Hi Andrew,

I know you have a lot of knowledge about both enzymes and scd. You said the other day that both bananas and honey have complex carbs- and in theory should then be avoided if one followed scd logic? Do you eat bananas and honey? How strict are you in following scd logic? What is your diet like? We all know how you feel about organs-LOL- but in terms of fruits, grains, sweeteners, etc. Thanks! C.


scd is a diet for diarreha and considerably reduces the total bacterial/yeast mass in the gut opening up metabolic gain from the body not having to process the waste metabolites from the higher population of bacteria/yeast in a non scd diet.

therefore its a question of degree.

as bananas ripen they convert complex to single sugars so by the time they are very ripe the complex sugars are down to one percent. however i am restricted in the amount of banana i can eat because it contributes to phenol debt, and also the quality of bananas is not very good here in australia

honey seems to vary considerably in the amount of complex sugars depending on processing, age, storage temp and other variables. i don't eat honey at all but those not processed with temps above 39C/103F seem better than others but the total sugar mass of even single sugars in honey is too high and yeast promoting.

forget sweeteners.

you have to be careful not to overdo fruits on scd because its so much less prepartion time just to use fruits and not cook veges. in tasmania here there is a first class no additives thick cream (gippsland cream ) which i use a LOT of (several heaped dessert spoons per serving) so its sorta fruit embedded in cream ;o) but it seems to give extrodinary extended sugar metabolism as well as being anti yeast with minimal ketogenicity.

the other very successful thing is whey powder mixed to a thick paste and taking a heaped teaspoon after breakfast and lunch being careful to mix very thoroughly with siliva in the mouth to expose the lactose in the whey to enzymes in the syliva......... $2.35 for 500 grams (soland or lotus) here (australia) so its very low cost.......... full of cysteine and amino acids so builds muscle mass(really shapes up womens bodies if thats of any interest...knocks off the fat and replaces it with lean muscle)...but i think it really helps detox mercury et al.......its anabolic so it tends to build just about every thing including i think neurotrasnmitters or synapses. also being cysteine rich it is of major assistance in heavy metals detox. about 1/4 of a teaspoon after dinner seems ok, being so high in amino acids i am cautious about it crowding out needed tryptophan getting through the blood brain barrier for sleep.

jan 2011 comment: i have discontinued whey powder as too biofilm promoting !

pecanbread AND EVEN ELAINE GOTTSCHALL SEEM LOCKED INTO CARBOHYDRATE THINKING WITHOUT COMPLEX CARBS.. that is instead of throwing away all the baking cook books they seem bent on recreating potatoes and grains with nut flour 'goodies' when they should just toss the cook book and let the new approach work its own way........deep frying is out. nut flours are out. pure thick cream and whey are in. not eating a meal or two when phenol debt gets too high is in.

zinc is important for scd.

store bought gelatine has both source and processing issues imo. what i do is drain the liquid from slow roasted(250F/121C) chicken or beef and drink some through a straw to get past the fat. the remainder can be put in the fridge and the jelly like substance is collagen which store bought gelatin is processed from. collagen also supplies glutamine which is used for repairing the intestinal wall and build muscle. to much collagen can inhibit the dpp-iv enzyme though.

drink cold from the fridge lowers the stomach temp considerably impairing acid and enzyme action allowing unfriendly bacteria to get established and perhaps permitting yeast growth to run away. i warm all drinks from the fridge and some food as well. acid and stomach enzymes are hugely more active on food and drink consumed and chyme already in the stomach with that increase in temperature.

variances with scd legal and illegals between elaine gottschalls scd and BCD™

dried dates seem to foster yeast and have very high sucrose and depsite elaine saying some varieties are legal, in fact they are amplifyed scd illegal

beetroots are high nitrate and need to be well boiled to reduce the nitrate content, elaine has them as legal but they are right on the boundary of being illegal

any honey regardless is amplifyed scd illegal

nut flours and nuts while not ampliyed scd illegal are diffcult to digest and not encouraged.

marrow bone fat and quality no-additive heavy creams are encouraged

offal is encouraged


Are Rutabagas SCD legal?


yes but my experience is they need to be pressure cooked on the low setting.

they have things in them which seem to help the stomach flora. they are one of the better scd legal veges when pressure cooked.

in fact any scd legal vegetable can mode in and out of legal depending on age and conditon, so i do not like swedes(rutabuga) too old.

i am getting apples off a wild tree near here and cutting them into 1/2s or quarters and pressure cooking so that they get totally mashed and eating with thick no additive cream and they are great! also i am keeping the water and when it has cooled put it in the fridge then use it to drink and that is also working very well.

a pecanbread post (17 may 2004) titled 'Anyone using Houston Enzymes--no answers to my orig post...'


