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A note from Nandu (added on June 5, 2000):

My parents, Asha and Atmaram Bhende, will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 9th June 2000. On this occasion I would like to share with you excerpts from a letter that my Mother found recently. This was written to her 50 years back by her elder brother, Nissim Ezekiel, who was in England at that time.

Excerpts from the letter (the original letter in its entirety is shown below):

9th May'50

My dear Lily, My fondest wishes that you will make something rich and beautiful of your married life. Don't be sparing in your efforts to regard it always with fresh eyes, accept all the demands it makes on you. Remember always that the relationship is more important than you or your future husband. It is wisest to treat it as a third entity which has to be reared slowly and carefully like a tender plant. Giving your all to the marriage you will find that marriage in its turn will give you all it has to offer. And what any relationship offers to us, when treated in this way, is nothing less than the plenitude of happiness. I have nothing more to say to you as you stand ready to enter this great world of opportunity and adventure.

Fraternal greetings and love.



The original Letter (point mouse to read the flip side):


For your speaking…for your singing…for your personality!

Nando Bhende Voice Workshop

This one day Voice Workshop aims to impart high levels of VOCAL FITNESS. At the end of the workshop, the student will possess the tools to improve the tone of his/her voice as well as his/her vocal endurance. The Workshop will give the participant a new confidence in their performances & presentations. It will add the zing and zest to their voice that will make everyone hang on to their every word.

We guarantee that, “We will make you sound better”.

Benefits & Features

1)    Training by one of the pioneers of Rock Music in India & Voice Consultant, Nando Bhende.

2)    Training in the premises of our professional digital Sound Recording Studio.

3)    Studio Recording of participants with a recorded CD for every participant.

4)    Voice Modulation supervision.

5)    Individual assessment of participants

6)    Bright career prospects in the expanding Media & FM radio Industry.

7)    An opportunity to present your voice to our World Wide clients through free inclusion in our Voice directory.

8)    Personality Development

Dates: 4th November 2006

Duration: 9.30 am to 6 pm: (Saturday)
Medium of Instruction: English/Hindi

Venue: InSync Studios
Gr. floor, T-3, Opp Holy Cross School,
Juhu Koliwada, Juhu, Mumbai 400 049, India.
Tel: +91-22-26602618 / 26608144 / 56212852
Cell: 9820076148 / 9821412137


·        Subjects Covered:


1)             Vocal Fitness Exercise Regime


2)             Voice Modulation


3)             Pronunciation Tips


4)             Microphone Manners


5)             Studio Recording


besides others  

Who should attend?

  • Voice-over artists
  • Actors/ Mimicry Artistes / Comperes
  • Singers/ Rap Artistes/ DJs/ RJs/ News Readers
  • Teachers/Professors/ Trainers
  • Corporate Executives for presentations
  • Call-center executives
  • Sales persons, Coaches etc.
  • For personality development


Nando Bhende (Singer/Voice Consultant)


Sagar Joshi

InSync Studios
Gr. floor, T-3, Opp Holy Cross School,
Juhu Koliwada, Juhu, Mumbai 400 049 India.
Tel: +91-22-26602618 / 26608144 / 56212852
Cell: 9820076148


Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only)

Includes Rs 1000 registration fees, studio recording, lunch & tea, certificate & course material

Limited Seats!

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

About the faculty:

Nando Bhende

Nando Bhende, the founder director of InSync Studios, the leading sound recording studio of Mumbai, is a renowned Rock star, an established composer, a successful music producer and a Voice trainer of high repute. Son of the famous Marathi actor-director Atmaram Bhende, he came into the limelight with his spectacular performance of Judas in the Alyque Padamsee production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. He went on to perform in various musicals like “Teen Paischa Tamasha”, “Tommy”, ”The Fantastiks”,” Jaya” etc.

Having sung for numerous Hindi films, he has also composed music for various TV serials, theatre productions and advertising jingles. He also has many music albums to his credit released by Polygram and HMV. He has represented India In the Festival of India in the Soviet Union, Muscat and Korea.

What the participants have to say:

“All covered!”

Jeet Surendranath

Ad Film Maker

“I think this was a supercool experience that I’ve had. Simply the best!

Shiamak Davar Dance Instructor

“Great for everyone & everyone!

Shekhar Agrawal

Marketing Expert

“It was fantastic as I gained more knowledge in every aspect of Voice”

Nancy Swamy


Natasha Mendes


“You have endeared yourself to every participant by your sincerity, in-depth knowledge of the subject and your attitude of giving more.”

S. P. Shenoy












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