. These are his results/reference range. Antimony 0.16/<=0.03, Arsenic 0.102/<=0.082, Cadmium 0.145/<=0.106, Lead 1.756/<=1.559, Nickel 0.848/<=0.559, Tin 0.4275/<=0.1825. Maybe these aren't even high enough to worry about, but I have no idea. By the way, my son is 3 years old. Thank you,   K.

my reply:

its very hard to comment on a hair test without seeing the whole thing.

scanning it to a jpg to a file of about size of about 250k will give good enough resolution without being too big. it can then be uploaded to the files section of this board and comments given.

but basically it is showing an impaired sulphur metabolism which may be well occasioned by lead.

antimony is the flame proofing in beds and pajamas and is toxic

really the rest of the hair test needs to be seen and the supplements you are giving and an indication of the area lived in  (to get an idea of the local mineralisation of food and dust)  is helpful

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