I have been reading and contemplating about using the Houston Enzymes for my son. I have been using Digest Gold with good results, but wonder if the Houston Enzymes would be better for him. I am just supplementing with enzymes since I feel he needs a "boost" to speed up digestive healing. He's doing great, although I had to pull the goat yogurt back in December and may consider re-introducing at some point later on this year. I had to pull the yogurt due to stims that were getting in the way. These stims he barely had previously, but seemed to "come on" with the yogurt introduction and slowly got worse. Once I pulled the yogurt (after several months of him having had it in small quantities--1/8 cup daily), the stims slowly dissipated, although every now and then you see minor things come and go.

Just wanted to get some input on why any of the list members use Houston Enzymes and your results. My son has never seemed to have any phenol problems.

Thanks for your input!

Mari (son 4.2 yrs old, ASD-HFA, severe Apraxia and 100% SCD since March 2003)

my reply:

peptizyde will likely help with yogurt its designed to denature milk proteins before they can cross a leaky gut.

the rice bran filler by and large seems to be much better tolerated than the microcrsytalline cellulose filler.

the order most people introduce them is zyme, pep and then no fenol. some children are unable to tolerate fruit enzymes so there are fungal only enzymes like AFP pep, but they don't work as well as the full enzyme packages.

no fenol seems to amplify brain chemcials in a manner akin to secretin, an indicator of the child benefiting from no fenol apart from phenol processing problems is if they have trouble tanning or thier skin pigment is not as dark as it should be since no fenol helps digest the precusors of the dopamine/melanine pathway.

really i hope elaine addresses this filler issue ( update: she has now approved rice bran oil/bran as legal in enzyme formulations) because it is causing unnecessary grief since a lot of children will not do well on the microcrsytalline filler but will do well on the rice bran filler enzyme. i have seen one report of a child doing better on the microcrystalline filler.

i did post before on how true fermenting animals have tiny pancreas's compared to broader eating scavangers and that is a very coarse way of saying that less enzymes mean more fermenting so i think in fact that enzymes are an essential prt of scd since more enzymes mean less fermenting.

i have tried thropps and kirkmans as well, the thropps seemed least satisfactory but houstonni really are the only ones that seem adequate.

enzymes are much more efficent sprinkled on the food, than swallowed in a capsule (except for no fenol which is different)

an enzymesandautism post (3/6/04) titled 'pinpoint rash around the mouth'

Hi everybody,

Question about my daughter Katie, aged 4.5, SCD 15 months.

I started Thropp's Ultrazyme 3 weeks ago tomorrow, and yesterday got the ZP and Pep from Houston's. Gave the first capsule of Pep last night, along with a capsule of ZP and allowed an ice cream infraction.

No problems with poop, no problems with behaviour. However what I do see is a pinpoint rash around her mouth (maybe a dozen little spread out dots). I've seen a picture of a yeast rash before, and it looks like it could be a very, very, very mild case of that. This happened to us early on in SCD, but I haven't seen it for months and months.

What I'm wondering is -- do you think it's a sign of yeast buildup, or yeast detox? Sue R-F


enzymes are far more efficent sprinkled on food

the digestive system is designed to take dairy at body temp. in fact about 48C is best

ice cream is permanently out and you are better to have a heavy no additive cream with some whey powder which is all ice cream is or rather all it should be before it is reduced to white cardboard by food processing............

basically the cold of the ice cream lets the yeast get away in the stomach cause of the cold temps reducing stomach acid and enzyme efficency

plain whey powder seems better tolerated in warm milk and is of considerable anaboilc benefit, but it does feed yeast.

perhaps you made the ice cream yourself?

i didn't like the thropp's when i tried it

from an enzymes and autism ( post 7 june 04) the cause of bad gut biofilm is the failure of the gut innate immune system to be able to contol the biofilm and probably goes hand in hand with digestive enzyme failure as well since the gut innate immune system is also enzyme based.

from an enzymesandautism post (12 june 04)

all medications cack out eventually with side effects except possibly ultra low dose but the body seems to get vectoring issues from anything given to consistently even food which may explain regressions in scd. maybe also an issue with with leakage from composite or synthetic tooth filling materials.

from a pecanbread post (13 june 04) titled 'melatonin illegal or not'

in addition to the question of legality there is the issue of impurities and how true chemically the melatonin is to the bodies natural melatonin

natrol tests theirs with hpcl testing which although not perfect seems to ensure a better quality melatonin even though the liquid melatonin has some illegals i think

so in my experience the natrol liquid is best from an overall viewpoint but its still not 100% satisfactory so i only ever use it very occasionally preferring very frequent very low dose lithium as per my web page to build serotonin which may also help with constipation issues since 95% of the bodies serotoinin is in the intestine and needed for its motility. the source naturals liquid melatonin may be ok as well but it has to be held under the tongue to absorb and also is a stronger fomulation.

