i can feel the regression, takes a while but some general stomach discomfort and some neural 'cramping'. i put some pep on it, may have helped a bit but not enough. thits interesting that there is such a strong nueral effect...biofilm metabolites.

i assume the pastry was a standard bread mix of wheat flour and soy, just some hostile nightmare that is not food. i was talking to aacpower on irc last night and she says they have tofu specialty shops in japan and the tofu is toally different and digestible compared to what she has had here in tasmania so its just more of the story of food processing turning products into cardboard.

interestingly i was drinking an orange juice 'black label original juice co' made by golden circle, no additives, no sugar' but it was having some sort of neural effect and this was over a while of just drinking it occasionally but i find it REAL addictive which means there must be some sugars in it and its a bit orange...... wether the orange is got from mashing some of the peel colouring in or an additive i don't know, but like the sugar which is likely added fructose the label ain't telling the whole story..........

this scd is a one way street, mainly cause the nutritonal and digestive value of processed food has parted company with nutrition......... will be basically scd + enzymes + dairy + supplements for the rest of my life i think.

there was a woman posting on the adult metal chelation board who claimed good results with undenatured whey. you could tell that even though mercury toxic she had not chelated cause she wrote reasonably and could look at issues like problems with chelation.

when i regress i get a bit pessmistic about things and was thinking over all the years of viturberant attacks by people on various boards and irc channels............. just what am i doing??????????????

truth may be a shining beacon but the cleaning and keeping bright is too abrasive for mortals.

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