update (7th august 04):

since i only take about 300 mcg of melatonin occasionally i find that the liquid melatonins don't last the year or so in the fridge that would be my usage rate so i have gone back to a divided dose of the 3mg time release capsules.

a friend who is dependent on melatonin for its antioxdiant and sleeping effect to let her go to sleep finds that the source naturals liquid in reasonable quantities (1 - 3 mg?) several times a week works well if the liquid is held under the tongued to be absorbed. melatonin may be easily denatured by digestion which would explain the advantage of sublingual.

an issue with melatonin is an impurity problem similar to trypotphan with toxic serotonin like analogues being formed, its much less of an issue than tryptophan since the qauntity taken is much less but still is a strong brake on long term use of melatonin.

the mrm brand melatonin is very good if a bit hard of the gut, see my melatonin  entry

from a pecanbread post (18 june 04) titled  'interesting comment on ketones - optimal diet'

“ Chicago physician Christopher Kubik  [...]  said that 4 1/2 years ago he was overweight and suffering from fatigue and stones in the bladder. But within a couple of months of embarking on this high-fat  journey  he saw results.

"I was losing weigh gradually  [he lost about 25 pounds in six weeks]  but I felt fine. Since then, I didn't have any more problems with stones, my skin complexion improved and I am still feeling a lot of energy," says Kubik, 57, who reports that he breakfasts on fried eggs, bacon and string cheese seven days a week. "While I was losing the weight I could feel the ketones as a metallic tasted on the mouth, but after I reached my optimal weight,  [the ketosis]  stopped. Now my weight has remained steady at about 185, which is in the upper limit of normal for my height" ”

just a btw on very high saturated fat diets like the optimal diet is that you need some aerobic exerise everyday or second day to minimise cardiovascular problems

actually i think running is better, but you have to go to the point of being short of breath and not really being able to run anymore. then i stop and recover a bit and then will do this moderate push again making say two or three times in total  (update 2013 lol i used too :o)

most of the exercise should be spent warming up and then the last minutes used to push to the point of being short of breath, if you have atrial fibrillation or some similar condition you should push to the point of where you feel it is safe to go to and over a while you will notice that this point goes higher and higher in terms of hard exersise and you normal everyday acvities will be within a resting or near resting pulse. as you get fitter your heart should move out of fibrillating to maybe a bit of a twinge or cramp as it develops more muscle and then that should go as well, but perhaps there will always be something of this twinge or cramp occasionally.

an email exchange (6th july 04)

Hi andrew,

I have followed your post and read your website and I really value your opinion.

My asd son is 2.5 years old and we followed the scd diet for 5 months. It helped with his diarrhea but he could not tolerate the yogurt, nuts or fruit. So we moved on to trying the young coconut kefir from the BED diet and I added in some BED soaked grains because my son is voraciously hungry.

My son is cognitively doing quite well but his expressive language is very challenged. He is still having diarrhea on and off.

What are your thoughts regarding the young coconut kefir???

BED encourages whey and cream and you do also so I'm wonderfing if you have ever tried kefir. [snip] D.C.

my reply:

kefir is a bacteria and yeast fermentation so you get toxic metabolic by products from the yeast and also yeast spores.

it takes quite a healthy liver and gut innate immune system to tolerate these.

when i looked at the message board on the bed site the story seemd to be that by and large it did not work.

really enzymes are the best way to go rice bran zyme, pep and no fenol capsules.

i had the hungry thing until i got the minerals sorted out especially copper

dr. hass's scd was not so anti cream and dairy as the pecanbread/elaine gottschall version and he even used an enzyme.

yeah i did grow some grains in pasturised milk and it took me a month to recover. wether it would be better in raw milk i don't know but still feel there is some fundamental problem with it.

an enzymesandautism thread (6th july 04) titled 'manganese'

Can anyone a good (absorbable) manganese sup? It would have to be good quality, hypoallergenic if possible. We are doing SCD, so it would be best if it doesn't have sugars or rice flour... but if I can't find anything else, I will consider "anything".  C.

my reply:

source naturals do a chelated magnesium with a celluose gum in which may be legal as the cellulose is not supposed to be digested so it being a gum mightn't make any difference but i have found the solaray manganese is ok despite the rice filler because you are only using a divided dose once or twice a week only.

i have never tried the source naturals manganese even though i have a bottle here unopened but still continue with the solaray so i guess that is saying something.

c's reply:

Source Naturals has sorbitol, and is listed as an aminoacid chelate (which aminoacid?)

I didn't see the "full list of ingredients" for Solaray manganese, but it was a chelated citrate... is that the best form?

Thanks for all your help!!!

my reply:

the solaray manganese bottle i have says amino acid chelate. you don't want citrate. i doubt it is citrate

country life do a legal manganese but the solaray manganese are claiming a better reaction profile from reacting the manganese with a special rice. 'chelated' usually means reacted with soy

my recommendation is to go for the solaray depsite its scd illegality at this point.

an enzymesandautism post (14th july 04) titled 'Eye Contact improvement?'

molybdenum is high on the hair test, this may be an inidcation he is not ustilising it which would indicate some sort of liver enzyme problem.

i would be cautious about supplementing molybdenum in that case.

impaired liver function speaks heavy metals unfortunately so i would be inclinded to take that lead level seriously. melatonin can help offset lead toxicty in the liver.

selenium is an important lead anti oxidant, but generally my minerals displacement approach perhaps with some calcium will remove lead i think, by and large lead chelation because of the bone storage issue does not seem to be that viable.

the trouble with ddi lead hair test is thier lead reference ranges are all up the creek but all things considered it looks like lead may be the real problem.

one of the things that has to be borne in mind with scd is that if elaine gottschall were younger, scd would be looking quite different to what is promoted on pecanbread etc. pecanbread are quite resistant to modernisation however.

when elaine was posting on lyris it was fascinating to see this eighty year old moving on into the gut innate immune system as a core of undertstanding which is where it would have gone if she were younger i think, her mental agility at eighty is a testinmony to scd but such an advanced age has limits. she has said herself she is 85% scd and you really have to look at that other 15 % because that is what makes it work, not the 100% scd which does not work well enough.

i would infer she has sulphite to sulphate conversion issues since she reacts badly to melatonin so i would think that scd is strongly targeted at relieving this conversion.

this comes back to molybdenum, yeast and heavy metals, probably lead, clamped down by immune dysfunction, accumluated mercury and lack of skin vitamin d.

a pecan bread post (9th august 04)

i re-introduced a small amount of porridge recently (oats) and it seemed to make for a migraine/fluey thing maybe a day and a half later

a defense mechanism for grains might be that of immune allergens or that type of thing

it was a rather astounding correlation...............

i take whey added in milk every day so its not the polysaccarides..........

gluten/celiac is likely this immune reaction imo, i'm not really speaking colitis here..............

oats wheat barley and rye may be big offenders for immune allergens.

jan 2011:

this  study  says that crohns and celiac share some gene loci !  synopsis

a pecanbread thread (24th august 04) titled 'New try on goat yogurt'

C. writes :

My son tried goat yogurt last week (about 4.5 months into the diet) - we had tried before, and he had not done very well.

This time I think he did a little better, he didn't get but "moderately hyper"... but it could be that I put him also in a supplement vacation.

Anyway, his stool was beautifully cylindrical (sorry) the first day, and back to slightly flattened the second day... I am puzzled because he has gotten the pouchy stomach again, and I thought it was weight gain from eating so much (he can't stop eating! he constantly says he is hungry, so it may mean his stomach hurts...) but when I took him to the doctor he had lost 2.5 pounds this summer... He has lost more than 10 pounds since we started the diet last April -- His legs are very skinny and he has the big round tummy...

I am thinking I need to take him to the GI doctor (never been, we are really scared of having to sedate him for anything at all!) or maybe an endocrine doctor (we do know he has deficiency in a lot of antioxidants, so his metabolism is probably not perfect...)

Anyway, could the round stomach be related somehow to the yogurt? Last week he also ate raw fruit (that he had tried before without problem, but he got a hold of a pound of blueberries that disappeared instantly one day, and another day he got into grapes, another day he ate a small tangerine...

Any thoughts? Coral

my reply:

hes a touch downsy, that is there are some extra metabolic pathways switched on hard and he needs more than most kids in the way of nutrients.

have you tried enzymes?

also he's going to need minerals . 'copper and zinc' and 'minerals i take' in the index of

he is very similar to me and i am now eating half of what i was eating a year ago

also he has chronic yeast and accumulated heavy metals

i seem to remember you showing very little interest in what i have been posting on various boards of the years but his profile is similar to mine.

docotrs won't help except to point out the obvious that whatever you are doing is not working.

scd as per the pecan bread implementation would not keep me alive, i had to supplement trace mineralisation to support the metabolism of largish quanities of heavy cream cream and marrow bone fat

my bias is towards fruit away from a lot of squash type veges, but you need copper and zinc to support the extra stress this places on the bodies anti yeast systems

a lot of milk products but not fermented, enzymes may help tolerance basically no grains or complex carbs as per scd but taking up the slack in good fats, offal, not too much muscle meat, no deep frying, not od'ing on nutrient pathteic things like squash, no nuts

in short you are engaged in a deep search for non fermenting nutritent density as he is being crushed by a high need for nutrients on the one hand and low digestive efficency on the other.......

but as i said you have shown little interest in what i have to say before................................................................ ................................

NOTE: my statement on diets is if you follow any of them by the book they will KILL you so you just take the sense and modify it.

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